Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery: During the Time of Lord Chancellor Eldon, 1권


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129 페이지 - Mote, as far as the rules of law and equity would admit, by the person or persons who, for the time being, should be entitled to the possession of the said mansion-house...
386 페이지 - Lancashire,1 treats it as a principle of law, of which he suggests the foundation to be a tacit condition annexed to the will itself when made, that it should not take effect, if there should be a total change in the situation of the testator's family...
404 페이지 - I give, devise, and bequeath the same and every part thereof unto my said daughter Sarah Geneste, her heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, according to the nature and quality thereof respectively, and to and for her and their own use, benefit, and disposal absolutely.
49 페이지 - ... coverts that shall die intestate, but that their husbands may demand and have administration of their rights, credits, and other personal estates, and recover and enjoy the same, as they might have done before the making of the said act.
265 페이지 - his " sole heiress and executrix " of all his lands and real and personal estate, to sell and dispose thereof at her pleasure...
449 페이지 - It is impossible in a court of justice to hold, that an illegitimate child can take equally with lawful children upon a devise to children ;' and he proposes, that, as all were desirous of giving Mary her share, the cause should stand over, until the youngest daughter should attain twenty-one; which was ordered accordingly; and the case does not appear to have been again heard of in Court. It cannot therefore be considered as a decision. Lord...
267 페이지 - Where, therefore, the whole legal estate is given for the purpose of satisfying trusts expressed, and those trusts do not, in their execution, exhaust the whole, so much of the beneficial interest as is not exhausted belongs to the heir.
122 페이지 - Russell states that it is defined in the old books to be the unlawful maintenance of a suit, in consideration of some bargain to have part of the thing in dispute, or some profit out of it.
382 페이지 - there can be no legacy unless the legatee survives the testator, the will not speaking until then ; wherefore this must only be intended where the legatee survives the testator, so that the legacy vests in him, and then he dies before his age of twenty-one. It was, however, held, and is now settled, that in such a case the bequest over takes place.
410 페이지 - ... bequest of the rest and residue of the personal estate, I know of no case in which it has been held that the surplus, after the particular purpose is answered, forms part of the personal estate, so as to pass by the residuary bequest.

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