Alphabetical index to the regulations of government for the whole of the territories under the presidency of Fort William in Bengal. Baptist mission press ed


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511 페이지 - Regulations and Laws enacted by the Governor- General in Council for the Civil Government of the whole of the Territories under the Presidency of Fort William, from 1793 to 1834.
266 페이지 - Courts shall extend not only to all suits between native individuals, but that the officers of Government employed in the collection of the revenue, the provision of the Company's Investment, and all other financial or commercial concerns of the public, shall be amenable to the Courts for acts done in their official capacity in opposition to the Regulations ; and that Government itself, in superintending these various branches of the resources of the State, may be precluded from injuring private...
499 페이지 - ... parties thereto, their wives, and all other persons, may be examined on behalf of either the Plaintiff or Defendant, subject nevertheless to the Acts and Regulations in force with respect to the examination of women of rank and situation in life, which, according to the custom of the country, would render it improper to compel them to appear in a Court of Justice.
413 페이지 - II. 13,421 13,422 sidering themselves aggrieved by acts done by, pursuant to a special order originating with the Governor General in Council or the Board of Revenue or of Trade, in Bengal, Behar, and Orissa, . . . ..-. ditto ditto, in the provinces ceded by the N.
512 페이지 - PRESIDENCY OF FORT WILLIAM IN BENGAL. Exhibiting, at one view, the Offence, the Penalty for that Offence, the Jurisdiction necessary to convict the Offender, and a reference to the Number, Year, and Section, of the enacting Regulation ; together with an Alphabetical Table of Contents.
289 페이지 - excepting in cases in which a deviation from it may be expressly directed by any Regulation passed by the Governor-General in Council.
508 페이지 - Regulations as prescribe forms for reports, calendars, registers, or other statements, to be furnished by the civil or criminal authorities, or require the same to be forwarded at periods, and in manner specified.
266 페이지 - Justice, and that even a special order originating with the Governor General in Council or the Board of...
298 페이지 - Giving intentionally and deliberately, before a court of judicature, magistrate, or other authorized public officer, a false deposition upon oath, or under a solemn declaration taken instead of an oath, relative to some judicial proceeding, civil or criminal, and upon a point material to the issue thereof.
424 페이지 - Appeal for the division of the Ceded Provinces ; for the administration of justice in Criminal cases, in the conquered Provinces in the Doab, and on the right bank of the river Jumna, and in the Territory ceded to the Honorable the Engish East India Company n Bundlecuiid by the PeUhwa r The whola Regulation.

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