The blue bag; or Toryana, by the speaker of the House of Commons


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69 페이지 - twixt south and south-west side ; On either which he would dispute, Confute, change hands, and still confute. He'd undertake to prove, by force Of argument, a man's no horse; He'd prove a buzzard is no fowl, And that a lord may be an owl, A calf an alderman, a goose a justice, And rooks committee-men and trustees. He'd run in debt by disputation, And pay with ratiocination. All this by syllogism, true In mood and figure, he would do.
56 페이지 - Th' had heard three labourers of Babel, Or Cerberus himself pronounce A leash of languages at once. This he as volubly would vent, As if his stock would ne'er be spent : And truly to support that charge, He had supplies as vast and large ; For he could coin or counterfeit New words, with little or no wit...
68 페이지 - His angle-rod made of a sturdy oak ; His line a cable which in storms ne'er broke ; His hook he baited with a dragon's tail, And sat upon a rock, and bobbed for whale.
55 페이지 - t, his speech, In loftiness of sound, was rich ; A Babylonish dialect, Which learned pedants much affect : It was a parti-colour'd dress Of patch'd and piebald languages ; 'Twas English cut on Greek and Latin, Like fustian heretofore on satin ; It had an odd promiscuous tone, As if h' had talk'd three parts in one ; Which made some think, when he did gabble, Th' had heard three labourers of Babel, Or Cerberus himself pronounce A leash of languages at once.
52 페이지 - Are these thy favours, day by day, To me above the rest? Then let me love thee more than they, And try to serve thee best.
51 페이지 - And some lines of a very familiar hymn by Dr. Watts ran thus : — " Whene'er I take my walks abroad, How many poor I see. " How many children in the street Half naked I behold ; While I am clothed from head to feet, And sheltered from the cold.
xxii 페이지 - Eemarks,' printed in folio, at the Clarendon Press, at the expense of the University of Oxford, which, on this occasion, offered to Mr.
30 페이지 - Peel, you can never get office again. Oh Liverpool, Castlereagh, never were any Statesmen more pious, to place-men more true, Of snug roguish places, you both had so many, That my conscience was drill'd like a sieve through and through. But Bexley would preach, and Eldon so grieved, That a suckling...

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