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pass, with the costliest marbles and , and moral condition of this worthy the finest works of art, and have had people of France. them to remain there forever as monuments of the great funeral.

The economists and calculators might here interpose with a great deal of reason; for, indeed, there was

III. no reason why a nation should im

ON THE FUNERAL CEREMONY. poverish itself to do honor to the memory of an individual for whom, SHALL I tell you, my dear, that after all, it can feel but a qualified when François woke me at a very enthusiasm: but it surely might have early hour on this eventful morning, employed the large sum voted for the while the keen stars were still glitterpurpose more wisely and generously, ing overheard, a half-moon, as sharp and recorded its respect for Napoleon as a razor, beaming in the frosty sky, by some worthy and lasting memorial, and a wicked north wind blowing, rather than have erected yonder thou- that blew the blood out of one's sand vain heaps of tinsel, paint, and fingers and froze your leg as you put plaster, that are already cracking it out of bed ;- shall I tell you, my and crumbling in the frost, at three dear, that when François called me, days old.

and said, “ V'là vot café, Monsieur Scarcely one of the statues, indeed, Titemasse, buvez-le, tiens, il est tout deserves to last a month : some are chaud," I felt myself, after imbibing odious distortions and caricatures, the hot breakfast, so comfortable unwhich never should have been allowed der three blankets and a mackintosh, to stand for a moment. On the very that for at least a quarter of an hour day of the fête, the wind was shaking no man in Europe could say whether the canvas pedestals, and the flimsy. Titmarsh would or would not be wood-work had begun to gape and present at the burial of the Emperor give way. At a little distance, to be Napoleon. sure, you could not see the cracks; Besides, my dear, the cold, there and pedestals and statutes looked like was another reason for doubting. Did marble. At some distance you could the French nation, or did they not, not tell but that the wreaths and eagles intend to offer up some of us English were gold embroidery, and not gilt over the imperial grave? And were paper — the great tricolor flags dam- the games to be concluded by a ask, and not striped calico. One would massacre ? It was said in the newsthink that these sham splendors betok- papers that Lord Granville had deened sham respect, if one had not spatched circulars to all the English known that the name of Napoleon is resident in Paris, begging them to held in real reverence, and observed keep their homes. The French joursomewhat of the character of the na-nals announced this news, and warned tion. Real feelings they have, but us charitably of the fate intended for they distort them by exaggeration; us. Had Lord Granville written? real courage, which they render ludi- Certainly not to me. Or had he crous by intolerable braggadocio; and written to all except me? And was I I think the above official account of the victim — the doomed one?-to the Prince de Joinville's proceedings, be seized directly I showed my face of the manner in which the Emperor's in the Champs Elysées, and torn in remains have been treated in their pieces by French Patriotism to the voyage to the capital, and of the frantic chorus of the “Marseillaise"? preparations made to receive him in Depend on it, Madam, that high and it, will give my dear Miss Smith some low in this city on Tuesday were not means of understanding the social | altogether at their ease, and that the

bravest felt no small tremor! And No. 2, grandfather, spick and span, be sure of this, that, as his Majesty

clean shaved, hat brushed, white

buckskin gloves, bamboo cane, Louis Philippe took his night-cap off brown great-coat, walking as uphis royal "head that morning, he right and solemn as may be, having prayed heartily that he might, at

his lady on his arm. night, put it on in safety.

No. 4, senior, with mottled legs

and a tartan costume, who was Well, as my companion and I came

frisking about between his grandout of doors, being bound for the papa's legs, who heartily wished Church of the Invalides, for which a

him at home. Deputy had kindly furnished us with tickets, we saw the very prettiest “ My dear,” his face seemed to say sight of the whole day, and I can't to his lady, " I think you might have refrain from mentioning it to my dear, left the little things in the nursery, tender-hearted Miss Smith.

for we shall have to squeeze through In the same house where I live a terrible crowd in the Champs Ely(but about five stories nearer the sees.” ground), lodges an English family, The lady was going out for a day's consisting of - 1. A great - grand- pleasure, and her face was full of care: mother, a hale, handsome old lady of she had to look first after her old seventy, the very best

dressed and mother, who was walking ahead, then neatest old lady in Paris. 2. A after No. 4 junior with the nursegrandfather and grandmother, tolera- he might fall into all sorts of danger, bly young to bear that title. 3. A wake up, cry, catch cold; nurse might daughter. And 4. Two little great- slip down, or heaven knows what. grand, or grand-children, that may Then she had to look her husband in be of the age of three and one, and the face, who had gone to such expense, belong to a son and daughter who are and been so kind for her sake, and in India. The grandfather, who is make that gentleman believe she was as proud of his wife as he was thirty thoroughly happy; and, finally, she years ago when he married, and pays had to keep an eye upon No. 4 senior, her compliments still twice or thrice who, as she was perfectly certain, was in a day, and when he leads her into about in two minutes to be lost fora room looks round at the persons ever, or trampled to pieces in the assembled, and says in his heart, crowd. “Here, gentlemen, here is my wife These events took place in a quiet show me such another woman in little street leading into the Champs England,”— this gentleman had hired Elysées, the entry of which we had a room on the Champs Elysées, for almost reached by this time. The he would not have his wife catch cold four detachments above described, by exposing her to the balconies in which had been straggling a little in the open air.

their passage down the street, closed When I came to the street, I found up at the end of it, and stood for a the family assembled in the following moment huddled together. No. 3, order of march:

Miss X-, began speaking to her No. 1, the great-grandmother walk- companion the great grandmother. ing daintily along, supported by

“Hush, my dear,” said that old No. 3, her grand-daughter. lady, looking round alarmed at her - A narse carrying No: junior, who daughter. “ Speak French." And she

basket containing saucepans, bot. straightway began nervously to make
tles of milk, parcels of infants' a speech which she supposed to be in
food, certain dimity napkins, a the language, but which was as much
child's coral, and a little horse like French as Iroquois. The whole
belonging to No. 4 senior.
A servant
bearing a basket of con-

secret was out: vou could read it in diments.

the grandmother's face, who was do 18 *


ing all she could to keep from crying, camp galloping about like mad, and and looked as frightened as she dared high in the midst of all, riding on his to look. The two elder ladies had golden buckler, Solomon in all his settled between them that there was glory, forsooth – Imperial Cæsar, going to be a general English with his crown over his head, laurels slaughter that day, and had brought and standards waving about his the children with them, so that they gorgeous chariot, and a million of might all be murdered in company: people looking on in wonder and

God bless you, O women, moist- awe. eyed and tender-hearted ! In those His Majesty the Emperor and King gentle silly tears of yours there is reclined on his shield, with his head å something touches one, be they never little elevated. His Majesty's skull is so foolish. I don't think there were voluminous, his forehead broad and many such natural drops shed that large. We remarked that his Impeday as those which just made their rial Majesty's brow was of a yellowappearance in the grandmother's eyes, ish color, which appearance was also and then went back again as if they visible about the orbits of the eyes. had been ashamed of themselves, He kept his eyelids constantly closed, while the good lady and her little by which we had the opportunity of troop walked across the road. Think observing that the upper lids were how happy she will be whennight garnished with eyelashes. Years and comes, and there has been no murder climate have effected upon the face of English, and the brood is all nes of this great monarch only a trifling tled under her wings sound asleep, alteration; we may say, indeed, that and she is lying awake thanking God Time has touched his Imperial and that the day and its pleasures and Royal Majesty with the lightest feathpains are over. Whilst we were con- er in his wing. In the nose of the sidering these things, the grand- Conqueror of Austerlitz we remarked father had suddenly elevated No. 4 very little alteration : it is of the senior upon his left shoulder, and I beautiful shape which we remember saw the tartan hat of that young it possessed five and twenty years gentleman, and the bamboo-cane since, ere unfortunate circumstances which had been transferred to him, induced him to leave us for a while. high over the heads of the crowd on The nostril and the tube of the nose the opposite side through which the appear to have undergone some slight party moved.

alteration, but in examining a belov

ed object the eye of affection is perAfter this little procession had pas- haps too critical.

Vive l'Empereur ! sed away - you may laugh at it, but the soldier of Marengo is among us upon my word and conscience, Miss again. His lips are thinner, perhaps, Smith, I saw nothing in the course than they were before ! how white his of the day which affected me more - teeth are! you can just see three of after this little procession had passed them pressing his under-lip; and pray away, the other came, accompanied remark the fulness of his cheeks and by gun-banging, flag-waving, incense- the round contour of his chin. Oh, burning, trumpets pealing, drums those beautiful white hands! many a rolling, and at the close, received by time have they patted the cheek of poor the voice of six hundred choristers, Josephine, and played with the black sweetly modulated to the tones of ringlets of her hair. She is dead now, fifteen score of fiddlers. Then you and cold, poor creature; and so are saw horse and foot, jackboots and Hortense and bold Eugene, “than bearskin, cuirass and bayonet, nation- whom the world never saw a curtier al guard and line, marshals and knight," as was said of King Arthur's generals all over gold, smart aides-de-Sir Lancelot. What a day would it


have been for those three could they rolling on four wheels of an antique but have lived until now, and seen shape, which supported a basement their hero returning! Where's Ney? adorned with golden eagles, banners, His wife sits looking out from M. laurels, and velvet hangings. Above Flahaut's window yonder, but the the hangings stand twelve golden bravest of the brave is not with her. statues with raised arms supporting a Murat too is absent: honest Joachim huge shield, on which the coffin lay. loves the Emperor at heart, and re- On the coffin was the imperial crown, pents that he was Waterloo : covered with violet velvet crape, and who knows but that at the sight of the the whole vast machine was drawn handsome swordsman those stubborn by horses in superb housings, led by English “canaille” would have giv- valets in the imperial livery. en way? A king, Sire, is, you know, Fancy at the head of the procession the greatest of slaves - - State affairs first of all of consequence — his Majesty the

The Gendarmerie of the Seine, with their King of Naples is detained no doubt.

trumpets and Colonel. When we last saw the King, however, The Municipal Guard (horse), with their and his Highness the Prince of El trumpets, standard, and Colonel. chingen, they looked to have as good Two squadrons of the 7th Lancers, with health as ever they had in their lives, The Commandant of Paris and his Staff. and we heard each of them calmly A battalion of Infantry of the Line, with calling out Fire!” as they have

their flag, sappers, drums, music, and

Colonel. done in numberless battles before.

The Municipal Guard (foot), with flag, Is it possible ? can the Emperor drums, and Colonel. forget? We don't like to break it to The Sapper-pumpers, with ditto. him, but has he forgotten all about Then picture to yourself more squadrons

of Lancers and Cuirassiers. The Genthe farm at Pizzo, and the garden of eral of the Division and his Staff; all the Observatory? Yes, trnly: there officers of all arms employed at Paris, he lies on his golden shield, never and unattached; the Military School of

Saint Cyr, the Polytechnic School, the stirring, never so much as lifting his

School of the Etat Major; and the Proeyelids, or opening his lips any wider.

fessors, and Staff of each. Go on imaginO vanitas vanitatum! Here is our ing more battalions of Infantry, of ArtilSovereign in all his glory, and they

lery, companies of Engineers, squadrons fired a thousand guns at Cherbourg

of Cuirassiers, ditto of the Cavalry, of

the National Guard, and the first and and never woke him!

second legions of ditto.

Fancy a carriage, containing the Chaplain However, we are advancing matters

of the St. Helena expedition, the only by several hours, and you must give

clerical gentleman that formed a part of

the procession. just as much credence as you please to Fancy you hear the funereal music, and the subjoined remarks concerning the then figure in your mind's eye Procession, seeing that your humble THE EMPEROR'S CHARGER, that is, servant could not possibly be present

Napoleon's own saddle and bridle

(when First Consul), upon a white at it, being bound for the church else horse. The saddle (which has been where.

kept ever since in the Garde Meuble of Programmes, however, have been the Crown) is of amaranth velvet, em

broidered in gold: the holsters and published of the affair, and your vivid housings are of the same rich material. fancy will not fail to give life to them, On them you remark the attributes of and the whole magnificent train will War, Commerce, Science, and Art. The pass before you.

bits and stirrups are silver-gilt chased. Fancy, then, that the guns are fired

Over the stirrups, two eagles were

placed at the time of the empire. The at Neuilly: the body landed at day horse was covered with a violet crape break from the funerealbarge and

embroidered with golden bees. transferred to the car; and fancy the After this, came more Soldiers, General

Officers, Sub-Offieers, Marshals, and car, a huge Juggernaut of a machine, what was said to be the prettiest sight





almost of the whole, the banners of in this letter, from the words in page These are due to the invention of M. 418, line 36 -- the party moved — up Thiers, and were to have been accom

to the words paid to it, on this page, panied by federates from each Depart- have purely emanated from your obement. But the Government very wisely dient servant's fancy, and not from mistrusted this and some other projects his personal observation (for no tion, my dear, it has been tried. Next being on earth, except a newspaper

reporter, can be in two places at once), His Royal Highness the Prince de Join- permit me now to communicate to you The 500 sailors of the “Belle Poule » what little circumstances fell under marching in double file on each side my own particular view on the day of

of the 15th of December. THE CAR.

As we came out, the air and the [Hush! the enormous crowd thrills as it buildings round about were tinged

passes, and only some few voices cry with purple, and the clear sharp halfVive l'Empereur! Shining golden in moon before-mentioned was still in the frosty sun – with hundreds of thou; the sky, where it seemed to be lingerhousetops, from balconies, black, purple, ing as if it would catch a peep of the and tricolor, from tops of leafless trees, commencement of the famous profrom behind long lines of glittering cession. The Arc de Triomphe was caps, from behind the Line and the shining in a keen frosty sunshine, National Guard again, pushing, strug- and looking as clean and rosy as if gling, heaving, panting, eager, the it had just made its toilet. The heads of an stretching out to meet and follow it,

canvas or pasteboard image of Napoamidst long avenues of columns and leon, of which only the gilded legs statues gleaming white, of standards had been erected the night previous, rainbow-colored, of golden eagles, of was now visible, body, head, crown, pale funereal urns, odors amidst huge volumes of pitch sceptre, and all, and made an imposing black smoke,

show. Long gilt banners were Aaunt

ing about, with the imperial cipher THE GREAT IMPERIAL CHARIOT

and eagle, and the names of the batROLLS MAJESTICALLY ON.

tles and victories glittering in gold.

The long avenues of the Champs The cords of the pall are held by two Elysées had been covered with sand

Marshals, and Admiral and General
Bertrand; who are followed by

for the convenience of the eat proThe Prefects of the Seine and Police, cession that was to tramp across it

that day. Hundreds of people were The Mayors of Paris, &c. The Members of the Old Guard, &c.

marching to and fro, laughing, chatA Squadron of Light Dragoons, &c.

tering, singing, gesticulating as happy Lieutenant-General Schneider, &c.

Frenchmen do. There is no pleasanter More cavalry, more infantry, more artil- sight than a French crowd on the lery, more everybody; and as the pro- alert for a festival, and nothing more cession passes, the Line and the National Guard forming line on each side catching than their good-humor. As of the road fall in and follow it, until it for the notion which has been put forarrives at the Church of the Invalides, ward by some of the opposition newswhere the last honors are to be paid to it.]

papers that the populace were

this occasion unusually solemn or Among the company assembled sentimental, it would be paying a bad under the dome of that edifice, the compliment to the natural gayety of casual observer would not perhaps the nation, to say that it was, on the have remarked a gentleman of the morning at least of the 15th of Dename of Michael Angelo Titmarsh, cember, affected in any such absurd who nevertheless was there. But as, way. Itinerant merchants were shoutmy dear Miss Smith, the descriptions ing out lustily their commodities of



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