Handbook of Research on Web Log Analysis

Jansen, Bernard J., Spink, Amanda, Taksa, Isak
IGI Global, 2008. 10. 31. - 628페이지
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Whether searching, shopping, or socializing, Web users leave behind a great deal of data revealing their information needs, mindset, and approaches used, creating vast opportunities for Web service providers as well as a host of security and privacy concerns for consumers.

The Handbook of Research on Web Log Analysis reflects on the multifaceted themes of Web use and presents various approaches to log analysis. This expansive collection reviews the history of Web log analysis and examines new trends including the issues of privacy, social interaction, and community building. Over 20 research contributions from international experts comprehensively cover the latest user-behavior analytic and log analysis methodologies, and consider new research directions and novel applications. An essential holding for library reference collections, this Handbook of Research will benefit academics, researchers, and students in a variety of fields, as well as technology professionals interested in the opportunities and challenges presented by the massive collection of Web usage data.


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Research and Methodological Foundations of Transaction Log Analysis
Web Log Analysis Perspectives Issues and Directions
Methodology and Metrics
Behavior Analysis
Query Log Analysis
Contextual and Specialized Analysis
Compilation of References
About the Contributors

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Bernard J. Jansen is an assistant professor in the College of Information Sciences and Technology at The Pennsylvania State University. Jim has more than 150 publications in information technology and systems across a multi-disciplinary range of journals and conferences. His areas of expertise are Web searching, sponsored search, and personalization for information searching. He is co-author of the book, Web Search: Public Searching of the Web. Jim is a member of the editorial boards of six international journals. He has received awards and honors, including an ACM Research Award and six application development awards, along with other writing, publishing, research, and leadership honors. Several agencies and corporations have supported his research. He teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as mentoring students in various research and educational efforts. He also has successfully conducted numerous consulting projects.

Amanda Spink is Professor in the Faculty of Information Technology at the Queensland University of Technology and Co-Leader of the Information Science Cluster. Her primary research includes: basic, applied, industry and interdisciplinary studies in information science, information behavior, cognitive information retrieval; Web retrieval, including relevance, feedback and multitasking models. Professor Amanda Spink has published over 300 journal articles, refereed conference papers and book chapters, and 5 books. She is a member of numerous journal editorial boards including: Information Processing and Management, Journal of Documentation, Journal of Information Systems Education and Webology.

Isak Taksa is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Information Systems at Baruch College of the City University of New York (CUNY). His primary research interests include information retrieval, knowledge discovery and text and data mining. He has published extensively on theoretical and applied aspects of Information Retrieval and Search Engine technology in journals including Information Retrieval, Journal of the American Society for Information Science. [Editor]

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