The Life and Correspondence of Henry Salt ... Consul General in Egypt, 2권

R. Bentley, 1834
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34 페이지 - Of this tomb,' says Mr. Salt, ' I have forwarded some account to England. It consists of a long suite of passages and chambers, covered with sculptures and paintings in the most perfect preservation, the tints of which are so resplendent, that it was found scarcely possible to imitate them with the best water-colours made in England ; and which in fact are executed on a principle and scale of colour that would make them, I conceive, retain their lustre * Description de I'Egypte.
29 페이지 - Belzoni was able to get made under his own direction at Cairo. In fact, his great talents and uncommon genius for mechanics have enabled him with singular success, both at Thebes and other places, to discover objects of the rarest value in antiquity, that had...
97 페이지 - It is not easy/ says Mr. Salt, ' for any person unused to operations of this kind, to form the smallest idea of the difficulties which Captain Caviglia had to surmount, more particularly when working at the depth of the base ; for, in spite of every precaution, the slightest breath of wind, or concussion set all the surrounding particles of sand in motion, so that the sloping sides began to crumble away, and mass after mass to come tumbling down, till the whole surface bore no unapt resemblance to...
57 페이지 - After these details, it is impossible to refrain from an expression of admiration so justly due to the perseverance and ability of Mr Belzoni. It was truly observed by Mr Salt, that the opening of this Pyramid had long been considered an object of so hopeless a nature that it is difficult to conceive how any person could be found sanguine enough to make the attempt; and, even after the laborious discovery of the forced entrance, it required great resolution and confidence in his own views to induce...
411 페이지 - Hail to thee, lonely valley of the dead ! Compass'd with rugged mountains, where the tread Of man is rarely heard, save his who roams From foreign lands to visit thy lone tombs — Tombs of long perish'd kings, who thus remote Their sepulchres have set in barren spot, Where not a blade of verdure ever grew : To me thou hast a charm for aye that's new, For I have cast, for days, weeks, months, my lot Among thy rocks secluded — oft at night Hath the still valley met my awe-struck sight, Lighted by...
32 페이지 - is on many accounts peculiarly interesting, as it satisfactorily tends to prove that the arts, as practised in Egypt, descended from Ethiopia, the style of the sculpture being in several respects superior to any thing that has yet been found in Egypt.
83 페이지 - ... after life, having artificial eyes of glass, or transparent Stones, to give them the air of living men. A head was discovered, but it did not exactly fit the statue in question, though it probably belonged to the foot and pedestal. ' This head,
93 페이지 - The contemplative turn of the eye, the mild expression of the mouth, and the beautiful disposition of the drapery at the angle of the forehead, sufficiently attest the admirable skill of the artist by whom it was executed.
57 페이지 - The opening of this pyramid had long been considered an object of so hopeless a nature that it is difficult to conceive how any person could be found sanguine enough to make the attempt ; and even after the discovery with great labour of the forced entrance, it required great perseverance in Belzoni, and confidence in his own views, to induce him to continue the operation, when it became evident that the extensive labours of his predecessors in the enterprize had so completely failed.

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