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noble-deep, flat, light, stiff, sick, short, sweet-ample, clear, pure, liquid, putrid, beauteous, stupid, right, vile, certain, false, just, a sign, verses-public, stable, distinct, extinct?

I.-English or Saxon.

1. A, on or in; afield, ashore. 6. Mis, error; misapply, misplace, 2. Be, about; bespangle, begird.

before; bespeak.

to make; benumb, befool.

3. En sometimes changed into em, in, enthrone, embrace;

also to make; enable.

4. For, opposition, or wrong; Forbid, to bid not to do. Forswear, to swear falsely.

5. Fore, before; forerun.


mislead, misaim, misconduct. not; mistrust, misbelieve,

ill; mischance, mishap, misfortune.

Out denotes to surpass; outdo. 8. Over, above; overflow.

9. Un, not; unblemished.

to undo; undress.

10. With, from, or against; with draw, withhold.

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A, An, without, denoting privation; Apathy, without feeling.

Anarchy, without government. Amphi, both, around; [ments. Amphibious, living in two eleAmphitheatre, a circular theatre. Anti, against;

Antipathy, a feeling against. Apo, from; [his religion. Apostate, one who has forsaken Dia, through; [the centre. Diameter, a line passing through Epi, upon; [tomb.

Epitaph, an inscription upon a

Hyper, over, above;

Hypercritical, over-critical.

Hypo, under;

Hypocrite, a dissembler. Meta, change;

[shape. Metamorphose, to change the Para, alongside, beyond, against ; Parallel, extended in the same direction, and preserving the same distance. [rior. Paramount, rising above; supeParasol, against the sun. Peri, round;

Perimeter, measure round about. Syn. Sym, Syl, together, with; Synonyme, a word of the same meaning. [gether.

Syllable, letters pronounced toSymptom, something happening along with.


Point out the Prefix, tell its import, and also the meaning of the whole word.

1. Abed, aboard, afoot.

2. Besprinkle, bespatter, bedaub; becalm, besot, bedim.

3. Entrap, encircle, enclose; enrich, enslave, endear, enlarge, enslave.

5. Foremention, foreknowledge. Misspend, misrepresent, mis


calculate; mislike.

7. Outbid, outvote, outweigh. 8. Overshoot, overrule, overreach. 9. Unborn, unclean, unbridled, unfortunate, unattainable; undeceive, unbind, uncouple. Withstand.





1. Abduce, absolve, avoid, ab-
scond, abstain, absent.
2. Admit, advert; aspire. astrict;
accept, acquire; afflict, af-
fuse; aggresion; alleviate,
ally; announce, annihilate; ap-
ply, appeal, appertain, appre-
ciate; arrive; assimilate; as-
sure, assume; attend, attain.
3. Ambient.


itable, incalculable, invariable; illegible; immortal, impenetrable, impure, immeasurable; irregular, irresolute, irresistible, irreproachable; ignorant.

Intervene, intermix. intercede,
intermarry, interreign, inter-

15. Introduce, introvert.
17. Obstruct, object; offer, offend;



4. Antedate, antediluvian.
5. Circumambulate, circumjacent,
circumnavigate, circumvolve.
7. Concur, confound, connect,
contiguous, contract, convene, 19.
convoke, convulse; co-oper-
ate; collate, colloquy, col-
lapse compile, combine, com-
pel, compute, compete, com-
pose; correspond, corrode.
8. Contravene, countermand,
counterpoise, counterbalance, 21.
countermotion, countermarch, 22.

9. Depend, depress, decapitate,
descend, derive, depopulate,

10. Dissect, dissolve, distract, displace, disenthrone, disbelieve, disrobe, dislike, dispense; digress; difier.


Perrennial, perspire, peruse; pellucid, permanent, pervious. Postpone, postdiluvian, postlru


Precaution, precede, precursor,
pre-exist, premature, pre-
mise, prescience, prevent,
preside, preposterous, pre-

Proclaim, procurator, prog-
ress, pronoun, protrude, pro-
voke, promote, propose, pro-


Rebuild, relict, repel, repulse, reprint, resume, retain, revert, redeem, reserve, retort, return.

subvert; succumb; sufier; support, supplicate; suspend; submerge.


11. Exclude, exodus, expand, exclusion, expel, export, extract, exude; eject, elect, emerge, erase, enormous, egress.


Retrospect, retrogression.
Secede, seclude, select.

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Anomaly; Amphisbaena (a serpent that seems to have two heads,) Anfagonist, Antidote, (a remedy against poison,) Antipodes, Antithesis; Apology, Apostle; Diagonal, Diagram; Epigram, Epicycle, Epithet; Hyperbolical; Hypothesis, Hypochondria, Metaphor; Parable, Paradox, Paragon, Parallax, Paraphernalia, Paraphrase, Parasite, Parapet; Period, Periphery, Peristaltic; Synchronous, Synod, Synopsis, Syntax; Syllabus, Syllogism; Symbol, Symmetry, Sympathy, Symphony






Acer, acris, sharp, bitter; acerbity, exacerbation, acrid, acrimony. Acidus, sour; acid, acidulate.

Acuo, I sharpen; acute, acumen, acuminated,

Adversus, against; adverse, -ity, -ary (See Verto.)

Aedes, a house; edify, -fice.

Aemulus, vying with; emulous, -ation.

Aequus, equal, just; equable, -ality, -ator, adequate, in-, -cy, equity -able, iniquity, equivalent, equipoise, equiponderant.

Aestimo, I value; esteem, estimation, inestimable.

Aevum, an age; co-eval, prim- longevity.

Ager, agri, a field; agrarian, agriculture.

Agger, a heap; exaggerate, -ation.

Ago, egi, actum, I do, drive; Actus, done: act, -ion, -or, -ive, -ual, -uate, -uary, enact, ex-, re-, trans-, agent, -cy, agile, -ity, agitate. -ator, -ation, exigence.

Alo, I nourish; aliment, -ary, alimony.

Alter, another; alter, -ative, alternate, -native, subaltern.

Altus, high; altitude, exalt.

Ambo, both; ambiguous, ambidexter.

Ambulo, I walk; perambulate, preamble.

Amicus, a friend; amicable, inimical, amity, enmity, enemy.

Amo, I love; amiable, amorous, enamour, amenity.

Amplus, large; ample, -ify, -itude.

Ango, anxi, I ver; anguish, anxious, -iety.

Anima, soul, life; animate, in-, animosity, animal, -cule.

Animus, the mind; unanimous, -ity, magn-, pusill-, equanimity, animadvert, -sion.

Annus, a year; annual, -ity, -itant, annals, anniversary, superannu

ate, perennial, bi-, tri-, sept-.

Ante, before; anterior. Post, behind; posterior.

Antiquus, ancient; antic, antique, -ate, -ity, -ary, -arian.

Aperio, -ui, -tum, I open; aperient, aperture, overt.
Appello, I call, appeal; appellant, -ation, -ative.
Aqua, water; aqueous, terr-, aquatic, aqueduct.
Arbiter, a judge; arbitrate, -ation, -ary, -ement.

* These are not the proper Roots of the Latin Tongue, but Latin words forming the Roots of certain English Vocables. The letters in Italics are the forms which the Roots assume in some of the Derivatives-the greatest changes occur in those that have come to us through the French.


Arceo, I drive; coerce, -ion, exercise.

Arcus, a bow; arc, arch, arcade.

Ardeo, Arsi, I burn; ardour, -ent, -ency, arson.

Aridus, dry; arid, -ity.

Arma, arms; armory, -orial, -istice, -ipotent, -ament, -ada,

Aro, I plough; arable, in-.

Ars, artis, art; artist, -isan, -ifice, -ificer, -ificial.

Artus, a joint; articulate, in-, article.

Asper, rough; asperity, exasperate, -ation.

Astus, cunning; astute.

Atrox, fierce; atrocious, -ity.

Audax, daring; audacious, -ity.

Audio, I hear; audience, -itor, -ible, obedient.

Augeo, I increase; Auctus, increased; augment, auction, -eer, author,

-ize, -ity, -tative, authentic, -ate.

Augur, a soothsayer; augury, inaugurate.

Aurum, gold; oriflamme.

Avidus, greedy; avidity, avarice, -ious.

Avis, a bird; aviary, auspex (avispex.)

Auris, an ear; auricular.

Auspex, a diviner; auspices, auspicious, in-.

Auster, the south; austral, Australia.

Auxilium, help; auxiliar, -y.

Bacchus, God of wine; bacchanal, -ian.

Barba, a beard; barbarian, -ous, -ity, -ic, barber.

Beatus, happy; beatify, -ific, -itude.

Bellum, war; belligerent, rebel, lion, lious.

Bene, well; benefit, -fice, -ficial, ficent, ficence, volent, -factor,

benign, -ant, -ity.

Bestia, a beast; bestial.

Bibo, I drink; imbibe, wine-bibber.

Bis, twice; biped, bicipital, bisect.

Brevis, short; brief, brevity, abbreviate, -ation.

Bursa a purse; emburse, re-, bursary.

Caballus, a horse; cavalry, -alier, -alcade, chevalier.

Cadaver, a corpse; cadaverous.

Cado, I fall; Casus, a fall; case, casual, -uìst, cadence, cascade, ac cident, in-, co-incide, deciduous.

Caedo, cecidi, caesum, I cut, kill; decide, regicide, homi-, parri matri-, fratri-, infanti-, sui-, concise, pre-, circum-, ex-, decision, -ive, incision, pre-, re-.

Calleo, I am hard; callous, -osity.

Calx, chalk, lime; calcareous, calcine, -inate.

Canis, a dog; canine.

Canto, I sing; canto, -icle, chant, en-, incantation, precentor.
Capillus, hair; capillary.

Capio, cepi, captum, I take; captor, -ure, -ion, -ious, -ive, -ivity, -ivate, accept, pre-, ex-, inter-, inceptive, de-, receipt, receptacle, susceptible, conception, de-, re-, per-, ex-, anticipate, participate, recipient, reciprocal, capable, capacious, acity, forceps, conceive, de-, unde-, per-, re-.

Caput, the head; chapter, capital, decapitate, precipitate, capitulate,


Carbo, a coal; carbonic, -onate.

Carcer, a prison; incarcerate, -ation.

Caries, rottenness; carious.

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