The Trial of Robert Thomas Crossfield for High Treason: At the Sessions House in the Old Bailey on Wednesday the Eleventh and Thursday the Twelfth of May, 1796

Martha Gurney, 1796 - 328페이지

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5 페이지 - Queen, made under the great seal " &c. , " to the same justices above named, and others, or any two or more of them directed, to inquire more fully the truth, by the oath of good and lawful men of the city of London and...
5 페이지 - ... so many and such good and lawful men of his bailiwick (as well within liberties as without) by whom the truth of the matter in the premises shall be the better known and inquired into.
11 페이지 - ... againft the peace of our faid lord the king, his crown, and dignity, and allb againft the form of the ftatute in fuch cafe made and provided.
10 페이지 - July, 1819; and on divers other days and times, as well before as after, with force and arms, at...
5 페이지 - This Indenture, Made the Fifteenth Day of March in the fifteenth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third King of Great Britain, &c.
148 페이지 - ... against the United States, within their territories, or be adherent to the enemies of the United States within the said territories, giving them aid and comfort within their territories or elsewhere, and thereof be provably attainted of open deed, by the people of his condition, he shall be adjudged guilty of treason.
17 페이지 - ... that is to fay, When a man doth compafs, or imagine the death of our Lord the King, or of our Lady his Queen, or of their eldeft fon and heir.
8 페이지 - Middlefex aforefaid with force* and arms malicioufly and trnitorouily did meet and coiifpire confuit and agree amongft themfelves and together with divers other falfe Traitors whofe names are to the faid Jurors unknown...
5 페이지 - AT the General Session of Oyer and Terminer of our Lord the King holden for the city of London at...
233 페이지 - But now it feems clearly to be agreed, that, by the common law and the ftatutc of Edward III, words fpoken amount only to a high mifdemefnor, and no treafon. For they may be fpoken in heat, without any intention, or be miftaken, perverted, or mif-remembered by the hearers ; their meaning depends always on their connexion with other words, and things ; they may fignify differently even according to the tone of voice, with which they are delivered ; and fometimes filencc itfelf is more expreffive than...

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