The Ecclesiologist, 7권;10권

Cambridge Camden Society, 1801

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382 페이지 - Shot parallel to the earth his dewy ray, Discovering in wide landscape all the east Of Paradise and Eden's happy plains, Lowly they bow'd adoring, and began Their orisons, each morning duly paid In various style...
382 페이지 - Join voices all ye living Souls: Ye Birds, That singing up to Heaven-gate ascend, Bear on your wings and in your notes his praise. Ye that in waters glide, and ye that walk The earth, and stately tread, or lowly creep; Witness if I be silent, morn or even, To hill, or valley, fountain or fresh shade, Made vocal by my song, and taught his praise. Hail universal Lord, be bounteous still To give us only good ; and if the night Have gather'd aught of evil, or conceal'd, Disperse it, as now light dispels...
112 페이지 - ... the only witnesses, perhaps, that remain to us of the faith and fear of nations. All else for which the builders sacrificed, has passed away — all their living interests, and aims, and achievements. We know not for what they laboured, and we see no evidence of their reward.
156 페이지 - And the glorious Majesty of the Lord our God be upon us : prosper thou the work of our hands upon us, O prosper thou our handy-work.
121 페이지 - A HISTORY OF ECCLESIASTICAL ARCHITECTURE IN ENGLAND. 8vo. cloth., price 12s. This volume combines a general history of the greater English Ecclesiastical Architects of the middle ages, with an equally general view of their works, and of the characters which distinguish the buildings of their respective ages. A HISTORY OF ENGLAND, From the First Invasion by the Romans to the Accession of Queen Victoria.
343 페이지 - Church, but that the same so remain ; and that there be a modest and distinct song so used in ALL PARTS of the Common Prayers in the Church, that the same may be as plainly understanded as if it were read without singing...
337 페이지 - Even he that hath clean hands, and a pure heart : and that hath not lift up his mind unto vanity, nor sworn to deceive his neighbour.
116 페이지 - — ' Considerable size exhibited by simple terminal lines ; projection towards the top ; breadth of flat surface ; square compartments of that surface ; varied and visible masonry ; vigorous depth of shadow, exhibited especially by pierced traceries ; varied proportion in ascent ; lateral symmetry ; sculpture most delicate at the base ; enriched quantity of ornament at the top ; sculpture abstract in inferior ornaments and mouldings, complete in animal forms, both to be executed in white marble...
397 페이지 - I believe, as regards architecture, few men have been so unfortunate as myself. I have passed my life in thinking of fine things, studying fine things, designing fine things, and realising very poor ones.
5 페이지 - ... to benefit their kind. Still there is something grand in the strength and constancy of their faith. They left their homes and riches and the pleasures of this world, to retire to these dens and caves of the earth, to be subjected to cold and hunger, pain and death, that they might do honour to their God, after their own fashion...

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