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Creditors under 22 & 23 Bict. cap. 85. Norwich Provident Insurance Society.-Petition for winding-ap, presented May 1, directed to be heard before V.-C. Bacon on May 23. E. Tillyard, 2 Sergeants'-inn,

FRIDAY, May 1, 1874.
Middx, Petitioner in Person.

Last Day of Claim.
TUESDAY, May 6, 1874,

Baily, Wm. Mansfield, Nottingham, Wbolesale Brewer.` June 9. W. Bryan, Mansfield.

Baynton, Wm, Bristol, Gent. June 1, Brittan, Press, & Ipskip, Bristol.

Campain, Joseph, Langtoft, Lincoln, Farmer. June 1. Bodner & Calthrop, Spalding,
Colonial and Foreign Meat Supply Company (Limited) --Order to wind-up, Apr 24, Lincoln.
V.-C. Ball. J.C. Gant, Walbrook, solicitor for petitioners.

Clare, Joseph, Little Windmill-st, New-cat, Lambeth, Whitesmith. June 24, J. Clare,

| Little Windmill-st, New-cut, Lambeth, Administrator UNLIMITED IN CHANCERT.

Clark, Thoe, Rayleigb, Essex, Yeoman. June 24. Duffield & Bruty. Chelmsford.

Clark, Joseph, Basford, Nottingham, Lace Manufacturer. June 24. Wells & Alod, Teme Vale Railway Company.-Petition for winding-up, presented Apr 27, directed to

Nottingham. be heard before the M R. on May 23. Jenkinson, Owen, & Olivers, Corbet-court,

Collingham, Joseph, Welham Hall, Nottinghani, Esq. June 16. Barton & Scorer, Gracechurch-st, solicitors for petitioners.

Crowe, Joo, Brightlingsea, Essex, Grocer and Draper. May 28. Harcourt & Macarthur,

Creditors under Estates in Chancery.

Delaney, Bernard M., Old Quebec-st, Oxford-st, Geot. June 12. W. H. Cousing, Ioland
FRIDAY, May 1, 1874.

Revenne, Somerset House, Executor.

Elliott, Cyrus A., Broadwater, nr Wortblog, Esq. June 30. Wyatt, Hoskins, & Hooker, Creditors under the under-mentioned estates to send by post their Christian and Parliament-st, Westminster. surnames addresses, and descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, a statement of

Freeman, Wm, Wrexbam, Denbigb, Builder, May 9. M. Nordon, Chester.

Hamlyn, Wm, St Mary Church, Devon, Builder. July 1. Hooper & Woollen, Torquay. their accounts, and the nature of the securities (if any) held by them, to the under.

Harris, Rev Chas A., Bishop. July 1. Rev Hy O'Brien, Cordough, Coatebill, Ireland, mentioned solicitors on or before the days mentioned.

Execator. Cobb, Mary Anne, St Mary-ase, London, Widow. May 13. Solicitor, J. D. Thomson,

Hill, Wm, Bradford, York, Law Clerk. July 1. Peel & Gannt, Bradford. Lincoln's-inn-fids. Fisher u. Court. Creditors holding security to produce same before

Joyce, Jas, otherwise Jas B. Joyce, Beckingion, Somerset, Gent June 18. Dann & V.-C. Hall on May 23 at 1.

| Payne, Frome. Douglas-Hamilton, Charles H., Shanklin, Isle of Wight, Esq Commander in the Royal

Keating, Mary,'Bath, Widow. June 27. Bootys & Bayliffe, Raymond-bldgs, Gray's-inn.

Keel. Jas B., Cheddar, Somerset, Gent. June 21. J. & H. Livett, Bristol.
Navy. May 30. Solicitor, S. Stewart (Bell, Stewards, & Co), Lincoln's-ino-flds.
Douglas-Hamilton v. Douglas.Hamilton. Creditors holding security to produce same

Kersbaw, Tbos 0, Stalybridge, Lancaster, Solicitor. Jone 1. Darbisbire, Barker, & before V.-C. Malins on June 9, at 12.

Tatham, Manchester. Edgley, Wm, Fleet-sl, London, Looking Glass Manufacturer, June 1. Solicitor, E. W

Lodge. Matthew, Ashton-under-Lyne, Timber Mercbant. Joly 1. H. Gartside, Crosse, Bell-yard, Doctors'-commons. Edgley v Adams. Creditors holding security


Mason, Thomas M., Park-rd, New Wandsworth, and Bathwick, Somerset, Esq. May 30. to produce same before the M. R. on June 15, at 11. Gomme, Stephen, Hammersmith, Auctioneer and Undertaker. June 1. Solicitor,

| Nicholls & Newri an, Howard-st, Strand. W. W. Aldridge, Bedford-row. Cbapman v. Cheatle. Creditors holding security to

Nevett, wm, Louth, Lincoln, Geot. June 28. Gorbam & Warner, Tonbridge. produce same before tbe M. R. on June 15, at 11.

Riddle, Mary Ann. Bristol, Sploster. June 1. Brittan, Press, & Inskip, Bristol.

Shaw, Jno, Nottingham. Gent. June 24. H. H Carter. Nottingham,
Hill, Jno, Sbakspeare-rd, Albert Town, Stoke Newington. May 9. Solicitor, F. Stanley,
Austin-friars, E.C. Crook v. Hill. Creditors bolding security to produce same before

Simmons, Jno, Cranbrook, Kent, Farmer, June 24. Wilson, Farrar, & Philpott, Cran. V.-C. Hall on May 22, at l.

brook. Hooper, Hy M., Gloucester, Timber Mercbant. May 22. Solicitor, G. M. Abell, Glou

Tattersall, Charlotte M., Dover, Widow. June 9. Bailey, Shaw, Smith, & Balley, cester. Hooper v. Abell. Creditors holding security to produce same before Y.-C.

Berners-st, London, Bacon on May 29, at 12

Twistleton, George, Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmoreland, Carter. June 1. Pearson & Leach, Jno, Bradford, York, Stonemason. May 28. Solicitor, Rawson, George, & Wade,

Pearson Bradford. Leach v. Smith. Creditors holding security to produce same before the

Walker, Sir Edwd S., Berryhill, nr Mansfield, Nottingham, Knight, June 10. Laces, M.R. on June 5, at 12.

Banner, & Co, Liverpool. Mayo, Fredk R., Milton-next-Gravesend, Esq. May 30. Solicitor, L. C. Lumley, Old

Ward, Joo, Thornton-le-Fen, Lincolo, Farmer. June 1. Staniland & Wigelsworth.

Wilton, Wm R R., Wigmore, Hereford, Gent. Jane 24. W. Cottrell, Birmingham. Jewry-chambs. Price v. Mayo. Creditors holding security to produce same before V.-C. Hall on June 6, at 12.

Wright, Simeon, East Acton, Midda, Farmer. Joly 31. Rogers & Son, Westminster Oliver. Matthew. Sunderland, Common Brewer. May 16. Solicitor, T. C. McKenzie,

chambs, Victoria-st, Westminster. Sonderland. Oliver v. Ollver. Creditors holding security to produce same before

Zigomala, Nicholas E. Liverpool, Cotton Broker. June 24. Hulmo, Foyster, & Foyster, V-C. Bacon on May 25, at 12.

Manchester. Polton, Sarab, Gilbert-rd, Kennington, Spinster. Jane 1. Solicitor, E. W. Crosse,

TUESDAY, May 5, 1874. 4 Bell-yd, Doctor's-commons. Steer v. Borer. Creditors holding security to produce same before V.-C. Malins on June 15, at 12

Last Day of Maim Prentice, Ambrose, Charles-st. Trevor-sq. Knightsbridge, Gent. May 30. Solicitor, J. S.

Bannatyne, Anne S., Upper Norwood, Surrey, Widow. Jane 1. Murray & Hutchins, Tyler (Blewet & Tyler), New Broad-st. Prentice v. Silverstone. Creditors holding

Bircbin-la. security to produce same before the M. R. on June 15, at 11.

Bisdee, Edwd, Hutton, Somerset, Ek June 30. Burroughs & Bisdee, Forest Hin. Stewart, Lydia, Ramsgate, Widow. May 23. Solicitor, A. W. Rooke, Great James-st,

Boggis, Sopbia, Great Baddow, Essex. Widow. June 1. Blood & Son, Witbam, Essex. Bedford-row. Fry u. Stewart. Creditors holding security to produce same before

Brown, Wm B., Manchester, and Pendleton, near Manchester, Restaurant Keeper. V.-C. Hall on June 3, at 1. Towndrow. Wm. Stonegravels, Derby, Yeoman. June 1. Solicitor, W. Smith, Shettield. Clayton. Rev Geo. Upmidster, Essex. Protestant Dirsenting Minister

May 30. Marriott & Woodall, Manchester.

June 30. Cow. Skinner 0. Skinner. Creditors holding security to produce same before V.-C. Malins

dell. Grundy, & Browne, Budge-row, Cannon-st. on June 16, at 12. Trott. Wm E. Charlton, Dear Dover, Government Contractor.

June 15. Kent, Watson, & Watson, Jone 1. Solicitor. E.

Fyson, Joseph, Sculthorpe, Norfolk, Farmer,

Fakenham, Jones (Jones & Sons), Millman-pl, Bedford-row. Trott v. Jones. Creditors holding

Haines, Wm, Walcot, Batb, Gent, June 10. H. Chanping, Taunton. security to produce the same before;V.-C. Mallos on June 16, at 12.

Harding. Frances, Kennington Park-rd, Widow. June 1. Newbon & Co, Wardrobe

pl, Doctors'-commons. TUESDAY, May 5, 1874.

Hayward, Sidney, Overton, in Southampton, M.D. July 11, H. A. Dowse, New-inn,

Strand Aldridge, Wm, Wallingford, Berks, Plumber and Glazier. May 30. Solicitor, J. T. Hodgson, Jno Grant, Clyro, Hereford. June 1. A. F. & R. W. Tweedie, Lincoln's Inn

Dodd, Reading. Aldridge v. Aldridge. Creditors holding security to produce same fields. before Y.-C. Hall on June 10, at 1.

Horn, Isaac, Sutton St James, Lincoln, Farmer. Joly 1. W. & 'T. F. Allison, Lonth, Arnold, Fredk, Twickenham, and Fleet-st, and Kirby-st, Hatton-gdn, Stationer, Printer, Lincoln.

and Bookseller. May 30. Solicitor, F. M. Russell (Collyer-Bristow, Witbere, & Horner, Eliza, Lenton, Nottingham, Widow. June 1. W. A. Richards, Nottingham. Russell), Bedford-row. Morgan v Arnold. Creditors holding security to produce Jones, Hugh, Llanufydd, Denbigb, Gent. June 20. J. Davies, Denbigb. same before V.-C.Malins on June 8, at 12.

Minta, Benj A., South shields, Durbam, Master Mariner. July 31. W. & T. F. Allison, Dennis, Jpo, Kingston-upon-Hull, Spirit Merchant. May 30. Solicitor, J. E. Pettingell, Loutb, Lincolnshire. Holl. Legkolt v. Rutherford Creditors holding security to produce same before Rooke, Sophia, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, Spinster. June 24. Barne & Rooke, V.-C. Hall on June 12, at 12.

Batb. Goldring. Jno, Chicbester, Brewer and Wine and Spirit Merchant. June 2. Solicitor, | Simpson, Luke, Sheffield, Corn Factor. May 31. J. & G. E. Webster, Sheffield.

M.J. Sowion, Chichester. Goldring v. Goldring. Creditors and incombrancers holding Scruby, Alfred, Sloane-st. Chelsea, and St George's-terrace, Kensingtoa, Ironmonger. security to produce same before M. R, on June 17, at 12.

July 1. Carlisle & Ordell, New-sq. Lincoln's-ion, Stepbens, Wm, St Mary's-rd, Canonbury, and Bishopsgate-st Within, Wine Merchant. Sex, Edward, Lancaster-rd, Notting-bill, Gent. June 6. J. Holmes, Clement's-lane,

June 1. Solicitor, H. Child (H. J. & T. Child) Bakehouse-ct, Godliman-st, Doctors'. Lombard-st. commons. Fairfax v. Stephens. Creditors holding security to produce same before Smith, Sarab, Repton, Derby, Widow. June 10. Ricbardson & Small, Burton-uponV.-C. Hall on June 6, at 12.

Still, Hy, Abbey-st, Bermondsey, Currier. June 10. Solicitor, H. Batt, Dyers' Hall, Sparrow, Mary, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Widow. Juce 20. W. Flewker, Wolver-

Dowgate-bill. Still v. Shaw. Creditors bolding security to produce same before V..c. bampton.
Hall on June 20. at 12.

Todd, wm, Wellington-rd, St John's-wood, Gent. July 16. Simpson & Calliugford, Stoward, Jno, Axbridge, Somerset. June 1. Solicitor, J. Mead (Mead & Dan beny). Gracecburcb-st, EC.

King's Bench-walk, Temple. Day v. Stoward. Creditors bolding security to produce Tomlyn, Joo P, Maidstone, Kent, Timber Merchant. June 24. Henderson & Backle, same before V.-C. Malins on Jane 10, at 12.

Fencburcb-st. Tayler, Fredk, Oldland, Gloucester, Gent. June 1. Solicitors, Stanley & Wasbr ough, Trappes, Rev Michael, Kingston-upon-Hull, Catbolic Priest. Junel. Frost & Dawson, Bristol. Jefferis v. Tayler. Creditors holding security to produce same before Vc. Hull. all on June 6 t 12.

Tonaley, Ay, Derby, Dger. June 16. J. & W. H. Sale, Derby.

Warry, Wm R., Martock, Somerset, Esq. Jane 10. J. & W. B. Sparks, Crewkerne, Mooney, Jas, Preston, Lancaster, Watch Maker and Dealer in Jewellery ; May 13, at Somerset,

half-past 2, at offices of J. Forshaw, Preston, Solicitor, Wand, Christopher, Bradford, York, Worsted Spinner and Manufacturer. June 1. Mottershead, Jesse, Leek, Stafford, Silk Manufacturer; May 14, at 2, at offices of Taylor, Jeffery, & Little, Bradford.

Hacker & Allen, Leek.

Naylor, Jno B., Sheffield, Butcher and Cattle Salesman; May 15, at 3, at offices of BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1869.

Binney & Sons, Sheffield, Attorneys.

Newton, Thos P., Spa-rd, Bermondsey, Draper; May 3, at 11, at ofiices of London WareProceedings for Liquidation by Arrangement

bousemen's Association Rooms, Gutter-la. D. Howell, Cheapside, Attorney.

Nicholson, Chas L., Usk, Monmouth, Gent; May 13, at 1, at offices of J. B. Dixon, or Composition with Creditors.

Newport, Attorney.

Osborn, Saml, and Jno E. Fawcett, Sheffield, Steel, File, and Tool Manufacturers and NOTICES OF FIRST MEETINGS.

Merchants; May 12, at i, at Victoria Hotel, Sheffield.-Separate creditors of Saml FRIDAY, May 1, 1874.

Osborn, May 12, at 3, same place.--Separate creditors of Jno E. Fawcett, May 12,

at 4, same place. Broomhead, Wightman, & Moore, Sheffield, Attorneys. Abbot, Thomas, Gateshead, Iron Manufacturer; May 18, at 12, at offices of Keenlyside, Parker, Alf. Ashford, Kent, Baker and Grocer; May 13, at 1, at Royal Oak Hotel, Ash. Forster, & Winsbtp, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Attorneys.

ford. J. Minter, Folkestone, Attorney. Allcock, Wm, Chorley, Chester, Painter, Plumber, and Glazier; May 14, at 11, at Parker, Francis, Chelmsford, Confectioner; May 13, at 11, at offices of F. A. Jones, office of R. Hankinson, Manchester, Solicitor.

Chelmsford, Attorney. Baars, Jno B. Van, Rufford's-row, Islington, Oilman; May 9, at 3, at City Arms, Bloom

Parr, Joo, Aston-juxta-Birmingham, Victualler, Tailor, and Hatter: May 16, at hall. field-et, London, C. H. Lind, Beaufort-bldgs, Strand. Attorney.

past 11, at Spread Eagle Hotel, Gloucester, M. J. Blewitt, Birmingham, Attorney. Bateman, Wm, Kidlington, Oxford, Draper and Grocer; May 20, at 11, at offices of G. Poole, Vernon, Leek, Stafford, Grocer and Provision Dealer; May 19, at 11, at Swan Mallam, Oxford, Attorney.

Hotel, Leek. J. Redlern, Leek, Attorney. Bizley. Rachael, Bristol, Victualler; May 11, at 2, at offices of H. H. Beckingham, Porter, Thos. Liverpool, Builder, Carpenter, and Farniture Broker; May 22, at 3, at Bristol. Solicitor.

offices of W. Lowe, Liverpool, Solicitor. Brown, Wm, Birmingham, Hatter'; May 13, at quarter-past 10, at offices of A. B. East, Postlethwaite, Jas, Daventry, Linen Draper; May 18, at 11, at offices of F. Kent, Red Birmiogham, Solicitor.

Lion-ct, Cannon-st, Attorney. Careless, Jno, Walsall Wood, Stafford, Grocer, Provision Dealer, and Baker; May 15,

Pyne, Jno H., Davies-st, Berkeley-sq. Stationer ; May 11, at 3, at offices of Stlleman & at 11, at offices of J. Glover, Walsall, Attorney.

Neate, Southampton-st, Bloomsbury-89. Attorneye. Carey, Christopher, Birmingham, Draper; May 11, at half past 2, at ofices of R. Duke, Radley, Alexander, Uplon-ct, Old Broad-st, Accountant; May 19, at i, at offices of Birmingham, Attorney.

J. T. Davies Moorgate-st, Solicitor. Clark, Wm, Droyslden, near Manchester, Fish Salesulan; May 12, at 3, at offices of T.

Rawstborna, Sbadracb, Preston, Lancaster, Cotton Manufacturer; May 13, at 2, at Whitlow, Manchester, Attorney.

Boar's H ad Inn, Preston. T. Edelston, Preston, Attorney. Clift, Jas, Birmingham, Poulterer and Fraiterer ; May 13, at 4, at offices of E. Parry. I Rickell. Wm. York Innkeeper: May 15. at 11. at offices of A Watson. York. Attorney Birmingbam, Attorney.

Rowe, Lalbam 0. Deal, Coro factor; May 13, at 11, at offices of Mercer, Edwards, & Cornisb. Wm, Penzance, Cornwall, Printer, Stationer, and Bookseller; May 14, at 11, Marcar Deal Attorney at offices of W. Trytball, Penzance, Attorney.

Sherry, Ernest, Shepberd's Busb-rd, Hammersmith, Commercial Traveller: May 21. Cradock, Fredk, Midsomer Norton, Somerset, Provision Merchant; May 14, at 12,

at 2, at offices of Tilley & Liggins, Finsbury.pl, South, Attorneys. at offices of G. Pearson, Bristol, Attorney.

Shields, Thos, Bradford, York, Scuff Mercbant; May 12, at 11, al offices of P. Harris, Crago, Wo H., Plymoutb. Commercial Traveller; May 15, at 4, at offices of T.C.

Bradford, Solicitor. Brian, Plymouth, Attorney.

Siils, Wm, Luton, Music Master and Straw Hat Manufacturer ; May 12, at 3, at offices Croad, W., Sherborne, Dorset, Plomber and Glazier; May 13, at 2, at Antelope Hotel,

of A. J. Jeffery, Luton, Attorney. Sherborne. S. Watts, Yeovil, Attorney.

Smith, Thos, and Fredk inng, birmingham, Cabinet Makers and General Dealers ; May Doffio, Wm H., Theale, Berks, Grocer and Draper; May 14, at 12, at ofices of A, Beale, 15. at 3, at offices of J. Chirm, Birmingham, Solicitor. Reading, Attorney.

Smyth, Hy N.. New Basinghall-st, Merchant's Clerk ; May 13, at 1, at offices of Drake Dunsby, Cbas, Liverpool, Milliner; May 14, at 12, at offices of Fowler & Carruthers,

& Son, Cloake-la, Cannon-st. Solicitors. Liverpool, Attorneys.

Spain, Jao B., Southampton, Grocer, Ironmonger, and 011 and Lamp Merchant : May Fiper, Hy, Íbos Finer, and Maria Witting. Great Clacton, Essex, Grocers and Drapers ; *19, at 12, at offices of Stocken & Jupp, Lime-st-sq. Lime-st, London, Solicitors. May 19, at 12, at Salisbury Hotel, Salisbury-eq, Fleet-st. Philbrick & Middleton, Col

W. A. Lomer, Attorney. chester, Attorneys.

Stepbens, Josh, Leeds, Manufacturer and Merchant ; May 14, at 2, at offices of Simpson French, Jno T, Lowther-arcade, Strand, Dealer in Fancy Goods; May 14, at 2, at

& Barrell, Leeds. Attorneys. i omces of Sydney & Son, Finsbury-circus, Attorneys.

Street, Hy, Tunbridge Wells: May 12, at 12, at offices of J. Andrews, 45 Fenchurch. Frölich. Edwd J. H. T., Fencburch-st, Merchant; May 19, at 3, at offices of Messrs.

st. Stone & Simpson, Tonbridge Wells, Attorneys. Harrison, Walbrook, Attorneys.

Taylor, Jno, Portsea, Poulterer, Frulterer, and Greengrocer; May 13, at 11, at offices Gapnaway. Fredk, Poplar, Grocer, Cheesemonger, &c.; May 18, at 3, at offices of Nicholls of F. Walker, Landport, Attorney.

& Leatherdale, Old Jewry-chambers. R. 8. Gregson, Angel-ct, Throgmorton-st, Ato | Tomkinson. Chas, Manchester, Yarn and Cloth Agent; May 13, at 11, at ofices of torney.

Rideal & Shaw, Manchester, Solicitors. Garvey, Hy, Liverpool, Boot and Shoe Maker and Dealer; May 19, at 3, at offices of Walter, Chas M., Albert-ter, Knightsbridge, Manufacturer of Porimanteaus, Trunks. J.J. Ritson, Liverpool, Attorney.

May 16, at 11, at oftices of T. Whitwell, King-st. Cheapside, AtGill, Levi, Leeds, Boot and Shoe Maker; May 14, at 2, at offices of L. Hardwick, Leeds, torney. Solicitor.

Webb, Thos. Dowobam-rd, Kingsland, Corn and Coal Merchant; May 14, at 2, at Gillespie, Robt, Middlesborough, Draper; May 15, at 11, at Temperance Hotel, Mid

Masons' Hall Hotel, Masons'-avenue, Basinghall-st. A. Ashley, Charles-39, Hoxton, dlesborough. G. Bainbridge, Middlesborough, Attorney.

Attorney. Gowenlock, Geo, Oldbam, Lancaster, Salesman'; May 14, at 2, at Mitre Hotel, Man- Whitebead, Renben. Framlingbam, Suffolk, Miller and Merchant; May 14, at 4, at chester. W. R. Clarke, Oldham, Attorney.

offices of B. Moulton, Woodbridge, Auctioneer, W. W. Welton, Attorney. Haines, Geo, Bristol, Mason and Builder; May 9, at 11, at offices of A. Essery, Bristol, Widdowson, David D), Slough. Buckingham, Coal Factor; May 16, at 3, at offices of

Hanmer, Jas, Liverpool, Victualler ; May 15, at 3, at Clarendon Rooms, Liverpool. J. Williamson, ias, Manchester, Common Brewer; May 13, at 2, at offices of Chapman,
Blackborst, Liverpool, Attorney.

Roberts, & Beck, Manchester, Attorneys.
Harrison, Jas, Bradford, York, Woolstapler ; May 11, at 11, at offices of Dawson &
Greaves, Bradford, Solicitors.

TUESDAY, May 5, 1874.
Hart, Mark W. Peterborough, Grocer and Tea Dealer; May 18, at 3, at Wentworth Agney, Michael, Smethwick, Stafford, Cab Proprietor; May 20, at 3, at Waggon and
Hotel, Peterborough, J. Graves, Peterborough, Attorney.

Horses Hotel, Oldbury. Heyl, Jas, Saltash, Cornwall, Gent; May 19, at 11, at offices of Elworthy, Curtis, & Atkins, Arthur J., Bridport.st, Blandford-aq. Builder ; May 18, at 10, at Pine Apple Dawe, Plymouth, Attorneys.

Hotel, Carlisle-st, Portman-market. J. Fulcber, Basinghall-st, Attorney. Hoaiber, Thos, Brighton, Builder ; May 20, at 3, at offices of C. Lamb, Brighton, At- Atlee, Jno, Seetbing-la, Wine Cooper and Bottle Merchant; May 13, at 2, at 26 Seethtorney.

L ipg-la. W. C. Scker, Gray's-inn-sg, Attorney. Holt, Christopber, Euston nd, Iron Bedstead Manufacturer and Upholsterer; May 18, Arrowsmith, Geo P., Prospect-pl, Cambridge-heath, Chemist: May 27, at 3, at offices of at 2, at oftices of T. R. Apps, South-sq. Gray's-inn, Attorney.

F. Holloway, Ball's Pond-td, Islington, Accountant. J. B. Fenton, Colebrooke-row, Hoskios, Thos, Bristol, Brush Manufacturer ; May 16, at i, at offices of W. Bowman, Islington, Attorney. Bristol, Accountant. S. Roper, Bristol, Attorney.

Asbton, Nicholas T., St Ives, Cornwall, Chemist, Photographer, Fruiterer, and Fancy Hounsell, Geo, Loogbredy, Dorset, VIctualler; May 13, at 3, at offices of E. Burnett, Goods Dealer; May 14, at 3, at White Hart Hotel, Hayle. T. R. Hearle, Hayle, At. Dorchester, Attorney.

torney, Howell, Edwd, Idol-la, Gt Tower-st, Tea Dealer and Dealer in Colopial Produce; May Barde. Jean E, H., Twickenham, Mercbant's Clerk; May 13, at 11, at ofices of W. 12, at 2, at oftices of C. J. Holmes, Fencburch-st, Solicitor.

| Haigh. jan, King-st, Cheapside, Attorney. lanes, Wm M., Aldersbot, Lieut. 1o H.M.'& 93rd Regiment of Highlanders; May 20, Barrett, Jas B., New-inn, Strand, Solicitor and Attorney ; May 15, at 2, at ofices of at 2, at ofices of Messrs. Davis, Cork-st, Burliogton-gdns, Attorneys.

F. Coker, Cheapside, Accountant. H. W. Nethersole, Attorney. Jepnings, Richd, Bradford, and Doncaster, Woolstapler; May 15, at 11, at offices of Barron, Wm B., Preston, Lancaster, Draper; May 15, at 2, at Home Trade Association Wood & Kulick, Bradford, Solicitors.

Rooms Manchester. T. Edelston, Preston, Attorney. Jones, Ricbd, Holybead, Leather and Shoe Dealer; May 14, at 1, at Ermine Hotel, Beadel, Alf Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Chemist and Druggist; May 19, at 12, at offices of Chester. W. Jones, Menai Bridge, Attorney.

Messrs. Watson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Attorneys. Leedam, Wm, Barrow-in-Furness, Lancaster, Tailor and Draper; May 15, at 11, at Bearis. Bobt. Ventnor, Isle of Wight, Carpenter; May 16, at 12, at Star Hotel, Newoffices of J. A. Tattersall, Blackburn, Attorney.

port. H. Pollbrick, Southampton, Attorney Lewis, Margaret E., Carmarthen, Milliner; May 14, at il, at offices of W. D. Evans, Bidmead, Josh, South Brept, Devon, Victoaller ; May 16, at 4, at Mount Pleasant Hotel, Carmarthen, Solicitor.

Mount Pleasant-ter, Plymouth. T. N. Nepean, Ivybridge, Devon, Attorney. Lumb, wm, Halifax, Wheelwright; May 14, at 11, at offices of G. Rhoder, Halifax Bingbam, Frank, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Victualler and Publican; May 25, at 3, at Solicitor.

offices of Addlesbaw & Warburton, Manchester, Solicitors. McKerrow, Alexander, Bradford. York, Stuff Merchant; May 12, at 11, at offices of Birch, Jno R., Aldeburgh, Suffolk, Coal Merchant; May 16, at 10, at offices of JacksTerry & Robinson, Bradford, Attorneys.

man & Sons, Ipswich, Attorneys. Maunder, Jno, Crediton, Devon, Watch Maker and Jeweller; May 14, at 12, at Castle Bowden, Archibald J., Rosoman-st, Clerkenwell, Fruiterer and Greengrocer;' May 19, Hotel. Exeter. T. Floud, Exeter, Attorney.

at 2, at offices of Knox & Mould, Newgate-kt, Attorneys,


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Boucb, Robt M, Liverpool, Coal Merchant; May 18, at 2, at ofices of A. Stepbenson, | Muschamp, Geo, Batley, York, Draper; May 19, at 12, at Queen's Hotel, Bradford. F. 8. Liverpool, Solicitor.

| Wooler, Batley, Attorney. Brown, Archibald, Barrow-in-Furness, Lancaster, Tailor and Draper; May 13, at 11, Neeve, Hy, Sproughton, Suffolk, Miller and Maltster; May 21, at 12, at offices of

at Ship Ino, Barrow-in-Farness. R B. D. Bradshaw, Barrow-in-Forness, Attorney. | Josselyn & Sons, Ipswich, Attorney. Barn, Thos, Sunderland, Chemist and Druggist; May 19, at 11, at offices of w.n. Paulizky, Phillipp, Grosvenor-terrace, Garrett-lane, Wandsworth, Baker; May 26, at 3, Skinper. Sunderland. Solicitor.

at offices of S. T. Cooper, Cbaring-cross, Attorney. Burton, Wm. Warwick, Cordwainer; May 13, at 12, at offices of W. B. Sanderson, Pearson, Wm, and Thos Bions, Lower Broughton, Builders and Contractors; May 22, Warwick, Solicitor.

at 3, at omices of Rowley, Page, & Rowley, Mancbester, Attorneys. Channon, Thos, Alphington, Deron, Baker; May 16, at 4, at 77 Union-st, St Thomas Poole, Geo, Bristol, Dentist; May 13, at 2, at otices of H, H. Backingham, Bristol, Soli. the Apostle, Devon.

citor. Charnley, Richd, Ulverston, Shipbuilder; May 15, at 2, at Temperance Hall, Ulver. Porter, Jas, Richmond, Surrey, Auctioneer ; May 19, at 3, at offices of Hicklin & Wasbgon. J. Poole, Ulverston, Attorney.

ington, Trinity-sq, Borough-sq, Attorneys. Cogblan, Mary C., Orchard-st, Portman-sq. Scholastic Agent; May 27, at 2, at Potter, Cbas B., Welwyn, Heriford, Grocer and Provision Dealer; May 20, at 3, at offices 201 Portland st. Wright & Nicoll, Attorneys.

of Broad, Pritchard, & Wiltshire, Cheapside, London. H. Aird, Eastcbea, E.C., AtCollins, Edwd J. M., Wargrave. Berks, Author; May 19, at 12, at offices of Tidy, Her torney. bert, & Tidy, Reading. Attorneys.

Raine, Jno, Salford, Lancaster, Linen Draper and Hosier : May 13, at 11, at Home Davey, Elizabeth A., St Mary Cray. Kent, Lodging-house Keeper; May 18, at 2, at Trade Association Rooms, Manchester. Sale, Shipman, & Co, Manchester, At. ottices of Cbinery & Ald idga, Feochurch st, Attorneys.

torneys. Dennis, Josh, Knightsbridge, Tailor and Military Outfitter; May 15, at 2, at ofices of Ramsden, Geo, Dewsbury, York, Oil Extractor; May 19, at 2, at offices of A. H. Fryer, F. Coker, Cheapside, Accountant. H. W. Netbersole, Attorney.

Dewsbury, Attorney. Eames, Jas, Kingsley, Southampton, Miller; May 22, at 12, at offices of R. Eve, Alder Rook, Robt. Purston Jacklin, near Pontefract, York, Farmer and Shopkeeper; May 22, shot, Attorney.

at 3, at Five Lions Hotel, York. W. B. Richardson, Scarborough, Attorney. Farley, Sami, Wakefield-st, Gray's-inn-d, Builder; May 13, at 10, at Victoria Tavern, Row, Hy 0., Plymouth, Rag Merchant and General Dealer; May 16, at 12, at offices of - Morpeib-rd, Victoria pk. J. Long, Blackfriars-rd, Attorney.

T.C. Brian, Plymouth, Solicitor. Field, Jas. Tipton, Stafford, Draper; May 14, at 11, at offices of T. Parker, Lombardo Sanders, Wm H., Irthlingborough, nr Higham Ferrars, Northampton, Currier and Shoe ct, Attorney.

Manufacturer; May 15, at 3, at offices of R. W. Sherwood, Welliogborough, NorthFlelder, Fredk, Emsworth, Southampton, Ippkeeper and Builder; May 16, at ball-past 2, ampton, Attorney. at offices of R. W trake. Southampton. G. H. King. Portsea, Aitorney.

Shepherd, Wm T., Scarborougb, York, Confectioner and Wine Merchant; May 20, at 12, Foster, Alf T., Gt Bow dep, or Market Harborougb, Leicester, Coal and

at offices of Drawbridge & Rowntree, Scarborough, Attorney. May 19, at 1, at offices of H. A Owston, Leicester, Solicitor.

Simpson, Zephaniah, Farringdon-st, ani Dulwicb, Draper; May 20, at 2, at Chamber Foster, Josb, High-st, Whit chapel, Grocer; May 18, at 3, at offices of Buckler, of Commerce, Cheapside. Clarke, Son, & Rawlins, Gresham-boase, Old Broad st, Millard, & Cayley, Fenchurch st, Attorneys.

Attorneys. Gatward, Wm, Wheaihompstead, Hertford, Boot Maker; May 15, at 4, at George Inn, | Singleton, David, Pendlebury, Lancaster, Joiner and Builder, Cabioet Maker and PrcSt Albans. G. Andesley, St Albans, Attorney.

vision Dealer; May 20, at 11, at offices of T E. Jones, Manchester, Solicitor. Greaves, Geo, Bi-pham, Lancaster, Innkeeper; May 18, at 11, at offices of Plant & Smith, Saml, Colchester, Innkeeper; May 18, at 4, at offices of H. Jones, Colebester, Abbott, Preston, Solicitors.

Solicitor. Greaves, Josh. Harewood. York, Farmer and Cattle Dealer; May 16, at 2, at Three Stark, Peter, New St Cross, Dear Newport, Isle of Wight, Dairyman; May 16, at 11, at Lege Ion, Wetherby. J. Coates, Attorney.

Star Hotel, Newport. H Philbrick, Sout bampton, Attorney. Hallas, Josh, Sunderland, Hosier, Haberdasher, and Outfitter; May 21, at 2, at offices Thomas, Jro, Llauwpda. Carnarvon. Joiner and Builder; May 18, at 11, at Queen's of Messrs. Wrigbt, Sunderland, Solicitors.

Hotel, Carnarvon. J. Roberts, Bangor, Attorney. Hampson, Peter, Bolton, Lancaster, Wholesale Druggist and Oil Merchant; May 18, Topbam, Geo N.. Dewsbury, York, Picture Sealer; May 19, at 3, at offices of Peel & at 3, at offices of C. W. Dawson, Bolton, Attorney.

Gaubt, Bradford, Solicitors. Harding. Wo A., Birmingbam, Boot and Shoe Dealer; May 15, at 12, at offices of A. Tyler, Geo. Spalding, Lincoln, Tobacconist and General Dealer; May 18, at 3, at offices Pointon, Birmingbam, Solicitor.

of G. F. D. Gacbes, Peter borough, Attorney. Harrison, Joo H., Friday-st, ant Cannon-st. Mantle, Costume, &c., Manufacturer and Vine, Jno, Redruth, Cornwall, Travelling Draper; May 19, at half-pist 2, at offices of

Warebouseman; May 21, at 2, at Guildhall Coffee-house, Gresham-st. W. H. Hol- S. T. G. Downing, Redruth, Solicitor. F. W. Dendy, Redruth, Attorney. land, Knight Rider-st, Doctors'-commons, Attorney.

Walker, Josb, Heckmondwike, York, Ironfounder and Machine Maker; May 21, at 3, Hathway, Wm, Bristol, Grocer; May 15, at 12, at offices of Denniog, Smitb, & Co., at Black Bail Inn, Mirfield. W. B. Iveson, Heck mondwike, Attorney.

Bristol, Accountants. Henderson, Salmon, & Hendersons. Bristol, Attorneys. Waters. Edmd, New Romuey, Kent, Carpenter ; May 19, at 11, at Royal Oak Autel,
Heath, Wm, Burslem, Stafford, Grocer; May 9, at 11, at offices of Mesers. Tomkinson, Ashford. F. A. Langham, Hastings, Attorney.
Burslem, Attorneys.

Wilkins, Tbos, the elder, and Thos Wilkins, the ye, Rugby, Builders; May 19, at 11, Helliwell, Jas, Morley, York, Woollen Manufacturer: May 18, at 3. at Batley Railway At Lawrence Sherria's Aros Hotel, Rugty. F. Faller, Rugby, Attorney.

Station Hotel, Batley, Walnwright, Mander, & Whitbam, Wakefield, Attorneys. Williams, Wm J., and Hy Vaugban. Coleman-st, Wholesale Tea and Coifee Dealers ; Hill, Saml, Blackfriars-rd, late of St George's-rd, Southwark, Cabinet Bar and Shop May 18, at 2, at offices of F. Bradley, Mark-la, Attorney.

fitter : May 16, at 11, at offices of R. W. Robinson, Temple-chambers, Fleet-st, AI- Witherington, Richd, Sunderland, Ironmonger; May 22, at 3, at ofices of R. Fair. torney.

clougb, Sanderland, Attorney. Hunt, Peter, Congleton, Chester, Silk Throwster; May 16, at 11, at offices of T. Cooper, Wood. Thos. Bradford, York, Wheelwright and Smith; May 19, at 10, at offices of Peel Congleton, Solicitor.

& Gaunt, Bradford, Solicitors. Hunt, Ralph, Elmer's-rd, Woodside, Clerk 10 a Warehouseman; May 14, at 3, at offices of S. Betteley. London-wall, Attorney.

Bankrupts. Jacksoho, Hermann Manchester, Dyer, Cleaner, and Finisher; May 21, at 3, at offices of Grundy & Kershaw, Manchester, Solicitors.

FRIDAY, May 1, 1874.
Jennings, Jesse, Canterbury, Butcher; May 19, at 1, at Rose Hotel, Canterbury. T. T.

To Attend in London.
De Lasaux, Canterbury, Attorney.
Jones, Alf, Bristol, Commi sion Agent; May 13, at 11, at offices of J. H. Clifton, Bristol,

Morley, Hy, Upper Thames-st, London, Stuff Warebouseman. Pet Apr 28. May 26,

at 12. Attorney. Jones, Hugb, Llanfair-yb-neubwll, Anglesey, Farmer, Grocer, and Miller; May 16, at 1,

Tugwood, Alf J., Upper Thames-st, Strawboard Dealer and Paper Mercbant. Pet Apr

29. May 21, at 11. at George Ina, Holyhead. W. Jones, Medai Bridge, Attorney. Joyce, Edwd, Congleion, Chester, Printer; May 19, at 11, at Angel Hotel, Macclesfield.

To Attend in the Country. W. Cooper, Coogleton. Attorney.

Gribble, Fredk W., Charlton, Kent. Pet Apr 28. May 15, at 2, County Court, GreenJoyce, Jas s., Brixton, Brewer; May 15, at 2, at offices of Harper, Broad, & Battcock, wich. Rood-la, E.C., Attorneys.

Mack, Wm L., Gt Yarmouth, Tailor, Hosier, and Fancy Dealer, Pet Apr 27. May 13, Kelly, Benj J. Klogston-upon-Hull. Tailor and Draper ; May 18, at 1, at offices of F.

-Hall, Tailor and Draper; May 18, at 1, at ofices of Flat 3, County Court, Gt Yarmouth. Summers, Kiogston-upon-Hull, Attorney. Kendall, Wm, Winterton, Lincoln, Innkeeper : May 15, at 12, at George Hotel, King

TUESDAY, May 5, 1874. stop-upon-Hall. H. E. Mason, Barton-upon-Humber, Attorney.

To Attend in the Country. Lane, Joo, Dover, Plumber and Painter; May 16, at 4, at offices of E. Cogswell, Bentham, Josb, the yr, Ingleton, York, Farmer and Cattle Dealer. Pet May 2 May Gracechurch-st. W. Hicks, Annis-rd, South Hackney, Attorney.

22, at il. County Court, Kendal, Leach, Saml, Denton, Lancaster, Hat Manufacturer; May 18, at 3, at Norfolk Arms Goulding, Thos, Geo Howe, and J. W. Newbold, Llanfypydd Quarries, Flint, Lime and Hotel, Hyde, Chester. H. Smith, Attorney.

Stone Dealers. Pet Apr 30. May 19, at 12. County Court, Wrexham. Liddle, Wm, West Hartlepool, Joiner; May 15, at 12, at ofices of Dolblog & Simpson, McWhirr, Wm, Redboarne, Hertford, Blacksmith. Pet May i. May 19, at 10, County West Hartlepool. Solicitors.

Court, St. Alban's. Lincoln, Jas, Hereford-cottages, Hammersmith, House Decorator ; May 16, at 4, at Neill, Geo, Orchard-st, Wandsworth, Baker. Pet Apr 14, May 22, at 11, County Court 15 Curaitor-st, Chancery.la

Wandswortb. Marks, Hy, and Simon Marka, Cape Town, South Africa, General Dealers, now of New Prichard, Wm, Penrose, nr Raglan, Monmouth, Farmer. Pet Apr 29. May 19, at 13,

castle-upon-Tyne; Aug 4, at 11, at offices of W.J. Johnston, Newcastle-opop-Type, County Court, Newport. Solicitor.-Separate creditors of Hy Marks, May 19, at 11, same place.--Separate cre- Topham, Moses, Bradford, Staff Manufacturers. Pet May 1. May 19, at 9, County ditors of Simon Marks, May 19, at 11, same place.

Court, Bradford. Martin, Wm, wm, Varley-at, milles Platting, Lancaster, Fustian Cutter; May 15, at 8Wilks, Wm T., and Wm Jenkins, Swansea, Glamorgun, Coal Merchants. Pet Apr 30. at Grey Mare Ion, Varley-st.

May 16, at 12, County Court, Swansea. Martyr. Tbomas W.. late of Tenterden. Kent, Grocer and Tea Dealer : May 14, at 12. I Wrigley. Jae. And Ino R Wrioley Mahestar Stock and Chara Reolara p.

at Offices of Bath & Co, King William-st, Accountants. H. A. Lovett, King William May 21, at 9, County Court, Manchester.

st. Attorney. Mason, George, Acton, Midds, Ironmonger; May 20, at 12, at Gulldball Coffee-house,

Gresbam-st. Treberne & Wolferstan, Ironmonger-la, Attorneys.

FRIDAY, May 1, 1874.
Melville. Jas, Manchester, Commission and Insurance Agent; May 18, at 4, at offices Brook, Andrew M., Keighley, York, Beerhouse Keeper. Apr 29.

of J. Best, Manchester, Solicitor.
Mensley, Jno, High-st, Camden Town, Boot and Shoe Maker ; May 14, at 2, at Guildhall

TUESDAY, May 5, 1874. Tavern, Gresbam-st. E. J. Anning, Poultry, Attorney.

Lichfield, Wm, Anerley, Sarrey, Market Gardener and Nurseryman, Apr 20.

Printed by GEORGE CLowes, at Duke Street, Stamford Street, in the Borough of Lambeth, in the County of Surrey; and Published by him at 51, Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn

in the Parish of St. Clement Danes, in the County of Middlesex.-Saturday, May 9, 1874.

Publisþed for tße Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales.

Delivered GRATIS in the United Kingdom and the Colonies to all Subscribers to the ENTIRE Series o! THE LAW REPORTS.

No. 20.

SATURDAY, MAY 16, 1874.

S Price One Shilling.
Two Pounds per Annum,


Now Ready.



Just published, price 1s., by post 18. 1d. 1 ENGLAND AND WALES having made arrangements for N E PRELIMINARY (No. 27), containing the Ques

1 tions and Answers of the Preliminary Examination of the 13th and 14th of the Publication of the APPEALS from the EAST INDIES May, 187

May, 1874. Edited by EDWARD HENSLOWE BEDFORD, Solicitor, 9, Klog's Bench Walk, to the PRIVY COUNCIL, the First Part is now Ready. Temple.

London : STEVEXS and Sons, 119, Chancery Lane. The Series will be entitled INDIAN APPEALS," and as far as

Just published, royal 880., price 78.6d, cloth. possible all the Important Cases will be Published within the

The Judicature Act, 1873, Annotated. Year they are Decided.

THE SUPREME COURT of JUDICATURE ACT, The Subscription is £1 Is., payable in advance to JAMES

1 1873, with EXPLANATORY NOTES. By F. 0. HAYNES, of Lincoln's Inn,

Barrister-at-Law, late Fellow of Caius College, Cambridge. THOMAS HOPWOOD, Esq., 3, New Square, Lincoln's Inn,

London: W. MAXWELI, and Sox, 29, Fleet Street. London, W.C. The Subscription for India, to include the

New Edition, 8vo., price £1 10s., cloth, postage, is £i 55.


I TEGAL NOTICES.-In the ENGLISH, INDIAN, COLONIAL, annending the same, and otherwise in relation to Municipal Corporations, with Notes and

Corporation Act, 5 and 6 William IV., c. 76, and the Acts since passed for and FOREIGX Journals---correctly inserted in any language required, and copies of References to the Cases thereon, and an Appendix, containing the principal Statutes the papers promptly supplied by the undersigned, who are entrusted with the care of all referred to, including those relating to Mandamus and Quo Warranto, and Corrupt Legal Notices by the principal firms in the profession. The London Gazette filed

Practices at Parliamentary Elections; a List of Boroughs having Quarter Sessions, STREET BROTHERS, 5, Serle Street, W.O.

Borough Court Rules, &c. By Sir CHRISTOPHER RAWLINsos, late Chief Justice of Madras.

Sixth Edition. By Thos. GEARY, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-LAW. GEORGE STREET, 30, Cornhill, E.C.

London: W. MAXWELL & Sox, 29, Fleet Street. TO SOLICITORS.-A Gentleman in City Practice is

LONDON GAZETTE (published by authority) and LONDON and willing to enter into arrangements to CONDUCT SUITS or other business requiring CAPITAL Apply to "LEX,” care of F. R. CLEMENTS, 47, Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn.


No. 117, CHANCERY LANE, FLEET STREET. 1 has been in Practice Ten Years, and has a good staff of Clerks, is desirous of H ENRY GREEN, Advertisement Agent, begs to direct adding to his business that of some Gentleman who contemplates Retiring. Apply to *3;" care of W. W. Feast, Esq., 5, Railway Place, Fenchurch Street, E.C.

the attention of the Legal Profession to the advantages of his long experience of upwards of twenty-five years, in the special insertion of all pro formá notices, &c., and hereby solicits their continued support.-N.B. One copy of Advertisement only required, and the strictest care and promptitude assured. Officially Stamped Forms

for Advertisements, and File of “London Gazette" kept.--By Appointment.
TV and was Articled to a large country Conveyancing Firm, a CONVEYANCING
CLERKSHIP, in Town preferred. Apply by letter to “C. S. H.,” 7, George Yard,
Lombard Street, E.C.



Established 1835. Capital paid up............ £480,000.

Carriage Paid to the Country on Orders exceeding 20s. This Society purchases Reversionary Property and Life Interests, and grants Loans DRAFT PAPER, 58., 68. 6d., 78. 9d., and 95. 9d. per ream. on these securities.

BRIEF PAPER, 148. 60., 18$. 6d., and 248. 6d. per ream.
Forms of Proposal may be obtained at the Ofice.

FOOLSCAP PAPER, 113. 60., 148. 6d., and 198. 6d. per ream.
F.S. CLAYTON, Yerind Carsten

CREAM LAID NOTE, 38., 48., and 58. per ream.

LARGE CREAM LAID NOTE, 48., 68., and 78. per ream.

LARGE BLUE NOTE, 38., 48., and 68. per ream.

P. & C.'s “ VELLUM Wove CLUB HOUSE" NOTE, 9s. 6d. per ream. TAW REVERSIONARY INTEREST SOCIETY, ENVELOPES, CREAM or BLUE, 38. 6d., 48. 6d., and 6s. 6d. per 1000. 68, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON.



INDEXTURE SKINS, Printed and Machine-ruled, 28. each, and 238. per dozen.
Deputy-Chairman-H, CECIL RAIKES, Esq., M.P.

SECONDS or FOLLOWERS, Ruled, 18. 8d. each, and 198. per dozen.
Reversions and Life Interests purchased. Immediate and Deferred Annuities granted RECORDS or MEMORIALS, 6d. each, 58. 6d. per dozen.
In exchange for Reversionary and Contingent Interests.

Loans may also be obtained on the security of Reversions.
Amulties Immediate, Deferred, and Contingent, and also Endowments, granted on

An immense stock in various bindings. aroarable terms,

ILLUSTRATED PRICE LIST of Inkstands, Postage Scales, Copying Presses, WritingProspectnges and Forms of Proposal, and all further information, may be had at the cases. Despatch Boxes, Oak and Walnut Stationery Cabinets, and other useful articles

C. B. CLABON, Secretary. | adapted to Library or Office, post free. EsTABLISHED 1841.

[Registered at the General Post Ofice as a Newspaper.]

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LAW LECTURE AT THE INCORPORATED LAW their accounts, and the nature of the securities (if any) held by them, to the under-

mentioned solicitors on or before the days mentioned.
Bird, Sarab, Canterbury, Widow. June 3. Solicitor, J. Callaway (Callaway & Furley),

The following Lecture will be delivered in the Hall of the Society

Bird v. Welby. Creditors holding security to produce same before

V.-C. Hall on June 15, at 1. in the ensuing week :

Doyle, Chas E, Kingsland-rd, Packer. May 29. Solicitor, W. Holmes, Threadneedle-st.

Doyle v Francis. Creditors holding security to produce same before V.-C. Hall on On “Equity,” Mr. CHALONER W. CHUTE. Friday, May 22. June 9, at 1. 6 to 7 P.M,

Niven, Agnes V., Skipton in Craven, York, Spinster, June 5. Solicitor, R. Smith

(R & W. B. Smith, New-sq. Lincoln's-inn. Fowler . Robinson. Creditors bolding

security to produce before M. R. on June 12, at 11.

Pbillips, Wm, Witston Court, Monmouth, and Bristol, Esq. June 2. Solicitors, Atbott, LAW CLASSES AT THE INCORPORATED LAW Jenkins, & Abbott, New-ion, Strand. Vassall v. Morgan. Creditors holding security

to produce same before V.-C. Bacon on June 23, at 12. SOCIETY.

Prince, Jno, Hastings, Weybridge, and Cornbill, Esq. June 8. Solicitor, J. Kynaston,

Queen-st, Cheapside. Hopewell v. Barnes. Creditors bolding security to produce On “ Equity," MR. CHALONER W. CHUTE. Monday, May 18– same before V.-C. Malins on June 18, at 12. Class A.; Tuesday, May 19 — Class B.; Wednesday, May 20

Ratray, Mary G , Tavistock-eq. Spinster. May 25. Solicitor, E. Bedford (Curtis & Bed

ford) Haberdasher's-ball. Bedford v. Guyon. Creditors holding security to produce Class C. 4.30 to 6 P.M. each day.

same before V.-C. Bacon on June 1, at 12. Robberds, Georgina R., Cley-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, Widow. June 10. Solicitor, J. L.

Press (Brittan, Press, & İnskip), Bristol. Rule v. Gibson. Creditors holding security

to produce same before V.-C. Hall on June 20, at 12.

Woodman. Wm, Worth, Sussex, Farmer. June 9. Solicitor, C. Stending (Smith, StenLONDON GAZETTES.

ning, & Croft), Aldermanbury. Woodman v. Stanbridge. Creditors holding security
to produce same before the M. R. on June 23, at 11.

TUESDAY, May 12, 1874.
Professional Partnership wissolbed.

Andrews, Joo, Bosbury, Hereford, Gent. June 8. Solicitor, J. L. Smith, Ledbury,
TUESDAY, May 12, 1874.

Hereford Andrews v. Greaves. Creditors holding security to produce same before

V.-C. Malins on June 18, at 12. Salmon. Edgar E., Chas F. Henderson, and Wm Henderson (Henderson, Salmon, & Hen

Bignold, Rev Saml E. Scole, Norfolk, Clerk, June 4. Solicitor, E. S. Bignold, Norwich. derson), Bristol, Attorneys-at-Law and Solicitors. Apr 5 last, by mutual consent, so

Wise man v. Bignold. Creditors holding security to produce same before the M. R. on far as regards Wm Henderson. The said Edgar E, Salmon and Charles F. Henderson

June 18, at bali-past 11, will carry on the said business.

Cann, Saml, Wymondbam Norfolk. May 29. Solicitor, E. C. Bailey, Norwich. Cana

v, Capn, Creditors bolding security to produce same before V.-C. Hall on June 5, putinding-up of Joint Stock Companies.

at 12.

Craig. Thos G., Richmond, Surrey, Gent. June 12. Solicitor, C. Burt, Threadneedle-st. FRIDAY, May 8, 1874.

Creditors holding security to produce same before the M.R. on June 27, at 11.

Iron, Joo, Dover, Kent, Gent. June 12. Solicitor, T. Hayter (Wood, Street, & Hayter), LIMITED IN CHANCERY.

Raymond-bldgs, Gray's-inn. Fielding v. Iron. Creditors holding security to produce Mostya Copper Company (Limited).-Order to wind-up. Apr 18. M.R. Chester. Uran. same before the M. R. on June 25, at 11.

hart, Maybew, & Holden, Staple-inn, agents for 1. H. e. Gill, Liverpool, solicitor for Jones, Jno, Trybach, Glamorgan, Surgeon. June 6. Solicitor, J. Kempthorne, Neats, petitioners.

Glamorgan. Jones v. Jones. Creditors, holding security to produce same before

V.-C. Bacon on June 16, at 12.

Lodr. Edwd, Thornbury, Gloucester, Surgeon. June 12. Solicitors, Scarlett & Gwynn, Association of Promoters of the Leamington and Warwick Tramways.-Order to Thornbury, Gloucester, Michael v. L og. Creditors holding security to produce

wind-up, May 1, V.-C. Malins. Fallows & Whitehead, Lancaster-pl, Strand, solicitors same before the M.R. on July 3, at 12. for petitioner.

Moss, Mary, Montague-rd West, Hackney, Spinster. May 27. Solicitor. C. E. Freeman, TUESDAY, May 12, 1874.

Guiter-la, Cheapside. Frost v. Brittain. Creditors holding security to produce same

before V.-C. Hall on June 3, at 12. LIMITED IN CHANCERY.

Raymond, Wm C, Abbey-rd, St Jobn's Wood. Wbarfipger. June 3. Solicitor, b.

Russell (R. & A. Russell). Coleman-st. Raymond v. Charrington. Creditors holding Central Queensland Meat Preserving Company (Limited).-Order to wind-up, May 2,

security to produce same before the M. R, on June 17, at balf-past 11. M. R. W. & J. Flower & Nussey, Great Winchester-st-bldgs, solicitors for peti. Stratton. Geo. Peptney. Norfolk, Farmer. June 16. Solicitor, E. M. Beloe, w tioner. Poole Fire Brick and Blue Clay Company (Limited).-Creditors of this Company are

Lynn. Winearls v. Stratton. Creditors holding security to produce the same before

the M. R. on June 30, at 11. Tegnired, on or before June 16, to send their names and addresses, and the particolars Thompson, Marv. Har rozate. York. Widow. June 12. Solicitor, S. Powell, Harroga: of their debts or claims, and the names and addresses of their solicitors (if any) to

York. Fawcett v. Harrop. Creditors holding security to produce same before the Geo Ball, Palmerston-bldgs, one of the liquidators of the Company. Miller & Miller,

M. R. on June 26, at 11.
Sherborne la, solicitors for l'quidators.
Traders' (North Staffordshire) Carrying Company (Limited - Order that voluntary
winding-up be continued, subject to supervision of Court, May 2, MR. Worthing

Creditors under 22 & 23 Uict. cap. 85,
Evans, & Cook, Coleman-st, agents for W. H. Bishop, Shelton, Staffordshire, solicitor
for petitioners.

FRIDAY, May 8, 1874.
Universal Drug Supply Association (Limited).-Petition for winding-up, presented

Last Day of Claim.
May 6, directed to be heard before the M. R. on May 23. Lewis, Munns, & Longden,
Old Jewry, solicitors for petitioners.

Adams, Major Chas, Fir Bank, near Farnborough, Professor of Military History at the

Staff College, June ). J. L. Tomlin, Old Burlington-st.

Beats, Elizabetb, Bath, Widow. Joly 1. Stone, King, & King. Bath.
Creditors under Estates in Chancery.

Bridge, Wm, Gravel-lane, Southwark, Hat Block Maker, June 15. W. A, Downlogs

FRIDAY, May 8, 1874.

Dyball, Maria, Moulton, Lincoln, Spinster, June 9. Maples & Son, Spalding. Creditors under the under-mentioned estates to send by post their Christian and Dyball, Robt, Moulton, Lincoln, Veterinary Surgeon, June 9. Naples & SoD, pa surnames addresses, and descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, a statement of Lincoln.

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