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To one, whom, had she never known, she had Been happy. Why, why was that heav'nly creature Abandon'd o'er to love what Heav'n forsakes ? Why does she follow, with unwearied steps, One, who has tir'd misfortune with pursuing ? “ One driven about the world, like blasted leaves “ And chaff, the sport of adverse winds; 'till late, “At length imprison'd in some cleft of rock, « On earth it rests, and rots to silent dust."

Heli. Have hopes, and hear the voice of better fate. I've learn'd there are disorders ripe for mutiny Among the troops, who thought to share the plunder, Which Manuel to his own use and avarice 01 Converts. This news has reach'd Valentia's frontiers, Where many of your subjects, long oppress'd With tyranny, and grievous impositions, Are risen in arms, and call for chiefs to head

And lead them to regain their rights and liberty. Į Osm. By Heav'n thou’ast rous’d me from my le

thargy, The spirit which was deaf to my own wrongs, And the loud cries of my dead father's blood, “ Deaf to revenge-nay, which refus’d to hear " The piercing sighs and murmurs of my love " Yet unenjoy'd ; what not Almeria could “ Revive or raise," my people's voice has waken'd.

Heli. Our posture of affairs, and scanty time My lord, require you should compose yourself.

Osm. Oh, my Antonio! I am all on fire ; ! My soul is up in arms, ready to charge

And bear amidst the foe with conqu’ring troops.
I hear 'em call to lead 'em on to liberty,
To victory; their shouts and clamours rend 80
My ears, and reach the Heav'ns. Where is the king?
Where is Alphonso ? Ha! where? where indeed ?
Oh, I could tear and burst the strings of life,
To break these chains. Off, off, ye stains of royalty;
Off, slavery. Oh, curse ! that I alone
Can beat and flutter in my cage, when I
Would soar and stoop at victory beneath.

Heli. Abate this ardour, Sir, or we are lost.
“ Our posture of affairs and scanty time,
“ My lord, require you should compose yourself,
♡ And think on what we may reduce to practice.”
Zara, the cause of your restraint, may be
The means of liberty restor’d. That gain’d,
Occasion will not fail to point out ways
For your escape. Mean time, I've thought already.
With speed and safety to convey myself,
Where not far off some malcontents hold council
Nightly, who hate this tyrant; some, who love
Anselmo's memory, and will, for certain,
When they shall know you live, assist your cause.

Osm. My friend and counsellor, as thou think'st fit, So do. I will, with patience, wait my fortune. · Heli. When Zara comes, abate of your aversion.

Osm. I hate her not, nor can dissemble love: 101 But as I may I'll do. “ I have a paper “ Which I would shew thee, friend, but that the " Would hold thee here, and clog thy expedition. “ Within I found it, by my father's hand “ 'Twas writ; a pray’r for me, wherein appears " Paternal love prevailing o'er his sorrows; “ Such sanctity, such tenderness, so mix'd " With grief, as would draw tears from inhumanity.

66 sight

« Heli. The care of Providence sure left it there, “ To arm your mind with hope. Such piety “ Was never heard in vain. Heav'n has in store “ For you those blessings it withheld from him. " In that assurance live; which time, I hope, “ And our next meeting will confirm.”

Osm. Farewel, My friend ; the good thou dost deserve, attend thee.

[Exit Heli. I've been to blame, and question'd with impiety The care of Heav'n. Not so my father bore More anxious grief. This should have better taught me ;

120 “ This lesson, in some hour of inspiration “ By him set down, when his pure thoughts were

“ borne, “ Like fumes of sacred incense o'er the clouds, " And wafted thence, on angel's wings, thro’ ways “Of light, to the bright Source of all. For there “ He in the book of prescience saw this day ; " And waking to the world and mortal sense, “ Left this example of his resignation,'' This his last legacy to me : which, here, I'll treasure as more worth than diadems,

Or all extended rule of regal pow'r.

Enter ZARA, veiled.
Osm. What brightness breaks upon me thus through

And promises a day to this dark dwelling?
Is it my love ? -
Zar. Oh, that thy heart had taught

. [Lifting her veil. Thy tongue that saying !

Osm. Zara! I am betray'd By my surprize.

Zar. What! does my face displease thee ? That, having seen it, thou dost turn thy eyes 140 Away, as from deformity and horror ? If so, this sable curtain shall again Be drawn, and I will stand before thee, seeing, And unseen. Is it my love? Ask again That question ; speak again in that soft voice ? And look again with wishes in thy eyes. Oh, no! thou canst not, for thou seest me now, As she whose savage breast hath been the cause Of these thy wrongs ; as she whose barb'rous rage Has loaded thee with chains and galling irons. “ Well dost thou scorn me, and upbraid my false

“ ness; “ Could one who lov'd, thus torture whom she lov'd? “ No, no, it must be hatred, dire revenge, " And detestation, that could use thee thus. “ So dost thou think ; then do but tell me so;

“ Tell me, and thou shalt see how I'll revenge “ Thee on this false one, how I'll stab and tear “ This heart of Aint, 'till it shall bleed ; and thou “ Shalt weep for mine, forgetting thy own miseries."

Osm. You wrong me, beauteous Zara, to believe I bear my fortunes with so low a mind, : 161 “ As still to meditate revenge on all “ Whom chance, or fate, working by secret causes, “ Has made, per-force, subservient to that end “ The heav'nly pow'rs allot me ;” no, not you, But destiny and inauspicious stars Have cast me down to this low being. Or Granting you had, from you I have deserv'd it. Zar. Canst thou forgive me then? wilt thou be

So kindly of my fault, to call it madness ?
Oh, give that madness yet a milder name,
And call it passion! then, be still more kind,
And call that passion love.

Osm. Give it a name,
Or being, as you please, such I will think it.

Zar. Oh, thou dost wound me more with this thy
a goodness,
Than e'er thou couldst with bitterest reproaches;
Thy anger could not pierce thus to my heart.

Osm. Yet I could wish
Zar. Haste me to know it; what?

Osm.. That at this time I had not been this thing.
Zar. What thing?
Osm. This slave. . . .

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