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235 페이지 - Renovated butter, process butter is the product made by melting butter and reworking, without the addition or use of chemicals or any substances except milk, cream, or salt, and contains not more than sixteen (16) per cent of water and at least eighty-two and five-tenths (82.5) per cent of milk fat.
249 페이지 - Malt vinegar is the product made by the alcoholic and subsequent acetous fermentations, without distillation, of an infusion of barley...
249 페이지 - ... 2. Wine vinegar, grape vinegar, is the product made by the alcoholic and subsequent acetous fermentations of the juice of grapes and contains, in one hundred (100) cubic centimeters (20° C.), not less than four (4) grams of acetic acid...
235 페이지 - ... coagulating the casein thereof with rennet or lactic acid, with or without the addition of ripening ferments and seasoning, and contains, in the water-free substance, not less than fifty (50) per cent of milk fat.
241 페이지 - Bay leaf is the dried leaf of Laurus nobilis L. 5. Capers are the flower buds of Capparis spinosa L.
231 페이지 - No action can be maintained on account of any sale or other contract made in violation of, or with intent to violate, this Act by or through any person who was knowingly a party to such wrongful sale or other contract.
52 페이지 - insoluble phosphoric acid" of a high cost commercial fertilizer has little or no value to the purchaser because at the usual rate of application the quantity is too small to...
243 페이지 - A flavoring extract * is a solution in ethyl alcohol of proper strength of the sapid and odorous principles derived from an aromatic plant, or parts of the plant, with or without its coloring matter, and conforms in name to the plant used in its preparation.
238 페이지 - Jelly is the sound, semisolid, gelatinous product made by boiling clean, sound, properly matured and prepared fresh fruit with water, concentrating the expressed and strained juice, to which sugar (sucrose) is added, and conforms in name to the fruit used in its preparation.
246 페이지 - L.) and subjected to the usual refining processes; is free from rancidity; has a refractive index (25° C.) not less than one and forty-six hundred and...

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