The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal, 34권

A. and C. Black, 1843

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391 페이지 - While the design of attempting the discovery in the west was maturing in the mind of Columbus, he made a voyage to the north of Europe. Of this we have no other memorial than the following passage, extracted by his son from one of his letters...
274 페이지 - Zenith Sector; together with a Catalogue of the Stars which have been observed, and the Amplitude of the Celestial Arcs, deduced from the Observations at the different Stations. 4to, sewed, 7s.
362 페이지 - Mannering, did so. It is the main extravagance of the Dutch middle-class man, and it is often an expensive one. This garden-house is a wooden box gaily painted, of eight or ten feet square ; its name, " My Delight," or " Rural Felicity," or
361 페이지 - Dutch cottage, with its glistening brick walls, white painted wood-work and rails, and its massive roof of thatch, with the stork clappering to her young on her old-established nest on the top of the gable, is admirably in place and keeping, just where it is — at the turn of the canal, shut in by a screen of willow-trees, or tall reeds, from seeing, or being seen, beyond the sunny bight of the still calm water, in which its every tint and part is brightly repeated.
395 페이지 - BISCHOFF. -PHYSICAL, CHEMICAL, AND GEOLOGICAL RESEARCHES on the Internal Heat of the Globe.
375 페이지 - Ibs. in July, was exhibited to the Society. It bore a peculiarly twisted piece of copper wire in the upper lobe of the caudal fin. Those marked and retaken in 1841 were marked with brass wire in the dorsal fin. With these and other precautions...
165 페이지 - When the water is judged to be of a kind which is likely to attack lead-pipes, or when it actually flows through them impregnated with lead, a remedy may be found, either in leaving the pipes full of the water, and at rest for three or four months, or by substituting for the water a weak solution of phosphate of soda, in the proportion of about a 25,000th part.
394 페이지 - YearBook of Facts in Science and Art, exhibiting the most important Discoveries and Improvements in...
164 페이지 - Colica pictonum, broke out in the house supplied with the water. In this case, the water was by no means pure, as it was found to contain no less than a 4,500th part of saline matter. But there was scarcely any other salt present except muriates, which the author had ascertained in his former researches not to prevent the action of water on lead, unless present in much larger quantity. He next proceeded to explain in what manner the action of the •water was put an end to in both these cases. In...
34 페이지 - must be struck with astonishment when he first beholds one of these vast rings of coral rock, often many leagues in diameter, here and there surmounted by a low verdant island with dazzling white shores, bathed on the outside by the foaming breakers of the ocean, and on the inside surrounding a calm expanse of water, which, from reflection, is of a bright but pale green colour.

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