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245 페이지 - M'Evoy, who had possession of the different fragments, and for their kind co-operation the club expressed its deep sense of obligation. This cross formerly stood opposite De Courcy's Castle — where the post office is — at the cross-roads in the centre of the town, and tradition says it was brought at a remote time from the Dun, where it had been erected to one Celtchair, an Irish king. The old site is now the centre of traffic, and is very narrow and in consequence unsuitable for the restoration....
402 페이지 - ... of stone; in which, however, we find no trace of the knowledge of any metal, excepting gold, which seems to have been sometimes used for ornaments. This we may call the "Neolithic
445 페이지 - ... practicable. 24. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in Dublin in the month of January ; one Meeting in the year shall be held in Kilkenny ; the other Meetings to be held in such places as the Council may recommend. Notice of such General Meetings shall be forwarded to each Fellow and Member. Evening Meetings for reading and discussing Papers, and making exhibits, may be held at such times as shall be arranged by the Council.
31 페이지 - On its western face, arranged principally in four groups, are 28 cups, varying from a half to three quarters of an inch in diameter, and about a quarter of an inch deep. Probably these may have been intended to represent some of the constellations. P'.
380 페이지 - Ghoill, a fisherman at Cong, lighted on a good eele ; and being busie about catching more, thrust his girdle through its guill, which had the purse and knife on it : the eele by chance slides into the river with the purse and knife.
401 페이지 - They must, therefore, have had a length of from fifteen to thirty feet, and they were from three to nine inches in diameter. The pointed extremity which entered into the mud still bears the marks of the fire and the rude cuts made by the stone hatchets. The piles belonging to the Bronze period, being prepared with metal axes, were much more regularly pointed, and the differences between the two have NUMBER OF PILES USED. PIG. 103. been ingeniously compared to those shown by lead pencils well and...
309 페이지 - I grew to manhood by the western wave, Among the mighty mountains on the shore ; My bed the rock within some natural cave, My food, whate'er the seas or seasons bore ; My occupation, morn and noon and night : The only dream my hasty slumbers gave, Was Time's unheeding, unreturning flight, And the great world that lies beyond the grave.
29 페이지 - ... on the stone, the inner circle representing the Mahadeo, the outer circle the Yoni, the line or lines the gutter by which the libations and offerings are drained off from this as well as from the more elaborate class of Mahadeos.
157 페이지 - ... especially the third in the top line, the fourth in the second line, and the terminal portion of the third line, that nothing positive can be said of them. It is remarkable that a not quite correct copy of this inscription has been found in Ireland on a block of sandstone at Fethard Castle, belonging to the Carew family; for a rubbing of which, forwarded to me in 1863, I was indebted to Messrs.
25 페이지 - ... the privilege of holding a market and fairs, and was honoured with a seneschal's court to determine litigations. But having lost my father at the age of two years, I sheltered myself under the wings of royalty, and paid the usual sum for my wardship. But before I attained the proper age of possessing my fortune, I was deprived of the patronage of my guardian by the detestable execution of my king ! Having completed my nineteenth year, and the prince half a year younger, I was compelled to take...

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