The European Magazine: And London Review, 33권

Philological Society of London, 1798

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296 페이지 - In the spring of 1774, a robbery and murder were committed on an inhabitant of the frontiers of Virginia, by two Indians of the Shawanee tribe. The neighbouring whites, according to their custom, undertook to punish this outrage in a summary manner.
26 페이지 - I have always remarked that women in all countries are civil, obliging, tender, and humane; that they are ever inclined to be gay and cheerful, timorous and modest; and that they do not hesitate, like men, to perform a generous action. Not haughty, not arrogant...
296 페이지 - Mingoes, and Delawares, and a detachment of the Virginia militia. The Indians were defeated, and sued for peace. Logan, however, disdained to be seen among the suppliants. But, lest the sincerity of a treaty should be distrusted, from which so distinguished a chief absented himself, he sent, by a messenger, the following speech to be delivered to Lord Dunmore.
296 페이지 - Logan, who had long been distinguished as a friend of the whites. This unworthy return provoked his vengeance. He accordingly signalized himself in the war which ensued. In the autumn of the same year a decisive battle was fought at the mouth of the Great Kanhaway, between the collected forces of the Shawanese, Mingoes and Delawares, and a detachment of the Virginia militia.
332 페이지 - That an humble addrefs be prefented to his majefty, to return his majefty the thanks of this houfe for his...
288 페이지 - A physician in a great city seems to be the mere plaything of fortune; his degree of reputation is, for the most part, totally casual — they that employ him know not his excellence; they that reject him know not his deficience. By any acute observer who had looked on the transactions of the medical world for half a century a very curious book might be written on the "Fortune of Physicians.
83 페이지 - ... of the North Briton in which I have been named, or even alluded to, was written by...
327 페이지 - THYRSIS, when we parted, swore Ere the spring he would return — Ah ! what means yon violet flower ! And the bud that decks the thorn ; 'Twas the lark that upward sprung ! 'Twas the nightingale that sung ! Idle notes!
349 페이지 - Government, you will unite them ,in your resistance to those demands: you are mistaken; you ought to know that the diplomatic skill of France, and the means she possesses in your country, are sufficient to enable her, with the French party in America, to throw the blame which will attend the rupture of the negotiations on the Federalists, as you term yourselves, but on the British party, as France terms you; and you may assure yourselves this will be done.
413 페이지 - ... of the wind's coming to the northward, and blowing very hard. If the weather had continued fine the troops would have been embarked by twelve, at which time the return of killed and wounded did not exceed four rank and file. I cannot help again noticing the particular good conduct of Captain Mortlock, Lieutenant Edmonds, and Lieutenant Norman, and beg to recommend them to their Lordships

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