Legislative Drafting Bureau and Legislative Reference Division of the Library of Congress: Hearings ... on S. 8337 and S. 8335 ... February 4, 1913


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65 페이지 - ... request of either house of the legislature or of any committee, member or officer thereof, to draft bills, examine and revise proposed bills, and advise as to the consistency or other effect of proposed legislation. Such persons shall receive a compensation to be fixed by the temporary president of the senate and the speaker of the assembly, and shall be entitled to their clerical and other necessary expenses, to be approved by such officers.
100 페이지 - ... bearing upon legislation, and to render such data serviceable to Congress, and committees and Members thereof...
48 페이지 - He shall give bond in the sum of ten thousand dollars, to be approved by the governor, for the faithful performance of his duties, and he shall devote his whole time and attention to the duties of his office.
65 페이지 - Parliament, which, although they may be easy to understand, people continually try to misunderstand, and in which, therefore, it is not enough to attain to a degree of precision which a person reading in good faith can understand ; but it is necessary to attain, if possible, to a degree of precision which a person reading in bad faith cannot misunderstand.
48 페이지 - ... shall receive a salary of four thousand dollars per annum. Every city justice of the peace in any city of the second and three-fourths class shall receive a salary of two thousand four hundred dollars per annum.
50 페이지 - The said commission is also hereby authorized and directed to co-operate, during sessions of the legislature, with the secretary and superintendent of the State Historical society of Wisconsin, as trustee of the state, with a view to a joint arrangement, by which the needs of the legislature in the matter of general books of reference may be met to the fullest possible extent; and said commission shall give such space within its rooms to books brought to the capitol by said society for such purpose,...
47 페이지 - ... shall deliver to him, to be appropriately filed and preserved, copies of bills, joint resolutions, important petitions, memorials, and other legislative documents for the custody of which other provision is not made by law.
3 페이지 - Representatives, without reference to political affiliations and solely on the ground of fitness to perform the duties of the office.
49 페이지 - States, and such other material upon economic and sociological subjects aa he may be able to provide, and shall index and classify the same and make the information therein available for the use of the State legislature, and shall, as required, provide for the use of members of the legislature such information and assist in drafting bills, and in every reasonable way make the division useful in the preparation of legislation.
51 페이지 - For preparing an index to current events and such other matters contained in the newspapers of the day as may be deemed important by the trustees and librarian, a sum not exceeding one thousand dollars.

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