The Life of Abraham Newland, Esq., Late Principal Cashier at the Bank of England: With Some Account of that Great National Establishment; to which is Added an Appendix, Containing the Late Correspondence of the Chancellor of the Exchequer with the Bank, and a List of the Statutes Passed Relative to It, from the Time of Its Incorporation; Embellished with a Portrait, from an Original Painting

B. Crosby and Company; J. Asperne; T. Boosey; and the principal booksellers in the United Kingdom, 1808 - 172페이지

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45 페이지 - Exchequer, stating that from the result of the information which he has received, and of the inquiries it has been his duty to make, respecting the effect of the unusual demands for specie that have been made upon the metropolis, in consequence of illfounded or exaggerated alarms in different parts of the country...
47 페이지 - We the undersigned merchants and others, being sensible how necessary the preservation of public credit is at this time, do hereby declare, that we will not refuse to receive bank notes in payment of any sum of money to be paid to us. And we will use our utmost endeavours to make all our payments in the same manner ;" and by live the next afternoon 1 14O had signed it.
46 페이지 - England think it their duty to inform the proprietors of the bank stock, as well as the public at large, that the general concerns of the bank are in the most affluent and prosperous situation, and such as to preclude every doubt as to the security of its notes.
65 페이지 - Committee to have been made upon corresponding securities, taken with the usual care and attention, the actual Balance in favour of the Bank...
107 페이지 - Happy the man - and happy he alone He who can call today his own, He who, secure within, can say 'Tomorrow, do thy worst, for I have lived today: Be fair or foul or rain or shine, The joys I have possessed in spite of Fate are mine: Not Heaven itself upon the Past has power, But what has been has been, and I have had my hour.
23 페이지 - This speech was received with the loudest applause, and bis lordship then moved the following resolution : ' That the whole body of the Protestant Association do attend in St. George's Fields, on Friday next, at ten of the o'clock in the morning, to accompany his lordship to the House of Commons on the delivery of the Protestant petition; which was carried unanimously.
16 페이지 - ... accounts at the bank, foreign bills were discounted at three per cent., and inland bills at four and a half per cent. May 1.9. Running notes and bills were discounted at three per cent. May 6. The following advertisement appeared in the ' London Gazette :' — " The Court of Directors of the Bank of England give notice, that they will lend money on plate, lead tin, copper, steel, and iron, at four per cent, per annum.

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