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blending itself insensibly with steep, it formed the following vision:—

Methought I was instantly conveyed and set down in a place that my eye faw no end to. I looked on one side of me, and observed a gate of most exquisite workmanship, the parts that composed it were as sine as threads, and a child might have opened it, had it not been guarded by two very powersul, but beautiful sigures, whofe names I found to be Providence and Religion. I faw in letters of gold written over it, "The Gate Of Life." I turned myself from this gate to look forward, and see what was to be done, when all at once I found myself very much dwindled in form and apprehension, suitable to a child of about seven or eight years old. I was quite charmed, however, with the endless variety I faw besore me, hills, dales, woods, rivers, plains rising in profpect one above another.

I wandered with this playful fancy into the sirst path that presented itself, where I met with vast numbers of my own age conducted by governesses of very different difpositions; some of these little companions beat me, because I happened to gather flowers they were not able to sind; others, who were dressed very sine, seemed to pity me for wearing plain clothes, and for having what they fancied a poor name and no governess.


As I wandered farther into this path, I faw a lovely woman approaching towards me, she was dressed in a long white robe, and a veil which almost entirely hid all her beauty, fave what the sporting of a breeze discovered. Every body (for there were multitudes of people in the place) strove to see as much of her as they could; old and young pressed forward to look at her; whilst she, unmindful of them all, regarded nothing but the flowers, me, and my companions; this sweet person's name was Simplicity. I must own I selt a pleasure not to be equalled when she took me by the hand, and seeing me without a guide, promised to conduct me for as long a time as I chose, or for ever. I made no scruple to resign myself to her direction: as there is no accounting for the workings of a dream, or any unity of time or place preserved in them, I cannot pretend to fay how it was that I selt my stature and reason increasing, as I had besore selt them diminish. I was employing myself in such tasks as my governess had allotted me, when a venerable person accosted me, telling me, that she was going to make a trial of that wisdom, that it was whispered about by my companions I was possessed of; that her name was Experience; that she would be of more use to me in the path I had entered, than any person I could meet with; that if I slighted her I

should [ ]

should bitterly repent it; and that though my governess was very amiable, and well-meaning, yet she was apt to lead people astray. As this address was delivered with some little severity, and at the fame time reflected on my fair conductress, I gave no heed to it. A beautiful, blooming, tall sigure of a man, who they told me was Youth, put a bandage over my eyes, and I saw my fage adviser no more.

The breezes of pleasure whistled in my ears; I went on swiftly, happy enough with Simplicity at my side; stie introduced me to Affection, who embraced me with looks of bewitching tenderness; and entertained me with nothing but discourses of love and friendship. But as I advanced, I began to recollect the words of Experience, and to wish I had paid a litde more attention to her; for I found that both Simplicity and her companion Affection, were consoundedly mistaken in the persons they met with. They presented me in one day Civility for Esteem, Obstinacy for Perseverance and ExTravagance for Generosity. I found out afterwards, that they had industriously kept me in the most retired windings of this vast place, lest I should meet with Experience, and so leave them; which whenever I spoke of, Affection, who was insinitely enchanting, clung round me, protesting she would never leave me wherever I went. I found it very

difficult difficult to get from either of these companions, though they were perpetually involving me in some misfortune. I sometimes thought I would endeavour to go back and sind Experience, but in esfaying so to do, I found I had not the power to tread one step over again that I had already come.

Whilst I was in this cruel dilemma, I faw a tall sigure that almost frightened me, he was called Advice; he had several heads and as many mouths, that were always talking, and contradicting each other; at times I thought I had heard some things that would prove for my advantage to follow; but besore I could put it in practice, another of the heads told me something else; and Prudence, who was very partial to this monster, stood by me, and intreated me to listen to all he faid. I was not likely to reap much benesit from it, from the reasons I have related. Meantime my favourite guides SimPlicity and Affection, who never lest me for a moment, pointed to the Temple of Hymen, where I faw several votaries entering in all the extacy of youthful happiness and joy. I faw them all go in; and though I was sensible they could not return again by the way that they went, yet Affection told me, there were large and ample sields for me to range in if I would try them.

A young

A young man whom Affection presented to me, and who swore everlasting love, took me by the hand, and led me, or rather dragged me towards the temple; and though Prudence and Advice roared aloud for me to come back, and consider, I hurried on, regardless of all they could fay to me. Affection and Simplicity faid they were two severe people, who thought of money only, and offered themselves to be my bride-maids. I entered into this place of irrevocable doom, and faw nothing formidable enough to make me repent. I parted with Liberty, who had been one of my constant companions, at the door, without a sigh; who let drop a tear as he fled away, faying, which I did not know besore, '' That I had treated him better than "most people he had ever attended." After I had been some time in the groves of Marriage, I met with troops of new acquaintance; Care and his numerous family were continually visiting me, nor did they keep away at all the more for my seeming not to admire their company. Sickness, a sell monster, kept me chained to my bed for a considerable time, and almost baffled the strength of MediCine and Patience, two very powersul giants, to overcome him. In short, I faw Simplicity and Affection hang down their heads with sorrow, for the mischiess they had unwittingly brought upon


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