Understanding the Securities Laws

Practising Law Institute, 2003 - 400페이지
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 is a frontal assault on corporate fraud, and the new Fourth Edition of Understanding the Securities Laws gives you a clear, detailed grasp of how the Act and related SEC rules are dramatically changing the way you work as a player in the securities industry. While remaining the definitive step-by-step guide to understanding and implementing procedures mandated by the Securities Act of 1933, Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and seminal case law in the field, the new Fourth Edition clarifies and analyzes the many new governance, reporting, and disclosure requirements you must comply with to avoid the now greater civil and criminal penalties. Public companies can satisfy new disclosure rules, by detailing the makeup of their audit committees and the status of their code of ethics and their internal controls for financial reporting. Securities lawyers can meet tough new standards of professional conduct, including new reporting and recordkeeping obligations. CEOs and CFOs can comply with stiff new certification requirements.

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