The Life of His Royal Highness the Prince Consort, 4권

Smith, Elder, & Company, 1879 - 2페이지

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336 페이지 - Firmly relying ourselves on the truth of Christianity, and acknowledging with gratitude the solace of religion, we disclaim alike the right and the desire to impose our convictions on any of our subjects.
513 페이지 - Ring out the grief that saps the mind For those that here we see no more; Ring out the feud of rich and poor, Ring in redress to all mankind.
14 페이지 - Whatever withdraws us from the power of our senses, whatever makes the past, the distant, or the future predominate over the present, advances us in the dignity of thinking beings.
487 페이지 - Sandhurst took place in consequence of the transfer of the government of India from the East India Company to the Crown, and the subsequent amalgamation of the Indian and Imperial forces.
336 페이지 - We declare it to be Our Royal Will and Pleasure that none be in any wise favoured, none molested or disquieted by reason of their Religious Faith or Observances ; but that all shall alike enjoy the equal and impartial protection of the Law : and We do strictly charge and enjoin all those who may be in authority under Us, that they abstain from all interference with the Religious Belief or Worship of any of Our Subjects, on pain of Our highest Displeasure.
285 페이지 - Derby would write it himself in his excellent language, bearing in mind that it is a female sovereign who speaks to more than 100,000,000 of Eastern people on assuming the direct government over them after a bloody civil war, giving them pledges which her future reign is to redeem, and explaining the principles of her Government.
51 페이지 - The blood of man should never be shed but to redeem the blood of man. It is well shed for our family, for our friends, for our God, for our country, for our kind. The rest is vanity .. the rest is crime.
337 페이지 - It Is a source of great satisfaction and pride to her to feel herself In direct communication with that enormous Empire which is so bright a jewel of her crown, and which she would wish to see happy, contented, and peaceful. May the publication of her Proclamation be the beginning of a new era, and may It draw a veil over the sad and bloody past.
493 페이지 - Your kind invitation to me to undertake the office of your President for the ensuing year could not but startle me on its first announcement. The high position which Science occupies, the vast number of distinguished men who labour in her sacred cause, and whose achievements, while spreading innumerable benefits, justly attract the admiration of mankind, contrasted strongly in my mind with the consciousness of my own insignificance in this respect.
450 페이지 - seems as full of schemes as a warren is full of rabbits and, like rabbits, his schemes go to ground for the moment to avoid notice or antagonism '. Anyway he was clearly a dangerous neighbour, and so Britain began to arm herself.

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