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Secondly. The Book of God's remembrance will be opened.--Mala. iii. Rey, xx.

Thirdly. The Book of Conscience; and these two will exactly tally.

Fourthly. The Book of Truth; and those who have the written word will be judged according to it--And tifthly, the Book of Life will be opened, and happy are they, whose names are written in that book ?

The witnesses-Thus saith the Lord, I will be a swift witness against the Adulterer, and False-swearer, and such as oppress the hireling in his wages, and turn away the stranger from his right, and fear not the Lord of Hosts.'

Angels who were our guardians, will be witnesses and so will the Saints of God and particularly His Ministers. The Devils also will be witnesses, and so will companions in sin and wickedness, witness against each other. Yea, so plain will naked truth appear, that none will deny the facts, but must acknowledge their sentence to be just.

Jesus Christ being appointed heir of all things shall judge in righteousness. The kingdom of Heaven being prepared for men from the foundation of the world, which first was attainable by obeying the Paradisical Law; and after the fall, the Law of Faith' was substituted througl a Redeeiner. But the • Lake of Fire and brimstone' was prepared for the Devil and his Angels primarily; but not for man, who is an intruder there--and hence the danger of eternal damnation ! Mark iii. 29.

The Righteous, who are justified by Faith in this world-i. e. have received the pardon of personal sins by conformity to the will of God, and then have proven their obedience and love to Christ, by keeping His commandments, and walk. ing in the light; these, in that day of final relit. bution, will not only stand acquitted, but will receive a reward, not of debt but of grace, called a • crown of glory which fadeth not away.

Thus Faith is brought to sight : what was a subject of faith once, has now become a subject of knowledge.

The righteous are Heirs of God, and joint licirs' with the Lord Jesus Christ, who said• To him that overcometb, will I give to sit with me in my throne. Hence the sentence . Come ye blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you, from the foundation of the world; for I was an hungered and ye gave me meat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink; I was a stranger, and ye took me in ; naked, and ye clothed me; sick and in prison, and ye came unto me, and visited me: inasmuch as ye did it un. to one of the least of these, ye did it unto me,'

well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joys of thy Lord!

But to the opposite characters, who had the power, means, and opportunities of improving, but did it not, being opposed to the Moral government of the Supreme Governor of the world; those rebels must receive their desert on equitable principles, which sentence will be to depart into the Lake of Fire, prepared for the Devil and his Angels.

The righteous, the joint heirs with Christ in his throne, will judge Angels, by acquiescing in the will of God, and say Amen to his justice, when he pronounces upon the Devils their final doom.

Three ministers appear--the first preached for money and popularity. The second preached from contention, or backslid after his labours were attended with a blessing.

The third preaehed from conviction of duty, in the Spirit of Love to Christ. What will be the difference of their reward at the Day of retribution ?

The first delivers his Lord like Judas, and must go with him to his place, which is parehased with the reward of iniquity. The second comes forth, saying, Lord! Lord! I taught thus and so, and cast out Devils in thy name! But hark! • Depart from me, ye workers of iniquity.!

The third, whose principle was love and duty to Christ, will shine forth as the Sun in the firmament for ever.

OF PROVIDENCE IN NATURE. There is no such thing as accident in nature; as “accident or chance,' or chance, commonly so called ; in which neither the band of God directs or superintends, any more than there can be effects

out causes, or nothing can produce something.

Nature hath received her laws from God, on the principles of mechanical necessity, still subordinate to, and dependent on bimself; who is the centration of Universal Nature; and can alter or suspend those laws at pleasure. And hence the Doctrine of Miracles and Providence.

There is such a thing as a primary law of nature,' and also a law of a secondary result of the first. The first, as primarily established by the Creator in His works; the latter as the necessary consequence of art or habit, by the power and agency of man.

Whea Hezekiah bad departed from God, sick. ness overtook him, with the message, Set thine house in order, for thou shalt die,' &c. The King's tears and prayers denote his repentance. Then God, who knoweth how to resist the proud, and to give grace to the humble, sent the messages * I will add unto thy days fifteen years. The sen. tence was reversed, and as a token the Sun went

back ten degrees in ths dial of Ahaz. Yet means were used for his recovery.

St. Paul, after it was revealed to him that there should not be the loss of any life, only the ship, said to the soldiers, as the sailors were about to flee away in the boat, (except these abide in the ship, ye cannot be saved !

Hazael inquired if his Master would recover, received for answer,

• he may recover, but God hath shewed me that he wiil surely die,' i. e. according to the common course of things in the order of nature, he might recover; but God saw the intention of Hazael to reverse the order of nature by art, and thus he died an unnatural death.

Man sins without permission, by stealing the time, and assuming the liberty and authority to do it, which is not prevented. For should man be prevented irresistably from sinning, he would cease to be that creature of a noble mind, for which he was designed by his Maker, as a respon. sible agent, who might be capable of a reward.

God permits some of the effects of man's designs to take place, by withdrawing his restraining land; as exemplified in the instance of Job, when the hedge round about him was removed.

Man can appoint, but God, in Wisdom, and Mercy, and Justice can disappoint, having ways and means and ends worthy of himself, both in the furtherance, and accomplishment, and reward of Virtuc, and the correction or chastisement and punishment of vice!

Afflictions to the righteous are from the grace of God, in mercy to wean their affections from the love of the creature, to feel dependent upon the Creator. For some people cannot bear prosperi. ty; they would be as ships with great sails, Irav. ing no ballast. Sometimes God designs to glorify himself in us, by our sufferings, to prove our graces, for the conviction of others and again to prove us, and thereby qualify us to be as instruments of usefulness to others, in some particular sphere of action in his Church to labour from experience, as well as theory. But above all, the saints are tried, that they inay become meet subjeels for Jerusalem, the City of the Great King.

OF SPIRITS GOOD AND EVIL. It is obvious that not only the Angel of the corenant, Jehovah, the Lord Jesus Christ, who being appointed heir of all things, attends and superintends the affairs of nations and individuals, but created Angels, who also are employed in the important affairs of Man; as the general tenor of scripture will authorise us to believe, both in the Old and New Testaments.

Evil Angels appear to have a monarchy among themselves; • Beelzebub the Prince of the Derils,' -'l'he Devil and his Angels,' -— My name is Legion, for we are many,' - Then goeth he, and taketh seven other spirits more wicked than himself,' which argues degrees of wickedness, even among the Devils. From the prineiples of Moral Evil,' Evil spirits are always ready to go upon evil errands, like a dog when his master unchains lim. This is exemplified in the case of Job--before the hedge was removed, Satan had po power to touch Job; but when God removed the hedge Satan went to work, and yet he had his boundaries even then.

Satan is said to be the messenger of, and to have the power of death! God is said to have slain the first-born of Egypt by sending evil Angels' among them. When the Spirit of God had departed from Saul, an •Evil Spirit from the Lord came upon him. : Paul was buffeted by the messenger of Satan."

For Moral Evil, God shall send them strong

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