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We shall begin with the Bald Head father Adam ; from whom we have Still got Adamsons, Mansons, Bairnsfathers, that have Youngsons, Boys, and Childs ; Nourses, with Fosters, that are Fairbairns, with Whiteheads and Roughheads ; but we have Combs to comb their Pows.

For Playfairs, they have Dalls and Bells; although Young, we have Younger, who have grown up to Man, and, with Manners, to be Wise, with Virtue and Love ; but Meek, and Humble, without Pride, with Hearts, Keen, Smart, Blyth, Merry, Gay, always with Smiles ; but when Hastie, and in high Dudgeon, they Craick, and are Huffy; but when we Cox them, then they begin to speak Lofty, and Crouch, and Ogle, and Pratt.

And when we give Partys, they are seldom Moody; and, although Sorlie troubled with the Boakand Brash, they are Goodall, and have Fortunes to be given Heartly to Auld Friends, and Cousins; and Cairds to send on a Sudden, and Instant.

With Boons to our Darling Sparks, and Bonnymen, Dons, Lairds, and Gentlemen, and Tennents, Batchelors, and Younghusbands.

For they have Ducats and Groats, Pennys and Monypennys;

With Bowers, Hermitages, and Woodhouses, that have Stories, and Thatchers to roof them; but although Airie, they are Reekie and Suttie; and there are Booglest that Hunts them.


Craick, to storm.
Bogles, goblins.

2 Boak, belching. 3 Brash, a rash or eruption.
5 Hunt, haunt.


We have Sky, and a Moon : two points of the compass, North and West, but only one Pole : two months of the Year, March and May; yet, after all, we have Summer and Winter, with Snell? Storms of Hailstones, Snow, and Watt, Rainy Days.

With Haliday, Valentine, and Yule.

Also Airth, Clay, and Sands, which produce Goold and Silver Orr; Ivory, Steel, Imrie, Salt, Bristow Stons, Slate, Flint, Chrystal, Heaslewood, Blackwood, and Hathorn; Oats, Galls, Murphys, Cotton, Downs, Moss, Hopes,* Snodgrass, Hay, and Straw; with a Fair to sell them at.

Of Waters, we have the Shannon, Boyne, Don, and Leven ; and the Corrie Linn ; Brooks, Burns, Blackburns, Burnsides, Linns, Fountains, Pools, Falls, Ponds, Pitcaithly Wells, and Coldwells.

Of Isles, we have Sicily, Bute, Cramond, and Inch Keith.

Gardeners and Gardens, with Leefs, Buds, Roses, Primroses, Myrtles, Lillys, Gowans, and Spinks ;? with Pecks of Alder-Berrys, Groserts, Pears, Lemons, Plumbs, with a Grafter to graft them.

Of Animals, we have Lions, Griffins, Bullocks, and Stotts ; 9 Colts, and Palfreys, with Long Mains, that make good Steeds; for they are Noble Walkers, and Trotters, and can Race; with Steedmen to keep them that are good Ryders.

We have Collieslo that are Barkers ; Foxes that are Wylie ; Lambs that are Wooley; Hogs, Kids, Tods, Hares, Kittins, Rats, Moles, Blackadders, Boogs, Leeches,


| Snell, smart, keen.
Hopes, hops.
6 Gowans, daisies.
9 Stott, a young ox.

? Watt, wet. 3 Bristow-stons, Bristol stones.
5 Snodgrass, trimmed or smooth grass.
7 Spinks, primroses. 8 Groserts, gooseberries.
10 Collies, sheep-dogs. 11 Tods, foxes.

and Grubs ; with Hyndman, and Hunters, with Traps to catch them.

Of Birds and Fowles, we have the Eagle, Peacock, Nightingale, Swan, Rook, Crow, Martin, Cay, Ged; also Batts, Robins, Doves, and Croppers, with Fairfowles of different kinds, and Falconers and Fowlers to catch them.

O-man! we have Salmon, Turbet, Ling, Flounders, Whittings, Haddows, Mennous, and Garvie-Herons, all with Phins and Scales; and Crabs, Cheap, with Fishers, and Hooks of the Kirby bend, to catch them.

Then we have Kitchens, with Ovens, and Jacks; as also Sticks, Peats, and Coals, Potts, Kettles, and Branders ; Butter, and Cream, with Butlers, that are Cooks, and Dishers.

Then they have only to Fry, and Macreadie, and go to the Hall, with their Custards for Dinning ; and for Beveridge, we have Gills of Shirry, with Glasses of Burton Goodale, and Calvert's Porter for Goodsires, and Goodfellows.

We have Kings, with Massy, Goulding Crowns!! Grando ! both Princes and Nobles, Earls and Marquises, Knights, Barrons, Shirreffs, Baillies, and Mayors, with a Dean of Guild, Constables, Burgesses, and Commoners; Marshalls, Haralds, Ushers, and Payes ; Colleges, Courts of Law, Skill, and Justice ; Officers, with Duns, Dunnings, and Warrands, with one to Stampa'!

But we have Banks, Stocks, Charters, Wills, and Grants ; Treasurers, that have Chambers, and Clerks, that are Penmen, with Pens to write with in Broadbooks.

Also Parishes, and Kirklands, that are Biglands,


Cay, a jackdaw.

? Garvie-herons, sprats.

3 Branders, gridirons.

with Kirkwoods, that are Braidwoods ; Abbays, Temples, and Kirks, with Spiers, and Pews ; with Bishop Sharp, Friers, Chaplains, Profits, with Lang Bairds, that are Wisemen and Elders ; yet, besides, we have Bad, Wild, Rough, Bookless, Savages, and Pagans, that cannot Read ; with Ironsides, that feel no Pain, that have Armstrong, Broadfoots, and Cruickshanks; but they are Fell, Cunning, Meikle, Stout, Strong, Swift, Jollie, Tough, Little, Slight, Short, Thin, and Mein; with Greatheads, Lightbodys, and Small, Bendy Shanks, Littlejohns, and Meiklejohns, Gentle and Semple, Whigams, and Torrys !

We have Shepherds with Crooks, Herds, Herdsmen, and Faulds, Ewebanks, Greenhills, Pentland Hills, Green Shields, Craigs, Carses, Muirs, and Longmoors, Glens, Groves, Woods, Heatherhills, Newlands, Forrests, and Forresters to keep them.

We have Farms, Farmers, and Fields, Greenfields, Butterfields, Broomfields, with some Sandylands; also Parks, Riggs, Plows, Ploughmen, Coulters, Harries, Harrimen, Harrowers, Shearers, Gatherers, and Stalkers, Nutter, with Millers, and Mills.

For Clothes, we have Breeks, Coats, Hoods, Boots, and Patons.

Of Colours, there are Scarlet, Blue,3 Brown, HowdenGray, Reid, Black, and White, with Webbs of Linen, to make More, and Wardrobes to keep them.

Of Old Worthies, we have Moses, Joseph, Samuel, Sampson, Daniel, Solomon, Jacob and Sarah, Ezekiel,


1 Meikle, big.

Riggs, Ridges. 3 Blue. This is not the only instance I have met with of this colour as

At Little Brickhill, co. Northampton, is this inscription : “ Here lieth the body of True Blue, who departed this life Jan. ye 17, 1724, aged 57."

a surname.

Amos, Paul, Matthew, Mark, Luke, James, Peter, Alexander, Hector, Macbeath, Bruce, Wallace, Rymer.

Of Authors, Poets, &c. we have Buchanan, Knox, Hume, Guthrie, Buchan, Samuel Johnson, Blair, Burns, Ferguson, Smollet, with his Peirie Green Pickle, Fielding, and Tom Jones, Harvie, Dryden, Robertson, Milton, Arnot, Richardson, Addison, Drummond, Newton, Thomson, Franklin ; Home with his Douglas and Norvell; Allan Ramsay, with Peattie and Roger ; Scott, with his Baillie Nicol Jarvies, Rob Roy, Merrylees, Davie Deans, Mushetts, Cairns, Quinten-Durward, &c.

Painters ; Hogarth, Skirving, Nasmyth, and Raeburn.

Musicians; Neil Gow, with his Band of Songsters and Singers, Pipers, and Harpers, that make a Din ; their Sangs are 'Lewes Gordon,' 'Duncan Davidson,' 'Auld Rob Morris,'· Tom Glen," "Jollie Dick,' Logan Water, · Blyth and Merry,' 'the Miller of Dron,' 'Robin Adair,' the 'Lee Riggs,' Galli Waters,' Nancy Dawson,' 'Maggie Lauder,' 'O’er Bogie,' 'Georges King,' also the Waits at night.'

Founders of hospitals ; Heriot, Watson, Gillespie.

Of Workmen, we have Masters and Prentices, with Edge-Tooles, Grindstones, and Planes.

Of Trades, Masons, that are Cowans ;Wrights, Websters, Tailors, Smiths, Ferriers, Saddlers, Cordiners, Drovers, Turners, Coopers, Glovers, Barbers, Brewsters, Baxters, Butchers, Slaters, Souters, Plumbers, Skinners, Sawers, Potters, Salters, Colliers, Horners, with Horn to work with.

Merchants, Hosiers, Milners ; Chapmen, with Wares, Borrowmen and Creelmen;' but they are sometimes Slack,

| Cowans, smiths.

? Souters, shoemakers. 3 Borrowmen and Creelmen, carriers of barrows and baskets, called creels.

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