The Senator; or, Clarendon's parliamentary chronicle, 26권


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1955 페이지 - ... charge of 4-97,735/. per annum is guaranteed by parliament, in default of payment of the intereft of certain loans by his majefty the emperor of Germany. 7. That the...
1626 페이지 - Ataban moved, that there be laid before the Houfe an account of the expence attending the coining of gold with an alloy of tin.
1726 페이지 - That an humble addrefs be prefented to his Majefty, praying that his Majefty would be gracioufly pleafed to give directions, that there be laid before the Houfe...
1625 페이지 - ... my being off my post. What I would therefore desire of you is, to promote a project I have set on foot, and upon which I have written to some of my friends; and that is, that care may be taken to secure our daughters by law, as well as our deer; and that some honest gentleman of a public spirit would move for leave to bring in a bill for the better preserving of the female game. I am, sir,
1657 페이지 - The order of the day was read for the third reading of this bill. Mr. Grey moved " That it be postponed till that day three weeks." MR. SHERIDAN remarked, that it tended to destroy the power of the house of commons over the public purse, as well as the jealousy which, in all cases of public expenditure, they should be cautious to preserve. It was the peculiar...
1747 페이지 - this is life eternal, to know the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom he hath sent...
1698 페이지 - That the Chairman be directed to move for leave to bring in a bill for preventing the further use of climbing boys in sweeping of chimneys.
1619 페이지 - On the 27th, the Chancellor of the Exchequer moved for leave to bring in a bill to prevent the sale and brokerage of offices.
1672 페이지 - ... favour under the government of this atheist ; we have seen the faith of treaties observed under the government of this perfidious adventurer — the arts and sciences find protection under the government of this plunderer ; the sufferings of humanity have been alleviated under this ferocious usurper ; the arms of France have been led to victory by this tyro in the art and practice of war...
1962 페이지 - Raft moved the order of the day for the Houfe to: go into a Committee on the bill for granting to his M I- :t ,• a certain.

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