Agriculture of Maine: Annual Report of the Secretary of the Maine Board of Agriculture


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248 페이지 - ... provided, that no donation, grant or endowment shall at any time be made by the legislature to any literary institution now established, or which may hereafter be established, unless, at the time of making such endowment, the legislature of the state shall have the right to grant any further powers to, alter, limit or restrain any of the powers vested in, any such literary institution, as shall be judged necessary to promote the best interests thereof.
247 페이지 - ... impress on the minds of the children and youth committed to their care and instruction the principles of morality, and justice and a sacred regard for truth; love of country; humanity and a universal benevolence; sobriety, industry and frugality; chastity, moderation and temperance; and all other virtues which ornament human society...
241 페이지 - ... be punished by fine not exceeding three hundred dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding one year in the house of correction in said county of Middlesex.
251 페이지 - ... successfully cultivates the same for three years, the trees being not less in numbers than two thousand on each acre and well distributed over the same, then, on application of the owner or occupant thereof to the assessors of the town in which such land is situated, the same shall be exempt from taxation for twenty years after...
205 페이지 - Said selectmen and mayor and aldermen may make regulations in writing to regulate or prohibit the passage from, to, or through their respective cities or towns, or from place to place within the same, of any...
239 페이지 - ... one dollar fine for riding or driving on this bridge faster than a walk.
220 페이지 - ... shall record and preserve as evidence; and a certificate of such result, sworn to by the analyzer, shall be admissible in evidence in all prosecutions under this act.
251 페이지 - Each fence viewer shall be paid by the person employing him at the rate of two dollars a day for the time he shall be so employed; and if such person shall neglect to pay the same within thirty days after the service shall have been performed, each fence viewer having performed any such service may recover in an action of assumpsit double the amount of such fees.
243 페이지 - Virgin, are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate, by the name of the Trustees of the State College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts, having succession as hereinafter provided, with power to establish and maintain, subject to the provisions and limitations of this act, such a college as is authorized and provided for, by the act of...
245 페이지 - ... that a sum not exceeding ten per centum upon the amount received by any State under the provisions of this act may be expended for the purchase of lands for sites or experimental farms, whenever authorized by the respective legislatures of said States.

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