Trivia Why's, Volume 1, 1권

Sebesta Enterprises, Inc., 2006 - 360페이지
Trivia Why's will make you trivia wise with these great features: 1) Over 2,000 questions with short answers are each accompanied by a related factoid. Why is this answer correct (and not that one)? Why else is this person famous (or infamous)? Why was this event historically significant? 2) By cycling through six standard genus categories, this book makes an excellent supplement to your favorite trivia board game while providing a healthy variety of topics for your reading pleasure. Answers are hidden from view while the questions are being read and appear in the same block on the same side of the book two pages later. 3) Every question and answer has been carefully researched for accuracy and recently updated to include the latest available data. Since trivia is a moving target, however, updates and corrections will be posted to the web site.

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Questions 505 to 1008
Questions 1009 to 1512
Questions 1513 to 2016

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저자 정보 (2006)

Trivia game developer Robert Jen has crafted over 25,000 trivia questions over the last seven years and has spent the past year and half carefully verifying and updating the best of those questions for this remarkable book.

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