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We all of us looked at it with At once all the National bayonets intense interest. were on the present, and the sabres of Another cross-bearer, behind whom the old Invalids up. The big drum- came a gentleman carrying an inmajor looked round at the children, strument like a bed-room candlestick. who began very slowly and solemnly His Grandeur Monseigneur Affre, on their drums, Rub-dub-dub— Archbishop of Paris : he was in black rub-dub-dub- (count two between and white, his eyes were cast to the each) — rub-dub-dub, and a great pro- earth, his hands were together at cession of priests came down from the right angles from his chest : on his altar.

hands were black gloves, and on the First, there was a tall handsome black gloves sparkled the sacred episcross-bearer, bearing a long gold copal what do I say ? - archiepiscross, of which the front was turned copal ring. On his head was the towards his grace the Archbishop. mitre. It is unlike the godly coronet Then came a double row of about that figures upon the coach-panels of sixteen incense-boys, dressed in white our own Right Reverend Bench. The surplices : the first boy, about six Archbishop's mitre may be about a years old, the last with whiskers, and yard high : formed within probably of the height of a man. Then fol- of consecrated pasteboard, it is withlowed a regiment of priests in black out covered by a sort of watered silk tippets and white gowns : they had of white and silver.

On the two black hoods, like the moon when she peaks at the top of the mitre are two is at her third quarter, wherewith very little spangled tassels, that frisk those who were baid (many were, and and twinkle about in a very agreeable fat too) covered themselves. All the manner. reverend men held their heads meekly Monseigneur stood opposite to us down, and affected to be reading in for some time, when I had the opportheir breviaries.

tunity to note the above remarkable After the Priests came some Bish- phenomena. He stood opposite me ops of the neighboring districts, in for some time, keeping his eyes steadpurple, with crosses sparkling on their ily on the ground, his hands before episcopal bosoms.

him, a small clerical train following Then came, after more priests, a after. Why didn't they move? There set of men whom I have never seen was the National Guard keeping on before - a kind of ghostly heralds, presenting arms, the little drummers young and handsome men, some of going on rub-dub-dub- rub-dub-dub them in stiff tabards of black and - in the same steady, slow way, and silver, their eyes to the ground, their the Procession never moved an inch. hands placed at right angles with There was evidently, to use an eletheir chests.

gant phrase, a hitch somewhere. Then came two gentlemen bearing :[Enter a fat priest, who bustles up to remarkable tall candlesticks, with the drum-major.] candles of corresponding size. One

Fat priest

Taisez-vous.” was burning brightly, but the wind Little drummer Rub-dub-dub(that chartered libertine) had blown rub-dub-dub, rub-dub-dub, &c. out the other, which nevertheless kept

Qu'est-ce donc ?" its place in the procession - I won

Fat priest

- Taisez-vous, vous dered to myself whether the reverend dis-je; ce n'est pas le corps. Il n'arrigentleman who carried the extinguish- vera pas pour une heure." ed candle felt disgusted, humiliated, The little drums were instantly mortified – perfectly conscious that hushed, the procession turned to the the eyes of many thousands of people right about, and walked back to the were bent upon that bit of refractory altar again, the blown-out candle that

Drum major

had been on the near side of us before said, “Sire, I bring you the body of was now on the off side, the National the Emperor Napoleon.” Guards set down their muskets and Louis Philippe answered, “I receive began at their sandwiches again. We it in the name of France." Bertrand had to wait an hour and a half at least put on the body the most glorious before the great procession arrived. victorious sword that ever has been The guns without went on booming forged since the apt descendants of all the while at intervals, and as we the first murderer learned how to heard each, the audience gave a kind hammer steel; and the coffin was of ahahah !such as you hear when placed in the temple prepared for it. the rockets go up at Vauxhall.

The six hundred singers and the At last the real Procession came. fiddlers now commenced the playing

Then the drums began to beat as and singing of a piece of music; and formerly, the Nationals to get under a part of the crew of the “Belle arms, the clergymen were sent for and Poule” skipped into the places that went, and presently - yes, there was had been kept for them under us, and the tall cross-bearer at the head of the listened to the music, chewing tobacco. procession, and they came back ! While the actors and fiddlers were

They chanted something in a weak, going on, most of the spirits-of-wine snuffling, lugubrious manner, to the lamps on altars went out. melancholy bray of a serpent.

When we arrived in the open air, Crash! however, Mr. Habeneck we passed through the court of the and the fiddlers in the organ-loft Invalides, where thousands of people pealed out a wild shrill march, which had been assembled, but where the stopped the reverend gentlemen, and benches were now quite bare. Then in the midst of this music

we came on to the terrace before the And of a great trampling of feet place; the old soldiers were firing off and clattering,

the great guns, which made a dreadAnd of a great crowd of Generals ful stunning noise, and frightened and Officers in fine clothes,

some of us, who did not care to pass With the Prince de Joinville before the cannon and be knocked marching quickly at the head of the down even by the wadding. The procession,

guns were fired in honor of the King, And while everybody's heart was who was going home by a back door. thumping as hard as possible, All the forty thousand people who

NAPOLEON'S COFFIN PASSED. covered the great stands before the

It was done in an instant. A box Hôtel had gone away too. The Imcovered with a great red cross a perial Barge had been dragged up dingy - looking crown lying on the the river, and was lying lonely along top of it — Seamen on one side and the Quay, examined by some few Invalids on the other they had shivering people on the shore. passed in an instant and were up the It was five o'clock when we reached aisle.

home : the stars were shining keenly A faint snuffling sound, as before, out of the frosty sky, and François was heard from the officiating priests, told me that dinner was just ready. but we knew of nothing more. It is In this manner, my dear Miss said that old Louis Philippe was Smith, the great Napoleon was burstanding at the catafalque, whither ied. the Prince de Joinville advanced and Farewell.



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