Annals of Scotland: From the Accession of Malcolm III. in the Year M.LVII. to the Accession of the House of Stewart in the Year M.CCC.LXXI. To which are Added, Tracts Relative to the History & Antiquities of Scotland, 2권

A. Constable & Company, 1819
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169 페이지 - In visage was he some deal gray, And had black hair, as I heard say ; But then, of limbs he was well made. With bones great, ami shoulders braid ; His body well made and lenzie, As they that saw him said to me. When he was blyth, he was lovely. And meek, and sweet in company; But who in battle might him see, Another countenance had he; And in his speech he lispt some deal, But that set him right wonder well.
304 페이지 - The King, after having been crowned King of England, to come regularly to the kingdom of Scotland, and to be crowned King, at Scone, in the Royal Chair, which is to be delivered up by the English.
117 페이지 - Wherefore we most earnestly beseech your Holiness, as the Vicegerent of Him who giveth equal measure unto all, and with whom there is no distinction, either of persons or of nations, that you would behold with a fatherly eye the tribulations and distresses brought upon us by the English, and that you would admonish Edward to content himself with his own dominions, esteemed in former times enough for seven kings, and allow us Scotsmen, who dwell in a poor and remote corner, and who seek for nought...
117 페이지 - English, we will instantly strive to expel him as a common enemy, the subverter of our rights and his own, and we will choose another king to rule and protect us : for, WHILE THERE EXIST A HUNDRED OF us, WE WILL NEVER SUBMIT TO ENGLAND. We fight not for glory, wealth, or honour, but for that liberty which no virtuous man shall survive.
168 페이지 - Taking the casket from his neck, which contained the heart of Bruce, he threw it before him, and cried, ' Now pass thou onward as thou wast wont, and Douglas will follow thee, or die.
288 페이지 - he is a scullion, and a base knave, and, as I suppose, has killed his master. Go, you villain, to the field, search for the body of my cousin, your master ; and when you have found it, come back, that at least I may give him a decent burial.
116 페이지 - Maccabeus, gladly endured trials, distresses, the extremities of want, and every peril to rescue his people and inheritance out of the hands of the enemy. The divine providence, that legal succession which we will constantly maintain, and our due and unanimous consent have made him our chief and king.
93 페이지 - After having consulted with his barons, he made answer, that he mightily desired to procure a good and perpetual peace, either by the mediation of the Cardinals, or by any other means. He allowed the open letters from the Pope, which recommended peace, to be read in his presence, and he listened to them with all due respect ; but he would not receive the sealed letters addressed to ' Robert Bruce governing in Scotland.
322 페이지 - Their knights and esquires are well mounted on great coursers; the common sort and the country people ride little horses. They take no carriages with them, by reason of the unevenness of the ground among the hills of Northumberland, through which their road lies, neither do they make provision of bread or wine; for such is their abstemiousness, that in war they are wont, for a considerable space of time, contentedly to eat flesh...

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