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Tidè , Lorentz and Thorsten Nordenfelt, Clement's-la, London, Mercbants ; Oct 2,

TUESDAY, Sept 15, 1874. at 12, at offices of Fletcher & Co, Moorgate-st.-Separate creditors of Lorentz Tiden, Oct 2, at 3, same place.-Separate creditors of Tborsten Nordenfelt, Oct 2, at 4, same

To Attend in London. place. H. P. Sbarp. Gresham-house, Old Broad-st, Attorney.

Ridgway, Edwd, Metropolitan Cattle Market, Islington, Victualler and Publican. Pet Tillett, Thos. Norwich; Sept 25, at 11, at offices of J. Clabburn, Norwich. W. H. Daly, Sept ll. Oct 6, at ii.

Norwich, Attorney.
Tresise, Thos J., S: Austell, Cornwall, Boot and Shoe Dealer ; Oct 1, at 12, at offices of

To Attend in the Country.
Elworthy, Curtis, & Dawe, Plymouth, Devon, Solicitors.

Corner, Ellen, Cadishead, Lancaster, Innkeeper. Pet Sept 11. Oct 7, at 11, County Turner, Cbas. Bristol, Fruit and Fish Merchant; Sept 25, at 12, at offices of Williams Court, Salford & Co. Bristol, Accountants. Brittan, Press, & Ioskip, Bristol, Attorneys.

James, Hy, Sheffield, Accountant, Financial Agent, and Builder. Pet Sept 11. Oct 5, Varcoe, Hy, Hanwell, Cabinet Maker and Timber Merchant; Sept 23, at 11, at ofices at 3, County Court, Sheffield.

H. S. Hunter, London-wall, Accountant. J. Fulcher. London-wall, Attorney. Kempner, Isaac, and Marks Goldman, South Shields, Durham. Jewellers and General Viequis, Hy D., Mayall-rd. Brixton, Wine Mercbant's Agent; Sept 30, at 2, at Guild Dealers. Pet Sept 2. Sept 26, at 11, County Court, Newcastle. hall Tavern, Gresham-st. Chorley & Crawford, Moorgate-st, Attorneys.

McGovern, Josh H., Liverpool, Victaaller, Pet Sept 10. Sept 28, at 2, County Court, Walker, Geo B, Bristol, Coach Builder; Sept 26, at 11, at offices of S. B. Ward, Bristol, Liverpool. Solicitor.

Melandri, Giuseppe, Penarth, nr Cardiff, Glamorgad, Ship Chandler. Pet Sept 12. Sept

29, at 11, County Court, Cardiff. Bankrupts.

O'Hara, Christopber, Liverpool, Merchant. Pet Sept 11. Sept 30, at 2, County Court,
FRIDAY, Sept 11, 1874.

To Attend in London.

Pritchard, J. D., Liverpool, Cooper. Pet Sept 11. Sept 29, at 2, County Court,

Chard, Vincent, Threadneedle-st, Stock and Share Broker. Pet Sept 8. Sept 22, at 1. Savage, Jobb, Slimbridge, Gloucester, Cattle and Sheep Salesman. Pet Sept 12. Oct 3
Rose, Saml, and Saml Waldman, Cambridge-rd, Shoe Manufacturers. Pet Sept 8.1 at 12, County Court, Gloucester.

Sept 22, at half-past 12.
Shefield, Jas, Cheapside, Commission Agent and Stuff Merchant. Pet Sept 10. Sept 25,

at 11.
To Attend in the Country.

FRIDAY, Sept 11, 1874, Berwick, Wm A., Portsmouth, Lieut, in H.M.'s 42nd Regiment. Pet Sept 7. Sept 22, Cartbew, Edwd, Camborne, Corawall, Grocer. Sept 23, at half-past 11, Redruth. at 12, County Court, Portsmouth.

Kendall, Wm. Camborne, Cornwall, Builder, &c. Sept 23, at half-past 11, Redruth. Bradley, Josh, Smallthorne. Stafford, Grocer and Provision Dealer. Pet Sept 9. Sept 25, Lucas, Mary A., Illogan, Corowall, Grocer. Sept 23, at hall-past 11, Redrutb. at 3, County Court, Hanley.

Paull, Chas A, Redruth, Cornwall, Saddler. Sept 23, at balf-past 11, Redruth. Calvert, Jno, Barrow-in-Farness, Lancaster, Tailor and Draper. Pet Sept 7. Sept 22, Thomas, Jno, Illogan, Cornwall, Horse Dealer. Sept 23, at half-past 11, Redruth. at 2. County County, Ulverston.

Williams, Wm, Camborne, Cornwall, Leather Catter. Sept 23, at hall-past u, Red ruth. Lindsay, Edvd, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Iron Ship Builder. Pet Sept 7. Sept 23, at 12,

County Court, Newcastle.
Ladott, Lucien Birmingham, Gold Ornament Maker. Pet Sept 8. Sept 30, at 11,

County Court, Birmingham.
Rowntree, Thos, Scarborough, Jeweller, Fancy Dealer, and accountant. Pet Sept 9.

TUESDAY, Sept 16, 1874.
Oct 2, at 2, County Court Scarborough.

Root, Wm, Leamington Priors, Warwick, Jobmaster and Livery Stable Keeper.'

The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and




SUBSCRIPTIONS for the year 1875 will become payable on the 1st day of November next, and as no Part can be delivered until the Subscription is received, Colonial and other Subscribers will be so good as to remit their Subscriptions to the Secretary, JAMES THOMAS HOPWOOD, Esq., 3, New Square, Lincoln's Inn, London, W.C., in sufficient time to be received by him before the 30th of December next, in order that the Parts may be delivered to them free, as the cost of the transmission of all Parts published before the Subscription is paid must be borne by the Subscriber.

Subscriptions are payable to the Secretary, and his receipt is the proper discharge to a prepaying subscriber. All Cheques should be crossed “The Union Bank of London, Chancery Lane Branch," and Post Office Orders should be made payable at the Lincoln's Inn Post Office, Serle Street. Remittances from Ireland, Scotland, and abroad must include foreign bill stamps, bankers' commission, and all other expenses attending the receipt of the remittance.

Printed by GEORGE CLOWES, at Duke Street, Stamford Street, in the Borough of Lambeth, in the County of Surrey; and Published by him at 61, Carey Street, Lincoln's Ina,

in the Parish of St. Clement Danes, in the County of Middlesex-Saturday, September 19, 1874.

Published for the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales.

Delivered GRATIS in the United Kingdom and the Cclonias to all Subscribers to the ENTIRE Series of . THE LAW REPORTS.



No. 39.

Price One Shilling. ? { Two Pounds per Annum.

-- ------Just published, price 14s., cloth.

Haynes' Outlines of Equity.-Fourth Edition. Now Ready,

UTLINES of EQUITY; being a Series of Elementary

Lectures on Equity Jurisdiction, delivered at the request of the Incorporated Law INDIAN APPEALS.

Society; with Supplementary Lectures on certain Doctrines of Equity. By FREEMAX

OLIVER HAYNES, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law, and late Fellow of Caius College, THE INCORPORATED COUNCIL OF LAW REPORTING FOR Cambridge.

W. MAXWELL & Sox, 29, Fleet Street. 1 ENGLAND AND WALES having made arrangements for

Shortly will be Published,

M.A. Cantab., Barrister-at-Law. The volume will contain all the Legislation as to the PRIVY COUNCIL, the SECOND PART is now Ready.

it at present stands; it is proposed to give the text of the several Acts, altering some

what the order in which the various sections are placed, omitting all those portions The Series will be entitled INDIAN APPEALS," and as far as which are either ob olete or repealed, and adding such Explanatory Notes as my give

assistance to those who are called upon either to carry out, or comply with, these Laus. possible all the Important Cases will be Published within the The Acts thus treated-preceded by an Introduction giving a general account of the

present Licensing System, and followed by an Appendix containing the provisions of Year they are Decided.

various other Statutes which refer more particularly to the Excise Licenses-will form, The Subscription is £1 Is., payable in advance to JAMES

the publishers hope, a complete Hand-book upon the subject. A comprehensive Index

will be added, and the work will be issued at a moderate price. THOMAS HOPWOOD, Esq., 3, New Square, Lincoln's Inn,

London: KNIGHT & Co., 90, Fleet Street, E.C. London, W.C. The Subscription for India, to include the

The Judges of England.

Now ready, Complete in One Volume (800 pp.), 8vo., 218. postage, is £i 5s.

BIOGRAPHIA JURIDICA; a Biographical Dictionary

D of the Judges of England, from the Conquest to the Present Time, 1066-1870. A M R. E. H. BEDFORD, Author of “ The Intermediate new and thoroughly revised Edition. By EDWARD Foss, F.S.A. 11 Examination Guide," "The Intermediate Examination Guide to Book-keeping," "Mr. Foss bas crowned his literary labours with a Biographical Dictionary of all the and Editor of “The Preliminary," " Intermediate," and “Final," has Classes reading Judges of England from 1066 to 1870, the value of which is inestimable, and which may daily at his Chambers, 9, King's Bench Walk, Temple, for each of the Examinations. without the least exaggeration be designated a monument of painstaking research and

conscientious literary industry. One notable and praiseworthy characteristic of this

Interesting Biographical Dictionary is its impartiality. Those eminent men who NEMOVAL.-Messrs. WESTERN & SONS, Solicitors,

flourished in remote reigns are fairly represented according to extant documents, and 1 from 7, Great James Street, Bedford Row, to 35, ESSEX STREET, STRAND. the careers of those who lived in recent times, and who still live, are outlined with

remarkable judgment, discretion, and good taste. A more useful Biographical Dictionary TAW TUTOR.--A Barrister-at-Law, experienced in

we cannot imagine."-Civil Service Gazette. Tuition, receives PUPILS. Separate Room for Pupils exclusively, and One

JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street. Hour's Special Instruction given daily to each Pupil, besides General Supervision all

LONDON GAZETTE (published by authority) and LONDON and day. Address " A, B.," Messrs. STEVENs and Harxes, 11, Bell Yard, Temple Bar, W.C.

COUNTRY ADVERTISEMENT OFFICE, TAW.- WANTED by a thoroughly experienced and

No, 117, CHANCERY LANE, FLEET STREET. efficient gentleman (aged 34). admitted, a GENERAL MANAGING or HENRY GREEN, Advertisement Agent, begs to direct MANAGING CONVEYANCING CLERKSHIP. The Advertiser has had experience Il the attention of the Legal Profession to the advantages of his long experience both in London and the Country, and is competent to conduct heavy matters without of upwards of twenty-five years, in the special insertion of all pro formd notices, &c., supervision. Satisfactory references given. Liberal salary expected. Address " LEX," and hereby solicits their continued support.-N.B. One copy of Advertisement only J. CAPERN, Esq., European Arbitration Offices, Victoria Street, Pimlico, S.W.

required, and the strictest care and promptitude assured.Officially Stamped Forms

for Advertisements, and File of “London Gazette" kept.-By Appointment. TAW.-WANTED by a firm of Solicitors in the City a U MANAGING CLERK, to take Chancery, Common Law, and Bankruptcy, under

PARTRIDGE AND COOPER, the direction of the Principals. Address“ A. B.," 72, Coleman Street, E.C.



Carriage Paid to the Country on Orders exceeding 20s. 11 DRILL. Also of SKIRMISHING, GUARDS, INSPECTIOXs, Reviews, and SHELTER DRAFT PAPER, 58., 65. 6d., 78. 9d., and 98. 9d. per ream. TREXCH EXERCISE, 120 Plates. Extra cloth, 28, 60,

BRIEF PAPER, 148. 6d., 188. 6d., and 248. 6d. per ream.
London: W. CLOWE3 & Sons, 13, Charing Cross, S.W.

FOOLSCAP PAPER, 113. 60., 11s. 6d., and 198. 6d. per ream.

CREAM LAID NOTE, 38., 48., and 58. per ream.

LARGE CREAM LAID NOTE, 48., 68., and 78. per ream.


P. & C's “ VELLUM Wove CLUB HOUSE" NOTE, 98. 6d. per ream.

ENVELOPES, CREAM or BLUE, 33. 60., 48. 6d., and 68. 6d. per 1000.
Chairman - ALFRED H. SHADWELL, Esq.

THE TEMPLE" ENVELOPE, extra secure, 98. 6d. per 1000.
Deputy-Chairman-H, CECIL RAIKES, Esq., M.P.


INDEXTURE SKINS, Printed and Machine-ruled, 28. each, and 238. per dozen. Reversions and Life Interests purchased. Immediate and Deferred Annuities granted

SECONDS or FOLLOWERS, Ruled, 18. 8d. each, and 198. per dozen. in exchange for Reversionary and Contingent Interests. Loans may also be obtained on the security of Reversions.

RECORDS or MEMORIALS, 6d. each, 58. 6d. per dozen. Annulties Immediate, Deferred, and Contingent, and also Endowments, granted on


An immense stock in various bindings. favourable terms.

ILLUSTRATED PRICE LIST of Inkstands, Postage Scales, Copying Presses, WritingProspectuses and Forms of Proposal, and all further information, may be bad at the

cases, Despatch Boxes, Oak and Walnut Stationery Cabinets, and other useful articlee Ofice.

C. B. CLABON, Secretary. | adapted to Library or Office, post free. EsTABLISHED 1841.

The date of the publication of THE LAW REPORTS for OCTOBER, will be announced in the next


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Fosbery. Wm C., Liverpool, Merchant. Nov 15, Whitley & Maddock, Liverpool. APPOINTMENT

Goodess, Edwd I., Handsworth, Stafford, Gent. Oct 31. W. H. Griffo, Birmingham.

Hacking, Lawrence, Witton, Lancaster, Stationer and Bookseller. Nor 21. C. Darley, Mr. David John Stokes, of Chippenham, Wilts, has been appointed a


Halliwell, Jno, Over Darwen, Lancaster, Cotton Manufacturer. Sept 30. F.G. Hindle, Commissioner to administer Oaths in the High Court of Chancery. Darwen, Lancasbire.

Head, Ann, Burley Southampton, Widow. Oct 31. H. J. Davy, Ringwood.
— — -- -- - --

Hellings, Sarah, Exetor, Widow. Nov 20. T.J. Bremridge, Exeter.
Jackson, Rev Wm, Cleveland, York, Clerk. Oct 31. Tyas & Huntington, Kiog-street,


Leighton, Hy F, Bristol, Victnaller. Nov 15. Heaven & Bowman, Bristol.
Longstaff, Hy, Little Thorpe, nr Easington, Darbam, Farmer. Nov 23. S. Hall, San-

Udinding-up of Joint Stock Companies.

Loveland, Wm, Sevenoaks, Kent, Leather Seller. Oct 19. Drammond, Robinson, &

Till, Croydon
FRIDAY, Sept 18, 1874.

Oldham, Eiwd, Accrington, Lancaster, Commission Agent. Oct 16. R. Whalley, Ac.


Prescott, Jno. Lydd, Kent, Grazier. Oct 30, E & W. Knocker, Dover. Foreign Service Supply Company (Limited).-Petition for winding-up, presented Sept 9, Richards. Jno, Handsworth, Stafford, Farmer. Oct 31. W. H. Griffio, Birmingham.

directed to be beard before v.-C. Hall on Nov 6. H. F. Wood, St Paul's-cburcbgard, Stabbs, Christopher, formerly of Scarborough, late of Brompton, York, Retired Farmer. solicitor for petitioners.

Nov 17. A E. Hick, Scarborough.

Surfleet, Richd, Telney. Lincola, Farmer. Dec 1. W. & T. F. Allison, Louth. TUESDAY, Sept 22, 1874.

Twycross, Almon, Ramsbury, Wilts, Tailor. Oct 20. F. B. Rowland, Ramsbury. LIMITED IN CHANCERY.

Wilkinson, Maria, Reepbam, Lincolo, Widow. Nov 2. W. & T. F. Allison, Looth.

Williamson, Wm, Wakefield, York, Chief Clerk in H.M's Court of Probate, Wakefield. Buitish Bondoras Company (Limited).-Petition for winding-up, presented Sept 111 Oct 31. Harrison & Smith, Wakefield.

directed to be heard before V.-C. Hall on Nov 6. Flux & Co, East India-avenue, soli- | Wilson AVE Newman-st. Oxford-st Victnaller. Nov 2. Pownall. Son. Cross. & Knctt. citors for petitioners.

Malaga Lead Company (Limited',.-The M. R. bas appointed Mr H, Brown, of 7 West-
minster-bambs Victoria-st, Accountant, to be official liquidator of this Company,

Creditors under 22 & 23 Wict. cap. 85,

Proceedings for Liquidation by Arrangement
FRIDAY, Sept 18, 1874,

or Camposition with Creditors. . Lro' Day of Olain. Almond, Rev Robt W., Rector of St Peter's, Nottingham. Dec 29. J. Martin, Not


FRIDAY, Sept 18, 1874.
Bagnold, Michael E., Upper Hamilton-terrace, Midlx, a Mujor-General in H. E.I. C.
Nov 1. A. B. Bagoold, New-sq. Lincoln's inn.

Abb«tt, Geo W. Van. Prlaces-st, Cavendish-sq. Dealer in Infants' and Invalidé Food; Baker, Geo. Farobam, Surrey. Yeoman. Oct 12. Hollest & Mason, Farnbam.

Sept 28, at 2, at offices of H. W. Cattlin, Guildhall-yd, Attorney. Bullock, Wm J., Holland-rd, Kensington. Oct 31. J. W. Heritage, Nicholas-la, Lom

Atkins, Geo, Great Holland, Essex, Builder and Shopkeeper; Sept 29, at 4, at offices of bard-st.

H. Jones, Colchest'r. Solicitor. Challen, Bep), Cocking, Sussex, Yeoman. Dec 31. T. A. Curtis, Guildford.

Barry, Alexander, Little Britain, London, Baker; Oct 2, at 12, at offices of Young & Chal is. Thos. Enfield, Middx, Esq Dec 1. Walters & Gush, 3 Finsbury-circus.

Son, Mark-Is, Attorney. Clark, Thos, Newcastle upon Tyne. Soda Water Manufacturer Jan 1.' J. G. & J. E. Caradine, Wm ., Chipping Sodbury, Gloucester, Bootmaker and Milliner: Sept 29. at Joel, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

12, at offices of Hancock, Triggs, & Co, Bristol, Accountants. Brittain, Press, & Coalbank, Issac, Fenchurch-et, Merchant. Dec 1. E. Woodard, Ingram-court, Fen

Ipskip, Bristol, Attorneys. cburch-st.

Charles, Thos J, Barrow-in-Farnesa, Lancaster, Grocer : Sept 30, at 12, at offices of W. Colvin, Bazett 11., Old Broad-st, and Little Beilings, Suffolk, Esq. Dec 31. Freshfields

Wiliams, Barrow-in. Furness. Attorney. & Williams, Bank-bldgs

Clarke. Thos, Hy J. Clarke, and Edward Clarke, Adelphi-ter, Old Ford-rd. India Rubber Crawley. Joo, Wood-st, Cheapside, and Finchley Common, Esq. Oct 20. Norris, Allens,

Manufacturers ; Oct 5, at 2, at oftices of A. E. Briant, Winchester-house, Old Broad-st, & Carter, Bedford-row.

Attorney. Gibbon, Hy J., Holmescales, nr Kendal, Westmoreland, Farmer. Oct 24. J. Bolton,

Collins, Job, Birmingham, Painter and Paperhanger; Sept 28, at a quarter past 10, Kendal.

at offices of A. B. East. Birmingham, Solicitor. Hooper, Joo, Dorcbester, Dorset, Gent. Oct 26. Andrews & Pope, Dorchester.

Comley, Hy B. Newport, Monmouth, Baker and Confectioner ; Sept 25, at 1, at ofices of Hooper, Sarah A., Dorcbester, l'orset, Widow. Oct 26. Andrews & Pope, Dorchester.

Messrs Lloyd, Newport, Attorneys. Hulme, Chad, Childwall, Lancaster, Farmer, Oct 16. C. Spencely, Liverpool.

Davies, Joo, Newchurch, Carmarthen, Farmer; Oct 2, at 11, at offices of W. Howell, Illingworth, Jno. Kellington, York. Yeoman. Oct 28. R. Arondel, Pontefract.

Llanelly. Attorney.

Deshirt fo Birstiyorl Dry Soon Vannfactorer. Det 9 at 10 atores of P Julsing, Perer H. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Travelling Draper and Professor of Music. Jan 1, 1875. J. G. & J. E. Joel, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Gaunt, Bradford, Solicitors. Mease, Solomon, Cleveland House, nr North Shields, Chemical Manufacturer. Nov 2. Dşble. Robert H., Exmouth, Master Mariner; 0.t 3, at 11, at London Inn, Exmouth, Swan & Arnott, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

M. Fryer, Attorney. Packer, Moses, King's Cross-rd, St Pancras, Batcher. Oc: 12 Lovett & Son, "Cricklade,

Evans, Ruth, Llandysgul, Cardigan, Victualler and Farmer ; Oct 2, at 2, at offices of Wilts.

W, D. Erans, Solicitor. Parratt, Andrew, Farnham, Surrey. Yeoman. Nov 11. Hollest & Mason, Farnbam. Fidoe, Thomas, Aston.juxta-Birmingham, Grocer; Sept 30, at 3, at oices of E. Parry, Randall, James W., Great Coram-st, Russell-square. Nov 1. N. Roberts, Godliman-st,

Birmingham, Attorney. Doctors'.commons.

Fieldsend, Thos, Bradford, York, Wool and Waste Dealer; Sept 29, at 3, at offices of Seabourne, Peter, formerly of Lemao-st, Whitechapel, late of Sidcup, Kent, Victualler.

Lees, Senior, & Wilson, Bradford, Solicitors. Oct 24. C. Gammon, Barge-yd, Bocklersbury.

Fisher, wm, Brampton, Cumberland, Hatter; Oct 1, at 11, at offices of Ramsbay & Small, Fanny F., Prince of Wales'-rd, Haverstock-bill, Widow. Nov 1. W. Elgood,

Williams, Carliste, Solicitors. Lincoln's Inn-fields

Fitzgerald, Chas, Mortlake, Gent; Sept 26, at 12, at offices of Rees & Co, Chancery-lane, Small. Jno P., Stonebridge-ler, Haggerston, Chemist. Nov 1. W. Elgood, Lincoln's

Attorneys. inn-filds.

Flynn, Wm, Manchester, Egg and Butter Merchant; Oct 2, at 2, at offices of Chew & Spurgio, Eliza S, Mint-st, Southwark, Victualler. Oct 31. E. Layton, Budge-row,

Sons, Manchester, Attorneys. Cannon-t.

Freemán, Chas R., Leytonstone, Esgex, Carman and Contractor; Oct 1, at 10, at offices W beeley, Mary K, formerly of Hereford, late of Great Malvern, Widow. Oct 31. T.F.

I of J. J. Peddell, Guildball-cbambers, Basinghall-st, Attorney. Symonds, Hereford.

Gardner, Ellen C., Ilminster, Widow ; Oct 6, at 3, at offices of A1. Paull, Ilminster, At

torney. TUESDAY, Sept 22, 1874.

Gee, Josh B., Clare. Suffolk, Schoolmaster : Oct 5, at half-past 10, at offices of Evans, Last Day of Claim.

Laipg. & Eagles, Joho-st, Bedford-row, Attorneys.

Goto, Fredk, Leighton Buzzard. Bedford. Anctioneer; Sept 29 at 3, at offices of Dod & Annesley. Right Hon. Wm R., Earl, Castlewellan, Dywn, and Norfolk-st, Park-lane. Longstaffe, Berners-st, Oxford-st, Attorneys. Dec 1. Wallace & Co, Dublio.

Hands Geo J., Birmingham, Leather Cutter; Sept 30, at 11, at offices of C. B. Hodgson, Bagnold, Michael E., Upper Hamilton-ter, Middx, a Major-Gen, in the Hon. East India Birmingham, Attorney. Company's Service. Nos l. A. B. Bagnold, New Square, Lincola's-inn.

Harrison, Wm T., Regent's-:q, Middx, Clerk; Oct 1, at 2, at offices of P. Goode, Marz. Briggs, Charlotte, Sheffield, Widow, Jan 1, 1875. N. Creswick, Sheffield.

lebone-rd, Solicitor. Burgese, Jno, Leamington Priors, Artist. Nov 2 C. E. Large, Leamington.

Hatlee, Hy, Fratton, Hants, Coal and Potato Merchant; Sept 28, at 4, at offices of G.H. Carlton, Thos M., Tbirsk, York, Merchant. Nov 2. Arrowsmith & Richardson, Thirsk King, Portsea, Attorney. Ch-loner, Edwd, Liverpool, and Hadstock Park, Nottingham, Timber Broker. Nov 16. Heard, Wm, Bristol, Neath, Milliner and Stay Salesm 10; Sept 26, at 12, at ofices of Whitley & Maddock, Liverpool,

J. H. Clifton, Bristol, Attorney. Clayton, Pbilip, Northampton, Engineer and Millwright. Oct 31. H. Glaisyer, Bir-Hinton, Jane, Bewdley, Worcester, Grocer and Innkeeper; Oct 6, al half-past 1, at George mingbam.

Hotel, Bewdley. W. M. Taylor, Welliogton, Shropshire, Attorney. Collings, Emma, Shirebampton, Gloucester, Spinster. Oct 21. Cooke & Sons, Bristol. Hooper, Josh, St Mary-axe, Leather Merchant; Oct 1, at 2, at offices o! Saffery & HantDean, By, Colne, Lancaster, Gent. Nov 2. G. Robinson, Skipton.

ley, Tooley-st, Southwark, Attorneys. Eston, Henrietta, Holy well, Flint, Spinster. Oct 31. Gold, Edwards, & Weston, Jackson, Theophllus, Manchester, Silk Manufacturer and Warehouseman; Oct 2, at 3, Denbigh.

at offices of Ad lesbaw & Warburton, Manchester, Attorneys. Eyton, Sophia Ance, Holywell, Flint, Spinster. Oct 31. Gold, Elwards, & Weston, Jago, Thos, St Jobu's-rd, Hoxton, Bailder ; Oct 14, at 2, at offi ses of J. Perry, GalldDenbighi

hau-chambers, Basinghall-st, Attorney.

Jones, David L.. Ystradyfodwg. Glamorgan, Ironmonger, Cabinet Maker, and Uphol. Slater & Pannell, Guildhall-chambs, Basinghall-st. Wright & Nicoll, Gt Portland-st,

sterer; Sept 30, at 12, at Post Office-chambers, Pontypridd. D. Rosser, Aberdare, Attorneys. Attorney.

Croft, Jno L. Sunderland, Game and Poultry Dealer and Fruiterer; Sept 28, at 3, at Konz, Fredk, Plamber-st, City-rd, Baker; Oct 5, at 12, at offices of W.J. Child, South offices of W. Bell, Sunderland, Attorney. sq. Gray's-inn, Attorney.

Croy. Henri C. M. de, Great George-st, Westminster, Financial Agent: Oct 16, at 3, at Liebenberg, Baron L. de, st James's-st, Middx, no occupation ; Sept 26. at 2, at Guild Guildball Coffee-house, Gresham-st. Lumley & Lumley, Old Jewry-chambers, Athall Tavern, Gresham-st. E Froggatt, Argyll-st, Regent-st, Attorney.

torneys. Lund, Christopher H., Warwick-gda, Kensington, Schoolmaster; Oct 10, at 3, at offices

Denison, Saml, Knaresborough, Inokeeper; Oct 5, at 2, at offices of North & Sons, Leeds, of W. B. Kidder, Jobn-st, Bedford-row, Attorney.

Attorneys. Lyson, Edmd J., Hartford, Huntingdon, Surgeon ; Sept 30, at 12, at Ions of Cuurt

Diack, Emily, Oxford-st, Upholsterer and Cabinet Maker: Oct 2, at 12, at offices of Hotel, Holborn, M. Hunnyban, Huntingdon, Attorney.

Smart, Snell, & Co, Cbeapside. Carr, Baonister, & Co, Basinghall-st. Attorneys. McCaul, Jas, Charles-st, Grosvenor-q, Saddler and Harness Maker; Sept 28, at 3, at I Dickinson, Joshua S. Gateshead, Chemist and Druggist; Oct 5, at 2, at offices of W. B. offices of Dod & Longstaffe, Berners-st, Oxford-st, Attorneys.

Elsdon, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Solicitor. McKenzie. Wm C., Barrow-in-Furness, Lancaster, Tailor and Outfitter; Oct 5, at 11, at Ellis, Sarah, Rbyl, Flint, Lapidary and Jeweller; Oct 5, at 4, at offices of Roose & Ship Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness. S H. Jackson, Attorney.

Price, Liverpool. W. R. Williams, Rhyl, Attorney. McLintock, Jno, Liverpool, Jeweller; Oct 2, at 3, at offices of M. Nordon, Liverpool,

Evans, Alf, Preston, Lancaster, Coal Agent; Oct 6, at 12, at offices of C. Fryer, Preston, Attorney.

Attorney. McLare, Ino, Birmingham, Tailor and Draper ; Oct 7, at 3, at offices of Rowlands & Evans, Jno, Redditch, Worcester, Grocer and Provision Dealer; Oct 5, at 11, at offices of Bagoall, Birmingham, Attorneys.

W. Shakespeare, Oldbury, Attorney. Mabon, Joo, Spa-rd, Bermondsey, Feather Merchant; Oct 1, at 4, at offices of Saflery &

Fisher, Emangel J., Maidenhead, Boot and Shoe Maker ; Oct 7, at 3, at offices of B. C. Hantley, Tooley-st, Southwark, Attorneys.

Durant, Windsor, Attorney. Miles. Wm C., Arthur-st East, London, Newspaper Proprietor, and Rallway.pl, Shore

Foreman, Jas, Norwich, Baicher, Cattle Dealer, and Salesman ; Oct 1, at 12, at offices ditch, Oil Merchant ; Oct 12, at 2, at offices of W. G. Brighten, Bishopsgate-st With

of ibe Registrar of the County Court, Norwich.. out, Attorney.

Forrester, Robt, Ousby, Cumberland, Farmer and Cattle Dealer ; Oct 9, at 2, at offices of Millington, Sarah J., Berthe Nathan, and Josh Nathan, Birmingham, Milliners ; Sept 30,

Messrs. Arnison, Penrith, Solicitors. at 2, at offices of G. Rogers, Circus-pl, Fiosbary-circus, Accountant. G. Davies, Bir

Foulkes. Richd L., Holywell, Frint, Grocer; Sept 26, at 11, at Blossoms Hotel, Chester. mingham, Attorney.

D. Pugh, Holywell, Attorney. Morris, Joo, Orer Darwen. Lancaster, Boot and Shoe Dealer; Sept 30, at 11, at offices of

Fox, Catherine. Broughton, Chester, Schoolmistress ; Oct i, at 11, at ofices of J. M. F. G. Hindle, Over Darwen, Solicitor.

Nicbolson, Chester, Solicitor. Murray, Jno, Bolton, Lancaster, Tea Dealer ; Sept 30, at 3, at offices of J. Dutton,

Gale, Alf C., Gaisford-st, Falkland-rd. Kentish town, Mineral Water Manufacturer ; Bolton, Solicitor.

Oct 13, at 2, at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham-st. Ashley & Tee, Fredericks-pl, Old Myers, Wm H., Leeds, Grocer and Provision Dealer ; Sept 30, at 1, at offices of Rooke

Jewry, Attorneys. & Midgley, Leeds, Attorneys.

Gartland, Thos, Liverpool, Glass Cutter ; Oct 9, at 3, at offices of J. J. Ritson, Liverpool, Ombler, SamlKingston-upon-Hall, General Cooper; Sept 28, at 3, at offices of J. H. B.

Chambers, Kingston upon-Hull, Solicitor.
Owen. Dadl, and Richd Thomas, Llaadilo, Carmarthen, Drapers and Silk Mercers: Sept

Gill, Chas J., Southampton, Merchant's Clerk; Oct 1, at 2, at offices of W. A. Killby

Southampton. Solicitor. 30, at hall-past 2, at Townhall Carmarthen. H. Lloyd, Haverfordwest, Attorney. Page, Alf F., Camberwell-rd, Ham and Beef Warehouseman ; Oct 6, at 1, at offices of

Goad, Wm L., Bisbopsgate-st Within, and Commercial-st, Whitechapel. Seedsman; Oct, Moss & Son, Gracecburch-st, Attorneys.

12, at 11, at London Tavern, Bishopsgate-st Within. W. Houghton, St Helen's-pl,

Partington, Joo E., Bolton, Confectioner; Oct 5, at 3, at offices of J. Gooden, Bolton,

Godson, Spyers, Burelem, Stafford, Draper and Smallware Dealer; Oct 5, at 11, at offices Priestley, Simgel, Halifax, Butcher; Oct 5, at 3, at offices of W. Thomas, Halifax,

of D. S Sutton, Burslern, Attorney. Solicitor.

Hall, Jas E. Nottingham, Builder and Contractor ; Oct 9, at 12, at ofices o! Enfield & Radley, Hy J., Treverton-st, Ladbroke-grove-rd, Notting-hill, Grocer and Cheesemonger;

Dowson, Nottingham, Attorneys. Sept 30, at 11, at offices of T. C. Russel, Coleman-st, Attorney.

Hands, Philip W., Shrewsbury, Victualler ; Oct 7, at 11, at offices of H. C. Clarke, Slatter, Chas, Greenwicb, Baker ; Oct 1, at 2, at Tudor House, Queen Elizabeth-row,

Shrewsbury, Solicitor. Greenwich. Pook & Son, Tudor House, Greenwich, Attorneys.

Harris, Wm Princess-st. Edgware-rd, Builder, Contractor, &c.; Sept 30, at 4, at Ridler's Sloyan, Dennis, Bury, Lancaster, Wholesale and Retail Provision Dealer ; Oct 2, at 3,

Hotel, Holborn. C.F. Yorke, Marylebone-rd, Attorney. at ottices of F. Anderton, Bury, Attorney.

Hartley. Elijah, Burnley, Lancaster, Cotton Spinner ; Oct 2, at 3, at offices of Artindale Staples, Edwd, Chrisp-st, Poplar, Cheeseronger; Sept 30, at 2, at offices of Carter &

& Artindale, Burnley, Attorneys. Bell, Leadenhall-st, Attorneys.

Hastie, Jas, Brighton, Gent; Out 15, at 3, at offices of Clennell & Fraser, Great JamesTripp. Saml, Compton Martin, Somerset, Farmer and Timber Dealer; Oct 8, at 1, at

8t, Bedford-tow, Solicitors. offices of W. Bowman, Bristol, Accountant S. Roper, Attorney.

Hellyer, Fredk, Blackwall, Ship Carver; Oct 1, at 12, at offices of J. Geaussent, New Utton, Tom, High-st, Whitecbapel-rd, Hosier and Haberdasher; Sept 29, at 3, at offices

Broad-st, Attorney. of H. M. Ody, Trinity-st, Southpark, Attorney.

Henwood, Wm. Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Draper and Outfitter : Oct 9, at 2, at Wickham, Geo, Hove, Sussex, Builder; Oct 5, at 3, at 7 Union-st, Brighton. J. C. Chalk,

offices of J. Parsons, Bristol, Accountant. Baker, Phillott, & James, Weston-superBrighton, Attorney.

Mare, Attorneys, Wilkinson, Martha, Grimsby, Lincoln, Innkeeper ; Oct 6, at 11, at Scarborough Hotel,

Hewitt, Robt, North Kilworth, Leicester, Wheelwright; Oct 8, at 3, at offices of B. A. Dewsbury. C. Walker, Attorney.

Shires, Leicester, Attorney. Wilson, Jas, Dewsbury, York, Blanket and Rag Manufacturer ; Oot 6, at 3, at Station

Hill, Saml J., Trowbridge, Wilts, Bed and Mattress Maker; Sept 28, at 2, at offices of Hotel, Batley, York. Scholefield & Taylor, Batley, Attorneys.

H. Shrapnell, Trowbridge, Attorney. Wood, Arthur W., Offenbam, nr Evesham, Coal Merchant; Sept 28, at 3, at offices of

Hodge, Hy, Teigomouth, Baker: Oct 2, at 11, at offices of G. Hirtzel, Exeter, Solicitor. J. Tree, Worcester, Attorney.

Hopton, Richd, Normanton, nr Wakefield, WatchMaker and Jewelter ; Oct 2, at 2, at Woodhead, Wm, Bradford, York, Worsted Manufacturer and Brick Maker; Sept 30,

oices of T. Tarner, Leeds, Attorney. at 11, at offices of Terry & Robinson, Bradford, Attorneys.

Iogram, Jno, Hednesford, Stafford, Carpenter; Oct 8, at 2, at offices of C. H. Twynam, Wright, Geo, Cripplegate-bldgs, London, Skirt, Costume, and Mantle Manufacturer ;

Hednesford, Solicitor. Oct 5, at 3, at 99 Cheapside. L. Pass. Pancras.lı, Queen-st, Attorney.

Judd, Geo E., and Richd Judd, Birmingham, Wholesale Druggists; Oct 6, at 2, at Gt Wright, Sydney W. T., Sbareshill, Stafford, Victnaller; Sept 26, at 11, at offices of C.

Western Hotel, Birmingham, A. G. Baller, Birmingham, Attorney. Barrow, Wolverhampton, Solicitor.

Judd, Wm, Winchester, Fruiterer, Seedsman, Greengrocer, &c.; Oct 9, at 11, at Royal

Hotel, Winchester. E. W. Faithfull, Winchester, Attorney
TUESDAY, Sept 22, 1874.

King, Geo J., Abingdon, Berks, Builder ; Oct 8, at 3, at Crown and Thistle Hotel,

Abingdon. G. Mallam, Oxford, Attorney. Addison, Charlotte, Castleford, York, Grocer and Boot and Shoe Dealer; Sept 30, at 3 Kirkham, Dennis, Norwich, Cabinet Maker ; Oct 5, at 11, at offices of Miller, Son, & at Commercial Hotel, Leeds. Stocks & Nettleton, Custleford, Attorneys.

Stevens, Norwich, Solicitors. Baldwin, Thos, Mare-st, Hackney, Plumber and Decorator; Oct 15. at 3, at offices of F. Lampen, Geo W., Higber Broughton, nr Manchester, Stationer; Oct 2, at 3, at otilces of

Holloway, Bill's Pond-rd, Islington, Accountant. J. B. Fenton, Colebrooke-row, Isling Edwards & Bintliff, Manchester, Solicitors. ton, Attorney.

Lansley, Jno, Winchester, and Brown Candover. Southampton, Blacksmith and Agri. Baxandall, Rosamond, and Emma L. Baxandall, Bra

cultural Implement Maker; Ost 7, at 11, at offices of Builey & White, Winchester, Terry & Robinson, Bradford, Attorneys.

| Solici ors. Bernberg. Moses, Newport, Monmouth, Jeweller; Oct 5, at 12, at offices of F.C. Lane, Latta, Francis, Leigh, Lancaster, Tea Dealer, &c.; O:t 7, at 11, at offices of T. E. Jones, Bristol, Solicitor.

Manchester, Solicitor. Black, Alexander B., Warkworth, Northumberland, Iankeeper; Sept 30, at 2, at offices Laughlin, Jno. Greenford near Southall, Midds, Schoolmaster; Oct 12, at 3, at oiilces of of T. Nicholson, Morpeth, Solicitor.

A. Rhodes, Churcb ct, Clement's-la, Attorney. Blomfield, Miles, East Derebam, Norfolk, Soda Water Manufacturer ; Oct 6, at 12, at Lazarus. Jacob, Basinghall-st, Wholesale Clothier ; Oct 13, at 3, at Cannon-st Hotel, offices of Emerson & Sparrow, Norwich, Solicitors.

Cannon-st. Crook & Smith, Fenchurch-st, Attorneys. Boyles, Martin, Stafford, General Dealer and Picture Frame Manufacturer ; Oct 5, at 3, Loft, Jno, Kingston-upon-Hull, Victualler; Oct 5, at 3, at offices of F. Summers, Hall, at offices of E. Jaques, Birmingham, Solicitor.

1 Attorney. Bargesg, Thos, and Wm Andrews, West Lavington and Market Lavington, Wilts, McDowall, wm, Sheffield, Draper; Oct 2, at 2, at offices of A. Taylor, Sheffield,

Grocers and General Shopkeepers ; Oct 2, at 11, at offices of J. A. Randell, Devizes. -1 Solicitor. Separate creditors of Thos Burgess, Oct 2, at half-pust 11, same place.-Separate cre McMaster, Duncan, Ordsall, Nottingham, Draper; Ost 6, at 1, at White Hart Hotel, ditors of Wm Andrews, Oct 2, at 12, same place. W. Day, Devizes, Attorney.

Fast Retford. T. Bescoby, East Retford, Attorney. Cameron, Tbos, Chatham, Victualler and Navy Purveyor ; Oct 6, at 3, at ottices of J. | Middleton, Gev. Leeds. Dyer : Oct 5. at 2. at offices of Simson & Burrell, Leeds, At. Basset, Rochester, Attorney.

torneys. Clark, Elizabeth A., Harrogate, Yorš, Victusller ; Oct 5, at 11, at oices of Hirst & Miot, Edwd, Houghton-le-Spring, Durbam, Sıddler ; Oct 2, at 3, at ofices of W. Bell, Capes, Harrogate, Solicitors.

Sunderland, Attorney. Cochrane, Chas, Gracechurch-st, Torrace-rd, South Hackney, Campbell-rd, Bow, and I Morris, Geo W.. and Hy Alf Williams, Chiddingfold, Surrey, and Walberton, Sussex,

Cable-st. Wbitechapel, Corn and Coal Merchant, and Provision Dealer; Sept 30, at 2, Machinists: Oct 1, at 2. at White Lion Hotel. Guildford.-Separate creditors of H. A. at Black Ball Hotel, Holborn. W. T. Bateson. Corporation chambers, Guildball. At. Williams. O t l. at 3. same place. G. Burbidge, Guildford, A rney. torney.

| Myatt, Wm, and Josh Myatt, Farnworth, Lancaster, Joiners and Builders ; Oct 5, at 3, Coghlan, Mary C., Orchard-st, Portma -:q. Ssholastic Agent; Oct 2, at 2, at offices of at ofices of J. M. Rutter, Bolton, Solicitor.

Nicklin, Hy. Hanley, Stafford, Farniture Dealer and Upholsterer ; Oct 2, at 4, at|

Bankrupts. 26 Cheapside, Hanley.

FRIDAY, Sept 18, 1874. Pearce, Jno H.. Ox'ord-st, Middx, Jeweller; Oct 15, at 2, at offices of Harcourt &

To Attend in London. Macarthur, Moorgate-st, Attorneys. Philipps, Jno. North Elmham, Norfolk, Dealer in Fowls: Oct 2, at 3. at King's Head Clarke, Joo, and Edmd Thompson, C Avenue, Metropolitan Meat Market, Meat SalesInd, East Dereham. Emerson & Sparrow, Norwich, Attorneys.

men. Pet Sept 15. Sept 29. at 12. Price, Jno, Nottingham, Stonemason; Oct 9, at 11, at offices of J. Black, Nottingham,

Gale, Joo Z., St James's-q, Middx, late Clerk to a Stock Jobber. Pet Sept 14. Oct 2, Solicitor.

at 11. Ramsay, Robt, Thos Goodwin, and Alexander Campbell, Swansea, Travelliig Drapers;

To Attend in the Country. Oct 1, at 11, at offices of Barnard, Thomas, Cawker, & Co, Swansea, Accountants. Harrison, David, Middlesborough, York, Grocer. Pet Sept 14. Sept 29, at 3, County Davies & Hartland, Swansea, Attorneys.

Court, Stockton-on-Tees. Ramsden, Chas W., Wakefield, Watch Maker and Jeweller; Oct 5, at 2, at offices of Lewis, Titus, Carmarthen, Hay and Timber Merchant. Pet Sept 12. Oct 3, at 12,

W. N. Fisher. Birmingham. Accountant. Harrison & Smith. Wakefield. Attorners. County Court, Carmarthen. Rollisson, Jas T., Charles-st, St George's-in-the-East, Grocer and Cheese monger; Sept McKnight, Tbos, Whitehaven, Commission Agent, Pet Sept 15. Sept 30, at 11, County 30, at 2, at Ridler's Hotel, Holborn. E, F. Marshall, Attorney.

Court, Wbitebaven. Smith, Thos, Nottingham, Grocer; Oct 8, at 12, at Assembly Rooms, Nottlugham

Riddell, Wm, Whitchurch, Hampshire, Paper Manufactarer. Pet Sept 14. Oct 5, E, H. Fraser, Attorney.

at 2, County Court, Salisbury. Syeon, Edmd J., Hartford, Hontingdon, Surgeon and M.D.; Sept 30, at 12, at Inps of Warner, Jno, Longton, Stafford, Beerseller. Pet Sept 14. Sept 30, at 3, County Court, Court Hotel, Holborn, M. Hannyban, Huntingdon, Attorney

Stoke-upon-Trent. Taylor, Elizabeth, Scoat, or Newchurch, Lancaster, Widow, Felt Manufacturer ; Oct 7,

TUESDAY, Sept 22, 1874. at 3, at Royal Hotel, Water foot, Lancaster. Hargreaves and Knowles, Newchurch,

To Attend in London. Attorneys.

Crook, Wm J., Gracechurch-st, Merchant. Pet Sept 18. Oct 2, at 11. Tear, David, Sheffield, Draper ; Oct 2, at 4, at offices of Binney & Sons, Sheffield, At

Levy, Haris, Commercial-id East, Clothier. Pet Sept 18. Oct 2, at balf-past 11. torneys.

To Attend in the Country.
Tolley, Jas, Handsworth, Stafford, Commercial Traveller ; Oct 5, at 3, at offices of C. B.
Hodgson, Birmingham. Attorney.

Asber, Jacob, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Hawker and Jeweller. Pet Sept 19. Oct 6, at 12,
Ti mlin, Tom, Leicester, Machinist ; Oct 8, at 4, at offices of B. A. Shires, Leicester, County Court, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Griffiths, Hy T., Ystradyfodwg. Glamorgan, Tailor. Pet Sept 17. Oct 7, at 10, County

Court, Pontypridd. Wait man, Jas C., Nottingham, Cabinet Maker ; Oct 5, at 12, at offices of G. Belk, Nottingham, Attorney.

MacPherson, Alexander, Neath, Glamorgan, Draper and Grocer. Pet Sept 16. Oct 6, Wall, Jas, Birmingham, Fector; Oct 7, at 2, at offices of A. G. Buller, Birmingbam, Atm. Factor. Ostatest offices of A G. Roller Birmingham Al at 11, County Court, Neath.

Morris, Hugb, Bettws Gwerfilgoch, Merioneth, Batter Merchant and Innkeeper, Draper torney.

and Grocer. Pet Sept 17. Oct 3, at 12, County Court, Wrexham. Walton, Jas, and Thos Warburton, Manchester, Bleachers; Oct 6, at 3, at Clarence Hotel, l oidfield, Wm. Bristol, Mineral 011 and Benzolino Merchant. Pet Sept 1. Oct 2, at 12, Manchester. W. Burton, Manchester, Attorney.

County County, Bristol. Watson, Jno, Llanelly, Carmarthen, Travelling Draper; Oct 13, at 3, at offices of Clifton | Robinson, Jas, stock port, Hat Manufacturer. Pet Sept 18. Oct 5, at 11, County Court, & Woodward, Swansea, Attorneys.

Webb, Fdwd R., Oldbury. Boat Builder ; Oct 5, at 3, at offices of A. Wright, Oldbury,

Westwood, Isaac, Ironbridge, Salop; Oct 7, at 1, at Union Hotel, Birmingham. E. W.

TUESDAY, Sept 22, 1874.
Haslewood, jan, Attorney.

Wilkinson, Thos G., Canterbury, Draper and Outfitter. Sept 18.
Whorton, Jno, Dudley, Grocer and Provision Deale

Warmington, Dudley, Attorney.
Wigglesworth, Jno, Leeds, Grocer and Draper; Oct 2, at 3, at offices of C. Granger,

FRIDAY, Sept 18, 1874.
Leeds, Attorney.

Millar, Wm, Falkingham, Lincoln, Boot and Shoe Maker. Oct 9, at 11, Bourn.

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