Lives and Memoirs of the Bishops of Sherborne and Salisbury from the Years 705 to 1824

Brodie and Dowding, 1824 - 814페이지

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180 페이지 - His indifference for preferment, his contempt not only of splendour, but of all unnecessary plenty, his degrading himself into the lowest and most painful duties of his calling, are such unprelatical qualities, that, let him be never so orthodox in other things, in these he must be a dissenter.
27 페이지 - If any learned man of all our adversaries, or if all the learned men that be alive, be able to bring any one sufficient sentence out of any old Catholic Doctor, or Father, or out of any old general Council, or out of the holy Scriptures of GOD, or any one example of the primitive Church...
28 페이지 - Or that whosoever had said the sacrament is a figure, a pledge, a token, or a remembrance of Christ's body, had therefore been adjudged for an heretic.
130 페이지 - ... shifting for himself with great precipitation ; there was such a noise of pattens of serving-maids, and ordinary women, and of unlocking of pews, and cracking of seats, caused by the younger sort hastily climbing over them, that I confess, I thought all the congregation were mad : but the good Doctor seeming not to take notice of this disturbance proceeds, names his text, and preached his Sermon, to two or three gathered, or rather left together, of which number, as it fortunately happened, Mr...
129 페이지 - I have given before : he being minister there, and forced by some indisposition to keep his chamber, desired Dr Barrow to give him a Sermon the next Sunday, which he readily consented to do. Accordingly, at the time appointed, he came, with an aspect pale and meagre, and unpromising, slovenly and carelessly dressed, his collar unbuttoned, his hair uncombed, &c. Thus accoutred, he mounts the pulpit, begins his prayer, which, whether he did read or not, I cannot positively assert, or deny : immediately...
130 페이지 - they did not like me, or my Sermon, and I have no reason to be angry with them for that.
36 페이지 - In the College Library he found by chance some books that treated of the Mathematics, and they being wholly new to him, he inquired all the College over for a Guide to instruct him that way, but all his search was in vain...
89 페이지 - LORD, I have loved the habitation of thy house, and the place where thine honour dwelleth.
xvi 페이지 - They are both named John. Dr. Thomas, who has a living in the City. They both have livings in the City. Dr. Thomas, who is Chaplain to the King. They are both Chaplains to the King.
246 페이지 - I esteem my relation to the two societies to have been the greatest happiness of my life, as it introduced me to the acquaintance of some of the greatest men of the age, and afforded me the opportunities of improvement, by living and conversing with gentlemen of a liberal education, and of great learning and experience.

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