Reports of Cases in Law and Equity in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, 37권


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640 페이지 - States notes that may be issued under the provisions of this act; and all stocks, bonds, and other securities of the United States held by individuals, corporations, or associations within the United States, shall be exempt from taxation by or under State authority.
18 페이지 - Such parts of the common law, and of the acts of the Legislature of the Colony of New York, as together did form the law of the said Colony...
421 페이지 - A private corporation," say the court, " created by the legislature, may lose its franchises by a misuser or a nonuser of them ; and they may be resumed by the government under a judicial judgment upon a quo warranto to ascertain and enforce the forfeiture. This is the common law of the land, and is a tacit condition annexed to the creation of every such corporation.
12 페이지 - In pleading the performance of conditions precedent in a contract, it shall not be necessary to state the facts showing such performance ; but it may be stated generally that the party duly performed all the conditions on his part...
654 페이지 - If individuals enter into a state of society, the laws of that society must be the supreme regulator of their conduct. If a number of political societies enter into a larger political society, the laws which the latter may enact, pursuant to the powers intrusted to it by its constitution, must necessarily be supreme over those societies, and the individuals of whom they are composed.
233 페이지 - The same proceedings shall be had in all respects, the referees shall have the same powers, be entitled to the same compensation, and subject to the same control as if the reference had been made in an action in which such court might, by law, direct a reference.
206 페이지 - ... for all the debts due or owing to any of its laborers and servants, for services performed for such corporation...
206 페이지 - ... service performed for such company, but shall not be liable to an action therefor before an execution shall be returned unsatisfied in whole or in part against the corporation, and the amount due on such execution shall be the amount recoverable with costs against such stockholder. Before such laborer or servant shall charge such stockholders for such thirty days...
655 페이지 - Every thing beyond this must be left to the prudence and firmness of the people ; who, as they will hold the scales in their own hands, it is to be hoped, will always take care to preserve the constitutional equilibrium between the general and the state governments.
337 페이지 - The above instrument, consisting of one sheet, (or, of two sheets,) was now here subscribed by AC, the testator, in the presence of each of us ; and was at the same time declared...

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