Haunts of Ancient Peace

Adam and Charles Black, 1908 - 169페이지
A prose idyll extolling the beauties of nature and gardens.

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150 페이지 - Chaldea's seers are good But here they have no skill ; And the unknown letters stood, Untold and awful still. And Babel's men of age Are wise and deep in lore; But now they were not sage, They saw — but knew no more. A captive in the land, A stranger and a youth, He heard the king's command, He saw that writing's truth. The lamps around were bright The prophecy in view ; He read it on that night, — The morrow proved it true. " Belshazzar's grave is made, His kingdom passed away, He in the balance...
149 페이지 - In that same hour and hall, The fingers of a hand Came forth against the wall, And wrote as if on sand : The fingers of a man ; — A solitary hand Along the letters ran, And traced them like a wand.
71 페이지 - No light, no fire : th' unfriendly elements Forgot thee utterly; nor have I time To give thee hallow'd to thy grave, but straight Must cast thee, scarcely...
149 페이지 - BELSHAZZAR the king made a great feast to a thousand of his lords, and drank wine before the thousand. Belshazzar, whiles he tasted the wine, commanded to bring the golden and silver vessels which his father Nebuchadnezzar had taken out of the temple which was in Jerusalem ; that the king, and his princes, his wives, and his concubines, might drink therein.
133 페이지 - The Laurel brought me no increase of learning or literary power, as you may well imagine, while it destroyed my peace of mind by the infinite jealousy it aroused ; for from that time wellnigh every one sharpened his tongue against 258 me.
23 페이지 - Look, and you see the peculiarities of each at once. Passing from Kent to Sussex is like passing from one society to another. Kent is softer— I do not mean in climate, but in aspect — more refined, more careful of itself, a little more selfconscious ; in a word, more civilized. Sussex once had its iron-works, as its hammer-ponds to this day testify ; but these have disappeared, and Sussex seems well pleased to have got rid of them. For there is a rooted rusticity in Sussex folk, which would ill...
27 페이지 - The rest is silence, — a judicious silence. It helps to make of Horsham Sanctuary a haunt of ancient peace.' As we meandered on by highway or byway, next to tardily ripening wheat-fields were meadows of just-cut summer-smelling aftermath, and hopgardens, half of which were being actively picked, while the other half, that still had towering bine and pendent clusters of fruit untouched, had for neighbours drying corn -stocks waiting to be carried away.
25 페이지 - ... it, and that of the trees overhanging both. The whole place looked as though Shelley had never existed ; nay, as though the French Revolution had never occurred. Wherever Shelley may have left his mark, he has left none on his birthplace. When I had first visited Horsham, there was no allusion to him in the several mural tablets to his people in the Parish Church. There is one to the grandfather, Sir Bysshe, and his wife, and on it is inscribed, " Their eldest son erected this tablet.
27 페이지 - King, and looked on marriage as something made sacred by "love and respect," must have been pained, even beyond all Shelley's powers of expression, by the ever-present thought that a son of theirs had advocated Atheism, Republicanism, and something strongly resembling FreeLove ? Genius such as Shelley's is so bewitching that it may champion any doctrine it likes, and will yet be forgiven by the world at large. But the mother who suckled him ? But the father whose name he bore, and who had himself...

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