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Shum & Co.


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Edwards v. Edwards and Barker

J. J. Darley.
Kingsley v. Kingsley

J. Richardson . .

Deane & Co. .
Miller v. Miller
Cragg v. Cragg .

A. R. Oldman . .

C. Robinson .
Du Boison v. Du Boison.

. . Crook v. Crook and Mellor

Venn & Son.
Stokes v. Stokes. Queen's Proctor intervening .

In Person.
Creasy v. Creasy and O'Connor. Queen's Proctor intervening Lewis & Lewis. .
Buxton v. Buxton and Seymour .

Shepheard & Sons
Campbell v. Campbell and Thompson. Queen's Proctor A. E. Tower . . .

. .

W. Ford
Cotton v. Cotton

, .
. . . . . .
Wood v. Wood .

. J.S. | Mercer & Mercer. •

Bryer v. Bryer. Queen's Proctor intervening . . Peacock & Co. . .


J. Yarde . . . . Lewis & Lewis. Pritchard & Sons. Iliffe, Russell, & Co. M. Bradford. Burton & Co,. . .

Burton & Co.

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Gregg v. Gregg, Ward, and Padmore
(Gething v. Gething and Baxendale.
Gething v. Gething . . . .
Newton v. Newton, Allen, and Sills . .
Brown v. Brown and Crellin .
Lang v. Lang and Pryor.
Greenwood v. Greenwood and Greenwood .
Newton v. Newton and Hamlen
Brand v. Brand . .
Clarson v. Clarson and Newton
Clark v. Clark .
Glover v. Glover .
Child v. Child . .
Townsend v. Townsend and Snowdon
Young v. Young and Clifton .
Griffiths v. Griffiths and Scritchley
Snell v. Snell and Snell. .
Lovell v. Lovell and Pryce .
Hamilton v. Hamilton and Riding .
Simpson v. Simpson and Caralli
(Legg v. Legg and Bartlett .
|(Legg v. Legg .
| Brown v. Brown and Shelton.
Fothergill v. Fothergill and Taylor

Taylor v. Taylor and Showers :
- Corpataux v. Corpataux and Staub
Morris v. Morris . . .
Lucy v. Lucy
Sayer v. Sayer and Beresford .
Harvey v. Harvey and Hughes.
Smith v. Smith .
Penfold v. Penfold and Penfold
Kerschner v. Kerschner and Cuffin .


JA. D. Smith.
Robinson & Co.. C. W. Jackson . . w. J: Titlev:
Keighley & Co... G. Cart.
G. Cart . . . .

Keighley & Co.

TJ. R. Watson.

H. W. J. Vaughan · A. Howard....

C. F. Knox.
Winter & Co.. Lewis & Lewis, J. C. Crellin.
Jones, Blaxland, & Wedlake & Letts

Milne & Co. . .

Blakeley & Co.
T. Johnson . .
Lewis & Lewis . .

Lewis & Lewis.
W. Day . . . . . W. H. Fullagar.
Payne & Nelson . . Keene & Co. . . . | Keene & Co.
C. Waddilove. . .

Tidy & Co.
B. Hunt . . . .

D. W. Pearce..
Meredith & Co. . . Routh & Co.
Hicklin & Co.
Ingle, Cooper, & Co
J. A. Parry . . .
C. M. Stretton

C. M. Stretton.
W. Easton. .

Hilleary & Tunstall, Hilleary & Tunstall. J. Scott. Prior, Bigg, & Co. . Ridsdale & Co. .

Ridsdale & Co.
H. G. Field .

Johnson & Co. . . A. Ayrton.
G. Clark . . . . Lewis & Lewis . . Lewis & Lewis.
Lewis & Lewis . . G. Clark.
Duffield & Bruty . . A. F. Church

Chorley & Crawford.
Chester, Urquhart, & Co. Pritchard & Sons.
Stoneham & Co.
J. Wells. . . . Pritchard & Sons. Pritchard & Sons.
Parker & Co. . . . Vizard & Co.
Bothamleys & Co. . A. W. Irwin.
Green & Co. . . . . . . . . . J. V. Franklin.
S. C. H. Sadler.
Langley & Gibbon . J. Turner.
W. Boyce . . . . Palmer & Co. . . . Palmer & Co.
Gorton & Co. . . . Stocken & Co.



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CAUSES standing over by consent or otherwise: to be replaced in the list of Causes for Hearing on the Petitioner givija

Ten Days' Notice in writing to the other parties for whom an appearance has been entered, and filing a Copy of stei Notice in the Registry.

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LAW LECTURE AT THE INCORPORATED LAW Caldecott, Celia, Clay brooke, Leicester, Widow. June 21. E Harris, Ragby.

Chasemore, Geo, Croydon, Surrey, Banker. May 18. W. H. Rowland, Croydon. SOCIETY.

Dawes, Wm, Ambleside, Westmoreland, Gent. May 23. Fisher & Gatey, Amb

and Windermere. The following Lecture will be delivered in the Hall of the Society

Dudley, Joo C., Oxford. G.nt. Jupe 1. R. S. Hawkins, Oxford,

Edwards, Caroline, Ipswich, Suffolk, Spinster. May 14. S. We thorp, Iperid. in the enguing week :

Fernandez. Susanna D.. Heavitree, Devon. May 15. Barch & Barnes, Esste. On “Equity,” Mr. CHALONER W. Chute.

Holland, Wm J., Oxford June 1. F. & G. Mallam, Oxford.
Friday, April 24.

Holmes, Racbel, Thornbill-sq. Islington, Widow. May 26. G. W. Hussey, Knightride. 6 to 7 P.M.

st, Doctors'-commons. Holmes, Saml, Staple-inn, and Thorobill-eq. Solicitor, May 26. G.W. Hosey, Knez

rider-st, Doctor's-commons. LAW CLASSES AT THE INCORPORATED LAW Holt, Joo, Lancaster-rd, Kensington Park, Nottiog-bill, Gent. Jone & W. Coala


Hulme. Geo, Stoke-upon-Trent, Stafford, Farmer. May 30. F. H. & F. W. Tomkinson,

Burslem. On “ Equity," MR. CHALONER W. CHUTE. Monday, April 20 Kay, Fredk, Castleton, Rochdale, Lancaster, Calico Priater. June 31. Sals, Shipman

Seddon, & Sale, Manchester. Class A.; Tuesday, April 21 - Class B.; Wednesday, April 22 -

Kay, Robt. Trows within Castleton, Lancaster, Calico Printer. June 30. Sak, Se.pmer Class C. 4.30 to 6 P.x. each day.

Seddon, & Sale, Manchester.
May, Ellen R, Lewes, Sussex, Widow, June 11. E. Hillman, Lewes.
Otley, Elizabeth, Leeds, Widow. June 7. Dunning & Kay, Leeds.
Piper. Luke, Sompting, Sussex, Farmer. May I. R. Edmunds, Worthing, Sasses

Rasbleigb, Mary F., Holm wood, near Dorking, Surrey, Widow. May 1. Stl 234

New-sq. Lincoln's Inn-Gelds.
Roderick, Thos, Pembrey, Carmarthen, Gent. Apr 30. R. Johnson, Llanelly, Cars


Royston. Wm H. Brighton, Hotel Keeper. May 1. Walker, Twyford, Belwand Winding-up of Joint Stock Companies.

Wbitfield, Southampton-st, Bloomsbury.

Samu 1, Hy S., Liverpool, Merchant. May 13. Anderson, Collins, & Robinson, Live TUESDAY, April 14, 1874.


Sissons, Robert, Womersley, York, Farmer and Maltster. Jane I. R. Arundel, Ive:

fract, Yorkshire. Chesterton Miners' Public Hall Company (Limited).-The M.R, bas fixed Apr 22, at 11. Ta

Stronacb, Jno, Brighton, Gent. June 11. E. Hillman, Leweg. for the appointment of an official liquidator of this Company

Tag-ell, Rnbt, Diuion, Kent, E.q. May 30 Ta-sell & Son, Faversbam. East Suffolk Tramways Company (Limited)-Petition for winding-up, presented Apr 8, I

Thomas, Wm, Llanelly, Carmarthen, Master Mariner. Apr 30. R. Jobinson, Leite directed to be beard before V.-C. Hall on Apr 14. E. Woodard, Ingram-court, Fen

Carmart benshire. church-st, solicitor for petitioners.

Tollit Rosetta, Brentford, Middx, Widow. Jone 5. W. Gardner, Uxbridge, Midi
Wallis, Jno C., Bristol, Gent. May 15. Pergrare & Hodgkinson, Barb.

Wbite, Eliza, Woburo-sq. Bloomsbury. Widow. June 8. Norton, Rose, Sore
Creditors under Estates in Chancerp.

Brewer, Victoria-st, Westminster,

White, Jas B., Warsop Park, Derby, Farmer. May 18. W. Bryan, Mansfield. FRIDAY, April 10, 1874. Creditory under the ander-mentioned estates to send by post their Christian and

TUESDAY, April 14, 1874. surnames addresses, and descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, a statement of their acconats, and the nature of the securities (if any) held by them, to the under.

Last Day of Claim mention solicitors on or before the days mentioned.

Bally, Richard, Banbury, Oxford, Woollen Draper and Tallor. Maz 23. W. Serta Joslans, Richard, Studley-rd, Stockwell, Gent. May 1. Solicitor, F. A. H. Terrell,

Bucklersbury. Basinghall-st. Thomas v. Terrell Creditors bolding security to produce same before

Barnett Tbos W., Limehouse, Surgeon. June 1. P. Johoston, Bedford-row, V.-C. Hall on May 9, at 12.

Bell, Elizabeth, Egremont, Chester, Widow. May i. Richardson, Jones, &


Bond, Wm H , Falmoutb, Retired Paymaster la the Royal Navy. May 31. Creditors under 22 & 23 Uict. cap. 85.

Childs & Batten, Fleet-st.

Bors, Isaac A., Gower-st, Bedford-square, Umbrella Manufacturer. July 11. Desta
FRIDAY, April 10, 1874.

Beyfas, Lincoln's-inn-Aids.
Last Day of Claim.

Chandler, Wm, Lalebam, Middz, Farmer. May 8. S. D. Ashby. Clement's-laze, U

bard-st. Baker, Isaac, Bideford, Devon. Stone Merchant. June 1. Rooker & Bazeley, Bideford. Cooney, Edmond, Gower-st, Bedford-square, Geot. May 1l. Beyfus & Beyfus Lines Barfoot. Thos, Forest Hill, Kent, Wine and Spirit Merchant. May 18. W. H. Row. inn-fids. land, Croydon.

Evans, Josiah, Heyes within Hayduck, Lancaster, E:q. May 16. Daries & bf Barnes, Jas, Ewood-bridge, nr Haslingden, Carrier. May 16. S. & S, Woodcock, Bury, Warrington Lancashire.

Flounders, Mary, Prince's Park, Lancaster, Widow. May 30. Wateboase $ WE Bellamy, Cornellas, Ramsey, Hantlogdon, Farmer, May 1. J. Watts, St Ives, Hunts. boibam, Cares-st, Lincoln's-in. Berry, Artbur F. Malda Vale, Gent. May 10. Fielder & Sumner, Godliman-st, | Harrison, Rey Thos D., Mickley, York. Clerk. June 1. Markland & Dary, Lee Doctors'-commons,

Hollyer, Anna, Penzance, Widow, May 11. Rodd & Cortish. Penzance. Bishop. Thomas, Hillingdon, Middx, Victoaller. June 5. W. Gardiner, Uxbridge, Holmee, Sam, Thornbill-eq, Isliogtor, Solicitor. May 2. G. W. Husses, Middx.

ammor s.

Ingbes. Joo, Shrewsbury, Salop. Gent. June 18. J. B. Watkis, Shrewsbury.

| Keeble, Wm, Princes-rd, Notting-bill, Linen Draper ; Apr 15, at 11, at offices of H. S. lume. Sarab, Edgbaston, Birmingham, Widow. May 5. E. Jaques, and G. F. James, Hunter, London-wall. H. H. Ede, Ludgate-hili, Attorney. Birmingham.

Keen, Fredk, Walmer-rd, Notting-hill, Dairyman and Cowkeeper; Apr 20, at 2, at Lip-coumb, Saml, Marlborough-rd, Chelsea, Carpenter. May 12. -rd. Chelsea, Carpenter. May 12. T. H. T. Rogers, 6

T. H. T. Rogers, 6 offices of R. Cotton, Coleman-st. Attorney. Lane's-inn, Strand.

Ledger, Wm, Doncaster, Joiner, Builder, and Undertaker; Apr 21, at 11, at offices of Lyon, Robi, Hexban, Northumberland, Linen and Woollen Draper. Apr 27. I. Baty, E. C. Peagam, Doncaster, Attorney. Hesbam.

Marshall, Josb. Frensham, Surrey, Grocer and Baker; Apr 25, at 1, at offices of D. M. Maber, Susan, Liverpool, Spinster, May 18. W. Weld, Liverpool.

Stevens, Guildford. Moreton, Edward M. Barrow-in-Furness, Lancaster, Engineer. May 15. Pearson &

Martio, Fredk, Chelmsford, Essex, Baker and Confectioner; Apr 28, at 11, at offices of Williams, Barrow-in-Furness.

R. Blyth, Chelmsford, Solicitor. Murgatioyd, wm, Bradford, York, Gent, May 30. J. Green, Bradford.

Meade, Hy D., Manchester, Money Scriveper, Commission and Ingarance Agent ; Apr y Meara, Bernard, Southampton, Inspector of Intercolonial Ships' Accounts. Jane 15.

23, at 4, at offices of J. Best, Manchester, Attorney. Reep. Lane, & Co, Bush-la, Cannon-st.

Myerscough, Josh, Hulme, Manchester, Provision Dealer and Beer Retailer ; Apr 24, Poole, Jane D. Holmesdale-rd, South Norwood, Widow. May 23. A. F. & R. W

at 3, at offices of Edwards & Bintliff. Manchester, Solicitors. Tredie, Lincoln's-inn-fids.

Newton, Josh, Wigton, Cumberland, Saddler; Apr 24, at 11, at offices of Hodgson & Raizes, Robt, Kingston-upon-Hull, Oil and Tallow Merchant. June 9. J. A. Jackson McKeever, Wigton, Solicitors. & Son, Hull,

Peasegood, Robt A , Ryde, Isle of Wight, Upholsterer; Apr 23, at 2. at offices of Ed. Richardson, Goodlake W., Manchester, Sharebroker. May 25. N. Gould, Manchester. monds, Davis, & Co, Portsea, Hants. Fardell & Wooldridge, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Röder, Jobann G., Saxe Weimar, Germany, Citizen and Gent. June 1. W.J. Myatt,

Attorneys. Abchureb-sd, Cannon-st.

Robinson, Wm F., Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, Lard Refiner, and Inspector of Weights and Roester, Chas, Bristol, Gent. June 1. Stanley & Wasbroogh, Bristol.

Measures ; Apr 28, at 11, at offices of C. H. Wiltsbire, Gt Yarmouth, Solicitor. Seward, Henrietta S. C., Portsea-pl, Middx, Widow.

Senior, Frank, Conisbro', York, Grocer and Draper; Apr 24, at 11, at offices of E. C.

June 1. J. Crowdy, Sergeants fos, Fleet-st.

Peagam, Doncaster, Attorney. Silson, Jno, Tadcaster, York, Gent. May 25. J. Green, Bradford.

Simpson, Jas, Strattord, Essex, Tailor ; Apr 16. at 3, at offices of H. T. Thwaites. impson, Cbas, Whitburn, Durham, Esq. May 8. C. Smart, Sunderland.

Basipgball-st, Accountant. J. Falcher, Basingball-st, Attorney. Inowdon, Charlotte, Spofforth, York, Widow. June 1. Simpson & Burrell, Leeds.

Smyth, Isaac J., Holborn-bldgs, Holborn, Printer, and St John-st, Bookseller, Stationer, leeran, Michael, Stanbope-ter, Gloucester-rd, South Kensington, Esq. May 26. Ward,

and Printer ; Apr 24, at 4, at Anderton's Hotel, Fleet-st. J. Price, Serjeants'-inn, Mills,& Witham, Gray's-in-sg.

Fleet-st, Attorney, Person, Hy M., Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Esq. June 1. U. Fryer, Gray's-inn-pla

Spenceley, Ann, Kingston-upon-Hull, Toy Dealer; Apr 20, at 3, at offices of Rollit & Gray's-lon.

Sons, Kingston-upon-Hull, Attorneys. Wester, wm, Opensbaw, Lancaster, Brewer. Jane 24. T. T. Bellhouse, Manchester.

Stopford, Arthur C., Cornwall-rd, Bayswater, Gent: Apr 20, at 11, at offices of London Warburton, Jpo, Blowick, nr Southport, Lancaster, Gent. May 11. J. Ryley, Bolton.

Warebousemen's Association. Gutter-la. H. A. Downes, Cheapside, Attorney. Wheler, Cbas T., Clifton, Bristol, Gent. May 30. G. J. Hobbs. Bristol

Summers, Joo H., Mare-st, Hackney, Draper; Apr 27, at 3, at offices of Lumley &

Lumley, Old Jewry-chambers, Solicitors.

Taylor, Jas, jun, Little Bolion, Joiner and Builder; Apr 23, at 11, at offices of Messrs.

Winder, Bolton, Solicitors.
Taylor, Thos, Ipswich, Suffolk, Coal Merchant; Apr 23, at 10, at offices of Jackaman &

Sons, Ipswich, Solicitors.
Proceedings for Liquidation by arrangement

Troke, Joo, Harrow, Middx. Fruiterer and Greengrocer; Apr 17, at 12, at King's Head

Hotel, Harrow. H, T. Roberts, Ciement's-inn, Strand, Attorney. or Composition with Creditors.

Walker, Adlett, Heosall, nr Snaith, York, Grocer, Draper, and Coal Merchant; Apr 23,

at 12, at Downe Arms. Snaith, York. W. E. Carter, Attorney. NOTICES OF FIRST MEETINGS.

Wheen, Edwin, Mexborough, York, Grocer and Provision Dealer; Apr 21, at half-past

12, at offices of Shirley & Atkinson. Doncaster, Attorneys. FRIDAY, April 10, 1874,

Wilkinson, Fredk, Scarborough, York, Hotel and Carriage Proprietor; Apr 29, at 3, at Beit, Jane, Kingston-upon-Hull; Apr 20, at 1, at offices of F. Summers, Kingston

Bull Hotel, Scarborough. E. Williamson, Scarborough, Attorney, pot Hall, Attorney.

TUESDAY, April 14, 1874. Bennett. Josh, Old Bailey, Poulterer; Apr 22, at 3, at offices of D. Howell, Cheapside,

Balcbio. Walter, Chelmsford, Grocer and Provision Dealer; Apr 28, at 2, at offices of Soliciter,

Bath & Co, King William-st, London, Accountants. W. Elam, Walbrook, E.C., At Blekneil, Henry, Bristol, Carpenter; Apr 18, at 11, at offices of A. Essery, Bristol, Al

torney. torney.

Barber, Jno M., Swaffbam, Norfolk. Clerk; Apr 29, at 3, at George Inn, Swaf ham. Botes pie, jno W. C., Lupus-st, Pimlico, and Wincbester-ter, Causton-st, Hair Dresser Barnwell. Louis E. M., Deeping St Nicbolas, Liacoln, Clerk in Holy Orders ; Apr 28, at and Job Master; Apr 24, at 2, at offices of Browne, Stanley, & Co, Old Jewry. W.F. 12, at oftices of Deacon & Wilkins, Peterborough, Solicitors. Neare, London-wall, Attorney.

Beever, Joo, Mossley, Lancaster, Grocer, Draper, and Furniture Dealer; Apr 28, at 3, Bradstaw, David, Manchester, Drysalter and Aniline Dye Mercbant and Tailor and

at Commercial Inn, Manchester, J. Clayton, Ashton-under-Lyne, Attorney. Cotbier; Apr 29, at il, at offices of Boote & Edgar, Manchester, Attorneys.

Bennett, Sepiimus, Fleetwood, Lancaster, Butcher; May 4, at 3, at Black Bull Inn, Cooper, Alfred, Lockerley, Southampton, Grocer and Tea Dealer; Apr 17, at 2, at Guild

Poulton-le-Fylde. W. Blackhurst, Preston, Attorney. bal. Coffeebouse, Gresbam-st. Coxwell, Bassett, & Stanton, Attorneys.

Bernard, Jules, Manchester, Manufacturer; Apr 24, at 2, at offices of F. J. Marlow, Cross, Wm S, Warminster, Wilts, Miller; Apr 24, at 1, at offices of Chapman & Pon.

Mancbesier, Attorney. ting, Warminster. Attorneys.

Birch, Josh, Wimblebory, or Hednesford, Stafford, Grocer and General Dealer: 28, Costa, Fras A., Albert-rd, St Jobn's Wood, Gent; Apr 22, at half-past 3, at offices at 2. at Anglesey Hotel, Hedoesford. W. Morgan, Stafford, Attorney. of Bensbaw & Rolpb, Capnon-st, Solicitors.

Bock, Theodor, and Hy Kebrman, Miocing-la, Colonial and Produce Merchants; Apr h Maris, Guiseppe, Brewer-st, Regent-st, Italian Warehonseman; Apr 15. at 4, at

30, at i, at offices of Fry & Hudson, Mark-la, Solicitors.-Separate creditors of Hy at London Warehousemen's Association , Gutter-la, Cheapside. J. Wood & Co, Back Kebrmann, Apr 30, at 3, at same place. ersborg, Attorneys.

Boutland, Wm E., Bill Quay, Durham, Ship Builder; Apr 27, at 2, at offices of Messrs Dore, Jonathan, Camden-passage, Islington, and Clephane-rd, Canonbury, Boot and Shoe

Joel, Newcastle-upon-lyne, Attorneys. Maker; Apr 17, at 3, at offices of J. B. Fenton, Colebrooke-row, Islington, Al- Bow, Jno, Mosterton, Dorset, Draper and Tea Dealer; May 5, at half past 3, at offices of torney.

Williams & Co, Bristol. J. H. Jolliffe, Crewkerne, Somerset, Attorney. Durey, Fras, Victoria-cottages, Nightingale-rd, Middx, Builder; Apr 20, at 3, at offices Brimson, Alfred, Bristol, Greengrocer and General Dealer; Apr 26, at 11, at offices of W. of D. Howell, Cbeapside, Solicitor.

Bowman, Bristol, Auctioneer. Dosler, Jao A. Liverpool, Tallow Chandler ; Apr 23, at 2, at offices of E. Hughes, Biudno, Robt, Whitehaven, Jeweller; Apr 29, at 10, at ofices of C. B. Hodgson, BirLiverpool, Attorney.

mingham, Attorney, Posty, Jno, Faringdon, Berks, Beerseller and Shopkeeper; Apr 25, at 3, at offices of Bunkeil, Hy C., King-st, Cheapside, Auctioneer ; Apr 27, at 4, at offices of G. W. Challis, RS. Foreman, Swindon, Attorney.

Clement's-la, E.C. J. G. Watson, Guildball-yard, Attorney. Salloway, Jas J., Liverpool-rd, Clerkenwell, Baker; Apr 27, at 3, at offices of W. Heath- Burrows, Edwd, Station-rd, Red Bill, Surrey, Victualler; Apr 24, at 4, at offices of theid, Lincoln's-inn-fids, Attorney.

G. S. Hare, Oakfield Park, West Croydon, Solicitor. Wood & Hare, Basinghall-st, AtGoddard, Wm H, Slough, Bucks, Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, and Fancy Goods Dealer;

torneys Apr 24, at 11, at ottices of Barrett & Dean, Slough, Bucks, Attorneys.

Cannon, Hy, Bennington, Hertford, Blacksmith; Apr 28, at 12, at offices of Cobbam & Foddin, David C., Romford, Essex, Victualler: May 4, at 2, at offices of H. T. Thwaites,

Hunt, Ware, Solicitore. Basinghall-st, Accountant. J. Fulcher, Basinghall-st, Attorney.

Cleminson, James, Old-st, St Luke's, Wholesale and Retall Ironmonger; Apr 27, at 2, atomond, Emd, Cunningham.pl. St John's Wood-rd, Builder : Apr 17, at 3, at Masong'

at offices of Pinchard & Shelton, Wolverhampton. Smith, Fandon, & Low, Bread-s1, Hall Tavern, Masons'-avenue, Coleman-st. T. Noton, Gt Swan-alley, Moorgate-st,

Cbeapside, Attorneys. Attorney.

Cooper, Joseph, Staines, Middx, Seedsman, Fruiterer and Greengrocer; Apr 29, at 2, lampson, Richd, late of Wakefield, York, Shopkeeper; May 1, at 11, at offices of J. at offices,of Miller & Miller, sherborne-lane, Attorneys. J. R. Spiller, Egbam, Surrey, Stringer, Ossett, York, Solicitor.

Attorney. Tandley, Robt, Kingsley, Chester, Huckster and Potato Dealer; Apr 23, at 2, at offices Coronio, Theodore J., and Chas G. Davids, Great St Helen's, Seed and Colonial Brokers ; of W. H. Linaker, Runcorn, Attorney.

Apr 30, at 2, at offices of Cooper, Brothers, & Co, George-st, Mansion House, Account: Larris, Maria A.. Dowoham Market, Norfolk. Innholder: Apr 25, at 12, at Castle Hotel, ants.-Separate creditors of C. G. Davids, Apr 30, at 4, at same place. Stibbard & Downham Market, Norfolk. H. B. B. Mason, Brandon, Norfolk, Attorney.

Cronshey, Fenchurch-st, Attorneys. Lockinson, Joo, Macclesfield, Chester, Provision Dealer; Apr 29, at 3, at Mitre Hotel, Danziger, Isaac, Sunderland, Furniture Broker and General Dealer; Apr 29, at 2, Manchester. Higginbotham & Barclay, Macclesfield, Attorneys.

at offices of Messrs Joel, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Attorneys. Jackuan. Jas T., Hounslow, Middx, Architect and Surveyor; Apr 21, at 2, at North-Davies, Alf, Birmingham, Beerhouse Keeper, formerly Jeweller; Apr 24, at 11, at offices Umberland Arms Hotel, Isleworth, Middx. J. E. Gowing, Coleman-st, Attorney.

of - Walter, Birmingham, Accountant. C. Kennedy, Birmingham, Attorney. Jackson, Thos, Lillington-st, Grocer; Apr 22, at 3, at offices of J. S. Salaman, Cheap. Davies, Edwd, Llandovery, Carmartben, late Sheriff's Officer; Apr 25, at 5 minutes past side, Attorney.

10, at offices of Green & Griffiths, Carmarthen, Solicitors. Johnson, Fredk, and Wm Hatchman, Wood-st, Warehousemen; Apr 22, at 11, at offices Davis, Jno, Wincanton, Somerset, Printer and Stationer; Apr 30, at 11, at Greyhound of Challis & Co, Clement's-la, Accountants.-Separate creditory of Wm Hatchman, Hotel, Wincanton, Apr 22, at hall-past 12, same place. Separate creditors of Fredk Johnson, Apr 22, Dawson, Wm, Crewe, Chester, Builder ; Apr 28, at 11, at offices of F. Warburton, Crewe, At 12, same place. A. Engel, Gt Marlborough-st, Attorney.



at Comm. Mossley, Lancasterkins, Peterborough soclerk in Holy Ord. Swaf ham.


Dearing, George, Silverhill, near Hastings, Laundryman: Apr 25, at 12, at offices of W. Robinson, Geo D., 92 Strand, and Cecil-st, Strand. Wine and Spirit Mercbant ; Apr 30' Savery, Hastings, Attorney.

at 2, at offices of R Laundy, Cecil-st, Strand, Attorney. Delmard. Maurice, Northenden, Chester, Artist; Apr 29, at 3, at offices of W. Rylance, Rowlands, Thos, Salford, Provisioa Dealer's Assistant, May 7, at 3, at offices of W. Manchester, Attorney.

Ambler, Manchester, Solicitor. Devey, Edward, Tipton, Stafford, Engineer; Apr 28, at 12, at offices of Messrs White- Severn, Jno, Speinton, Nottingham, Hosler; May 4, at 12, at ofilces of G. Belk, Notting. bonse, Wolverhampton, Attorneys.

ham, Attorney. Doe, Hy N., Kensal-rd, Westbourne-pk, Corn and Coal Dealer; Apr 30, at 4, at offices of Sharp, Wm, Southgate-rd, Livery Stable Keeper and Tobacconist ; Apr 27, at 3, at I. Ablett, Cambridge-ter, Hyde.pk. Attorney.

offices of Taylor & Jaquet, Sonth-pl, Finsbury-89, Attorneys. Donne, Saml, Hackney-rd, Butcher ; May 1, at 2, at offices of E. J. Layton, Suffolk-lane, Small, Hy, Bath, Cabinet Maker ; Apr 27, at 12, at offices of A. E. Webb, Bath, AtE.C., Attorney.

torney. Evans, Cabel, Llandissilio, Pembroke, Farmer and Miller; May 2, at a quarter-past 10, Sumner, Jas, Walsall, Painter and Glazier; Apr 24, at 3, at offices of J. E. Sheldon, I !at offices of Green & Griffiths, Carmarthen, Solicitors.

Wednesbory, Stafford, Attorney. Evans, James Y., Batb, Victoaller, and Bristol, Cattle Dealer; Apr 27, at 11, at offices of Sydney, Herbert M., Upper John-st, Golden-sq. Solicitor; Apr 30, at 3, at offices of F. P. Hancock, Triggs, & Co, Bristol, Accountants. Benfon & Thomas, Bristol, Attorneys.

(happell, Golden-sq, Attorney. Firth, Isaac, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Hat and Cap Dealer; Apr 27, at 3, at offices of Thompson, Geo, St Mary, Scole, Norfolk, Farmer; Apr 27, at 3, at offices of E T. J. A. Bush, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Solicitor.

Smith, Colchester, Attorney. Folland, John, Birmingham, Fish Salesman; May 4, at 12, at offices of A. G. Baller, Topbam, Wm, Otley. York, Merchant's Clerk; Apr 29, at 10, at offices of Peel & Gaunt, Birmingham, Attorney.

Bradford, Solicitorg. Freear, Chas, Nottingham, Advertising and General Agent; Apr 28, at 12, at offices of Tulk, Geo H., Aston Brook, near Birmingham, Cab Proprietor; Apr 23, at 11, at offices S. Brittle, Nottingbam, Solicitor,

of S. Joynt, Birmingham. Solicitor, Garner, Saml, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghanı, formerly Grocer; May 1, at 12, at offices

Uff, irs, Buckingham, Batcher, Grocer, and Provision Dealer ; Apr 25, at 11, at Swan of Parsons & Bright, Nottingham, Attorneys.

& Castle Hotel, Buckingham. Kilby & Son, Banbary, Attorneys. Griffiths, Chas, Harborne, Stafford, formerly of Birmingham, Retail Brewer; Apr 24, at Walter, Dotiin A., York, Architect; !Apr 27, at 12, at offices of Parr & Anderson, 10, at offices of R. Duke, Birmingham, Attorney.

York, Attorneys. Hagg, Wm B., James-st, Kennington Park, Beerhouse Keeper ; Apr 24, at 2, at offices Waters, Chas, Fordingbridge, Hants, 'Draper; Apr 29, at 2, at offices of F. Hodding. of C. N. Longcroft, Lincoln's-inn-fids, Attorney.

Salisbury, Attorney. Hair, Felix T., Jarrow, Durban, Provision Dealer; Apr 27, at 2, at offices of W. Taylor, Watts, Wm A., Evelyn-st, Deptford, Baker; Apr 23, at 2, at offices of E. Mirams, New. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Solicitor.

inn, Strand, Attorney. Haley. Nicholas, Long-la, West Smithfield, Hosier; Apr 25, at 1, at offices of H. W. | Weil, Myer, and Benj Weil, High-st, Whitechapel, Boot and Shoe Manufacturers; Apr Cattlin, Guildball-yard, Solicitor.

29, at 10. at offices of Kent & Kent, Red Lion Court, Cannon-st, Attorneys. Hallam. Chas H., Birmingham, Grocer, Tea Dealer, and Baker; Apr 27, at 2, at Hen and West. Thos E., and Richd A, West, Crosby-sq. Commission Merchants; Apr 30, at 12, Chickens Hotel, Birmingbam. H. Hawke-, Birmingham, Attorney.

at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham-st-Separate creditors of Thos E. West, Apr 30, at 1, Harrison, Robt, Blackpool, Lancaster, Auctioneer and General Dealer; Apr 27, at 3, at same place. Carr, Bannister, & Co, Basinghall-st, Attorneys. offices of Heath & Sons, Manchester, Solicitors.

W beatcroft, Geo, Nottingham, Builder and Draper; Apr 27, at 3, at offices of G. Belk, Hart, Walter, Borough-rd, and Blackman-st, Surgeon; Apr 22, at 12, at offices of J. Nottlugham, Attorney. Geaussent, New Broad-st, Attorney,

Wbitebead, Wm H, Liverpool, Tailor and Woollen Draper; Apr 27, at 3, at offices of Haynes, Geo, Birmingham, Furniture Broker and Wood Turner; Apr 24, at 12, at J.J. Molnes, Huddersfield, Attorney. offices of T. C. Cheston, Birmingham, Solicitor.

Whiteley. Jas, Sheffield, Cutlery Caster; Apr 28, at 3, at offices of Clegg & Son, ShefHellier. Chas H., and Ricbard P. Trew, Bristol, Drapers and Hosiers; Apr 27, at 2. at field, Solicitors.

offices of Williams & Co, Bristol, Accountants. Benson & Thomas, Bristol, Ato | Widdowson, Jas, Nottingham, Optician and Surgeon's Lastrument Miker; May 5, at torneys.

11, at offices of Parsons & Son, Nottingham, Attorneys. Hicken, Hy, Birmingham, Divan Keeper; Apr 23, at 4, at offices of E. Parry, Birming

bam, Attorney. Hoare, Jno, Bideford, Devon, Boot and Shoe Maker; Apr 27, at 12, at offices of Rooker

Bankrupts. & Bazeley, Bideford, Attorneys.

Friday, April 10, 1874. Horn, Fredk, Crawford-st, and Croydon-st, Marylebone, General Draper; Apr 27, at 2. at offices of P. C. F. Tatbam, Mansion-house-chambs, Queen Victoria-st, Aitor ney.

To Attend in London. Hubert, Charles, Poplar, Lighterman, Glass, and China Dealer, and Coffeehouse Keeper;

per | Macnamara, H., Pudding-le, Shipping Agent. Pet Apr 2. Apr 21, at il. Apr 25, at 11, at offices of J. A. Farnfield Lower Thames-st. W. H. Farnfield, Lower Thames-st, Attorney.

Watt, Geo, and Jas Barnett, Ironm boger-la, Woollen Merchants. Pet Apr 8. Apr 21, Hunter, Jno, South Shields, Builder ; May 4, at 2, at Commercial-chambs, King-st, South

at 12. Shields. R. Purvis, South Shields, Attorney,

To Attend in the Country.
Kilburn, Abraham L., Kingston-upon-Hull, Leather Merchant; Apr 27, at 2, at offices of
E Laverack, Kingston-upon-Huil, Solicitor.

Green, Wm, Manchester, Wholesale Fish Curer and Importer of Eggs. Pet Apr 8.
Lamb, Jno W., Manchester, Plumber and Gasfitter; Apr 30, at 3, at ofices of Sutton & Apr 30, at half past 9, County Court, Manchester.
Elliott, Manchester, Solicitors.

Rice, Jno, Derby, Elastic Webb Manufacturer. Pet Apr 8. Apr 22, at 12, County Lawrence, Elijah S. Marlborougb, Tailor; May 2, at 11, at offices of M. Goulter, Hun. Court, Derby.

gerford, Berks, Solicitor. Leon, Herntz, Bath, Jeweller and Cigar Dealer; May 5, at 11, al offices of J. Collins,

TUESDAY, April 14, 1874, Bath, Attorney.

To Attend in London. Lewis, Jno, Llanarthney, Carmarthen, Shoe Maker; Apr 27, at 5 minutes past 10, at offices of Green & Griffiths, Carmarthen. Solicitors.

Ridsdale, Geo, Euston-sq. Midds, Sirgeon and Physician. Pot Apr 11. Apr 30, at 11. McCall, JooLiverpool, Tallow Chandler, Oil and General Dealer, and Working Ma

To Attend in the Country. chinist : Apr 30, at 12, at offices of Shannon & Co, Liverpool. G. McConnell, jon, Liverpool, Attorney.

Baselow. Hans H. J.. and Albert Goulter, Cardiff, Ship Chandlers. Pet Apr 8. Apr Marsh, Jno, Jermyn-st, Middx, Accountant; May 1, at 2, at offices of Slater & Pannell, 27, at 11, County Court, Cardiff.-Separate creditors of Hans H. J. Baselow, Apr 27,

Guildhall-chambers, Basinghall-st, Accountants. Raven & Curtis, Victoria-st, City, at 12, same place ---Separate creditors of Albert Goulter, Apr 27, at 12, same place. Attorneys.

Brockbank, Jno, Cimbridge, Gent, Pet Apr 9. May 7, at 12, County Court, CamMaslin, Geo A., Portsea, Painter; Apr 24, at 3, at offices of A. S. Blake, Portsea bridge, Solicitor.

Barroughs. Jas, Liverpool, Publican. Pet Apr 10. Apr 27, at 2. County Court, Mathews Jas, East Stonehouse, Devon, Baker, Grocer, and Retailer of Beer; Apr 28 Liverpool. at 11, at offices of T. C. Brian, Plymouth, Solicitor.

Carr, Cornelius V., Reading, Confectioner, Baker, and Dealer in British Wines. Pet Mi ner, Geo, Aldborough, York, Farmer; Apr 30, at 1, at offices of C. E Paley, York, Apr 11. May 2, at 10, County Court, Reading. Attorney.

Helliwell, Geo, Hackenthorpe, Derby, Scyibe Manufacturer. Pet Mar 25. Apr 24, at Moseley, Robt, Liverpool. Painter and Plamber; Apr 30, at 12, at offices of J. J. Rit 11, County Court, Sheffield son, Liverpool, Attorney.

Hume, Robt, Cuddington, Chester, Miller and Corn Dealer. Pet Mar 12. Apr 28, at 3, Mussabini, Pierre, and Emmanuel P. Draco, Liverpool, Cotton Brokers ; Apr 29, at 2. County Court, Crewe.

at offices of Radcliffe & Layton Liverpool, Attorneys.--Separate creditors of Pierre Mees, Thos, Mells, Somerset, Miller. Pet Apr 10. Apr 25, at 1, County Court, Mussabini, ; Apr 29, at ball-past 2, same place.-Separate creditors of Emmanuel P.

Somerset. Draco, Apr 29, at 3, same place,

Thornton, Josh, Calverley, York, Grocer. Pet Apr 10. Apr 28, at 9, County Court, Northey. Emanuel A., East Stonebouse, Devon, Auctioneer, House and Estate Agent.

Bradford. and General Dealer; Apr 27, at 10, at offices of E. Wilkes, Plymouth, Accountant. E. Square, Plymouth, Attorney.

Woollett, Hy, Brightoo, Ironmonger, Pet Apr 2. Apr 30, at 11, Coanty Court, Ogden, Josh, Halifax, Common Brewer; Apr 28, at 11, at offices of Holroyde & Smith,

Brighton. Ogden, Peter, Coalpit-heath, Gloucester, Gent; Apr 27, at 2, at offices of Denning.

Smith, & Co, Bristol, Accountants. Fussell, Pritcbard, & Swann, Bristol, Attorneys.

FRIDAY, April 10, 1874.
Pearce, Thos, John's-yd, Lisson-grove, Wheelwright; Apr 21, at 4, at offices of C.F.
Yorke, Marylebone-rd, Attorney.

Garstin, Christophllus, Regent-st, of no occupation. Apr 9.
Portch, Fredk, Ordnance-rd, St John's-wood, Grocer and Cheesemonger; Apr 27, at 12,
at oiices of T. Jobpson, High-st, Marylebone, Attorney.

TUESDAY, April 14, 1874.
Price, Coas, Worcester, Builder and Plasterer ; May 4, at 3, at offices of R. J. W. Pitt, Byam, Edwd G., Woolston, nr Southampton, Capt. 1o H.M.'s Army. Apr 2.

Worcester, Attorney.
Roberts, Geo, and Jno Webster, Leeds, Jofaers and Model Makers; Apr 21, at 2, at
offices of Burrell & Pickard, Leeds Separate creditors of Jno Webster, Apr 21, at 4,

ORDER OF DISCHARGE GRANTED. same place. Simpson & Burrell, Attorneys.

FRIDAY, April 10, 1874. Roberts, Wm, Leeds, Furniture Broker and Dealer in Curiosities; Apr 27, at 1, at offices of Rooke & Midgley, Leeds, Attorneys.

Constantine, Danl, Breightmet, near Bolton, Bleacher and Finisher. Apr 8.

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Printed by GEORGE CLOWES, at Duke Street, Stamford Street, in the Borough of Lambeth, in the County of Surrey; and Published by him at 51, Carey Street, Linoola's In,

in the Parish of St. Clement Danes, in the County of Middlesex,-Saturday, April 18, 1874.

Published for the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales.

Delivered GRATIS in the United Kingdom and the Colonies to all Subscribers to the ENTIRE Series of 'THE LAW REPORTS.

No. 17.


S Price One Shilling.
Two Pounds per Annum.


Published this day, post 8vo., price 128. cloth.


1 with Notes on the Law and Practice; an Introduction including the Proceedings

before the Committees, and Decisions of the Referees with respect to locus standi; and INDIAN APPE ALS.

an Appendix containing the Standing Orders of Parliament, Rules of the Board of Trade

relating to Tramways, &c. By HENRY SUTTON, B.A., of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law. THE INCORPORATED COUNCIL OF LAW REPORTING FOR

London : STEVENs and Sons, 119, Chancery Lane. ENGLAND AND WALES having made arrangements for

Just published, price 108. 6d., cloth. e Publication of the APPEALS from the EAST INDIES THE PRACTICE BEFORE THE RAILWAY COMthe PRIVY COUNCIL, the FIRST Part is now Ready. I MISSIONERS under the Regulation of Railways Act, 1873; with the Law

applicable thereto, and the General Orders, Forms, Table of Fees, Statutes, and all the he Series will be entitled INDIAN APPEALS," and as far as

Cases down to the present time. By R. GORDON JUNNER, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. ossible all the Important Cases will be Published within the

London: Wildy and Sons, Lincoln's Inn Archway, W.C. lear they are Decided.

The Student's Blackstone, price 78. ed. The Subscription is £1 Is., payable in advance to JAMES NYOMMENTARIES ON THE LAWS OF ENGLAND. 'HOMAS HOPWOOD, Esq., 3, New Square, Lincoln's Inn, In Four Books. By Sir WILLIAM BLACKSTONE, Knt., one of the Justices of the ondon, W.C. The Subscription for India, to include the ROBERT MALCOLM KERE, LL.D. Barrister-at-law.

neis to include the Court of Common Pleas. Abridged and adapted to the present state of the law, by stage, is £i 55.

JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street. TR. E. H. BEDFORD, Author of “The Intermediate

LONDON GAZETTE (published by authority and LONDON and

Examination Guide," “ The Intermediate Examination Guide to Book-keeping,"
Editor of «The Preliminary," "Intermediate," and “Final," has Classes reading

No. 117, CHANCERY LANE, FLEET STREET. ly at his Chambers, 9, King's Bench Walk, Temple, for each of the Examinations.

HENRY GREEN, Advertisement Agent, begs to direct 70 SOLICITORS. A Gentleman in City Practice is IL the attention of the Legal Profession to the advantages of his long experience ho willing to enter into arrangements to CONDUCT SUITS or other business requiring of upwards of twenty-five years, in the special insertion of all pro formá notices, deco, PITAL Apply to “LEX," care of F. R. CLEMENTS, 47, Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn.

and hereby solicits their continued support.-N.B. One copy of Advertisement only

required, and the strictest care and promptitude assured. Officially Stamped Forms NO SOLICITORS about to RETIRE.- A Gentleman who

for Advertisements, and File of " London Gazette " kept.-By Appointment. has been in Practice Ten Years, and has a good staff of Clerks, is desirous of

TQUITABLE REVERSIONARY INTEREST iing to bis business that of some Gentleman who contemplates Retiring. Apply to IF. W. FEAST, Esq., 5, Railway Place, Fenchurch Street, E.C.


10, LANCASTER PLACE, STRAND. AW TUTOR.-A Barrister-at-Law (in Honours Oxford

Established 1835. Capital paid up............ £480,000. and London, and having Four Years' experience in the Tuition of Law Pupils) This Society purchases Reverslonary Property and Life Interests, and grants Loans Aves PUPILS at his Chambers for all the Law Examinations of the Oxford and

on these securities. abridge Universities and of the Inns of Court and Incorporated Law Society, London. Forms of Proposal may be obtained at the Office. F.S. CLAYTON, Waint Sarma ma-Nine, Seven, and Five Guineas per calendar Month, according to arrangement.

C. H.CLAYTON, Joint Secretaries. Ros* A. B. ” Messrs. STEVENS & HAYNES, 11, Bell Yard, Temple Bar, London, W.C.

PARTRIDGE AND COOPER, AW.-A Gentleman who has had great experience in all branches, and competent to conduct the business of an office with or without the

WHOLESALE AND RETAIL STATIONERS, uvigon or assistance of the Principal, wishes an ENGAGEMENT in Town or FLEET STREET, and 1 & 2, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON, E.C. atry. Understands Magisterial and Poor Law Union Accounts and Duties. Can

exceptionable references. Address "I, K.," Mr. Evison, Law Stationer, 14, Carriage Paid to the Country on Orders exceeding 20s. Court, Serle Street, Lincoln's Inn, W.C.

DRAFT PAPER, 58., 68. 6d., 7s. 9d., and 98. 9d. per ream. LERK of the PEACE OFFICE.-- WANTED in a BRIEF PAPER, 14s. 6d., 188. 6d., and 24$. 60. per ream. Home County Office a Gentlemen (a Solicitor preferred) well acquainted with the

FOOLSCAP PAPER, 118. 6d., 148. 6d., and 198. 6d. per ream, DES of a CLERK of the PEACE, and fully competent to discharge them. Address

CREAM LAID NOTE, 38., 48., and 58. per ream. care of MBBTE. HONNARD, 5, Middle Temple Lane, Temple, E.C.

LARGE CREAM LAID NOTE, 43., 63., and 78. per ream.

LARGE BLUE NOTE, 38., 48., and 68. per ream.

P. & Ci's “ VEI LUX Wove CLUB HOUSE" NOTE, 98. 6d. per ream.

ENVELOPES, CREAM or Blue, 38. 6d., 48. 6d., and 68. 6d. per 1000.

THE “TEMPLE" ENVELOPE, extra secure, 98. 6d. per 1000.
Chairman, ALFRED H. SHADWELL, Esq.

Deputy-Chairman-H. CECIL RAIKEs, Esq., M.P.

INDENTURE SKINS, Printed and Machine-ruled, 2s. each, and 238. per dozen.

SECONDA or FOLLOWERS, Ruled, 18. 8d. each, and 198. per dozen. Verdona and Life Interests purchased. Immediate and Deferred Annuities granted

RECORDS or MEYORIALS, 6d. each, 58. 6d. per dozen. tebange for Reversionary and Contingent Interests. se may also be obtained on the security of Reversions.

LEDGERS, DAY Books, CASI BOOKS, LETTER OR MINUTE Books. inuities Imınediate, Deferred, and Contingent, and also Endowments, granted on

An immense stock in various bindings. table terms.

ILLUSTRATED PRICE LIST of Inkstands, Postage Scales, Copying Presses, Writingspectuses and Forms of Proposal, and all further information, may be bad at the

cases, Despatch Boxes, Oak and Walnut Stationery Cabinets, and other useful articles C. B. CLABON, Secretary. I adapted to Library or Office, post free. ESTABLISHED 1841.



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