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Publisþed for tķe Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales.

Delivered GRATIS in the United Kingdom and the Colonies to all Subscribers to the ENTIRE Series of 'THE LAW REPORTS.

No. 31.

S Price One Shilling.
Two Pounds per Annum.

VR. E, H, BEDFORD, Author of “ The Intermediate

Published this day, Second Edition, price 18s., cloth. ! Esamination Guide," "The Intermediate Examination Guide to Book-keeping,"

THE LAW of GENERAL AVERAGE (English and d Editor of The Preliminary." "Intermediate," and “Fipal," has Classes reading 1 Foreim). By RICHARD LOWxDEs, Author of the Admiralty Law of Collisions at is at bis Chambers, 9, King's Bench Walk, Temple, for each of the Examinations. Sea. Second Edition. London: STEVENS and Sons, 119. Chancery Lane. AW CONVEYANCING.-A thoroughly efficient CON

Just published, price 218., cloth. VEYANCING MANAGER wishes for an ENGAGEMENT. Address “Cox. THE LAW and PRACTICE relating to LETTERS TANCER " (No. 1635), 10, Wellington Street, Strand, W.C.

1 PATEN I for INVENTIONS, together with Notices of the Patent Laws in Force

in the principal Foreign States, and in the Colonies, with Rules, etc. By WILLIAMI ' AW.-WANTED by a Gentleman, recently admitted, a FISCHER AgNew, Esq, Barrister-at-Law. Sitnation to take the Management of CONVEYANCING and GENERAL

WILDY & Soxs, Law Publisbers. Lincoln's Inn Archway, London, W.C. USINESS, under the Supervision of the Principal. A London office preferred. Address care of Messrs. Cox and Soxs, Law Stationers, 102, Chancery Lane, W.C.

Railway and Canal Cases. - AW.--WANTED in a Solicitor's Office of extensive

Just Published, in 1 vol., royal 8vo, prica 188., cloih. practice, a thoroughly efficient COPYING CLERK. One who bas served his time

COLLECTION of the CASES decided under the 2nd las Stationer preferred, providing he has bad a few years' experience in a Solicitor's

Fl Sect of THE RAILWAY AND CANAL TRAFFIC ACT, 1854, and REPORTS Bice. None need apply who do not write a good hand, and whose character will not of CASES decided by the Railway Commissioners under THE REGULATION OF ar the strictest investigation. Address, stating age, references and salary required,

RAILWAYS ACT, 1873: with the Statutes and Notes. Also a Digest of Cases on "A. B. care of Messrs. Doxx and Duncan, 9 Fleet Street.

Rallway and Canal Traffic. By RALPH NEVILLE, M.A., of Lincoln's Inn, and WALTER

H. MACNAMARA, of the Inner Temple, Esqrs., Barristers-at-law, READING.-An Articled Clerk, Reading for Honours at London: HENRY SWEET, 3, Chancery Lane, Law Bookseller and Pablisher. the Final Examination, desires to meet with a Barrister who would READ with

Just published, price 28. 6d , post-free. a alone, from about the middle of August, for a Month. Common Lawyer preferred. ate terms, and whether arrangement could be made to Read in the Country for whole

The Liability of Innkeepers. part of the time. Will not join a Reading Class. Address " TWENTI," Messrs. DREW, THE LAW relating to the LIABILITY of Innkeepers. High Holborn.

By the Hon. F.C. MOXCREIFF, of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law. FFICES TO LET, Central City Position.-TWO

London: W. Maxwell and Sox, 29. Fleet Street, ROOMS, communicating, First Floor, 76, Leadenball Street, £70 a year, no Taxes.

MANUAL OF DRILL FOR MOUNTED RIFLE other particulars of Mr. HOPKINS, 43, Houndsditch.


Londou : W. CLOWES and Sons, 13, Charing Cross, S.W. Tro good ROOMS TO LET, on Ground Floor, Rent £80; also Three Rooms on cond Floor, Rent £80; several other Sults of Chambers, suitable for Barristers,

LONDON GAZETTE (published by authority) and LONDON and Jlcitors, or other Professional Gentlemen. Apply to F. CHIFFERIEL, Law Stationer,

COUNTRY ADVERTISEMENT OFFICE, Cursitor Street, Chancery Lane; or the Porter on the Premises.

No. 117, CHANCERY LANE, FLEET STREET. Valuable Law Books, including the Library of a LENRY GREEN, Advertisement Agent, begs to direct Country Solicitor.

| 11 the attention of the Legal Profession to the advantages of his long experience

of upoards of twenty-five years, in the special insertion of all pro formá notices, &c, 1 Rooma, 115. Chancery Lane, W.C. (Fleet Street end), on Friday, August 7ih, at

and hereby solicits their continued support.-N.B. One copy of Advertisement only e o'clock, VALUABLE LAW BOOKS, comprising - Coke's Four Institutes, 6 vols.;

required, and the strictest care and promptitude assured, Officially Stamped Formsawkins'. Pieas of the Crown, by Curwood, 2 vols.; Hall's Rights of the Sea Shore;

for Advertisements, and File of " London Gazette" kept.-By Appointment. itty's Statutes, 4 vols.; Brown and Hadley's Commentaries, 4 vols. ; a Complete Set the Yex Law Reports to 1873, in calf; The Jurist, 63 vols.; Several Series of The PARTRIDGE AND COOPER,

Journal; The Reports in King's Bench, Common Pleas, Exchequer, Visi Prius, and Der Courts; and the usual Works of Reference and Practice. Catalogues forwarded



Carriage Paid to the Country on Orders exceeding 20s. SOCIETY

DRAFT PAPER, 58., 68. 6d., 78. 9d., and 98. 9d. per ream.

BRIEF PAPER, 148. 6d., 188.6d., and 218. 60. per ream.
Established 1835. Capital paid up............ £480,000.

FOOLSCAP PAPER, 113. 60., 148. 6d., and 198. 6d. per ream.
This Society purchases Reverslonary Property and Life Interests, and grants Loans

CREAN LAID NOTE, 38., 48., and 68. per ream.
these securities.
Furms of Proposal may be obtained at the Office. F. S. CLAYTON,

LARGE CREAN LAD NOTE, 48., 68., and 78. per ream.
Joint Secretaries.

LARGE BLUE NOTE, 38., 48., and 63. per ream.

P. & C.'s “ VEI LUM Wove Club HOUSE" NOTE, 98. 6. per ream.

ENVELOPES, CREAM or BLUE, 38. 60., 48. 60., and 68. 60. per 1000.


INDEXTURE Skins, Printed and Machine-ruled, 28. each, and 238. per dozen.
Deputy-Chairman-H. CECIL RAIKES. Esq., M.P.

SECOxds or FOLLOWERS, Ruled, 18. 8d. each, and 198. per duzed. Reversions and Life Interests purchased. Immediate and Deferred Annuities granted

RECORDS or MEMORIALS, 6d. each, 58. 6d. per dozen. exchange for Reversionary and Contingent Interests.

LEDGERS. DAY Books, Cash Books. LETTER OR MIXCTE BOOKS. oang may also be obtained on the security of Reversions. Annuitleg Immediate, Deferred, and Contingent, and also Endowments, granted on

An immense stock in various bindings. onrable terms.

ILLUSTRATED PRICE LIST of Inkstands, Postage Scales, Copylog Presses, Writing Prospectuses and Forms of Proposal, and all further information, may be bad at the cases, Despatch Boxes, Oak and Walnut Stationery Cabinets, and other useful articles

C. B. CLABON, Secretary. adapted to Library or Office, post free. Esta BLISHED 1811.






[?egistered at the General Post Office as a Neirspaper.]


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inform Subscribers that the Entire Series of the Law REPORTS for 1873 is now complete, and

ready for Binding.
The following are required for Binding the Entire Series of the Law REPORTS for 1873, viz.:-

THE WEEKLY Notes, Numbers I. to LII.
EQUITY SERIES, Parts I. to XIII., and the Index of Vol. XV., EQUITY, published in August.

APPELLATE SERIES, Parts I. to IV. of the Monthly Parts, and Part I. of Vol. IV. Privy COUNCIL APPEALS, published in 1872.

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N.B.The above Terms apply only to books bound according to pattern, which may be seen at the Publishing Office.

An extra charge will be made for any alteration from the pattern.



JAN. 1874.

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... The Long Vacation will commence on Monday, the 10th day of August, and terminate on Wednesday, the 28th day of October, 1874, both days inclusive



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minding up of Joint Stock Companies.

FRIDAY, July 24, 1874. During the Vacation until further Notice :-All applications which are

LIMITED IN CRANORRT. of an urgent nature are to be made to the VICE-CHANCELLOR SIR Combined Services Co-operative Association (Limited)-Petition for winding-up, preCHARLES HALL

sented July 22, directed to be heard before V.-C. Malins on July 31. Reep. Lane, &

Co, Busb-14, Cannor-st, solicitors for petitioners. The VICE-CHANCELLOR will sit at his Chambers, on Wednesday, in combined service- C-operative Association (Limited) - Petition for wiuding-up, pre

sented July 24 directed to be beard before V.-C. Malins on Aug 4. W. Batban,

Fowke's-bldes, Gt Tower-st, solicitor for petitioners. tions.

Patent Gas Company (Limited) --Creditors of this Company are required on or before

Sept 15, to send thrir names and addresses, and the particulars of tbeir debts or claims, The necessary papers relating to every application are to be left at

and the names and addresses of their solicitors (if any) to Francois Mackenzie, the VICE-CHANCELLOR's Chambers, if possible, before one o'clock on the Josepb Weatherley, and Augustas A. Smith, 25 Fencbarch.st, liquidators of tbe

Company. day previous to that on which the application is intended to be made.

Wear Ergine Works Company (Limited).-Petition for winding-up presented July 22,

directed to be beard before V..C. Bacon on July 31. Oliver & Botterell, Qual!ıy-cl, In cases of great emergency, applications to the VICE-CHANCELLOR

Charcery, agents for J. Tuley, Sunderland, solicitor for petitioner. may be sent by book-post, accompanied with the Brief of Counsel,

UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY. indorsed with the terms of the Order applied for, and a copy of such

Elbam Vall. y Railway - Petition for winding-up, presen' ed July 22, directed to be indorsement on foolscap paper with an envelope addressed to the : oli

bard before V.-C. Maiis on Aug 1. Barlow, Bowling, & Williams, Essex-st, soli. citor making the application, and such other papers as may be thought Incitors for petiilodet.

" Teme Valley Ruilway.-Tbe M.R. bas appointed George R. Godson, of 3 Great Queen-s, necessary.

Westminster, Civil Engineer, to be official liquidator of this Company, On applications for Injunctions or Writs of Ne exeat Regno, there

TUESDAY, July 28, 1874. must be sent in addition to the above, a copy of the bill, a certificate of

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. bill filed, and office copies of the affidavits in support of the application. Continer tal and Shipping Butter Company (Limited) - The M. R. has fixed Aug 6. at:1, The Counsel's brief sent to the VICE-CHANCELLOR will, when any | Crown Coperative Society (Limitrd)-Order 10 wind-up. July 18, M.R. Peck bam,

for the appototment of an official liquidator of this Company. Order is made thereon, be returned direct to the Registrar and a copy. Malula d, « Peck bam. Knight Rider-s', ou tor's-commons, solicitors for ibe petitioner. of the indorsement on Counsel's brief of the Order made will be sent

Crown (o-operalive Society (Limited - The M. R. bas fixed Aug 6, al 11, for the

appoi tment of an ofticiul liquidauur of ibis Suciety. by post to the solicitor making the application. The address of the VICE-CHANCELLOR can be obtained at his

Creditors under Estates in Chancery. chambers.

FRIDAY, July 24, 1874. The Chambers of the VICE-CHANCELLOR (No. 14 Chancery Lane) will Creditors ander the apder-mentioned estates to send by post their Christian and

surnames addresses, and descriptions, the full particolans of their claims, a statement of be open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays during the their accounts, and the datare of the secorities (if any) held by them, to the underVacation from 11 to 1 o'clock.

mentioned solicitors on or before the days mentioned.
Burdon. Wm W., Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Eq. Nov 1. Solicitor, J. T. Hos le (Hople.

Solpley & Angle). Newcastle-upon-Tyne. De Batis o D'Audibert, Creditors bold

ing spority to produce same before V.-C. Bacon on Jan 14, 1875, at 12

Everett, Wm. Eritb, Kent, Gent, Oct 1. Solicitor, H. H. Poole, 58 Bartholom-w-close. APPOINTMENTS.

Everett v. Everett. Creditors holding security to produce same before V.-C. Maline

on Nov 2, at 12.

la- | Gibhe. Edmd J.. Margate, Gent. Sept 2. Solicitor, W. Brooke, Margate. Gibbs v. jesty's Solicitor-General for Scotland to William Watson, Esq., Ad. Wbile. Creditors bolding security to produce same before V.-C. Hall on Nov 2, vocate, in the room of John Millar, Esq., appointed one of the Lords

at ) 2

Price. Mary A., Abergavepny. Monmouth, Widow. Sept 25. Solicitor, A. A. L. Har. of Session in Scotland.

rison, New-inn. Straid. Davies v Jones. Creditors bolding security 10 pruduce the Mr. James Henry Holden (of the firm of Messrs. Chester & Co.), of same before the V.C. Hall on Nov 7, at ball-past 12. No. 11 Staple Înn, has been appointed a London Commissioner to

Smith, Aribor. Lewisbam, Gent, Oct 16. Solicitor, C. O. Lloyd, Gray's-lon-pl, Gray's.

ind. Christie v. Smith. Creditors holding security to produce same before V.-C. administer Oatlıs in Chancery.

Malins on Nov 3, at 12.


O Net,

TUESDAY, July 28 1874.

Kerley, Georgiana C., Bournemouth, Southampton, Widow. Oct 1. H. W. Dickinson,

Poole, Dorset,
Birker. Thos P... Handsworth. York, Butcher and Farmer. Sept 18. Solicitor, A. Martin, Hy, Rusper. Sussex, Gent. Sept 21. H. S. & S. Watts. Yeovil.

Wightman (Broom bea, Wightman, & Moore), Sheffield. British Nation Life Assur- | Ma on, Eli, Manchester, and Cheetham, Lancaster, Boot Manufacturer. A
ance Asgociation v Barker, Creditors and locumbrincers holding security to produce | Worsley, Manchester.
same before the M.R on Oct 29 at 11.

Moss, Mary, Newport, Monmonth, Widow. Aug 24. J. Gibbs, Newport, Monmouth. Boult, Thos C., Bracknell, Berks, Gent, Sept 21. Solicitor, F A. Snow (Blake & Snow), Piumau, Charlotte. Weston-super-Yare, Somerset, Widow. Aug 28. W. Smitb,

College-bill. Druce v. Atkins. Creditors and iocumbrancers holding security to W ston-super-Mare produce same before the M. R. on Oct 30, at 11.

Pittman, Thos, Weston-super-Mare, Somerstt, Auctioneer and Appraiser. Aug 23. Carter. David Sept 29. Solicitor, Wm Gregson, jon, Rochford, Essex Carter ul W. Smith, Weston-super-Mare.

Carter. Creditore bolding security to produce same before V.-C. Hall on Nov 9, at 12. Sadgrove, Eizabeth. Stoke Newington, Widow. Aug 30 Tanqueray-Willaume & Clewem. Jesse. Stoke-upon-Trent, Stafford, Stone Mason. Oct 1. Solicitor, C. E. Chal- Hanbury, New Broad-st. City.

linor. Stoke-upon-Trent, Stafford. Hul v. Clewes. Creditors holding security to Tysoe, Ino, Welford, Gloucester, Farmer. Sept 8. Hobbes, Slatter, & Hobbes, Stratproduce same before the M. R. OD Nov 6, at 12.

ford-upon-Avon, Jenkins. Jno. Cefa Glaes. Glamorgan. Oct 15. Solicitors, C., F., & G. James, Mertbyr Warren, Samt. Drummond-rd, Bermondsey. Sept 1. Sl:e, Orans, & Bayley, Parist-st,

Tydsl. Glamorgan. William V. Jenkins. Creditors holding security to produce same St Jobn's, Soutbwa k. before V.-C. Bacon on Nov 3, at 12.

Whittingham, Rev sami, Childrey, Berks, D.D. and Rector of Childrey. Aug 30. TanMoores. Jag. Tim perlev, Chester, Gent. Sept 29. Solicitors. Hulton & Lister. Man queray-Willaume & Haubury, New Broad-st, City.

chester Burgess v. Edwards. Creditors holding security to produce same before V.-C.

Hall on Nov 6, at ball-past 12 Stirton. Chas. Brick-line, Spitalfields. Sept 30. Solicitors, Stibbard & Cronshey. Fencburch-st. Cox v. S irton. Creditors bolding security to produce same before V.-C.

BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1869. Hall on Oct 30, at 12.

Proceedings for Liquidation by Arrangemeut Creditors under 22 & 23 Wict. cap. 83,

or composition with Creditors.
FBIDAY. July 24 1874.

Last Day of Claim.

FRIDAY, Jaly 24, 1874.
Abbott, Elizı, Eastwood, Nottingham, Widow. Sept 12. A. Tburman, Alfreton &

Adkins, Hy, Walsall Wood, Stafford, Grocer and Batcher ; Aog 4, at 11, at offices of Ilkeston. Abell. Wm. Derby, Enginers. 0:0 21. J. Moody. Bank-chambs.

J. Glover, Walsall, Attorney. Allison. Chas, Lincoln, Farmer. Oct ). J G. Williams Lincoln.

Angerstein, Wm J. N., Asbby Lodge, nr Daventry, Northampton, Gent; Aug 13, at 2, Bircb, Peter. Liverpool, tient Aug 20. K. G, Salter, Ellesmere. Salnp.

at officer of Lawrance, Plews, & Co, Old Jewry-chambs. Attorneys. Birdsey, David, Sonibury, Bucklogham. Farmer. Aug 29. J. Newton, Leighton Boz.

Appleby. Wm J.. Sbanklin, Isle of Wight, Hairdresser and Perlumer. Aog 7, at 11, at zard, Bed,

oincpg of E. Bull, Shaoklin, Isle of Wight, Attorney. Bowes. Joo G. Langley Mill, Derby. Miller, Sept 1. Towle & Gilbert, Nottingham.

Armsırong. Wm. Liverpool, Warch Maker and Jeweller; Aug 10, at 3, at offices of Brittain, Hugb, Eccie-ball Stafford. Gent. Sept 1. Coopers Newcastle under-Lyme.

Bartell & Rodway, Liverpool, Attorneys. Cook. Wm, Redbill Reigute, Builder. Ang 31. G C Morrison, Reigate.

Bogaall, Saml F., Norwich, Surgeon ; Aug 6, at 11, at offices of E. P. Simpson, Nor.

wich, Solicitor. Cooke, Jade. Preston Widow. Oct 1. W. Banke, Preston Crewe, Chas H., Rep'on Hayes, Derby, E-q. Sept 10. J. & W. H Sale, Derby.

Baskerville, Danl, Leckhampton, Gloucester, Nurseryman; Aug 7, at 11, at offices of Currie, Wm. Liverpool Wine and Spirit Merchant, Sept 20 Bateson & Co, Liverpool.

Mooren & Romney, Tewkesbury, Attorneys. Duckare, Peter. Wrepbary. Chesier. Labourer. Aug 24. E. P. Jones, Whitcbarch

Beazer, Tbos. Marshfield, Gloucester, Farmer; Aug 1, at 12, at ofices of H. J. Pocock, Dorand, Sir Hy M. Lienterant-Governor of the Punjaub and Major-General in H.M.'s

Bath Anctioneer A Essery, Bristol, Attorney. Engineers. Oct 1, Bell, Stewards. & Co, Lincoln's-inn-filds

Beer. Wm Newcastle-upon-Type, Jeweller and Watch Maker ; Aug 6, at 12, at offices Gilbert, Saml Ennis-d. Finsbury-pk. Gent. Oct 20. J. M Chamberlain, Basinghall-st.

of Hoyle, Shipley, & Hoyle, Newcastle-upon-Type, Attorneys. Hills, Wm. St Mary Cray, Kent, Bricklayer, Sept 10. May, Sykes, & Batten, Adelaide

Bradsbaw. Jpo, Leeds, Currier; Aug 4, at 12, at offices of L. Hardwick, Leeds, Solicitor. place. London-bilge.

Brady. Fred H., Birmingham, Steel Merchant and File Manufacturer ; Aug 6, at 2, at Hinckes, Theodosia, Tettenball Wocd, Stafford, Spinster. Nov 1. Bowker, Peake, &

ottices of C. Davies, Birmingham, Solicitor. BirJ, Bedford-row.

Brown, Natban, Manchester, Commision Agent ; Aug 4, at 10, at offices of G, GarthLister, Wm. Red House, Hornsey, Gent. Oct 1. Van Sandau & Cumming, King-st,

walte, Mancbester, Solicitor, Cheapside.

Browne. Frances M., Lower Kensington-gore, Kensington-rd, Spinster; Aug 7, at 12. Lloyd, 'Berj, Little Dawley, Salp. Victualler. Septi. E. B. Potts, Broseley, Sbrop

at offices of S. B Abrahams. Burlington-gdos, Attorney. shire.

Carier. Albert T.. Oxford-st. Boot Maker and Seller; Aug 10, at 2, at offices of W. Oddie, Josh C, Rothwell, York, Gert. Oct 31. Coleman & Sargater, Pontefract.

Bohm, New-ino, strand, Attorney. Parker. Hy, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, Blacksmith. July 30. W. H. Davies. I

Cheetham, Geo, Lincolo, Firbmonger and Dealer in Coals; Aug 6, at 11, at ofices of Weston-super-Mare.

G. Jay, Lincoln, Accountant. W. Rex, Lincoln, Attorney. Smetborst, Moses, Bolton, Víctualler. Sept 1. Ramwell & Peonington, Bolton,

Coleman, Geo, the yr, Cardiff, and Llandas. Corn. Flour, spd Malt Dealer; Aug 13. Smith, Wm E., Milton-st. Dorset-sq and Walton-on-be-Naze, Gent. Oct 20. P.J.

at 2, at offices of Barnard, Thomas, Clarke, & Co, Cardiff, Accountants. C. Waldron, Gordon, Lincoln's inn Odd

Attorney. Steer, Hø, Bansted, Surrey, Farmer. Aug 31. G. C. Morrison. Reigate.

Culeman, Geo. the yr, and Geo T. Culeman, Cardiff, and Llandair, Corn, Flour. and Malt Titley. W J.. Madeley, Salop, Gent. Sept 21. E. B. Potis, Broseley, Shropshire.

Dealers; Aug 12, at 2, at offices of Barnard, Thomas, Tride, & Co, Bristol, AccounTownsend, Mary, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Widow. Sept 1. Swan & Arnolt, Newcastle

tant. C. Waldron, Attorney. apop-Tyne.

Cooper, Hy C, Bedford, Music Seller; Aug 7, at 1, at Ions of Court Hotel, Holbo:n. Tack, Joo T. A. Lee. Blackheath, Gent. Sept 10. J B. Stephens, Maidstone.

H. Jebbs, Bedford, Attorney. Whitaker, Josh, Mansfield, Nottingham, Aug 25. J. Bailey, Derby.

Cope, Wm. Birmingham, Brass Caster; Aug 7, at half-past 10, at offices of R. Dake,

Birmingham, Attorney.
TUESDAY, July 28, 1874.

Couseds, Saml, Bildeston, Sutfolk, Farmer; Aug 12, at 12, at offices of J. M. Pollard,

Ipswich, Solicitor.
Last Day of Claim

Cowen, Joo, Worklıgton, Cumberland, Fish and Game Dealer; Aug 6, at 12, at offices Barnes, Elizabeth, Ringwood, Southampton, Draper. Aug 31. Davy & Davy, Ring of Hayton & Simpson, Cockermouıb, Attorneys. wood.

Cox, Saml E., North Stonebam, Southampton, Innkeeper ; Arg 5, at 12, at offices of Bates, Jno, Brighton, Gent. Novi Clarke & Howlett, Brighton.

H.C. Guy, Southampton, Attorney. Bouroa, Richd, Mucclestone, Stafford. Farmer. Sept 1. H. Martia, Nantwich.

Crawley, Wm H., Plumstead, Kent, Baker ; Aug 5, at half-past 3, at oMces of Shaw & Butterfield. Joo, Hastings, Sus ex, Esq. Sept 23. Polllip; & Cheesman, Hastings.

Tremellen. Gray's-in-+q. Attorneys. (arter, Robt, Norih Petberton, Sumerset, Yeoman. Aug 31. Roddock & Auber, Bridge Crighton, Robt. Liverpool. Shipwright ard Cart Owner : Aug 4, at 4, at offices of Hime water, Somerset.

& Co. Liverpool. Lawrence & Dixon, Liverpool, Attorneys. Carler, Wm. Readine Berks, Gent. Sept 18. T. Rogers. Reading.'

Crof, Richd, Castleford, York, Tailor; Aug 5, at 3, at Commercial Hotel, Leeds. Stocks Clark. Wm, Union-st. Southwark, and Forest-bill, Warehouseman. Aug 15. W. Up

& Netileton, Castleford, Attorneys. ward, Finsbury-circus.

Croft, Wm. Torquay. Stationer and Photographer ; Aug 10, at 12, at offices of Hooper Comer, Fredk, Knigbtsbridge Green. Aug 5. J. Elliott, Vincent-sq, Westminster. & Wollen, Toi quay, Solicitors. Cooper. Jas, Haulgh, Lancaster, Gent. Sept 1. J. Greenba'gb, Bolion.

Cutting. Horace. Swansea, Auctioneer ; Aug 5, at 3, at offices of Clifton & Woodward, Crofts, Wm, Wolvey. Warwick. Gent. Sept:9. Dewes & Bone, Nuneaton, Warwick. Swansea, Attorneys. Davies, Josb. Martletwy. Pembrok, Farmer. Aug 31. T. Lewis, Nar beth.

Dale, Hy, th- yr Northallertop, Curier ; Aug 6, at 2, at King's Arms Hotel, NorthFindon, Elizabeth, Coventry, Widow. Sept 2. 0. Minster, Cuventry.

aller top. E Milburn, Attorney. Fox. Alf. Falmouth, Cornwall. Oct 8. Tilly & Co, F»lmouth, Cornwall.

Di acon, Francis, Aberystwith, Gent; Aug 5, at 11, at ofPces of J. J. Alwood, Cardigan, Fry, Elizabeth, Thorne St Margaret, Somerset, Spiaster. Oct 1. Beadon & Sweet,

Solicitor, Taunton, Somerset.

Davies, Geo. Manchester, Timber Merchant, Joider, and Packing-case Maker; Aug 6. Fiy, Sarab, Thurne Saint Margaret, Somerset, Spinster. Oct 1. Beadon & Sweet, at 3, at offices of Bond & Son. Manchester, Solicitors. Taunton Somerset.

Davies, Haonab. Ystrady fodwg. Glamorgan, Grocer; Aug 12, at 2, at offices of Rosser Goodwin, Thos O., Seacombe, Chester, Commission Mercbant. Aug 22. Forshaw & & Phillips, Pontypridd, Solicitors. Hawkins, Liverpool.

Dubson, Ay. Park-grange, or Leyburn, York, Farmer and Cora Dealer; Aug 7, at 2, at Gustard, Ralpb. Hleddon-on-the-Wall, Northumber and, Farmer. Aug 31. R. & W. offices of W. Robinson, Darlington, Solicitor. Gibeon, Hexham,

Earnshaw. Sarab, Leeds, Milliger; Aug 5, at 11, at offices of Teale & Appleton, Leeda, Harrison Enoch, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staford, Innkeeper. Aug 24. E. Fenton, Attorneys. Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Epps Moses, Canterbury, Kent, Builder and Contractor; Aug 15, at 2, at Sun fan, CanHlas ll, Jno, Bedminster, Bristol. Gert. Sept i. J. T. Bread, Bristol,

terbory. W. Webb, Qucen Vic old-st, Attorney. Hurlbutt, Geo, Sale, Chester, Gent Aug 21. Grandy & Kershaw, Manchester.

Gingell, Eli, Trowbridge, wilis, Cloth Dealer and Shopkerper; Aug 3, at 3, at offices of Johnson, Jno, Litcbarcb, Derby, Geat. Sept 10. J. & W. H. Sale, Derby.

Pocock & Son, Bath. H. Shrapnell, Attorney.

Gordia, David C., Romford, Essex, Victualler; Aug 4, at 12, at offices of H. F. Thwaites, Sheppard Geo, Birmingham, S:exl Toy Maker; Aug 5, at 2, at offices of C. Davies, Bir Basingball-st. J. Fulcher, London-wall, Attorney.

mingham, Solicitor. Greenland, Hy, Bristol, Tailor; July 31, at 11, at offices of J. B. Williams, Bristol, At- Shrapnell, Hy, Bradford, Wilte, Attorney and Solicitor; Aug 3, at 11, at offices of Potorney.

auck & Son, Ba h. Grobecker, Thos B., Cornbill, Sworn Broker; Aug 8, at 12, at offices of W. Stopher, Smiib. Joo, Lower Gornal, Stafford, Horse Dealer ; Aug 5, at 11, at offices of C. Barrow, Coleman-st, Solicitor.

Wolverbampton, Solicitor. Guerrler. Luke D., Metropolitan Meat Market, and Angell-rd. Brixton, Meat Salesman; Stocks, Jno, Pudsey. York. Bread Baker, Grocer, and Shopkeeper ; Aug 6, at 3, at offices Aog 19, at 2, at offices of Pearce & Son, Giltspur-st, Attorneys.

of H. J. Carr, Leeds, Solicitor. Hall. Geo, Birmingham, Jeweller: Aug 5, at a quarter past 10, at obilces of A. B. East, lo

Squaoce, Juo, Devopport, Rope, Lina, ani Twine Manufacturer and General Dealer: Birmingham, Solicitor.

1 Aug 10, at 3, at ottices of Beer & Rundle, Devonport. Attorneys. Hall, Phineas, Little Bolton, Contractor; Ang 7, at 3, at Three Crowns Inn, Bolton. Stuckey, Freak J., Meribyr Tydfil. Brewer and Wine and Spirit Merchant; Aug 4, J. Robinson, Bolton, Attorney.

At 11, at offices of Smith, Lewis, & Jones, Merthyr Tydfil, Solicitors. Hall, Wm, Somerford Bootbs. Chester, Miller; Aug 11, at 3, at Lion and Swan Hotel, Symonds, Ricbd. Sierenton, Berks. Miller and Farmer; Aug 11, at 12, at offices of L. Congleton. J E Garside Congleton, Attorney.

Sotcbam, Wantage Berks, Solicitor. Hatfield, Cbristopher, Sonih Kelsey, Lincoln, Saddler and Harness Maker ; Aug 6, at 1, Tame. Thos, Oxford, Wine and Spirit Mercbant ; Aug 14, at 12, at offices of C. Swearse, at offices of D. M. Robbs. Drigg. Lincola, Attorney.

Oxford, Solicitor. Hawkins, Edmd, Higb-st, Hornsey, Bullder and Corn Chandler: Ang 1. at 3, at Gerrard

Taphouse, By J., Barrow-in-Furness, Lancaster, Photographer and Picture Dealer; Arms, Gerrard-bt, Isllogton. J. B. Fenton, Colebrooke-row, Islington, Attorney.

A ug 7. at il, at Sbarp's Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness. F. Taylor, Barrow-in-Furness, Hewer, Jno W.. Appledore, Devon, Grocer and Provision Dealer; Aug 6, at 2, at offices of J. F. Brombam. Barnstaple. Attorney.

Attorney. Holdsworth, Saml. Ripon, York, Miller; Aug 11, at 3, at Stadley Royal Hotel, Ripon.

Thompson, Josh, St George's, Gloucester, Mason, Builder, and Contractor ; Aug 5, at 13, W. Fowle, Attorney.

at offices of C. Thick, Bristol. Attorney.

Thursion, Reuben Clevedon. Somerset, Grocer; Aug 11, at 12, at oftices of Hancock, Jackson, JDo, Cnmberworth Half. York, Farmer ; Aug 6. at 3, at offices of Hesp. Fenton, & Owen, Huddersfield, Solicitors.

Triggs, & Co, Bristol, Accountants. Benson & Thomas Bristol, Attorneys. Jacobs, Sidney, Camberwell New.rd, Geot; Aug 7, at 3, at offices of Buckler, Millard,

Turnball, Ricbd. Hebburn New-town, nr Jarrow, Durbam, Grocer and Provision Dealer; & Cayley, Fenchurch-st, Atorneys.

Aug 4, at 2, at omoon of Messrs Joel, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Attorneys. Johnson, Isaac. Blaydou-on-Type, Durbam, Timber Merchant; Ang 5, at 2, at offices

Turner, H®, Liverpool, Cabinet Maker; Aog 10, ai 3, at offices of M. Nordon, Liverof Mesers. Joel, Newcastle-on-Type, Attorneys.

pool, Attorney. Kirkley. Thos. Liverpool, Jeweller; Aug 6, at 12, at offices of Fowler & Carruthers, Torper, Jas E., Gt Tower-st. and Guildford, Wine Mercbant; Aug 8, at 12, at offices of Liverpool, Solicitors.

Tidy, Herbert. & Tidy, Sackville-st. Piccadilly, Solicitors. Knight, Geo B., Smethwick, Stafford, Clerk; Aug 4, at 3, at offices of T. C. Cheston, Vertue, Philip A, and Fredk H. Gooding. Borough High-st. Hop and Seed Merchants. Birmingbam, Solicitor.

--Separate creditors of Philip A. Veriue, Aug 6, at 3, at offices of Sandom & Kersey, Lawrence. Hy, Lower Phillimore-pl, Kensington, Chemist; Aug 5, at 2, at offices of Gracecburch-si, Attorneys. Halse, Trustr.m. & Co, Cheapside, Solicitors.

Warman, Jas, Patterson-st, Stepney, Carman and Coal Merchant; Aug 11, at 4, at Leadbetter, Geo, and Geo Clifford, Derby, Furniture Dealers ; Aug 4, at 11, at offices offices of W. J. Pelbam, Arbour-sq. Stepney, Solicitor. of J. Cutts, Chesterfield, solicitor.

Woodcock. Tbos, and win Cli&e, Leymoor in Golcar, or Huddersfield, Mechanics ; Aug Lobley, Jeremiah S., Dewsbury, York, Pawnbroker; Aug 11, at 3, at Royal Hotel, 4. at half past 2, at offices of E. Sykes, Huddersfield, Solicitor.-Separate creditors of Dewsbury Burton & Moulding, Attorneys.

Thos Woodcock, Avg 5 at half-past 2, same place.--Separate creditors of Wm Cliffe, Maddocks, Hy. Ratcliff, Middx Baker : Aug 5. at 3. at New Corn Exchange Hotel, I Aug 5, at half-past 2, same place. Mark-la. W. H. Swepstone, York-st West, Commercial-:d East, Attorney.

Williams, Geo. Shrewsbury, Salop, Grocer : Aug 6, at 11, at offices of Harrison & Malpats, Tbos, Longton, Stafford, Sbopkeeper and Beerseller; Aug 13, at 11, at offices Starkey, Birmingham. W. Shakespeare, Oldbury, Attorney.

of C, J. Welch, Langton, Attorney. Maon, Hy. Birmingham, Grocer and Provision Dealer; Aug 7, at 12, at offices of R.

TUESDAY, July 28, 1874. Duke, Birmingham. Attorney. Marlborough, wm, Bisbop-gaie-st Withlo, and Hornsey-st. Holloway, Mining Share | Allen, Wm G., Leicester, Commission Agent; Aug 11, at 12, at offices of J. B. Haxby,

Dealer; Aug 7, at 12. ai offices of E T. R. Wilde, Gresham-st, Accountant. Elderton Leicester, Solicitor. & Emmet, Pump-ct. Temple. Attorneys.

Andrews, Thus, the yr, Stockport Draper ; Aug 11, at 4, at offices of Addlesbaw & WarMarriner, Eleanor, Houghton-le-Spring. Darham, Boot and Shoe Dealer; Adg 6, at 12,

burion, Manchester, Solicitors. at ofices of Messrs Wright, Sunderland, Attorneys

Atkinson Henderson, Sunderland, Ironmonger; Aug 6, at 12, at offices of A. ThompMarsden, Richd, Toornhtii, York. Iger and Yarn Spinner ; Aug 11, at 2, at Royal Hotel,

ron. Sunderland, Attorney. Dewsbury. C. Walker, Dewsbury. Attorney.

Barrett, Edmond, Leeds, Fish, Game, Fruit, Poultry, and Provision Merchant; Aug 6, Marsh, Sayer, Ramsgate, Stationer and Confectioner; Aug 4, at 3, at Guildhall Coffee

at 3, at oftices of North & Sons, Leeds, Attorneys. house. T. M. Edwards, Ramsgate, Attorney.

Bartlett, Cbag and Cbas H. Bartlett, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Scale-beam Makers ; Aug Marshall, Jno R., Armley. York, Commercial Traveller; Aug 3, at 3, at offices of Faw.

7, at 12, at offices of 8. S. Sewell, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Solicitor.-Separate credicett & Malcolm, Leeds, Solicitors.

tors of Chas Bartlett. Aug 7, at 12, same place. -Separate creditors of Chas H. Bart. Mason, Allan, Featherstone, York, Builder and Contractor; Aug 4, at 3, at Manor

lett, Aug 7, at 12, same place. House Inn, Wakefield Stocks & Nettleton, Wakefield, Attorneys.

Beckett. Jis, Liverpool. Grocer and Provision Dealer; Aug 7, at 3, at offices of P. Vine, Maynard, Geo N , Whittlestord, Cambridge, Ironmonger and General Shopkeeper; Aug Liverpool. RH. Bartlett, Liverpool, Attorney, · 10, at u. at Green Dragon Hotel, Bishopsgate-st Witbio. W. W. Knocker, Great Berbee. Thoa, Wolverbampton, Writing Clerk; Aug 8, at 11, at ofices of c. Barrow, Duomow. Attorney.

Wolverbampton, Solicitor. Mountain, Wm. Bradford, Auctioneer and Valuer; Aug 5, at 11, at odioes of Watson Begbie, Robi s., laverness-id, Bayswater, no trade or occupation; Aug 11, at 3, at offices & Dickons, Bradford, Solicitors.

of Luinley & Lumley. Condolt-t, Bond-st Attorneys. Mousley. Thos C., Jao Mouxley, and Fredk Wood, Birmingham, Electro-plate Manufac- Blak

Blake, Jas, Devonsbire rd, Hackney, and Vincent-et, Westminster, Stone Mason and turers ; Aug 6, at 3, at offices of J. C. Fowke, Birmingham, Solicitor.--Joint creditors

Contractor; Aug 10. at 2, at ottires of W. Elam, Walbrook, Attorney. of Thos C. Monsley and Joo Mousl-y, Aug 6. at 4, same place-Separate creditors of

Bowen, Jas. Ellen's-pl, York-rd. Battersea, Chandler's Shopkeeper ; Aug 1, at 12, at Thos C. Mousloy, Aug 6, at a quarter past 4, same place. -Separate creditors of Jno offices of A. Hayres, Devereux-ct, Temple, Attorney. Mousley, Aug 6, at bali-past 4, same place.

Clarke, Wm J., Cardiff Victualler; Aug 10, at 2, at offices of Barnard, Thomas, Clarke, Muschamp, JDo T., Boston, Lincoln, Gasfitter; Aug 6, at 1, at offices of Wise & Har.

& Co, Cardiff, Accountants. R. W. Griffith. Cardif, Attorney. wood, Lincoln, Attorneys.

Clegg, JDO R.. Honlion Devon, lookeeper and Farmer ; Ang 12, at 10, at Turk's Head Myers, Long. Yeadon, York, Cloth Manufacturer; Aug 4, at 3, at offices of H. J. Carr,

lop, Honiton. 6. Tweed, Honiton, Attorney. Leeds, Solicitor.

Clewlow, Joo, Birmingham, Wholesale Boot and Shoe Manufacturer; Aug 10, at 3, at Neill. Tbos, Sheffield. Warehouseman and Mercbant; Aug 3, at 11, at offices of Binney ottices of Maher & Poncia, Birmingham, Sullcitors. & Sons, Sheffield, Solicitors.

Cole, Isaac, Goldsmiths'-10w, Hackney-rd, Leather Seller ; Aug 12, at 4, at otices of Newman, Hy A., Gt Quebec-st, St Marylebone, Grocer; Ang 6, at 3, at offices of H, W. W. J. Pelbam. Arbour-la. Stepney. Solicitor. Davie, New-ion, Attorney.

Cranswick, Edwd Bognor, Chemist; Aog 8, at 12, at Dolly's Coffee-house, King's HeadOrr, Robt T., Ipswich, Suffolk, Architect; Aug 6, at 11, at offices of A. F. Valliamy passage Newgate st. H. Luckett, Woribing, Attorney. Ipswich, Solicitor.

Learle, Ricbd, Staines. Middx, Tallow Melter and Chandler: Aug 11, at hall-past 2, at Page, Hy, Reading, Merchant's Clerk; Aug 6, at 11, at offices of J. T. Dodd, Reading, London Tavern, Bishop-gaie-st Within. A. Trinder, Bisbopsgate.st Within, Al. Attorney.

torney. Parker, Geo, Rasholme, or Manchester, Boot and Shoe Manufactarer ; Aug 11, at 3, at Dewy. Hy, and All Dewy, Bristol, Dealers in Tobacconists' Fancy Goods; Aug 1, at 11, offices of Cobbett Wheeler, & (obbett, Manchester, Attorneys.

at 34 Broad-tt, Bristol. Paulin, Fredk, St George'o-rd. Peckham, and Camden-grove, Camberwell, Brewer : Aug Dodwell, Christopber, Waddesdon, Buckingham, Coal Dealer and Farmer; Ang 13, at 12,

6, at 2. at ofices of H. Howse, Staple-inn, Holborn, Accountant. W.F. Morris, at ottom of Messrs. Parrott, Aylesbury, Solicitors. Staple-ion, Holborn, Attorney.

Dolby. Joo, Lincolo, Toy and General Dealer; Aug 6, at 11, at ofices of T. G. Dale, Perhen. Robt. Iwerpe-Courtney. alias Shroton. Dorset. Sboe Maker and Shopkeeper : Lincoln, Attorney.

Aug 5, at 11, at Railway Hotel, Blandford, Dorset. W. H. A kinson, Attorney. «'Downs, Kobe, East Dereham, Norfolk. Pork Butcher ; Aug 12, at 11, at offices of Phillips, Fredk, Lower Walmer, Kent, Baker and Confectioner; Aug 7, at 11, at ofices Wright & Barton, East Dereham, Attorneys. of E. Drew, Deal, Kent, Attorney.

Driscoll, Denie, Tooley-St. Carman and Greengrocer'; Ang 7, at 4, at offices of E, F. Phillips, Owen, Carmarthen, Victualler; Aug 6, at 2, at offices of W. D. Evans, Carmar. Marsball, Lincoln's-100-fids, Attorney. then, Solicitor.

Ellis, David, Manchester, Scutioner; Aug 13, at 3, at offices of Addlesbaw & Warburton, Poulton, JDO L., West Derby, Lancaster, Beerhouse Keeper; Aug 6, at 2, at offices of Manchester, Attorneys. J. Blackhurat, Liverpool, Attorney.

Everick, Fredk, Worcester, Stock and Share Broker; Aug 10, at 11, at offices of Rea & Rolliogs, Ricbd. Pembroke-dock, Pembroke. Grocer and Dealer in Provisions, Baskets, Muler, Worcester, Attorneys.

Eartbeoware, and Ironmongery ; Aug 10, at a quarter to 10, at Guildball, Carmar. Forinam. Thos, Callow-bill, or Redditch, Worcester, Farmer; Ang 10, at 3, at omices then. O. Parry, Pembroke-dock. Attorney.

of E. Parry. Birmingham, Attorney. Rassell, Arthur J. F., Worksop, Nottingham, Sargeon; Aug 6, at 1, at Lion Hotel, Freeman, Sami, Leicester, Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer ; Aug 12. at 13, at offices of Worksop. Hoddiog & Beevor, Attorneys.

Martis & son, Leicester, Accountants. A H. Burgess, Leicester, Attorney. Bbaw, Jas, Manchester, Beerseller and Farmer; Aug 6, at 3, at offices of E. S. Bent, French, Wo L., Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Engineer and Milwright; Aug 10, at 2, at Manchester, Attorney.

office of Messrs. Jcel, X wcate-upon-Tyne Attorpese.

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