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virtue ;

Fate threw me to your sword.-You spar'd

Enter GUSTAVUS. my youth, And, in the very whirl and rage of fight,

[They look for some time on each other; ARYour eye was taught compassion from that VIDA lays his hand on his Sword, and hour

withdraws it ly turns; then aldances ir. I vow'd my life the slave of your remembrance; resolutely.] And often as Christina, heavenly maid ! The mistress of my service, question’d me Gust. Is it then so ? Of wars and vent'rous deeds, my tidings came Aro. Defend thyself. Still freighted with thy name, until the day, Gust. No-strikeIn which yourself appear'd, to make praise I would unfold my bosom to thy sword, speechless.

But that I know, the wound you give this Christina saw you then, and on your fate

breast Dropp'd a kind tear; and, when your noble Would doubly pierce thy own. scorn

Arv. I know thee potOf proffer'd terms provok'd her father's rage It is the time's eclipse, and what should be To take the deadly forfeit, she, she only, In nature, now is nameless. Whose virtues watch'd the precious hour of Gust. Ah, my brother! mercy,

Aro. What wouldst thou ? All trembling, sent my secret hand to save Gust. Is it thus we two should meet? you;

Arv. Art thou not false? Deep else, oh, Where, through a pass unknown to all your

deep indeed, keepers,

Were my damnation. I led you forth and gave you to your liberty. Gust. Dear, unhappy man! Gust. Oh, I am sunk, o'erwhelm'd with My heart bleeds for thee. False I'd surely wondrous goodness!

Håd I like thee been tempted. [been, But were I rich and free as open mines,

Arv. Ha! Speak, speak, That teem their golden wealth upon the Didst thou not send to treat with Christiern? worla,

Gust. Never.
Still I were poor, unequal to her bounty. I know thy error, but I know the arts,
Nor can I longer doubt, whose generous arm,

The frauds, the 'wiles, that practis'd on thy In my Arvida, in my friend's deliverance,

(tality; Gave double life and freedom to Gustavus. Firm how you stood, and tower'd abdve more Laer. A fatal present! Ah, you know him Till, in the fond unguarded hour of love, not;

The wily undermining tempter came, Arvida is misled; undone by passion; [ful. And won thee from thyself-a moment won False to your friendship, to your trust unfaith

thee Gust. Ha ! hold !

For still thou art Arvida, still the man Lier. I must unfold it.

On whom thy country calls for her deliverance. Gust. Yet forbear.

[soft- Already are her bravest sons in arms; [Shout, This way-I hear some footing-pray you, Mark how they shout, impatient of our preIf thou hast aught to urge against Arvida,

sence, The man of virtue, tell it not the wind; To lead them on to a new life of liberty, Lest slander catch the sound, and guilt should To name, to conquest.--Ha! Heaven guard triumph.


my brother !

Thy cheek turns pale, thy eye looks wild SCENE II.-Mountains of Dalecarlia.

upon me ;

Wilt thou not answer me? Enter ARVIDA, speaking to a MESSENGER.

Arv. Gustavus !

Gust. Speak. Arv. He's herebear back my orders to Aro. Have I not dream'd ? your fellows,

Gust. No other I esteem it. That not a man, on peril of his life,

Where lives the man, whose reason slumbers Advance in sight 'till call'd.

not ? Mess. My lord, I will.

(Exit. Still pure, still blameless, if, at wonted dawn, Arv. Have I not vow'd it, faithless as he is, Again he wakes to virtue. Have I not vow'd his fall ? Yet, good Heaven! Ary. Oh, my dawn Why start these sudden tears ? On, on I must, Must soon be dark. Confusion dissipates, For I am half way down the dizzy steep, To leave me worse confounded. Where my brain turns.-A draught of Lethe Gust. Think no more on't. now

Come to my arms, thou dearest of mankind ! Oh, that the world would sleep-to wake no Are. Stand off! Pollution dwells within my more !

touch, Or that the name of friendship bore no charm And horror hangs around me.-Cruel man! To make my nerve unsteady, and this steel Oh, thou has doubly damn'd me with this Fly backward from its task! it shall be

goodness; done,

For resolution held the deed as done, Empire ! Christina! though th' affrighted san "That now must sink me.--Hark! I'm sun. Start back with horror of the direful stroke,

mon'd hence, It shall be done. Ha ! he comes !

My audit opens! Poise me! for I stand How steadily he looks, as Heaven's own book, | Upon a spire, against whose sightless base The leaf of truth, were open'd on his aspect! Hell breaks his wave beneath. Down, down Up, up dark minister his fate calls out

I dare not, (Puts up the dagger. And up I cannot look, for justice fronts me. To nobler execution ; for he comes

Thou shalt have vengeance ; though my purIn opposition, singly, man to man,

pling blood

(rich, As though he brav'd my wish.

Were nectar for Heaven's bowl, as warm and As now 'tis base, it thus should pour for par- | And joy, for that your lost Gustavus, 'scap'd don.

Through wounds, imprisonments, and chains, [Gustavus catches his arm, and in the and deaths,

[ye. struggle the dagger falls.

Thus sudden, thus unlook'd for, stands before Gust. Ha! hold, Arvida. - No, I will not As one escap'd from cruel hands I come, lose thee

From hearts that ne'er knew pity; Forbid it, Heaven! thou shalt not rob me so; And know no music but the groans of Sweden. No, I will struggle with thee to the last, Yet, not for that my sister's early innocence And save thee from thyself. Oh, answer me! And mother's age now grind beneath captiWilt thou forsake me? Answer me, my bro

vity; ther.

Nor that one bloody, one remorseless hour Aro. Expose me, cage me, brand me for the Swept my great sire and kindred from my tool

For them, Gustavus weeps not; (side; Of crafted villains, for the veriest slave, But, O great parent, when I think on thee ! On whom the bend of each contemptuous Thy numberless, thy nameless, shameful infabrow

mies, Shall look with loathing. Ah, my turpitude My widow'd country! Sweden! when I think Shall be the vile comparative of knaves Upon thy desolation, spite of rageTo boast and whiten by!

And vengeance that would choke them-tears Gust. Not so, not so.

will flow. He, who knows no fault, knows no perfection. And. Oh, they are villains, every Dane of The rectitude, that Heaven appoints to man,

them, Leads on through error ; and the kindly sense Practis'd to stab and smile; to stab the babe, Of having stray'd, endears the road to bliss ; That smiles upon them. It makes Heaven's way more pleasing ! O my

Arn. What accursed hours

(these, brother,

Roll o'er those wretches, who, to fiends like "Tis hence a thousand cordial charities In their dear liberty have barter'd more Derive their growth, their vigour, and their Than worlds will rate for? sweetness.

Gust. O liberty, Heaven's choice prerogaThis short lapse


[perty, Shall to thy future foot give cautious treading, True bond of law, thou social soul of proErect and firm in virtue.

Thou breath of reason, life of life itself! Arv. Give me leave. [Offers to pass. For thee the valiant bleed. O sacred liberty! Gust. You shall not pass.

Wing'd from the summer's snare, from flatterArv. I must.

ing ruin, Gust. Whither?

Like the bold stork you seek the wintery shore, Arv. I know not-O Gustavus !

Leave courts, and pomps, and palaces to Gust. Speak.

slaves, Arv. You can't forgive me.

Cleave to the cold, and rest upon the storm. Gust. Not forgive thee!

Upborne by thee, my soul disdain'd the terms Aro. No:

of empire

are ye not at the hands of Look there. [Points to the Dagger.

tyrants ? And yet, when I resolv'd to kill thee,

Are ye not mark’d, ye men of Dalecarlia, I could have died_indeed I could—for thee, Are ye not mark'd' by all the circling world I could have died, Gustavus !

As the last stake; what but liberty, Gust. Oh, I know it.

Through the fam'd course of thirteen hundred A generous mind, though sway'd a while

years, by passion,

Aloof bath held invasion from your hills, Is like the steely vigour of the bow,

And sanctified their shade?—And will ye, Still holds its native rectitude, and bends But to recoil more forceful. Come, forget it.

Shrink from the hopes of the expecting world;

Bid your high honours stoop to foreign insult, Enter SIVARD.

And in one hour give up to infamy

The harvest of a thousand years of glory? Sid. My lord, as now [ pass’d the mountain's And. Die all first !

Gust. Yes, die by piecemeal! I spy'd some 'men, whose arms, and strange Leave not á limb o'er which a Dane may Give cause for circumspection. [attire,

triumph! Gust. Danes, perhaps ;

Now from my soul I joy, I joy my friends, Haste, intercept their passage to the camp. To see ye fear'd; to see, that even your foes

[Exit Sivard. Do justice to your valour !—There they be, Aro. Those are the Danes, that witness to The powers of kingdoms, summ’d in yonder my shame.

host, Gust. Perish th' opprobrious term! not so, Yet kept aloof, yet trembling to assail ye, Arvida;

And, oh, when I look round and see you Myself will be the guardian of thy fame;

here, Trust me, I will-But see, our friends ap- of number' short, but prevalent in virtue,

proach-Oh, clear, [brother, My heart swells high, and burns for the enWhile I attend them, clear that cloud, my

counter. That sits upon the morning of thy youth.

True courage but from opposition grows;

And what are fifty, what a thousand slaves, Enter ANDERSON, ARNOLDUS, SIVARD,

Match'd to the sinew of a single arm
Officers, 8c.

That strikes for liberty ? that strikes to save

His fields from fire, his infants from the sword, And. Let us all see him!

His couch from lust, his daughters from polGust. Amazement, I perceive, hath fill'd lution, your hearts,

And his large honours from eternal infamy?

will ye


What doubt we then? Shall we shall we | But if, though in a foe, to reverence virtue, stand here !

Withstand oppression, rescue injur'd innoLet us on !

cence, Oh, yes, I read your lovely fierce impatience ! Step boldly in betwixt my sire and guilt, You shall not be withheld ; we will rush on And save my king, my father, from dishonour; This is indeed to triumph.

[them- If this be sin, I have shook hands with peniAnd. Oh, lead us on, Gustavus ; one word

tence. Is but delay of conquest.

(more First perish crowns, dominion, all the shine Gust. Take your wish.

[foe, And transcience of this world, ere guilt shall He, who wants arms, may grapple with thé To buy the vain incumbrance.

(serve And so be furnish'd. You, most noble An- Blasted be that royalty, derson,

Which murder must make sure, and crimes Divide our powers, and with the fam'd Olaus inglorious ! Take the left routeYou, Eric, great in arms! The bulk of kingdoms, nay, the world is light, With the renown'd Nederbi, hold the right, When guilt weighs opposite—Oh, would to And skirt the forest down; then wheel at once,

Confess'd to view, and close upon the vale : The loss of empire would restore his innocence,
Myself, and my most valiant cousin here, Restore the fortunes and the precious lives
Th" invincible Arvida, gallant Sivard, Of thousands, fallen the victims of ambition !
Arnoldus, and these hundred hardy veterans,

Will pour directly on, and lead the onset.
Bold are our hearts, and nervous are our | Does he live?

[close, Laer. He does, With us, truth, justice, fame, and freedom But death, ere night, must fill a long account; Each singly equal to a host of foes. [Exeunt. The camp, the country's in confusion : war

And changes ride upon the hour that hastes ACT IV.

To intercept my tongue-I else could tell

Of virtues hitherto beyond my ken:
SCENE I.-The Palace.

Courage, to which the lion stoops his crest,

Yet grafted upon qualities as soft Enter Christiern, Christina, Mariana, and As a rock'd infant's meekness ; such as tempts PETERSON.

Against my faith, my country, and allegiance,

To wish thee speed, Gustavus. Christina. I heard, it was your royal plea- Christina. Then you found him! sure, Sir,

Laer. I did ; and warn’d him, but in vain; I should attend your highness.

for death Christ. Yes, Christina,

To him appear'd more grateful than to find But business interferes.

His friend's dishonour. [Exeunt CHRISTINA and MARIANA. Christina. Give me the manner-quickEnter an OFFICER.

soft, good Laertes ! Off. My sovereign liege,

Enter CHRISTIERN, PETERSON, Danes, &c. Wide o'er the western shelving of yon hill, Christ. Damn'd, double traitor! O curs’d, We think, though indistinctly, we can spy,

false Arvida! Like men in motion mustering on the heath; Guard well the Swedish prisoners. And there is one, who saith he can discern

Stand to your arms. --Bring forth the captives A few of martial gesture, and bright arms,

there! Who this way bend their action. Christ. Friends, perhaps,

Enter AUGUSTA and GUSTAVA, guarded. For foes it were too daring.—Haste thee,

Peter. My liege-

Christ. Away!
Detach a thousand of our Danish horse


Fortune! we will not trust the changeling To rule their motions—we will out ourself, And hold our powers in readiness. Lead on. Or pointed in our grasp.

But wear her girt upon our armed loins, [Exeunt.

Enter an OFFICER. SCENE II.-Another Apartment in the Palace.

Off. The foe's at hand.

[forth, Enter CHRISTINA and MARIANA.

With gallant show your thousand Danes rode

But shall return no more !-I mark'd the acMar. Ha! did you mark, my princess, did

tion. you mark?

A band of desperate resolutes rushed on them, Should some reverse, some wondrous whirl Scarce numbering to a tenth, and in midway of fate,

They closed; the shock was dreadful, nor Once more return Gustavus to the battle,

your Danes New nerve his arm, and wreathe his brow Could bear the madding charge ; a while with conquest;

they stood; Say, would you not repent that e'er you sav'd They shrunk, and broke, and turn'd-When, This dreadful man, the foe of your great race;

lo, behind,

(pour'd, Who pours impetuous in his country's cause Fast wheeling from the right and left, there To spoil you of a kingdom?

Who intercepted their return, and caught Christina. No, my friend.

Within the toil they perish'd. Had I to death, or bondage, sold my sire, Christ. 'Tis Gustavus ! Or had Gustavus on our native realms No mortal else, not Ammon's boasted son, Made hostile inroad; then, my Mariana, Not Cæsar, would have dar'd it. Tell me, say, Had I then sav'd him from the stroke of jus- What numbers in the whole may they amount tice,


to ? I should not cease my suit to Heaven for par- Off. About five thousand.

Christ. And no more?

Gust. Mistaken man! Off. No more,

I come empower'd, and strengther'd in thy That yet appear.

weakness. Christ. We count six times their sum.- For though the structure of a tyrant's throne Haste, soldier, take a trumpet, tell Gustavus Rise on the necks of half the suffering world, We have of terms to offer, and would treat Fear trembles in the cement! Touching his mother's ransom; say, her death, Christ. Gustavus, wouldst thou yet return Suspended by our grace, but waits his answer.

to grace,

(Exit Officer. And hold thy motions in the sphere of duty, Madam, it should well suit with your author- Acceptance might be found. ity,

[TO AUGUSTA. Gust. Imperial spoiler ! To check this frenzy in your son - Look to it, Give me my father, give me back my kindred, Or, by the saints, this hour's your last of life! Give me the fathers of ten thousand orphans,

Aug. Come, my Gustava, come, my little Give me the sons, in whom thy ruthless sword We shall be free:

[captive, Has left our widows childless: mine they were, And I will give thee to thy father's fondness,' Both mine, and every Swede's, whose patriot And to the arms of all thy royal race

breast In heaven; who sit on thrones, with loves Bleeds in his country's woundings ! O thou and joys.

canst not ! Christ. Is this my answer?

Give me then, Come forth, ye ministers of death, come forth. My all that's left, my gentle mother there,

And spare yon little trembler! Enter Ruffians, who seize AUGUSTA and Christ. Yes, on terms GUSTAVA.

Of compact and submission. Pluck them asunder! We shall prove you, Compact with thee! and mean’st thou for my

Gust. Ha! with thee ?

[country? lady! Christina. Ah! I can hold no longer. Royal For Sweden! Noso hold my heart but firm, Sir,

Although it wring fort; though blood drop Thus on my knees, and lower, lower still

for tears, Christ. My child! what mean you ?

And at the sight my straining eyes start forth Christina. O my gracious father!

They both shall perish first. Kill, kill me rather-let me perish first;

Christ. Slaves, do your office. But do not stain the sanctity of kings

Gust. Hold yet. -Thou canst not be so With the sweet blood of helpless innocence.

damn'di my mother! Augusta. Ha! who art thou,

I dare not ask thy blessing.–Where's Arvida ? That look'st so like the 'habitants of heaven,

Where art thou? Come, my friend, thou'st Like mercy sent upon the morning's blush,

known temptationTo glad the heart, and cheer a gloomy world

And therefore best canst pity, or support me. With light 'till now unknown ?

Aro. Alas! I shall but serve to weigh thee Christ. Away, they come.

downward, I'll hear no more of your ill-timed petitions.

To pull thee from the dazzling, sightless Christina. Oh yet for pity!


(tavus, Christ. I will none on't, leave me.

At which thy virtue soars. For, oh, Gus. Pity! it is the infant fool of nature :

My soul is dark, disconsolate and dark ; Tear off her hold, and bear her to her tent.

Sick to the world,

and hateful to myself, (Exeunt CHRISTINA, MARIANA, LAERTES, I have no country now; I've nought but thee, and Attendants.

And should yield up the interest of mankind,

Where thine's in question.
Enter an OFFICER.

Aug. See, my son relents; Of. My liege, Gustavus, though with much Behold, o king! yet spare us but a moment, reluctance,

[rest His little sister shall embrace his knees, Consents to one hour's truce. His soldiers And these fond arms, around his duteous neck, Upon their arms, and, follow'd by a few,

Shall join to bend him to us.

Christ, Could I trust ye-
He comes to know your terms.
Christ. I see.

Aro. I'll be your hostage!

Christ. Granted.
Be ready, slaves, and on the word,
Plunge deep your daggers in their bosoms.

Gust. Hold, my friend.
[Points to Avgusta.

[Here Arvida breaks from Gustavus, and

passes to CHRISTIERN's party, while Au. Enter Gustavus, ARVIDA, ANDERSON, ARNOL- GUSTA and GUSTAVA go over to GUSTAVUS. DUS, SIVARD, &c.

Aug. Is it then given, yet given me, ere. I Hold!

To see thy face, Gustavus ? thus to gaze, [die Gust. Ha ! 'tis, it is my mother!

To touch, to fold thee thus !--My son, my Christ. Tell me, Gustavus, tell me why is And have I liv'd to this ? It is enough. (son? this?

All arm’d and, in my country's precious cause, That, as a stream diverted from the banks Terribly beauteous, to behold thee thus ! Of smooth obedience, thou hast drawn those why, 'iwas my only, hourly suit to Heaven, Upon a dry unchanneli'd enterprize, [men And now 'tis granted. O my glorious child, To turn their inundation ?-Are the lives Bless'd were the throes I felt for thee, GustaOf my misguided people held so light,

vus !

[bands That 'thus thou’dst push them on the keen For from the breast, from out your swathing Of guarded majesty ?

(rebuke You stepp'd the child of honour. Look round, unruly boy, thy battle comes Gust. O my mother! Like raw, disjointed mustering; feeble wrath! Aug. Why stands that water trembling in A war of waters borne against the rock

thy eye? Of our firm continent, to fume, and chafe, Why heaves thy bosom? Turn not thus away, And shiver in the toil,

"Tis the last time that we must meet, my child, And I will have the whole. Why, why Gust. Then she is gone-Arvida! AnderGustavuz,

son ! Why is this form of heaviness ? For me

For ever gone

Arnoldus, friends, where I trust it is not meant; you cannot think

are ye? So poorly of me: I grow old, my son, Help here, heave, heave this mountain from And to the utmost period of mortality,

me-OhI ne'er should find a death's hour like to this, Heaven keep my senses !- So We will Whereby to do thee honour.

to battle ;

(trump! Gust. Roman patriots !

But let no banners wave- -Be still, tlou Ye Decii, self-devoted to your country! And every martial sonnd, that gives the war You gave no mothers up! Will annals yield To pomp or levity; for vengeance now No precedent for this, no elder boast

Is clad with heavy arms, sedately stern, Whereby to match my trial?

Resolv’d, but silent as the slaughter'd heaps Aug. No, Gustavus ;

O’er which my soul is brooding. For Heaven still squares our trial to our Arn. O Gustavus ! strength,

Is there a Swede of us, whose sword and soul And thine is of the foremost-Noble youth! Grapple not to thee, as to all they hold Even I, thy parent, with a conscious pride, Of earthly estimation ? Said I more, Have often bow'd to thy superior virtues. It were but half my thought, Oh, there is but one bitterness in death,

And. On thee we gaze, One only sting

As one unknown till this important hour; Gust. Speak, speak !

Pre-eminent of men ! Aug. "Tis felt for thee.

Siv. Accurs'd be he,
Too well I know thy gentleness of soul, Who, in thy leading, will not fight and strive,
Melting as babes; even now the pressures on And bleed, and gasp with pleasure !

And. We are thine.
And bends thy loveliness to earth-Oh, child! Arn. Though, to yield us up,
The dear but sad foretaste of thy affliction Had scarce been less than virtue.
Already kills thy mother-But behold,

Gust. O my friends!
Behold thy valiant followers, who to thee, I see, 'tis not for man to boast his strength
And to the faith of thy protecting arm, stoo; Before the trial comes—This very hour,
Have given ten thousand mothers, daughters Had I a thousand parents, all seem'd light,
Who in thy virtue yet may learn to bear When weigh'd against my country; and but
Millions of freeborn sons to bless thy name,


(world, And pray for their deliverer-Oh farewell! One mother seem'd of weight to poise the This and but this, the very last adieu ! Though conscious truth and reason were Heaven sit victorious on thy arm, my son !

against her. And give thee to thy merits!

For, oh, howe'er the partial passions sway, Christ. Ah, thou trait'ress!

High Heaven assigns but one unbiass'd way; Aug. See, Gustavus,

Direct through every opposition leads, My little captive waits for one embrace, Where shelves decline, and many a steep Gust. Come to my arms, thou lamblike impedes. sacrifice;

Here hold we on--though thwarting fiends Oh, that they were of force to fold thee ever,


(charm; To let thee to my heart! there lock thee close, Here hold we on-though devious syrens But 'twill not be !

In Heaven's disposing power events unite, Arv. Hear me, thou most dear Gustavus ! Nor aught can happen wrong to hin, who Thus low I bend my prayer, reject me not:

acts aright.

[Ereunt. If once, if ever, thou didst love Arvida, Oh leave me here to answer to the wrath

Of this fell tyrant. Save thy honour'd mother
And that sweet lamb from slaughter!
Gust. Cruel friendship!

SCENE I.--The Royal Tent, near the Field of Christ. And by my life I'd take thee at thy

Battle. But that I know 'twould please thee. (word,

Enter CHRISTINA and MARIANA. Aug. No, generous prince, thy blood shall never be

Christina. Hark! Mariana, list!-No-all The price of our dishonour. Come, my child;

is silent Weep not, sweet babe, there shall no harm It was not fancy, sure-didst thou not hear ? come nigh thee.

Mar. Too plain, the voice of terror seiz'd Christ. 'Tis well, proud dame ; you are re

my ear, turn'd, I see

(tavus; And my heart sinks within me. Each to his charge-Here break we off, Gus- Christina. Oh, I fear

[thought, For to the very teeth of thy rebellion

The war is now at work.-As winds, meWe dash defiance back.

Long borne through hollow vaults, the sound Gust. Alas, my mother!

approach'd; Grief chokes up utterance, else I have to say One sound, yet laden with a thousand notes What never tongue unfolded-Yet return, Of fearful variation ; then it swell'd Come back, and I will give up all to save To distant shouts, now coming on the gale ; Thou fountain of my life!

(thee; Again borne backward with a parting groan,
Dearer than mercy is to kneeling penitence, All sunk to horrid stillness.
My early blessing, first and latest joy;
Return, return and save thy lost Gustavus !

Christ. No more, thou trifler!
Aug. Ob, farewell for ever!

Laer. Christina, fly! thou royal virgin, (Exeunt CHRISTIERN and his party. Gus. This morn beheld thee mistress of the north, Tavus and his party remain

Bright heir of Scandinavia ; and this hour

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