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Prophets, therefore, when sum- ject is not a barren speculation : ming up the canon of Old Testa- it is a doctrine by no means unin. ment revelation, points their ex- teresting to a sinner's mind; but pectation to the approaching day highly important, and deeply af. of Messial, on account of its fecting our faith, our love, and our awful effect on the Jewish people, practice. Closely connected with as the great and dreadful day of the person and dignity of the SaJehovah (Mal. iii. 1 & 4-5); viour, it must give the character to leaving no doubt as to the person in our dependence, our hopes, and whom all the law and the prophets our obligations; these must be inshould be fulfilled, and the ex- fluenced by the opinion we form pectation of his believing people of him, and open a new source, accomplished.

to excite our affections towards The language of the New Tes- God and his Christ. Let us entament is, no doubt, in concurrence deavour then to attain this practiwith the Old. The Apostles of the cal view: such discoveries of his. Lord spake none other things than divine person must magnify and those which Moses, in the law and greatly endear to us the condethe prophets, did write. The term, scension of the Lord Jesus Christ. Lord, when used singly and abso- Had some great and noble emlutely, seems in general to corre- peror, whose kingdom was extendspond with the term Jehovah. This ing throughout the earth, stopped is certainly the case in all the quo- in his career of glory, and descendtations from the Prophets. He is ed from his throne ; had he extherefore styled the “ Lord of allchanged his state, his grandeur, (Acts x. 36), which none can be dignity, and happiness, for re- , but Jehovah God of Hosts. But proach, misery, and death, to obas the term, Jehovah, being an tain deliverance for a sinful world, Hebrew name, does not occur in we must have admired such an inthe New Testament, the testimony stance of disinterestedness and bemust here rest only upon such col- nevolence. Had one of the lower lateral proofs. There is, however, orders of angelic spirits, as far one passage in which the Lord above the highest emperor as he is Jesus Christ plainly claims this above the meanest of creation, who honour to himself, evidently allud- knows, by pure enjoyment, what ing to the name by which Jehovah true happiness and glory means, revealed himself to Moses and his divested himself of his robes of people, at the bush; and so the light, and assumed our nature in Jews must certainly understand all its debasement to accomplish him, when, asserting his priority to the glorious design, we might well Abraham, he used that sublime have exclaimed, What manner of language, “ Before Abraham was love is this? But had this benevoI am;" a style of dignity belonging lent spirit been one nearest the to none but the eternal God. throne of Jehovah; who through What a cloud of witnesses, what ages inconceivable to our contract.. abundance of testimony to this ed comprehension, had been assimost important doctrine of Chris- milating into the image of God, tianity!

• ascending into communion with " We honour the Son even as the Father of spirits ; increasing in we honour the Father:" we rest the knowledge and enjoyment of with adoring confidence on the ful. his perfections, and arising into a ness of his redemption, and trust felicity beyond all other created to glory in it, and glorify him for intelligence---thishad magnified the it throughout eternity.

condescension and heightened the The consideration of such a sub- obligation. But still we should

only have admired created excél- complish all the purposes of his lence and 'finite love. This had covenant grace, to fulfil all his only been one creature of God de covenant engagements, and to voting himself for another creature realize all that we can trust in him of God, of another which might, for. Why then do we not trust by the goodness of its Creator, him more? Feeble, doubting, fainthave been exalted as high; and ing, and discouraged, we forget the yielding up a life derived from so- Rock of our salvation. vereign grace, and entirely depend. The works of redemption were ent upon Him, who, by one act of indeed arduous, and beyond the his power, could exalt even a worm power of any created intelligence; into an archangel.

the work of atonement, and the But we see One engaging him. work of conquest. To magnify & self for this wonderful undertaking violated law; to honour the justice infinitely above, the highest, in and the truth of God; to display comparison of whom all the world the invariable holiness of the divine of created intelligence, whether government in deliverance of sinangels or dominions, principalities ners from the curse of the law, of or powers, are as nothing; whose transgressors from the sword of v glory they can never approach, justice, and of rebels from destructhough ascending the scale of tion; were beyond the powers of created perfection throughout eter- men or angels. To effect all this . nal ages; one whom angels wor- by enduring the curse of the law, ship as their Creator and their bearing the wrath of God to the Lord; whom they can never be uttermost, and submitting to all the able to comprehend ; one in the just consequences of sin, was what divine essence, the self-existent, no creature could undertake, or the infinite, the eternal Jehovah. hope to sustain; yet without this, We cannot understand the union man must have remained unof God and man in his wonderful der guilt, and exposed to eternal person, neither can we understand ruin. To overcome the power of the union of our souls and bodies; darkness; to triumph over him yet the fact remains the same. that had triumphed over fallen Hence“ angels worshipping him creatures ; to conquer him that had when lying in the manger, all na. the power of death; and cast down Hure obeyed him whenever he ut- the enemy; 'was a work which the tered his commands, all power in highest presumption of man could heaven and earth is vested in his never hope to accomplish: let us hands; all around the throne wor- thenexult with the prophet,“ Sing, ship and adore. When entering into 0 ye heavens, for Jehovah hath these views by faith, we shall rea- done it; break forth into singing, dily exclaim, in admiring gratitude, ye mountains, O forest, and every * O the height, the depth, the tree therein; for the Lord hath relength and breadth of the love of deemed Jehovah, and glorified Christ !--it passeth knowledge !!” himself in Israel.” Is. xliv. 23. . The humble believer may be as. In our nature sustained by his sured of his ability to save, to ac- design, he hath done and suffered complish the work of redemption whatever could ransom and redeem for his people, and to perfect the his people ; he hath magnified the work of salvation in them. Truly law and made it honourable, when, 56 our help is laid upon One that is wounded for our transgressions, he mighty;" the all-sufficient Jeho took away our sins, and by the van, « great in council and mighty knowledge of himself he justifieth in working," all-sufficient for his the ten thousand of his people, own happiness, all-sufficient to ac- because he hath borne their ini.


quities. He hath punished and intercession unfailing; he is, theredestroyed the piercing serpent, and fore, able to save to the uttermost fulfilled his prophet's declaration: all who come unto God through 6 O death, I will be thy plague ; ( him. His infinite wisdom is suited grave, I will be thy destruction.” to be my guide in my various per(Hos. xii. 14.) Thus he hath plexities ; his almighty and victoswaļlowed up death in viotory. We rious power to secure my deliverdoubt'not, therefore, the riches of ance out of temptation,my safety un. his grace, and the all-sufficiency of der in-dwelling corruption, my trihis power to complete the salvation umph over all my enemies. Let me of his people, and accomplish all the byt fly to his blood, trust in his mighty plan.

righteousness, commit myself to As Jehovah, we are confident in his care, and rest upon him for all lis almighty power; as Jehovah supplies of grace and strength, and in our nature, we are assured of his I cannot be disappointed of my compassion and his grace; as Je, hope ; for he must be unchangeably hovah absolute in perfection, a the same. “I am Jehovah, I sinner could never approach; he change not; therefore ye sons of sees nothing but consuming fire, Jacob are not consumed.” (Mal. and terrors surrounding thethrone: iii. 6.) ·but as “ Jehovah become our sal. He cannot change in the pur. · yation,” what grace nay we not poses of his love and grace towards expect from Him, who has displayed his people. Man changes in his already such abounding grace to purposes, and it is often necessary sinners! Our faith and hope rest he should : a variety of unseen cir. upon the divinity of his person and cumstances arise which render it the merit of his sacrifice. To either impossible or improper to strengthen pur faith and hope, he pursue his design; but He who hath assumed in his wonderful per. sees the end from the beginning is son a variety of offices, characters, secured from this deficiency. He and relations, which might bring saw what sinners his people were ; him near to our view, and which what they would be; and every were necessary for our return, re- possible circumstanceinwhich they union, and communion with God; could be cast, " when he appointcharacters which he never could ed them to obtain salvation in him. have borne but by his union with self.” He cannot see more in them us in our nature; which he never than he then saw, to change his could fill for our benefit, but as the purposes of grace and love, or alter infinite Jehovah. In the God- his design for their salvation. He man, Christ Jesus, therefore, we cannot change in his unerring wishave the security of all that grace dom or almighty power : these which each character designs, His must ever remain the same to perlove, his blessings, are, like himself, fect his designs of grace. The word descending to the lowest depths of here used alludes to the changing sin, and rising to the highest ele: round of the year : but no changxation of glory; his blood must ing years can debilitate his underhave an infinite virtue, suitable to standing, nor unnerve his arm of my sin, to all the sins of all his re- power. Hence Jesus, as Jehovah, is

deemed and believing people ; his the same yesterday, to-day, and ' righteousness must be an everlast, for ever. His covenant engageing righteousness to justify from ments can never change; he did all things: in such a Saviour I can not fail, nor was discouraged in the feel no deficiency, but stand com- attainment of redemption; nor will plete for ever. His priesthood is he till he has applied, carried on, an everlasting priesthood, and his and perfected his design, and be. come to his people all that he has Never can we understandsuch love engaged to be. As he cannot as this; angels desire to look unto change in his purposes, his wis. it; and eternity will be amply ocdom, power, or covenant engages cupied in tracing its origin, conments, his promise, therefore, must, templating its extent, and enjoying be as unchangeable as his nature. its blessings: how important the “ What he hath spoken with his effects which faith, in such a mysmouth he will fulfil with his hands.” téry, must produce in the heart! I will never fail thee nor forsake The fire of his love must kindle ours, thee, is the security of his people, burn up our corrupted lusts, and faith and ultimate salvation. The excite very different affections from Self-existent will give existence to those which would arise from the his promises. This perhaps is im- debasing view of a created Saviour.' plied in the name Jehovah, espe- Let it be evidenced in our life and cially as given to his people in conduct that it is so, ard that his Egypt. In this view, most probably, cross crucifies us to the world and the Lord declares to Moses, I was sin, and leads us to love, admire, not known to Abraham by my name and obey. Blessed be the Lord Jehovah; though he certainly was Jehovah' for the grace of his reacquainted with the name, he had demption; faith now brings the not seen the name realized in the earnest, and hope anticipates the fulfilling or giving existence to the fulness of its blessings. Jehovah' promise, as the Israelites were now honoured his engagement to acto behold it.

complish the promise of his grace. "Wherefore say unto the children He cannot fail us, because he can: of Israel, I am Jehovah, and I will not lie, be deceived, or overcome. bring you out from under the bur. Then let the voice of rejoicing and dens of the Egyptians, and I will salvation be in the tabernacles of rid you out of their bondage, and the righteous, since the right hand I will redeem you with a stretched- of Jehovah hath done valiantly out arm, and with great judgments.” (Ps. cxiii. 21-29); and ( give (Ex. vi. 3. compare v. 6.). I am thanks unto Jehovah, for he is Jehovah, not only the self-existent, good, for his mercy endureth for but he who gives existence to my ever. So he will complete his deword. So shall it be with Jehovah signs, and bring his chosen through. our Saviour: let us trust him for In the mean while let us with joy what we will, according to his draw the waters of salvation from promises; for pardon, justification. the wells of his ordinances, till, His Spirit is constant support, flowing from the fountain itself, consolation, and preservation. they make glad the city of our Receiving all the blessings of God, the new Jerusalem which is grace, and all the blessings of above; then shall his redeemed be glory, we shall bear our testi. with him and like hini, and Jehomony, “ not one thing hath failed vah be indeed manifested as hima of all the Lord hath spoken con- self, the salvation of his people cerning us: all hath come to pass.” throughout eternity. But let us take heed how we reject his great salvation, liow we turn LETTER TO THE EDITOR *. away from Him that speaketh tron MR. EDITOR, lieaven, lest we perish with accu I ATTEND at one of those non« mulated guilt, and fill the arm of episcopal chapels alluded to bý Almighty power with the sword of * Our readers will readily perceive that justice, instead of the scentre of our Correspondeut writes ironically, and mercy. (Heb. ii. 1.) Here, then,

that his letter deserves the attention of

élose, who, under any ptetence, make altere let our faith often stand with ador.

ations iu the admirable service of one ing wonder : Jehovah my Saviour!! Church

your correspondent J. S. (sce Mag. blishment: ceasing to enjoy the , for January), and be it known to air I now breathe, I should very him, that we have belonging to likely be drawn within the influence our chapel a book-society, where of Church despotism. we admit your publication and the But I find a plea for my own Christian Observer. I have read late attendance, and the practice his letter with attention, and will of it by others, in the example set candidly admit, that he and his co- by several leading persons in our adjutor C. H. seem to have the chapel. There is Mr. , who vantage-ground in the matter of has to do with its affairs, very freomission, as far as I can judge of quently comes after prayers comit. It seems very proper also in mence; and if he chance to be in J. S. to censure late attendance at time, it is very seldom that his faa churches and episcopal chapels ; 'mily are so. There is Mrs. , and had he paused there, I proba, a lady over-anxious to ascertain bly had never noticed his remarks. whether she be of the elect or not, But, Sir, the last paragraph in his who always enters becomingly late; letter is a singular one, and I beg Mr. G- , who is frequently still leave, on behalf of myself and cer- later;and, besides many others, there tain Dissenters, to protest against is a very stately young gentleman it. You will evince your impar- (in so young a man it is gratifying tiality by recording my protest. to behold so decided a Dissenter),

Your captious correspondent whose regular time for walking up scatters italics through his letter in the aisle is a few minutes before thick abundance; but were his the text is given out. I had almost letter all italics, and all against us, forgotten to say that we have two he would fail, perhaps, to convince schools treading in the same praisemè, that a Dissenter does wrong in worthy path; and I assure you evading a form of prayer émanat, they make a very pretty appearing from popery, and composed ance, walking in procession, whilst probably by an assembly of arch- service is going on. From a quarbishops and bishops!! The fact of ter of an hour before the time of its savouring of popery is unplea- commencement till after sermon sant; but the idea of mitred heads begins, our congregation continues having composed it, renders my to assemble ; and each individual, dislike of it insurmountable! In thus taking his seat in his own time this feeling against the Liturgy of and in his own way, is in himself a the Church I am certainly correct, Church governed by separate laws, because if composed by a bench of and not amenable to any other bishops, it cannot be good-look bar! at their recent compositions ; es- I hope, after these brief remarks, pecially examine the Salamanca we shall hear no further objection and Vittoria thanksgiving prayers. from J. S. (or any other formal Besides, Mr. Editor, where would Churchman) against the time or be the benefit of dissent if I were manner of attendance adopted by not set free from those fetters Dissenters. Let him bear in mind, which bind the Churchman always that we are free to act in this reto be in time? And if I had not spect as we think fit; and that the liberty of showing my disap- although a Scotchman may tell his probation of prescribed forms by hearers that late attendance is a absence, until that grand essential curse, (perhaps it is in Scotland!) with me, the Minister's extempore English nonconformists act upon prayer, it would become matter of more reasonable principles, and indifference whether I were within could with very little trouble prove or without the pale of the Esta: it to be a blessing !! One's feelings

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