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Cuthedrals struck by lightning, 486. Cockcrowing, Nov. 27 th & Dec. 24th.
Catholic Religion, excellence of, 599. Coincidences very remarkable, No-
Catholic Miracles, August 1st and No. vember 23d.
vember 3d.

between Ancient and Catholic Celibacy in monasteries, argu- Moderu tutelary Angels, July 20th ment in favonr of, 16.

and Sept. 29th. Catholics not a more persecuting peo

between Old and New ple than Protestants, 588. Sub Festivals, Feb. 2d, Sept. 29th, and CHRONOLOGY.

Dec. 28th.
Cecilia, St. Patroness of Music, Cold and Raw, an old song, 5.
Nov. 22d, 649.

Cold, excessive, Jan. 14th, 14. her sweet music drew Colds, or Rheums, 607, 745. Sub down an angel, 650. See Apollo.

HYGEIA. Cerealia, April 9th.

Colour of Starlight, 17, 287. Ceres, or agricultural observations,

of Flowers, 439—of Cats, 721. 541, et alibi.

Comet of 1819, July 30, 321; also 745. Ceres and ber harvest ceremonies, of 1811, Sept. 12th, 471. August 30th, 438.

Comets, their general history,324, 473. Chains of St. Peter celebrated on Comparison of Pagan and Christian Lanimas Day, Aug. 1st, 380.

Mythology, 354, 517. miracles wrought | Comus of John Milton, song from, 308. by, 383.

Constellations, method of finding, 533, Festum Spei in et alibi. Sub URANJA. old Rome, and Festa Spei, Fidei, et Consualia in Rome, Aug. 18th, 410. Charitatis in modern, on the same Corns, lucky days for cutting, 99. day, 382.

Corona, a luminous appearance, 639. Chair of St. Peter at Antioch, Feb. Corvus, Crater, et Anguis rise, Feb. 220, 71,

14th, 60. Changes in the Heavens, 282, and Coughs and Colds, 607, 621. Sub sequel.

HYGEIA. Chantilly in France, hunting at, 557. Cowslip, account of and verses to, 19i. Martins at, 513.

Cruniology, now called Phrenology, Charistia of the Romans, 67.

Sept. 11th, 468, and Dec. 31st. Charlotte, an excellent entrée for a Crescens, St. a disciple of St. Paul,

second course, 364. Sub POMONA. Oct. 9th, 544. Cheese, when made, 947. Sub Pales. Crispin's Day, St. 584. Cherryclack, lines on, 329.

Croci, early, Feb. 14th, 60, 64, 69, 80. Childhood, recollections of early, 51, Cross found by St. Helena, its ge

395 ; also Oct. 2d and 20th. Sub nuineness, 214. Hygeia.

Crown of Ariadne, the constellation of, Chlodoardus, or St. Cloud, Sept. 7th, 101. 459.

Crown, Imperial, April 4th, 162. Cholera Morbus, 494.

CRUCIS S. INVENTIO, May 3d, Chrétienisme, Génie du, par M. Cha- 213. teaubriand, 631, 672.

CRUCIS S. EXALTATIO, Sept. Christmas Day, Dec. 2511, 739.

14th, 481. Christmas Boxes, 742.

Cruelty to Animals in experiments, 500. Cider, the process of making, 501.

lines on, 58. Sub POMONA.

Cuckoo, its arrival and early note, Cirrus, Cirrostratus, Cirrocumulus, &c. April 21st, 181. 467. See Clouds.

various verses on, 189. City Shower described, 398.

Gurfew Bell, Nov. 6th, 615. Ciril Year, what, 478.

remains of, in England Clement's Day, St. marked in the and in Switzerland, ibid.

Clog Almanack with a Pot to de. Cyprian, St. Archbishop of Carthage, note drinking, 653.

Sept. 16th, 485. marked with an

the Magician, Sept. 26th, Anchor, 653.

503. Clocks, on the origin of, 635. Sub TEMPUS.

Daffodils, 107. Clouds, remarkable forms of the, 403. D'Alembert, his death and character,

the modifications of, 467. October 27th, 588. Cock and floating Bowl, a Dutch Story,

his Essai sur les Caoses June 19th, 304.

des Vents, ibid.

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one, 12.

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Dance, Latin lines on the effect of | Drowned Persons, full directions for

the recovery of, when practicable, Dark Days afore Christmas, 712. April 30th, 201. Sub NEPTUNUS. Days of the Week change their names, | Dunstan, St. legend of, 240. 14.

Dynasties, chronology of, 756. table of, Feb.29th, 83. Deadly Nightshade and its poison, 360. | East Winds, unwholesomeness of, 336. Sub FLORA.

Sub HYGEIA. December, and the three preceding Easter, a moveable feast, 170. months, temperature of, 710.

singular custom at Lostwi. Decoying Ducks begins, Oct. 1st, 529. thiel at, 170. Deity, existence of, Nov. 7th.

Eclipses in general, ancient idea of. Deities, Tutelary, of the months, 124. 460. of the days of the week, 14.

opinion of the Chinese relatDe Luc's Electric Column, Oct. 95th, ing to, 461. 585. Sub COELUM.

-, great one of the Sun in Denys, three saints of that name, 1820, Sept. 5th, 460. October 3d and 9th.

Edict of Nantes revoked, Oct. 24th, in Depletion at Spring and Fall, 587. 1685, 580. Devil, the, contends with the Arch- Electric Column, new sort of, made

angel St. Michael, Sept. 29th, 517. by Mr. B. M. Forster, 585. Sub Dialogue between 1824 and 1825, COELUM. Dec. 31st, 760.

Emblems, Religious, of use, 354, 651. Diana, her ancient history and rites,

become reliques of past April 6th, 165.

piety, ibid. confounded with St. Agnes, 518.

of the mouths personified, DIANA, used to head our articles on Sept. 13th, 475. fieldsports, alibi.

Enchantresses, song of the twelve, Dies atri et albi, 145.

366. Sub FLORA. Dionysia seu Vendemia in Rome, Epach, on, and the alteration of Style, Sept. 5d, 450.

179. Diopetus was a Meteorolite, 436. Ephialtes Botanicus, 81. Dissolution of Monasteries, lines on, Epiphany, 7. 657.

eve of, 6. Distaff"'s Day, St. 9.

Equation of Time, Jan. 30th, 40; and Divination by Nuts, Snails, Ladybirds, at the end of each succeeding &c. 594, 595.

month, sub TEMPUS. Dog Days, when they begin, July 3,321. Equinor, vernal, 128. Autumnal, 501. Dog Star, 15.

Etymology of the Names of Colours, Dog named Spectre, lines on, 13.

Busy, lines on, 176. Evening Landscape, 331.

· Tray, lines on, 177. Evergreens at Christmas, 728.
on a Newfoundlaud, by Lord Exaltation of the Cross, 481.
Byron, 26.
varieties of the, 529.

Fairies and Witches, descriptions of, Dogs of Mount St. Bernard, August Sept. 24th, 502. Sub HECATE. 20th, 417.

Fairy Rings made by Fungi, 455. Dragon contends with St. Michael, Faith, Hope, and Charity, 279. 517.

Falling Stars and their varieties, vanquished by St. Margaret, Aug. 10th, 400. Sub Coelum. 353.

False Hallow, a humorous song, 565. used as a design for a Vane, Fat Ox, ceremony of, at Paris, 8. 281, 517.

Fatalism and philosophical necessity Dreams, physiology of, Feb. 18th, 65; considered, Dec. 1st, 677. also Sept. 30th, 524.

Faunalia, Dec. 5th, 686. remarkable instances of, Oc. Fauns and Satyrs, Dec. 5th. tober 20, 20th, and 22d.

Faunus, feast of, Feb. 13th, 59. waking, Sept. 30th. See Ap. Feasts, moveable, 58, 170, 237. PARITIONS.

Februata, Juno, et Purificata Maria, of Dancing Walking Sticks, Feb. 2d, 46. 734.

Fire, cantion against, 447. Sub VESTA. -, very impressive examples of, | Fire Escapes, ingenious, 149. Dec. 29111, 754.

Fire Offices, list of, 137.


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Fishes of Fresh Water, sorts of, 376. founded by St. Francis of Assisium, Fishing, 327. Ballad on, ib.

Oct. 4th, 536. Flagellants, order of, 62.

Friday, Good, or Holy, 112. Flagellation, religious, on Holy Friday, Frogs quit the Ponds, 351. 111.

Furina, the Goddess of Robbers, 363. practised in the Luper- Furinalia, a Roman Festival,July 25th, calia, Feb. 15th, 62.

362. Flaminéus conquered by the Poeni, Future Life, observations on its pro309.

bability, 619. Sub Psyche. FLORA, FAUNA, POMONA, &c. pas

sim, indicating the subjunction of Game Laws, injustice of, Sept.1st, 446. their respective objects, in the Garden of Flowers, from Thomson, 216. present work.

Genevieve, St., patroness of Paris, 4. Flora Tunbrigensis, and its rare Plants, Genesis, curious passage in, respecting 336.

life, 662. Sub ERYNNIS. Flora, the Goddess of Flowers, wor. Geographical Positions of Places, 581.

shipped at Rome, April 29th, 200. George's Day, St., April 23d, 184. Floras, the six principal of the year, Ghost, resembling Cromwell, January 106.

Soth, 38. the Primaveral Flora, March of an Arm Chair, 642. 27th, 141.

of a Child in a Grey Cloak, the Vernal Flora, May 24th, 653. Sub HECATE. 247.

of Hideous Faces by night, the Solstitial Flora, July 9th, 662. 332.

of a Hideous Pig, 643. the Aestival, Aug. 19th, 416. various examples of, 752. the Autumpal, Oct. 18th, 567. Sub HECATE.

The Hybernal, Dec. 9th, 699. Ghosts, physiologically accounted for, Flowers, where the taste for prevailed 506, 523. most, 249.

Dreams, and other disorders opening of, on particular of the Imagination, 38, 65, 73, 190, Festivals, a Poem, 107.

506, 523, 531, 571, 575, 640, 612, Flying Dragon, Mr. Gough's Picture 653, 655, 658, 660, 662. of. See Dragon.

-, Omens, Forebodings, and Flying Dutchman, a strange delusive other Superstitions, Sept. 26th,

appearance at Sea, Nov. 20th, 647. 506. Sub HECATE. See AppariFontinalia in Old Rome, Oct. 13th,

tions. 556.

Giles, St. or Aegidias, the Patrop of Fools, order of, 631.

Cripples, Sept. 1st, 445.
April Day, 148.

Good Friday, 110.
in Old Rome, 64.

flagellation practised on, Fortis Fortuna, 310.

111. Fortunu, an ancient Deity, April 1st, Gossamer floating in the air, or

150—April6th, May 25th, June 11th alighting on the masts and rigging and 24th.

of ships, a sign of fine weather, her Wheel the forerunner of 500. See Prognostics. St. Catherine's, 354.

, very plentiful in Autumn, implicated with Necessity, 466 and 500. Sub FAUNA. 677.

Gough, Richard, the Antiquary, Forty Days of Rain, July 15th, 342, October 21st, 573. and Jnne 24th, 311.

Goëthe, specimen of his style of

Philosophical Poetry, 177. Account of, 343.

Grapes, the various sorts of, Sept. 3d, Fox, Charles James, died, 473.

452. George, the 1st Quaker, 634. Great Men, if humble more esteemed, CHRONOLOGY.

416. Hunting, 565.

Guardian Angels and Tutelary Genii, Roman ceremony of firing Oct. 20, 529. Foxes' tails, 178.

Gymnasia of Children, 350. Franciscans, and other Religious Or. ders, Nov. 1901, 645.

Hailstones in France, 97. Franklin, Benjamin, 177.

Halloween, or the Vigil of All Saints' Friars of Orders Grey, and Franciscans, Day, 594.


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Halo, luminous phenomenon of the, 1 January, excessive cold, Jan.14th, 14.
638. Sub COELUM.

Janus, origin of, Jan. 1st.
Harvest Home,439. Its Ceremonies, 423. the same person as Noah, 2.
Harvest Moon, 490.

a twofaced deity, 2.
when most beneficial, Festivals of, January 1st-

March 30th.
Hay Harvest, 305, 330.

Ignis Fatuus, and superstitions con.
Milton's allusion to, 305. cerning it, July 30th, 373.
Headaches, frequent cause of, and Illumination of St. Peter's at Rome,
varieties, 720. Sub HYGEIA.

June 29th, 317.
Heat, excessive, on July 13th and Images of Spectral Illusion, Jan. 30th,
14th, 1808, 339.

Feb. 18th, April 25th, Sept. 26th
Hepatica, or Liverwort, 68.

and 30th-Nov. 17th, 23d, 24th
Herbivori, or persons subsisting on and 26th_Dec, 28th. See Appari.

vegetable food, 299. Sub HYGEIA. tion.
Hercules, 273, & also Dec. 21st. His Images of Dreams, Sept. 30th, Oct. 2d,
twelve labours, ib.

20th, and 22d.
Herrings, and their migrations, 464. Images of Thought, Sept. 30th, 523.

Imagination, classification of its effects,
Hibernal Flora, Dec. 9th, 699.

Sept. 30th, 523. Sub HYGEIA.
Holland, skating on the ice in, 10. Index to passages relating to Swal-
Holy Cross Day, May 3d, 213.

lows, 159.
Holy Rood Day, Sept. 14th, 481. Infantine Recollections, and sensations

antiquities relating attending, 531.
to, 483.

Ingathering of Grapes and of Apples, 586.
Horologium Florae, 71, 246.

Innocents' Day, Dec. 28th, 746.
Horse Ant, natural history of, 198.

Processions of Chil.
Hounds, on the choice of, 528.

dren on, 747.
Hours, time divided into, 481.

Curious Candle Omen
House Sparrow, 16.

on this day, 747.
Hunting the Hare, 528. Sub Diana. Insanity, latent, 745.
Hyades, rising of heliacally, May 2d, Insulae Chelidoniae, what, 176.

Insurance from Fire, 437,
mythological history of them, Insurance Offices, list of, 438.
and the Pleiades, 255.

Invention of the Cross, 213.
Hygeia, Articles on Health, Jan. John the Baptist's Day, June 24th.

Feb. 5th, 49–6th, 50_26th, - of God, St. bis extraordinary
78. Sub FEBRIS.

mode of mortifying himself, March
March 14th, 117.

8th, 100.
April, 188.

the Ecungelist's Day, Dec. 27th,
May, 231.

June 14th, 294—15th, 295—Johnson, Dr. account of, 488. Sub
17th, 299–29th, 316.

-, July 11th, 336—17th, 348- Juno, her history, 695.
18th, 349.

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Feast of, corresponding with
August 5th, 390.

thé Festival of the Conception,
Sept. 20th, 494.

Dec. 8th.
Oct. 2d, 530 3d, 533.— Festivals of, Jan. 1st, Feb. 1st,
20th, 571--220, 575.

March 1st.
Nov. 4th, 607 — 8th, 621— Jupiter, Festivals of, Jan. 1st and
18th, 64119th, 645—28th, 667. 13tlı, Feb. 13th, April 13th, June

Dec. 21, 270—27th, 745. 5th—13th, Sept. 13th, Oct. 18th.
Hypochondriacal Fears, return in

signifies AtmosphericalPower,
Dreams, October 20, 531. Sub 96.

Mythology of, 277.
Hypochondriasis, from a morbid acti.
vity of the Organ of Cautiousness, Kidlington, Oxford, custom at, 238.
Oct. 2d. See Melancholy.

Kings of England, list of, 756.
mingles with the King Pepin 1. Sept. 17th, 486.
dreams of an opinn eater, Oct. 20th.

Labours of Hercules, 715.
January, derivation of, 1.

Ladybird or Ladycow, a small insect,
Lines on, 3.

336. Sub FAUNA,



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Lake of Geneva, storms at the, July Man in the Moon, explained, Dec. 1st,
17th, 347, and 29th, 371.

Lammas Day, 580. See Chains of Manes, a Fast sacred to, 65.
St. Peter.

Mania, the Mother of the Manes,
Lamps, buru a long time in foggy 505.

weather, 644. Sub Coelum. March, Calends of, at Rome, 85.-
Lares, May 1st, 206.

Ides of, 119.
similar to Children's Gooddies, Margaret, St. July 20th, 352.

represented vanquishing
Lectisternia in ancient Rome, 633. the Dragon, 353.
Legend of St. Dunstan, 240.

Mariae, B. Virginis, Purificatio, Feb.
Liberalia in ancient Rome, 122. See 2d, 44.
also Dionysia.

Annunciatio, Mar.
Libertas, day sacred to, 173.

25th, 158.
Liberty, French and Roman contrasted,

Visitatio, July 2d,

Litra, the zodiacal sign, history of,

Dedicatio, ad

Nives, Aug. 5th, 390.
Light, of a lambent kind, playing

Assumptio, Aug.
about Plants, May 21st, 243. Sub 15th, 406.

Nativity of, Sept.
-, changes of, in stars' twinkling, 8th, 462.

Praesentatio, Nov.
Lighthouse of Eddystone, 428.

21st, 648.
Lightning, of two kinds, 347. Sub

Conceptio, Dec.

8th, 695.
Conductors of, on Build. Mars, Dec. 1st, 680.
ings, 348.

Martins arrive, May 2014, 180.
treatment of those struck

cover the Roofs of the Palaces
by, 348. Sub HYGEIA.

at Chantilly, and other lofty Build-
Linnaeus, born, May 24th.

ings, in Autumn, 513.
-, died, Jan. 10th, 11.

, Epigrams on this Genus, 514.
Locke, John, the Metaphysician, died, respected by the Old Greeks

and by the Moderns, 513.
his Papers in possession become common, May 2d,
of T. F. Forster, Esq. ibid.

London, weather in, and prognostics

become numerons, and early
of it, 712.

congregate, 351.
Longevi, Jenkins, Parr, Galen, Cor- Verses on them, and on Swal.
naro, 350,

lows, 212.
Longevity, on what it depends, 349. Martinmas, Festival of, Nov. 11th, 627.

Goose eaten at, 628.
Lord Mayor's Day, Nov. 9th, 624.

corresponded to

Show and Festivity, nobixos of Old Greece, 629.

Matler, Vitality, and Intelligence,
Lords of Manors not authorized to Controversy on, 564.
seize Dogs, 446.

Maundy Thursday, 110.
Lucciola, or Flying Glowworm, Aug. May Day, 206.
28th, 435. Sub FAUNA.

Morning, 208.
Lunardi's first Aërial Voyage, Sept. Poles, 209, 210.
15th, 484.

Meeting of the Dragon and Grasshopper,
Lupercalia, in honour of Pan, Feb. a Prophecy, 281.
15th, 61,

Melancholy, Horace's description of,56.
Lyra, the Constellation of, rises, 5.

-, produced by Wine, 299.
noticed by Ovid, 5.

incident to Spring, Feb.
, bright Star in. See URANIA 6th and 8th-in Autumn, Oct. 2d.
and COELUM, alibi.

Medical Description of,

Oct. 2d, 530. Sub Hygeia.
Mackerel, and its Fishery, 366. Sub | Melons, sort of, 441.

Meteorological Society of London,
Magdalen, St. Mary, July 22d, 356. founded Oct. 15th, 500.
Magnetic Needle, Dec. 30th, 757. Meteors, described, Aug. 10th, 400-
Man in the Moon, Dec. 1st,

Aug. 20th, 411.

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