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Elliott. Wm. Wakefieid. York. Gent. Jane 1. Harrison & Smith. Wakefield.

| Bilbee, James, Willow-walk, Bermondsey, Carman ; May 16, at 10, at Claremont Arms Feltham, Josb F. Putney, Gent. June 30. Barnes & Bernard. Great Winchester-st. Coffee Room, Upper Grange-rd, Bermondsey. F. D. Rigby, Attorney. Hadden. Alexander, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicester, Esq. July 1, R. Enfield, Notting Bluff. Robt, Lower Clapton, Mid1x, Greengrocer and Fruiterer; May 18, at 2, at ofices ham.

of J. Godwin, North bldgs. Finsbury. E. J. Anning. Poultry, Attorney. Hair, Jane, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Widow. July 1. J. B. Bond, Newcastle-upon- Brown, George, Aston, Warwick, Jeweller; May 19, at 12, at offices of C. B. Hodgson, Tyne.

Birmingham, Attorney. Harris, Geo P., Shooters-bill, Kent, Ironmonger. Nov 30. Stow & Agers, Adelaide, Brown, Jas. Ashurst, Kent, Bailder; May 20, at 4, at offices of Stone & Simpson, TunSouth Australia. "

bridge Wells. Attorneys. Holland, Wm. Shaftesbury-ter, Warwick-rd, Kensington, Gent. June 15. Blacbford & Bryant, Edwd R., and Hy W. Kerrich, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Spanish Merchants; May Riches, Great swap-alley. Moorgate-st.

28, at 11, at offices of Ineledew & Daggett, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Attorneys. Horton, Wm, Smethwick, Stafford, Boiler and Gasbolder Manufacturer. June 10. Cheesman, Thos, Newcastle upon-Tyne, and Middlesborough, Iron Merchant, Metal and Coldicott & Canning, Dudley.

Mineral Broker; May 21, at 2, at offices of Hodge & Harle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Hughes, Wm B.. High-st, Camden Town, Draper. June 24. W. Sturt, Ironmonger-la. Attorneys. Latter, Chas, Chiswick, Midds. June 10. Watson & Son, Hammersmith, and Bouverie-Clark. Wm, the yr, late of Bradford, York, Beerseller and Butcher; May 20, at 10, st. Fleet-st.

at offices of Peel & Gaunt, Bradford, Solicitors. Livius, Annette, Worthing, Sussex, Widow. June 8. Baker, Folder, & Upperton, Collieu, Thos, Milton-st, Finsbury, and Southgate-rd, Kingsland, Patent Umbrella Stick Lincoln's Inn-fields.

Manufacturer and Mounter ; May 21, at 2. at Chamber of Commerce, Cheapside. MacQueen, Jas D, Russell-rd, Addison-rd, Kensington, Capt in H M's Army. June 13. Rooks, Kenrick, & Co, King-st, Cheapside, Attorneys. Fladgate, Clarke, & Smitb, Craven-s', Strand.

Coxon, Wm, Leeds, Pawnbruker and Jeweller; May 19, at 3, at offices of North & Sons, Mason, Frances, (ambridge, Spinster. July 4. H. J. Whitehead, Cambridge.

Leeds, Attorneys. Miles, Richard, Bê wdley, Worcester, Bricklayer. Avg 1. W. N. Marcy, Bewdley

Davy, Wm W., Beccles, Suffolk, Plumber, Glazier, and Painter; May 21, at 3, at offices Pallister, Robt, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, Gent. June 20. A. S. Lawson, Lom

of A. Kent, Norwich, Solicitor. bard-st. Price, Edmd, Beenfort-st, King's-rd, Chelsea, Gent. July 1. Dingwall & Wall, Token

Dean, Leopard G., Chelmarsh. Salop, Miller ; May 19, at 12, at Black Ho:se Inn, Bridg

north. A E. Greenway. Wolverhampton, Attorney. house-yd, Savill, Joo, Witham, Essex, Fruiterer and Poulterer. Jane 24. Beaumont & Warren,

Dewbirst, Albert, Halifax, York. Ale and Porter Dealer; May 22, at 11, at offices of

Wavell, Philbrick, Foster, & Wavell, Halifax, Attorneys. Coleman-st.

Driver, Jno, Birkenhead, Chester, Boot and Shoe Maker; May 20, at 11, at offices of R. Sbarp. Jno, Boston, Lincoln, Gent. June 8. Stapiland & Wigelsworth.

Anderson, Birkenbead. Attorney. Thursueld, Rev Kecara sidbury salop, b,a, and Clerk in Holy Orders. July 4. Driver, Robt, Dudley Hill, Dear Bradford, York, Top Maker: May 19. at 3. at offices of J. H. Thorsfield, Wednesbury, Executor.

Wood & Kulck, Bradford, Solicitors. Topping, Stephen, Stoke Fleming, Devon, Esq. July 1. A. Wells, Founders’-ball, Duke. Jno. Holloway-rd, Islington and Victoria-pk-rd, Hackney. Ice Safe Manufacturer: London.

May 27, at 3, at oftices of H. J. & T. Child, Paul's Bakehouse-ct, Doctors'-commons, Trumper, Thos, Harefield, Middx, Farmer. Aug 3. H. S. Batt, Uxbridge, Middx.

Walby, James, Stock Orchard-crescent, Caledonian-rd, Boiler Maker. June 8. Baker,
Folder, & Upperton, Lincoln's-inn-fids.

Eskrigge, Hy B., Liverpool, Cotton Broker; May 27, at 2, at offices of Gibson & Bolland. Westoby, Thomas, Kingston-upon-Hall, Grocer. July 12. Roberts & Leak, Kingston

Liverpool, Accountants. Anderson, Collins, & Robinson, Liverpool, Attorneys. apon-Hall.

Evans. Roderick, Lee, Kent, Draper; May 22, at 11, at offices of J. & C. Robinson, Whitaker. Racbel. Melton Hill, York, Widow. June 15. E. S. Wilson, Hull.

Basinghall-st, Solicitors. Wilson, Barton. Liverpool, Gent. June 30. Whitley & Maddock, Liverpool.

Foster, Jpo, Culverley, York, Scribbling Miller; May 23, at 11, at offices of Watson & Withem, Jno, Pall Mall East, Esq. June 24. Parker, Watney, & Clarke, St Michaels

Dickops, Bradford, Solicitors. alley, Cornbill,

Foster, Joo, and Wm R. Hinings, Bradford, York, Woolstaplers; May 23, at 10, at offices

of Watson & Dickops, Bradford, Solicitors. TUESDAY, May 12, 1874.

Friend, Julius, Middlesborough, Hosier and Draper; May 15, at 11, at offices of J. H.

Benpison & Co, Middlesborough. W L. Dobson, Middlesborough, Attorney. Last Day of Claim

Gore, Jas. and Richard Witberington, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Ironmongers; Ma Adams, Ann, Piddletown, Dorset, Widow. . June 18. Andrews & Pope, Dorchester,

2. at offices of R. Fairclougb, Sunderland, Attorney. Dorset.

Grabham, Anne II., Porchester-ter, Uxbridge-rd, Boarding and Lodging-house Keeper ; Brown, Josh, Derby, Framework Kolttar. July 1. J. & W. H. Sale, Derby.

May 15, at 2, at lons of Court Hotel, High Holborn. . W. Berry, Chancery-lane, AtDickinson, Thos, Bilston, Stafford, Innkeeper. June 30. J. Mason, Bilston, Stafford-, torney.. shire,

Grange. Jno. Middlesborough, Grocer and Tobacconist: May 22, at 11, at Barker's Edwards, Margaret, Llangollen, Denbigh, Widow. May 30. C. Richards, Llangollen. Temperance Hotel, Middlesborough. G. Bainbridge, Middlesborough, Attorney. Holland, Rev Geo T., South Cockerington, Lincolo, Clerk. July 1. J, Wood, Louth, Green, Samuel, Hadleigh, Saffolk, Grocer and Draper; May 25, at 11, at offices of A. A. Lincoln.

Watts, Ipswich. Attorney. Lees, Joo, Manchester, Dealer in Artificial Teeth. Aug 7. F. Whitaker, Duchy of Green. Thos, Darlington, Durham, Gardener; May 21, at 11, at offices of T. Clayhills, Lancaster Office, Administrator,

Darlington, Attorney. Marriott, Val-ntine C., Judd-st, Brunswick-sq, Whitesmith. July 4. F. D. Greatbach, Greenbough, Lister, Dudley Hill, nr Bradford, York, Wool Top Maker ; May 20, at 11, St John's Wood-rd.

at offices of Watson & Dickons, Bradford, Solicitors. Matts, Richd S., Cropston, Leicester, Farmer aud Grazier. July ). Miles, Gregory, & Hall, Sarah. Rochdale, Lancaster, Widow, Innkeeper; May 22, at 3, at offices of Roberts Bonskell, Leicester

& Son, Rochdale, Solicitors. Mordaunt, Eliza, Liverpool. Widow. June 13. C. Garner, Lower Breck-rd, Liverpool, Hart, Hy, Brighton, Boot and Shoe Maker, and Closed Upper Manufacturer; June 2, one of the executors.

at 1, at offices of Smith, Fawdon, & Low, Bread-st, Cheapside. C. Lamb, Brighton, Oxenden, Rev Chas, Barham, nr Canterbury, Clerk in Holy Orders. June 24. Lakes, Attorney. Beaumont, & Lake, Lincoln's-inn,

Hilditch, Jpo, Earlestown. Lancaster, Tailor, Draper, Hatter, and Boot and Shoe Dealer; Patterson, Henry, Derby, Silk Throwster and Silkman. July 6. Burton, Son, & Eking. May 22, at 3. at offices of Davies & Co, Warrington. Davies & Brook, Attorneys. Nottingham.

Holberry, Bryan, West Retford, Nottingham, Farmer and Shopkeeper; May 22, at 10, Riga, Thos, Kendal, Westmoreland, Retired Draper June 20. J. Bolton, Kendal.

at offices of Newton & Jones, East Retford, Attorneys. Rook, Wm, Westward, Cumberland, Yeoman. Aug 1. J. & G. Carrick, Wigton, Cum Holt, Richd, Crawshaw Booth, Lancaster. Labourer; May 21, at 3, at Derby Hotel, berland.

New Accrington. Hall & Holland, Accrington, Attorneys. Satterley, Ann, Devonport, Haberdasber. June 10. T. Hawker, Devonport.

Humphrey, Manrice, Nortbfleet, Kent. Coal Merchant; May 26, at 1, at offices of C. H. Sidebottota, James, Manchester, and Heaton Norris, Lancaster, Merchant. Jane 8. F. Pauen, Harp-la, Gt Tower-st, Solicitor. Hampson, Manchester.

| Ipsull, Hy. Fore-st, and Shrubland-rd. Dalston, Skirt Manufacturer: May 18, at 12. at Smith, Jas, Manchester, Gent. June 1. F.J. Marlow, Manchester.

London Warehousemen's Association's Offices, Gutter-la. J. Gray, Gresham-st, At. Stephens, James, formerly of Ball Inn-ct, Strand, Carpenter and Undertaker. July 1. torney. Ford & Lloyd, Bloomsbury-sq. !

Jackman, Jas T.. Hounslow, Middx, Architect and Surveyor: May 19, at 12, at Turner, Jao T., Avon, nr Ringwood, Hants, Esq. June 15. Leman, Groves, & Leman, Nortbumberland Arms Hotel, Isleworth. J. E, Gowing, Coleman-st, Attorney. Lincoln's-inn-fields.

Jackson, Jno. Kirkham. Lancaster, Cattle Dealer : May 21, at i, at offices of W.J. Whitebead, Ann S., Shrubland-rd, Dalston, Widow. Jane 9. E. J. Layton, Suffolk-la,

Suffolk-la, Dickson, Kirkham, Solicitor. Cannon-st.

Kiddle, Mary, Chelmsford, Essox, Widow, Watch Maker ; May 27, at 2, at ofices of Whitworth, Benj Snapet horpe, near Wakefield, York, Farmer. June 17. Chadwick & F. A. Jones, Chelmsford, Essex, Attorney. Sons, Dewsbury, Yorkshire.

Kendall, wm, Winterton, Lincoln, Innkeeper; May 22, at 12, at George Hotel, KingWilliams, Mary Ano, Hart-st, Mark-lane, and Southampton-row, Rossell-eq, Perfumer. ston-upon-Hull H. E. Mason, Barton-upon-Humber, Attorney. June 11. Reed & Lovell, Guildhall-cbambs, Basingball-st.

Lamb, Jas B., Rochester, Kert, Hairdresser; May 22, at 11, at offices of W. W. Hay.

ward, Rochester, Attorney.

Lancaster, Jas. Tottenham-ct-rd, and Springfield-ter, Brecknock-rd, Upholsterer; May BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1869.

22, at 2, at ofices of A. E. Briant, Old Broad-st, Solicitor.

Lape, Jas, Forest of Rossendale. Lancaster. Draper, Grocer, Tea and Provision Dealer ; Proceedings for Liquidation by arrangement

May 22, at 3, at Market Hotel, Bacup. F. Hartley, Burnley, Attorney.

Lane. Jno, Gloucester, Draper and Draper's Assistant; May 20, at 2, at offices of Taynor Composition with Creditors.

ton & Son, Gloucester, Solicitors.

Legge, Benj, and Richd Gwinnett, Tipton, Stafford, Gas, Steam, and Water Tube MaguNOTICES OF FIRST MEETINGS.

facturers; May 22, at 12, at Talbot Hotel, Oldbary, Worcester. W. Shakespeare, FRIDAY, May 8, 1874.

Oldbory, Worcestersbire, Attorney.

Lenard, Wm W., St George's-rd. Southwark, Billiard Table Manufacturer; May 20, Adamson, Jno, Bilston, Stafford, Hairdresser and Newspaper Vendor; May 23, at 3, at at 2, at offices of Blachford & Riches, Gt Swan-alley, Moorgate-st, Attorneys. ofices of W. Bowen, Bilston, Solicitor.

Light, Jas. Bilston, Stafford, Labrurer; May 18, at 12, at offices of Duignan, Lewis, & Anderson, Wm. Liverpool, Currier and Leather Dealer; May 28, at 2, at Law Associa Lewis, Walsall, Stafford, Solicitors. tion Rooms, Liverpool. T. H. R. Bartley, Liverpool, Attorney.

Littlewood, Ben), Hyde, Cheshire, Victualler and Farmer; May 22, at 3, at offices of Betteridge. Samnel, Birkenhead, Chester, Ironmonger and General Dealer; May 20, at 2, S. W. Turner, Sheffield, Solicitor.

at ofices of Thompson & Simm, Birkenhead, Accountants. T. M. Downbam, Birken- Louis, Gustavus, Watling-st, and Jeffrey's-rd, Clapham, and Manchester, Merchant and head, Attorney.

Agent; May 21, at 3, at offices of Socken & Jupp, Lime-st-eq, Attorneys.

Manley, Wm, Burnley, Lancaster, Pork Butcher; May 21, at 3. at offices of A. Bald. | Bean, Robt, Ashford, Kent, Milkman; May 29, at 11, at offices of Hallett, Creery, & wia, Burnley, Attorney.

Farley, Ashford, Attorneys. Palmer, Anne S., Clifford-st, Bond-st, Widow; May 22, at 2, at offices of E. J. Layton, Blain, Josh, Whitehaven, Builder; May 29, at 3, at offices of J. McKilvie, Whitehaven, Suffolk-la, Cannon-st, Attorney.

Solicitor. arker, Wm A., Oldham, Lancaster, Cotton Spinner; June 2, at 3, at Clarence Hotel, Bowhay, Wm H. A., Modbury, Devon, Machinist and Farmer; June 3, at 12, at offices Manchester. J. Leigh, Mancbester, Attorney.

of Carter & Son, Torquay. Solicitors. Parry, Hy. Lindsey, Lincoln, Coal, Coke, and Corn Merchant and Commission Agent; Bradnum, Jas, Cambridge, Fruit Dealer: May 30, at 11, at ofices of Elleon & Burrows, May 22, at 11, at offices of Grange & Wintringham, Great Grimsby, Solicitors.

Cambridge, Attorneys. Payne, Jas, Kingston-upon-Hull, Grocer, Ale and Porter Dealer, and Merchant's Clerk; Bryant, Edwd R., and Hy W. Kerrich. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Spanish Merchants. May 20, at 3. at offices of E. Laverack, Kingston-upon-Hall, Solicitor.

Separate creditors of Eawd R. Bryant, May 28, at 12, at offices of Ingledew & Daggetto Pearson. Wm, and Thos Binns, Lower Brongbton, Lancaster, Builders and Contractors; Newcastle upon Tyne, Solicitors.-Separate creditors of Hy W. Kerrich, May 28, at 1,

-Separate creditors of Wm Pearson, May 22, at 4, at offices of Rowley, Page, & same place. Rowley, Manchester, Attorneys.-Separate creditors of Thos Binds, May 22, at 4, Butchard, Quintin A., Reading, Stationer and Picture Frame Maker ; May 27, at 12, at same place.

27 Sackville-st, Piccadilly. Tidy, Herbert, & Tidy, Reading. Attorneys, Pond, Reuben W., Landport, Butcher : May 21, at 3. at offices of J. Wainscott, Portsea. |

Carter, Jno. Birmingham, Draper; May 25, at 3. at offices of J. Rowlands, Birmingham, Accountant. A. S. Blake, Portsea, Attorney.

Attorney. Prangley, Richd F., Southampton, Auctioneer. Valuer, and Upholsterer; May 18, at 11, Cattermole, Ann, Birmingham, Draper and Milliner; May 26, at 12, at offices of R. at offices of H. C. Guy Southampton, Attorney.

Free, Birmingbam, Solicitor. Prime. Edwd. Plaistow. Essex, Publican and Builder; May 15, at 1, at London Ware. Carew. Ben E. H. Duke-st. Manchester-sa : June 4, at 2. at 6 Cork-st, Burlingtonhousemen's Association, Gutter-la, Cbeapside. Wood & Co, Attorneys

gardens. EF & B. Davies, Attorneys. Bussell. Jpo. Hastings. Ironmonger: May 20, at 12, at ottices of Miller & Miller, Comissing. Josh W. Peterborough. Surgeon and Apothecary; May 28, at 12, at WentSherborne-la. W, Savery. Hastings, Attorney.

worth Hotel, Peterborough S. P. Smith, Peterborough, Attorney. Sansome. Wm, Salford, Grocer, Tea Dealer, and Provision Dealer; June 2, at 3, at offices

Couban, Jas, Burnley. Lancaster, Cotton Spioner; June 2, at 3, at offices of Sale, Shipof Addlesbaw & Warburton, Manchester, Solicitors.

man, & Co., Manchester, Solicitors. Scboles, Jno. Manchester. Yarn Agent and Merchant; May 20. at 3, at ofices of P. & E.

Couzens, Alf, Havant, Hants, Innkeeper and Carter; May 27, at 11, at offices of A. Royle, Manchester, Accountants. J. Clayton, Mancbester, Attorney.

Vosper, Havant, Attorney. Scott, Josboa, Huddersfield, Manufacturer of Ropes and Cotton Banding; May 23, at 2, Croft, Geo H., Dewsbury, York, Cabinet Maker; May 22, at 3, at offices of J. Ibberson, at White Swan Hotel, Huddersfield. J. I. Freeman, Huddersfield, Attorney.

Dewsbury, Attorney. Seare, Jno N., Lee, Kent, Fancy Stationer; May 21, at 2, at offices of J. R. Macarthur,

Deacon, Jno, Daventry. Northampton, Engineer and Victualler ; May 22, at 3, at offices Jobn-st. Bedford-row, Attorney.

of C. B. Roche, Daventry, Solicitor. Sbort, Wm J., Taunton, Somerset, Innkeeper and Maltster; May 22, at 10, at offices of Edge, Josh B., Kidderminster, lunkeeper; May 23, at 2, at Globe Hotel, Kidderminster. A. Reeves, Taunton, Somerset, Attorney.

W. A. Crowther, Kidderminster, Attorney. Sborter, Robt A.. High-st, St John's-wood, Cornchandler ; May 15, at 4, at offices of Fenerty, Rebecca, Liverpool. Greengrocer and Provision Dealer; June 5, at 3, at offices C.F. Yorke, Marylebone-rd, Attorney.

of W. Lowe, Liverpool, Solicitor. Silverston. Zaleg, Marchmont-st, Brunswick-sq. Jeweller; May 16, at 11, at offices of Foulkes, Thos, Corwen, Merioneth, Innkeeper ; May 23, at 12, at Wyonstay Arms R. Willis, St Martin's-ci, Lelcester-sq. Attorney.

Hotel, Wrexham. W. O Jones, Llangollen, Attorney. Skeet. Hy, and Robt H. Skeet, Cheapside, Woollen Warehousemen; May 22, at hall- | Fox. Jno. Broukhouse Caton, Lancaster, Victualler; May 27, at 2, at offices of John. past 3, at George Hotel, Huddersfield.-Separate creditors of Robt H. Skeet, May 22,

son & Tilly, Lancaster. Attorneys. at hall-past 4, same place.-Separate creditors of Hy Skeet, May 22, at 4, same place. Freeman, Edgar, Green Hammerton, York, Publican; May 22, at 12, at Elepbant and Barker & Sons, Huddersfield, Attorneys.

Castle Ion, Knaresborough. A. Watson, York, Attorney. Smart, Frank, Nottingham, Printer ; May 27 at 12, at offices of G. Belk, Nottingham, Frith. Jno, Swinton Bridge, near Rotberbam. Shoe Dealer; May 28, at 2, at Coach and Attorney.

Horses' Hotel, Barnsley. J.J. Freeman, Barnsley, Attorney. Smith, Geo, Gt Parndon, Essex, Farmer; May 20, at 3, at offices of Unwin, Cave, & Gardiner, Edwd, Cambridge-rd, Kilburn, Oilman ; May 27, at 12, at offices of T. SampLangbam, Harlow, Essex, Attorneys.

son 252 Marylebone-rd, Attorney. Smith, Peter, Borough. Lamp Manufacturer; May 18, at 2, at Chamber of Commerce, Gould, Alban, Brighton, Tobacconist; May 29, at 3, at offices of Clennell & Fraser, Gt Cheapside. S. Chapman, Cheapside, Attorney.

James-st, Bedford-row. J. K. Nye, Brighton, Attorney. Smith, Richd C., Lime-st, and Larkball-rise, Clapham, Merchant; May 27, at 2, at Graham, Geo F., Osnaburgh-st. Regent's-pk, Teacher of English ; May 27, at 3, at offices offices of J. Worley, Fencharch-st, Accountant. Simpson & Cullingford, Gracecburch of Westall, Roberts, & Barlow, Leadenball-st, Attorneys. st. Attorneys.

Groves, Geo, Nottingham, Printer and Newepaper Reporter ; May 29, at 12, at George Somm-t, Jules, Fitzroy-st, Fitzroy-sq. and Langbam-st, French Coppersmith and Mould Hotel, Sbeffield. J. Black, Attorney.

Maker; May 20, at 11, at Law Institution, Chancery-la. J. Haynes, Croydon, At Hartley. Cbas, Ollerton, Nottingbam, General Dealer : May 22, at i, at oices of J. torney.

Appleton, Worksop Solicitor. Burdekio, Smith, & Pye-Smith, Attorneys. Spencer. Jpo A., Eallog. Middx, and Goldbawk-ter, Shepherd's-bush, Manufacturing Havnes. Arthur. Lea Bridge corner. Clapton, Draper; May 25, at i, at Ions of Court Photographer: May 15, at 1, at offices of H. M. Dalsion, Piccadilly, Attorney.

Hotel. High Holborn. HR. Jones, Bank-bidge, Wandsworth, Attorney. Squire, Chos, Southend, Essex. Grocer; May 20, at il, at Guildhall Tavern, Greslam Head. Tom, Higb-st, Bloomsbury, Waste Paper Dealer and Bookseller; May 21, at 11, st. Chorley & Crawford, Moorgate-st, Attorneys.

at Wood's Hutel, Portugal-st, Lincoln's-inn-flds. B. Hope, Serle-st, Lincoln's-inn, Stephens, Hy J., Charlotte-st, Portland pl. Builder And Decorator; May 16, at 3, at Attorney. offices of W. T. Boydell, South-sq. Gray's-Ion, Attorney.

Hicks, Isaac W., Ipswich, Grocer; May 26, at half-past 11, at offices of W. B. Ross, Stone, Tbc8, and Josh Stone, Skilgate, Somerset, Farmer; May 23, at 11, at London

Ipswich, Solicitor. Hotel, Taunton, Somerset. -Separate creditors of Tbos Stone, May 23, at half past 11,

Holyfield. Hy, Aldermanbury. Trimming Warehouseman; May 28, at 2, at offices of same place — Separate creditors of Josh Stone, May 23, at half.past 11, same place.

A. E. Briant, Winchester-house, Old Broad-st, Solicitor. Lovibold & Son Bridgewater. Attorneys.

Hooper, Riihd, and Jay Rooke, St Dennis and Ladock, Cornwall, Drapers, Grocers, and Stowe. Jno C, Blackbu a Batcher; May 28, at 3, at offices of Hall & Holland, Black

General Dealers; May 27, at 3, at Red Lion Hotel, Truro -Separate creditors of Jas burn, Solicitors.

Rooke, May 27. at 4, same place. Sh leon, Coode. & Co., St Austell, Attorneys. Thomas, Wm, Bristol, Haulier ; May 16, at 11, at offices of J. H. Clifton, Bristol, At

Horseman. Wm. Barrow-in-Furness, Furnitore Broker; May 20, at 2, at Ball Hotel, torney.

Barrow-in-Furness. W. Relpb, Barrow-in-Furness, Attorney. Thompson. Parzilli, Kessingland, Saffolk, Fishing Boat Owner; May 27, at 12, at

Jones, Edwd, Harrow, Tailor; May 22, at 4, at King's Head Hotel, Harrow. H. T. offices of W. R Seago Lowestoft, Suffolk, Attorney.

Roberts, Attorney. Waterman. Elizabeth, South Benfleet, Essex, General Shopkeeper: May 23, at 11, at

Jones, Hy, Manchester, Beer Retailer; May 28, at 3, at Falstaff Hotel, Manchester. T. offices of wbites, Renard & Co, Budge-row. Cannon-st. A. Meggy, Attorney.

Whitlow, Manchester, Attorney. Wbincup. Sul, Almondbary. York, General Dealer ; May 22, at 3, at offices of Mills

Kesrry. Jno, Rochester-row, Westminster, Cheesemonger and Poulterer ; May 23, at 11, Mellor, Huddersfield, Solicitors

at 9 Upper Joho-st, Golden-sq HM. Sydney, Attorney. Whitebeat Wm H.. Liverpool, Tailor and Woollen Draper ; May 21, at 3, at offices of

Kemp, Robt, Hanley, Stafford, Beerseller and Potters' Eograver; May 18, at 12, at J. J. Milnes, Huddersfi-ld, Attorney.

Queen's Hotel, Hanley. B A. Shires, Leicester, Attorney. Williams, David S., Yeovil, Somerset, Draper and Manufacturer; May 23, at 11, at

Lick, Sarah, and Geo F. Geber, Worship-st. Paper Merchants; May 21, at 2. at offices of offices of Gamble & Harvey, Gresham-bldg, Basinghall-st. S. Watts, Yeovil, Somer

Spyer & Son, Winchester-house, Old Broad-st, Attorneys. - Separate creditors of Sarah set, Attorney.

Lack, May 21, at 3, same place. Williams, Jas. Devizes. Wilts, Coal Mercbant and General Dealer; May 18, at 1, at

Lewis, Jno, Carmar ben Timber Merchant; May 22, at 2, at offices of Thomas & Black Swan Ion, Devizes. H. Shrapnell, Bradford-on-Avon, Attorney.

Browne, Carmartben, Attorneys. Wood, Chas, Exeter, News Agent, Stationer, and Tobacconist; May 16, at 3, at 9 Milk

Lockwood Fredk, Montei h-rd Victoria-pk. Warehouseman ; May 20, at i, at offices st, Exeter.

of Lewis & Day, South.-9. liray's-ion. F. J. Day, South-sq. Gray's-inn, Attorney. Wray, Thos, Kingston-upon-Hull, Butcher; May 19, at 3, "at offices of E. Laverack,

Main, Wm H., Kingsland-rd, Witter and Decorator ; May 20, at 3, at offices of H. Kingston upon-Hull, Solicitor.

Webster, Basingball-st, Solicitor. Wright, Murrell, Leeds, Bank Accountant; May 21, at 3, at offices of North & Sons,

Mason. Walter R., Brighton, Grocer; Jung 2, at 3, at offices of Black, Freeman, & Gell, Leeds, Attorneys.

Brighton, Attorneys
TUESDAY, May 12, 1874.

Moor, Richd, Exeter, Outfitter ; May 26, at 2, at Royal Clarence Hotel, Exeter. Force

& Batı isbill, Attorneys. Atherton, Hy, Manchester, Draper ; June 1, at 3, at offices of W. Ryland, Manchester, Nixon, Squire, Stockport, Provision Dealer; May 22, at 3, at offices of R. Brown, StockAttorney.

1 port, Solicitor. Backhouse, Ino, Preston, Tobacconist and General Agent; May 23, at 3, at offices of Paddey, Geo, Wolverhampton, General Dealer and Tin Plate Worker ; May 23, at 11, J. Forshaw, Preston, Solicitor.

at offices of T. Dallow, Wolverhampton, Solicitor. Bikewell, Chas S., Norton-in-the-Moors, Stafford, Colliery Clerk; May 20, at 10, at Packbam, Wm C., Havil-st, Southampton-st, Camberwell, Commercial Traveller: May offices of R. A. Stevenson, Stoke-upon-Trent, Attorney.

20, at 2, at Pullen's Hotel, Ironmonger-la, Cheapside. H. Surko, Old Jewry, AtBanks, Edwd, Hanley, Stafford, Euribenware Manufacturer ; May 18, at 11, at Queen's torney. Hotel, Hanley. B. A. Sbires, Leicester, Attorney.

Paine, Hy W., Littlehampton, Ship Owner; May 28, at 1, at Termious Hotel, LittleBartlett, Jas, Plymouth, Railway Porter; May 22, at 11, at offices of E. Square, Ply I himpton, R. H. Ford, Portsmouth, Attorney. mouth, Attorney.

Park, Enocb, Redland, Bristol. Grocer and Tea Dealer: May 22, at 12, at offices of J. Batten, Josh, Cardiff, Boot and Shoe Dealer; May 26. at 2. at offices of Barnard, Thomas, Collins, jun, Bristol, Accountant. Salmon & Henderson, Bristol, Attorneys. ce, & Co., Cardiff, Accountants. J. Merrils, Cardiff, Attorney.

Pickering, Wm, Kilburn, Watch Maker and Jeweller; June 1, at 2, at offices of Slater


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& Pannell, Guildhall-chambers, Basinghall-st, Raven & Curtis, Queen Victoria-st,

To Attend in the Country.
Portman, Hy W. B, Blandford. Dorset, Esq., late a Major în A.M.'s Army; May 29

Atherton, Peter, and Chas Atherton, Manchester, Gas Meter Manufacturers and Tin at il, at offices of E. A. Smith, Blandford Forum, Dorset, Attorney.

Plate Workers. Pet May 5. June 4. at balf-past 9, County Court, Manchester. Pritchatt, Jno. Birmingham, Hay, Straw, and Corn Dealer; May 22, at 4, at offices of

Bissix, Robi, Hanham, Gloucester, Beerhouse Keeper and Grocer. Pet May 4, May 21,

at 12, County Court, Bristol. E. Party, Birmingham. Attorney. Radford, Jno, Bradford, York, Brassfounder; May 23, at 10, at offices of Berry & Robin

Collins, Thos W., Birmingham, Jeweller. Pet May 6. May 29, at 11, County Court son, Bradford, Solicitors.

Birmingham. Radnor, Thos, formerly of Pembridge, Hereford, then of Newtown, Leominster. Farmer;1 Gudgeon, Robt, Stockport, Chester, Oatit:er's Assistant. Put May 1. June 15, at 12, May 26, at 2, at the Royal Oak Hotel, Leominster. W. U. Tomlinson, Presteign, At

County Court, Stockport. torney.

Harvey, wm D., Richmond, Surrey, Schoolmaster. Pet May 5. May 22, at 10, County Rodway, Alf J., Birmingham, Tailor, Draper, and Hatter; May 22, at quarter-past 10,

Court, Wandsworth. at oftices of A. B. Eası, Birmingham, Solic

Jackson, Jas, Epsom, Victnaller. Pet May 5. May 22, at 3, County Court, Croydon, Saunders, Jno, Leadenball-market, Poultry Salesman; May 23, at 11, at offices of C. A,

Owens. Edward. Brightoo-le-Sands, Lancaster, Builder. Pet May 4. May 20, at 2, Swaine, Cheapside. Attorney.

County Court, Liverpool. Shepherd, Jas, Hatifax, Iron Moulder; May 22, at 11, at offices of J. W. Longbottom,

Taylor, Thos, Dover, Coin, Hay, and Straw Dealer. Pet May 6. May 18, at 2, County Halifax, Solicitor.

Court, Canterbury. Shuter, Saml, Brushfield-st, Bishopsgate, Hat and Cap Maker; May 29, at 1, at offices of

Timmis. Jno, Ecclesball, Stafford, Farmer. Pet May 2. May 22, at 10, County Court,

C. Gammon, Barge-yd, Bucklersbury, Attorneys.
Smith, Arthur. Stoke-upon-Trent, Baker; May 21, at 11, at offices of C. J. Welch,

Venables, Wm M., Bradford, York, Boot Manufacturer and Leather Seller. Pet May 5.

May 19, at 9, County Court, Bradford.
Longton, Attorney.
Smith, Frank, Hanley, Stafford, Auctioneer and Metal Mounter:

| Wilkinson, Jno, Bradford, York, Commission Manufacturer and Agent. Pet May 5. offices of R. A. Stevenson, Stoke-upon-Trent, Attorney.

May 19, at 9, County Court, Bradford.
Smith, Geo L., Birmingham, Scrap Iron Dealer; May 22, at 3, at offices of J. Rowlands,
Birmingham, Attorney.

TUESDAY, May 12, 1874.
Springall, Edwd. Wych-st, Strand, Engineer ; May 22, at 3, at offices of H. Montagu,

To Attend in London. Bucklersbury, Attorney. Stone, Robt, Bristol, Watchmaker and Jeweller; May 22, at 2, at offices of H. H. Beck. Dowel, Benj, and Linton Priddle, Royal Exchange-bldgs Pet Apr 30. May 28, at halfîngham, Bristol, Solicitor.

past 11. Tilly, Wm, Littlehampton, Saddler and Harness Maker; May 30, at 3, at Terminus Oliver, Jas W., High Holborn, Tailor and Clothier. Pet May 8. June 2, at 11.

Hotel. Littlebampton. T. A. Goodman, Brighton, Attorney.
Tomes, Isage, Wesion-sub-Edge, Gloucester, Builder; May 26, at 12, at Crown Hotel,

To Attend in the Country.
Evesham, Woreester. E. Kendall, Attorney.

Bliss, Chas. Monmouth, Accountant and Estate Agent. Pet May 8. May 29, at 1, Toogood, James, Warmioster, Wilts, Dealer in Fancy Goods and Painter ; May 27, at 1, County Court, Monmouth. at offices of Chapman & Ponting, Warminster, Attorneys.

Sibson, Ino H, and Geo Gibson, Sheffield, Stock and Share Brokers. Pet Apr 23. May Trietscbel, Gustav, and Edwin Sanne, Liverpool, Merchants; May

1 22, at 1, County Court, Sbeffield. I. H. E. Gill, Liverpool, Attorney.

Rawstron, Juo, Whitworth, nr Rochdale, Lancashire, Cotton Manufacturer, Pet May 7. Tyerman, Jno, Nottingham, Scale Board Cutter and Box Maker; May 26, at 12, at May 23 at 11. County Court, Oldbam. offices of S. Brittle, Nottingham, Attorney.

Waldie, Wm, and Edmd Waldie, Bedlington, Northumberland, Watch Makers ard Walmsley, Hy, Birmingham, Butcher; May 22 at 2, at offices of E. Parry, Birmingham, Jewellers. Pet May 9. May 27, at 12, County Court, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Walther, Wilhelm, Goswell-rd, Provision Dealer; June 1, at 3, at offices of T.J. Holmes,

Eastcheap, Attorney.
West, David, Down's-pk-rd, Hackney, Corn and Coal Merchant ; May 22, at 2, at Masons'.

FRIDAY, May 8, 1874. hall Tavern, Masons'-avenue, Basinghall-st. W. F. Neave, London-wall, E.C., At- | Jennings, Chas R., formerly of Upper Avenue-rd, St John's-wood, Clerk and Traveller torney.

to a Cabinet Maker. Apr 17. Wilbellee, Joshua B., Slaithwaite, nr Huddersfield, Farmer; May 27, at 11, at offices of Raynor, Robt, Burbage, near Buxton, Derby, Grocer, Provision Dealer, and Farmer. Barker & Sons Huddersfield, Attorneys.

May 5.
Williams, Edwin, Macdonald-d. Forest Gate, Essex, and Olney-st. Walworth-rd, Coal
Mercbant: May 21, at 2, at Guildhall Coffee-house, Gresham-et. G. E. Smith, Crosse-

TUESDAY, May 12, 1874.
lane, St Mary-at-hill. Attorney.
Wilson, Edwd F., Killamarsh, Derby, Builder and Quarry Owner ; May 26, at 2,

Thompson, Joo, and Thos Walker, Edgware-rd, Uphilsterers and Farniture Dealers.

May 9. at offices of W. T. Jones, Chesterfeld, Solicitor. Wright, Murrell, the yr, Leeds, Bank Accountant; May 21, at 3, at offices of North &

Sons, Leeds, Attorneys.

FRIDAY, May 8, 1874.

Bulbeck, Thos, Chichester, Timber Merchant. June 3, at 11, London,

Bushell, Robt, Derby, Shopkeeper and Weaver, June 4, at 12, Derby.
FRIDAY, May 8, 1874.

Hemmet, Layton J., Poultry, Tailor. May 21, at 11, London.
To Attend in London,

TUESDAY, May 12, 1874.
Finney, Wm, Lower Thames-st, Coal Merchant. Pet May 1. May 21, at 12.

Bauerman, Hillary J., Cloak-la, Cannon-st, Merchant. June 3, at 11, London, Pooley. Tbos A., Cloak-la. Wapping and Highbury Hill-house, Wine Merchant and I Grant. Gregor. Gt Tower-st. Leather Manafacturer. June 3, at 11, London. Wharfinger. Pet Mar 4. May 27, at 1.

Richardson Geo M., Arkesden, Essex, Grocer and General Shopkeeper. May 26, at ii, Turnour, Heys, Kennington-pk-rd, Gent. Pet May 5. May 27, at 11.

Saffron Walden.

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One of the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas.


" Mr. Malcolm Kerr, whose edition of Blackstone's Commentaries' has almost the reach of many to whom they were before inaccessible. And now we have unfolded attained to the rank of a legal classic, has remoulded for Mr. Murray the Student's to us the difficulties of the law. Blackstone. The new work is a true abridgment, and contains in a small compass the

" This edition of 'The Student's Blackstone' is more complete than any that has yet real substance of the larger work. Need we add that Mr. Kerr's Blackstone' is an exposition of English law, in which the latest legal information is conveyed in accurate

I been published. The editor bas not only abridged from the original, but altered;

and it is not too much to say that we have here before us a really valuable book and yet intelligible phrase ?"-The Athenaeum.

of reference upon which dependence may safely be placed, since the various recent “ The present day has a great deal for which to thank Mr. Murray. Modern and changes in legislation have all been carefully noticed."--The Reader. ancient history, the Latin and Greek languages have, by his zeal, been brought within






ROBERT BAYLY FOLLETT, Esq., Taxing Master is Channel The Right Hon. LORD COLERIDGE, Lord Chief Justice, C.P.



Bacon, The Hon. Sir James, Vice-Chancellor.

BaggalLAY, Sir RICHARD, Q.C., M.P., Attorney-General.


BLARE. FREDK. John, Esq.

Mills, RICHARD, Esq.



SMITR, 'The Right Hon. Sir MONTAGCE E. DART, JOSEPH Henry, Esq.

Tilson, Sir THOMAS. DEANE, JAMES Parker, Esq., Q.C., D.C.L.

Williams, O. REYNOLDS, Esq. DE GEX, Joun P., Esq., Q.O.

Williams, William, Esq.
FOLLETT, ROBERT BAYLY, Esq., Tazing Master in Chancery.

For the Proprietors.


For the Assured.

Kenyon C. S. PARKER, Esq.
Chas. HARRISON, Jun., Esq.

Solicitors.-Messrs. DoMVILLE, LAWRENCE & GRAHAM.

Actuary and Manager.—EUWARD ALGERNON Newton, Esq. WA. At the recent Bonus Investigation the reserves against all liabilities were determined upon the strictest and most cautious princip known to Actuaries.

The value of the protection thus afforded to Policy-holders is clearly explained by the Directors' Report.
The Bonus declared, after thus providing the highest known order of security, was unusually large.
The Assured receive nine-tenths of the profits.
The Society has taken a leading part in freeing Assurance contracts from complication. The Policies are " indisputable."
The guaranteeing Capital of One Million is held by nearly three hundred members of the legal profession.

E. A. NEWTON. Actuary and Manager.



Bedford's Intermediate Examination Guide for 1874.

Hunter's Suit in Equity.-Sixth Edition. Vol. I, 8vo.. 108. 61., cloth. Vol. II., 8vo., 48., cloth.


I containing a Digest of the Examination Questions on Common Law, Conveyancing, a SUIT in EQUITY. With an Appendix of Forms.By S. J. HUSTER, and Equity; with the Answers. By EDWARD HENSLOWE BENFORD, Solicitor, Temple, Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law. Sixth Edition, by G. W. LAWRANCE, BL.A., Bar Editor of the “ Preliminary," "Intermediate," and "Final," &c. Now ready, by the at-Law. same Author, Vol. II. of the above work, price 4s. [The work appointed by the Examiner in Equity for 1874 is Haynes' Outlines of Equity.

Glen's Highways.-Second Edition.

Post 8vo., 208., cloth.
De Colyar's Law of Guarantees.

THE LAW of HIGHWAYS: comprising the High
Just published, 8vo., 14., cloth.

Acts 1835, 1862, and 1864; the South Wales Highway Act; the State A TREATISE on the LAW OF GUARANTEES and Decisions of the Courts on the subject of Highways, Bridges, Ferries, &c., nelar of PRINCIPAL and SURETY. By Henry A. DE COLYAR, of the Middle

Duties of Highway Boards, Surveyors of Highways, the Law of Highway in Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

Board of Health Districts; Highways affected by Railways, and Locomotives

ways. With an Appendix of Statutes in force relating to Highways Stephen's Blackstone's Commentaries.

C. GLEN, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Second Edition,
Seventh Edition, four vols., 8vo., 41. 48., cloth.

Michael and Will's Gas and Water Supply.

Post 8vo., 188, cloth. M T ARIES on the LAWS of ENGLAND, partly founded on Blackstone. Seventh

THE LAW of GAS and WATER SUPPLY: includ Edition. By JAMES STEPHEN, Esq., LL.D., Judge of County Courts, late Recorder of Poole, and formerly Professor of English Law at King's College, London.

the Rights and Duties, as well of Local Authorities as of Private Compani

regard thereto. By W. H. MICHAEL and J. SHIRESS WILL, Esqrs., Barristers-Robson's Bankrupt Law,- Second Edition. In 1 vol., 8vo., 348., cloth.

Shelford's Railways.-Fourth Edition, by Glen. COMPLETE TREATISE on the LAW of BANK

In Two vols., royal 8vo., 638, cloth. RUPTCY: containing a full exposition of the Principles and Practice of the SHELFORD'S LAW OF RAILWAYS: containing Bankrupt Law, including the Alterations made by the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. With a D whole of the Statute Law for the Regulation of Railways in England, Sora copious Index, and an Appendix containing the Bankruptcy Acts, and the General Rules Ireland; with copious Notes of Decided Cases upon the Statutes, Introduces and Orders. By G. Y. ROBSON, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Second Edition, completely revised. Law of Railways, and Appendix of Official Documents. Fourth bar

W. C. GLEN, Esq., Barrister-at-Law.
Lewis's Introduction to Equity Drafting.

"Mr. Cunningham Glen's edition of Shelford on Railways will be the standart Post 8vo., 128., cloth.

of our day in that department of law." -Law Journal. DRINCIPLES OF EQUITY DRAFTING : with an "The leading Manual of the Railway Law of Great Britain." -Law Magiem,

APPENDIX of FORMS. By H. LEWIS, B.A., Barrister-at-Law, Author of Shelford's Companies Law.-Second Edition. “Principles of Conveyancing Explained and Illustrated."

8v0., 218., cloth. Lewis's Introduction to Conveyancing.


containing a Digest of the Case Law on that subject: the Companies DRINCIPLES OF CONVEYANCING Explained and i 1867, and other Acts relating to Joint Stock Companies; the Orders made

Acts to regulate Proceedings in the Court of Chancery and County Courts 1 Illustrated by Concise Precedents. With an Appendix on the Effect of the Transfer all Cases interpreting the above Acts and Orders. Second Edition, mucho

much ale of Land Act in Modifying and Shortening Conveyances. By H. LEWIS, B.A., Bar bringing the Statutes and Cases down to the date of publication. By D. Paca rister-at-Law.

and FRANCIS LAW LATHAM, B.A., Barristers-at-Law.

Publisþed for tķe Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales.

Delivered GRATIS in the United Kingdom and the Colonies to all Subscribers to the ENTIRE Series of 'THE LAW REPORTS.

No. 21.

SATURDAY, MAY 23, 1874.

S Price One Shilling.
Two Pounds per Annum.

MR. E. H. BEDFORD, Author of “ The Intermediate

Ready May 29th, price 6d. ; by post, 7d. Examination Guide," "The Intermediate Examination Guide to Book-keeping,"

THE FINAL (No. 22), containing the Questions of the and Editor of "The Preliminary." "Intermediate," and “Fipal," has Classes reading 1 Final Examination of Trinity Term, 1874, with the Answers. Edited by EDWARD daily at his Chambers, 9, King's Bench Walk, Temple, for each of the Examinations. HENSLOWE BEDFORD, Author of "The Intermediate Examination Guide," "The Final

Examination Guide to Bankruptcy," &c. To SOLICITORS.-A Gentleman in City Practice is

London : STEVENS and Sons, 119, Chancery Lane. I willing to enter into arrangements to CONDUCT SUITS or other business reqniring

On the 29th May, 8vo., 18.; by post, 18. ld. CAPITAL. Apply to " LEX," care of F. R. CLEMENTS, 47, Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn." THE LAW EXAMINATION JOURNAL AND LAW

1 STUDENT'S MAGAZINE. Edited by H. N. MOZLEY, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. To SOLICITORS about to RETIRE.- A Gentleman who

No. 20, for Trinity Term, 1874. CONTENTS: I. Legislative Prospects of the Session -I has been in Practice Ten Years, and has a good staff of Clerks, is desirous of II. Digest of Cases-III. Intermediate Examination, Easter Term, 1874 ; Questions and adding to bis business that of some Gentleman who contemplates Retiring. Apply to Answers.-IV. Final Examination, Trinity Term, 1874; Questions and Answers.-V. " 3," care of W. W. Feast, Esq., 5, Railway Place, Fenchurch Street, E.C.

Reviews.-VI. Correspondence and Notices.

London : BUTTERWORTHS, 7, Fleet Street, Her Majesty's Law Publishers. COUNCIL of LAW REPORTING for IRELAND.

Now ready, 8vo., 18.; by post, 18. ld. THE COUNCIL have resolved, with a view of inducing THE PRELIMINARY EXAMINATION JOURNAL I MEMBERS of the LEGAL PROFESSION to become SUBSCRIBERS to the

L and STUDENT'S LITERARY MAGAZINE. Edited by JAMES ERLE BENHAM. “REPORTS," 10 offer to Subscribers for the present Year, who sball pay their Sub

No. 14, for May, 1874. CONTENTS: 1. Examination of Notices.-II. The Choice of a scription on or before the 12th June, 1874, the Back Numbers of the “Reports" from

Profession and its Influence on the Mind.-III, A Reflection.-IV. “Never Say Fail."

Professio the commencement of the series, at the following cash prices, if paid before the 12th

V. The Questions of the Preliminary Examination of the 13th and 14th May, 1874, June, 1874, to the Hon. Secretary, 76, Harcourt Street, Dublin :

with the Answers.-VI. Suggestions to Intending Candidates --VII. Answers to For a Complete Set, up to, and including, Vol. VII., £7 78.

By order of the Council,

London: BUTTERWORTHS, 7, Fleet Street, Her Majesty's Law Publishers. ROBERT ROMNEY KANE, Hon. Secretary. The Fourth Annual Supplement to Fisher's Digest. Valuable Law Books, including the Library of a Queen's

This day is published, in royal 8vo. price 168., boards.
Counsel deceased, by order of the Executors.

DIGEST of the REPORTED DECISIONS of ALL MESSRS. HODGSON will SELL by AUCTION, at their THE COURTS, including the Irish ; with a Collection of Cases overruled and

impeacbed, and references to the Statutes, Rules, and Orders of Court, from Hilary Term, V Rooms, 115, Chancery Lane, W.C. (Fleet Street end), on Friday, May 29th, at

1873. to Hilary Term, 1874. By R. A. FISHER, Esq., of the Middle Temple, BarristerOne o'clock, VALUABLE LAW BOOKS, comprising: Howell's State Trials, 34 vols.;


London: H. SWEET, 3, Chancery Lane, Law Publisher.
Davidson's Precedents in Conveyancing, 8 vols. ; Chitty's Collection of Statutes, by
Welsby and Beavan, 4 vols.; Daniell's Chancery Practice, 3 vols.; B;

Just published, royal 8vo., price 78. 6d, cloth.
Jarman's Conveyancing, 9 vols.; Chitty's Prerogatives of the Crown ; Hawkins' Pleas of

The Judicature Act, 1873, Annotated. the Crown, best edition, 2 vols. ; the Reports in the various Courts of Common Law

THE SUPREME COURT of JUDICATURE ACT, and Equity, including the Modern King's Bench and Exchequer Reports; & fine Set of the New Law Reports to the present time; Modern Text-books ar d Works of Reference,

1 1873, with EXPLANATORY NOTES. By F. 0. HAYNES, of Lincoln's Inn, the Old Reporters, &c. To be viewed and Catalogues had,

Barrister-at-Law, late Fellow of Caius College, Cambridge.

London: W. MAXWELL and Sox, 29, Fleet Street.
LONDON GAZETTE (published by authority) and LONDON and

New Edition, 8vo., price £l 10s., cloth,


I Corporation Act, 5 and 6 William IV., c. 76, and the Acts since passed for ainending the same, and otherwise in relation to Municipal Corporations, with Notes and

References to the Cases thereon, and an Appendix, containing the principal Statutes 11 the attention of the Legal Profession to the advantages of his long experience

referred to, including those relating to Mandamus and Quo Warranto, and Corrupt of upwards of twenty-five years, in the special insertion of all pro formå notices, &c.,

Practices at Parliamentary Elections; a List of Boroughs having Quarter Sessions, and hereby solicits their continued support.-N.B. One copy of Advertisement only

Borough Court Rules, &c. By Sir CHRISTOPHER RAWLINSON, late Chief Justice of Madras. required, and the strictest care and promptitude assured. Officially Stamped Forms

Sixth Edition. By Thos. GEARY, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law. for Advertisements, and File of “London Gazette " kept.-By Appon lon Gazette " kept.-By Appointment.

London: W. MAXWELL & Sox, 29, Fleet Street,


Established 1835. Capital paid up............ £480,000.

192, FLEET STREET, and 1 & 2, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON, E.C. This Society purchases Reverslonary Property and Life Interests, and grants Loans

Carriage Paid to the Country on Orders exceeding 208. on these securities. Forms of Proposal may be obtained at the Office.

DRAFT PAPER, 58., 68. 6d., 78. 9d., and 98. 9d. per ream.

BRIEF PAPER, 148. 6d., 188. 6d., and 248. 6d. per ream.
Joint Secretaries
C. H.CLAYTON. Joint Secretaries FOOLSCAP PAPER, 118. 6d., 14$. 6d., and 198. 6d. per ream.

CREAM LAID NOTE, 38., 48., and 58. per ream.

LARGE CREAM LAID NOTE, 48., 68., and 78. per ream.

LARGE BLUE Nore, 38., 48., and 6s. per ream. V REVERSIONARY INTEREST SOCIETY, P. & Ci's “ VELLUM Wove CLUB HOUSE” Note, 98. 6d. per ream, 68, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON.

ENVELOPES, CREAM or BLUE, 38. 6d., 48. 6d., and 68. 6d. per 1000.

THE "TEMPLE" ENVELOPE, extra secure, 98. 6d. per 1000.

Deputy-Chairman-H. CECIL RAIKES, Esq., M.P.

INDEXTURE SKINS, Printed and Machine-ruled, 28. each, and 238. per dozen. Reversions and Life Interests purchased. Immediate and Deferred Annuities granted

SECONDS or FOLLOWERS, Ruled, 1s. 8d. each, and 198. per dozen. in exchange for Reversionary and Contingent Interests.

RECORDS or MEMORIALS, 6d. each, 58. 6d. per dozen. Loans may also be obtained on the security of Reversions,

LEDGERS, DAY Books, CASH BOOKS, LETTER OR MINUTE BOOKS. Annultles Immediate, Deferred, and Contingent, and also Endowments, granted on

An immense stock in various bindings. favourable terms.

ILLUSTRATED PRICE LIST of Inkstands, Postage Scales, Copylog Presse Prospectuses and forms of Proposal, and all further information, may be had at the cases, Despatch Boxes, Oak and Walnut Stationery Cabinets, and other useful articles Office.

C. B. CLABON, Secretary. I adapted to Library or Office, post free. ESTABLISHED 1841.

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[Registered at the General Post Office as a Newspaper.]

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