Works [ed. by E.R. Rost].


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401 페이지 - BARTLETT.— DICTIONARY OF AMERICANISMS. A Glossary of Words and Phrases colloquially used in the United States. By John Russell Bartlett.
402 페이지 - Hernisz. — A GUIDE TO CONVERSATION IN THE ENGLISH AND CHINESE LANGUAGES, for the use of Americans and Chinese in California and elsewhere. By STANISLAS HERNISZ. Square 8vo. pp. 274, sewed.
349 페이지 - The Creed of the lover differs from other Creeds. God is the faith and creed of those who love him, but to do good is best for the follower of every faith.
404 페이지 - Vol. II. Part 2.— Papuan Languages of the Loyalty Islands and New Hebrides, comprising those of the Islands of Nengone, Lifu, Aneitum, Tana, and others. 8vo. p. 12. 6d. Vol. II. Part 3.— Fiji Islands and Rotuma (with Supplement to Part II., Papuan Languages, and Part I., Australia). 8vo. pp. 34. 1».
39 페이지 - Rdmdnujas cook for themselves, and should the meal during this process, or whilst they are eating; attract even the looks of a stranger, the operation is instantly stopped, and the viands buried in the ground...
401 페이지 - Etymology could afford him. He would read it through from cover to cover at a sitting, and only regret that he had not the second volume to begin upon forthwith. It Is a very able book, of great research, full of delightful surprises, a repertory of the fairy tales of linguistic science.
224 페이지 - LANGLES' Monuments de L'Hindoostan. date cannot be much later than the eighth or ninth century, and it is therefore to be inferred with as much certainty as any thing short of positive testimony can afford, that the worship of SIVA, under this type, prevailed throughout India at least as early as the fifth or sixth century of the Christian era. Considered as one great branch of the universal public worship, its prevalence, no doubt, dates much earlier; but the particular modifications under which...
43 페이지 - Veddnta doctrines, they deny that the deity is void of form or quality, and regard him as endowed with all good qualities, and with a two-fold form : the supreme spirit , Paramdtmd, or cause, and the gross one, the effect, the universe or matter.
257 페이지 - Sakti is personated by a naked female, to whom meat and wine are offered, and then distributed amongst the assistants, the recitation of various Mantras and texts, and the performance of the Mudrd, or gesticulations with the fingers, accompanying the different stages of the ceremony ; and it is terminated with the most scandalous orgies amongst the votaries.
403 페이지 - Vols. XI. and XII. Select Specimens of the Theatre of the Hindus. Translated from the original Sanskrit. By the late HH Wilson, MA, FRS Third corrected Edition.

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