Oriental Experience: A Selection of Essays and Addresses Delivered on Various Occasions

J. Murray, 1883 - 518페이지

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305 페이지 - O could I flow like thee, and make thy stream My great example, as it is my theme! Though deep, yet clear, though gentle, yet not dull, Strong without rage, without o'er-flowing full.
305 페이지 - Cooper's hill eternal wreaths shall grow, While lasts the mountain, or while Thames shall flow).
132 페이지 - We have different views, to be sure, and if you will bear with me for a few moments I would like to outline the present situation.
252 페이지 - Oh, a dainty plant is the Ivy green, That creepeth o'er ruins old ! Of right choice food are his meals I ween, In his cell so lone and cold.
247 페이지 - Upon whose grassless floor of red-brown hue, By sheddings from the pining umbrage tinged Perennially — beneath whose sable roof Of boughs, as if for festal purpose decked With unrejoicing berries — ghostly Shapes May meet at noontide...
120 페이지 - It is not, primarily, with a view to improvement in administration that this measure is put forward and supported. It is chiefly desirable as an instrument of political and popular education. His Excellency in Council has himself no doubt that, in course of time, as local knowledge and local interest are brought to bear more freely upon local administration, improved efficiency will in fact follow.
448 페이지 - ... shadows which floated over it from the clouds of the latter rain, it had been for centuries a battle-field of nations. Pharaohs and Ptolemies, Emirs and Arsacids, Judges and Consuls, had all contended for the mastery of that smiling tract. It had glittered with the lances of the Amalekites ; it had trembled under the chariot-wheels of Sesostris ; it had echoed the twanging bowstrings of Sennacherib ; it had been trodden by the phalanxes of Macedonia ; it had clashed with the broadswords of Rome...
120 페이지 - Council must explain that in advocating the extension of local self-government and in the adoption of this principle in the management of many branches of local affairs, he does not suppose that the work will be, in the first instance, better done than if it remained in the sole hands of the Government district officers. It is not primarily with a view to improvement in administration that this measure is put forward and supported. It is chiefly desirable as an instrument of popular and political...
120 페이지 - Council believes they will, to foster sedulously the small beginnings of independent political life; if they accept loyally and as their own the policy of the Government; and if they come to realise that the system really opens to them a fairer field for the exercise of administrative tact and directive energy than the more autocratic system which it supersedes, then it may be hoped that the period of failures will be short, and that real and substantial progress will very soon become manifest.
390 페이지 - Regarding this as his political testament, he took leave of his countrymen, simply saying that his health was feeble. With not more dignity did Cardinal Wolsey lay his bones in the monastery, than did this Brahman Peshwa proceed towards his country seat to sink into premature death, with the consciousness that a Hindu empire had been erected over the ruins of Muhammadan power, and that -of this empire the hereditary headship had been secured for his family.

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