Ayeen Akbery; Or, the Institutes of the Emperor Akber: Translated from the Original Persian by Francis Gladwin. In Two Volumes. ...

G. Auld, 1800
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294 페이지 - They one and all believe in the unity of the Godhead, and although they hold images in high veneration, yet they are by no means idolaters, as the ignorant suppose.
130 페이지 - In a cave in the mountains of Cashmere an Image of Ice, which makes its appearance thus - two days before the new moon there appears a bubble of Ice: which increases in size every day till the 15th day, at which it is an ell or more in height: then, as the moon decreases, the Image does also till it vanishes.
117 페이지 - It is said, moreover, that they can bring intelligence from a great distance in a short space of time, and if they are thrown into a river, with a stone tied to them, they nevertheless will not sink. In order to deprive any one of this wicked power, they brand his temples and every joint in his body, cram his eyes with salt, suspend him for forty days in a subterraneous cavern, and repeat over him certain incantations.
294 페이지 - ... they are by no means idolaters, as the ignorant suppose. I have myself frequently discoursed upon the subject with many learned and upright men of this religion, and comprehend their doctrine, which is, that the images are only representations of celestial beings, to whom they turn themselves whilst at prayer, to prevent their thoughts from wandering; and they think it an indispensable duty to address the Deity after that manner.
14 페이지 - On a certain day cast thine eyes on the seashore, when there will arise out of the water a piece of wood, 52 inches long, and \\ cubits broad; this is the true form of the deity; take it up, and keep it hidden in thine house seven days; and in whatever shape it shall then appear, place it in the temple and worship it.
157 페이지 - ... Beg (1450), the tribe of Sultan, who assert themselves to be the descendants of the daughter of Sultan Secunder Zulkernain, came from Cabul, and possessed themselves of this country. They say that Secunder left treasure in Cabul under the care of some of his relations; and some of their descendants, who carry their genealogical table in their hands, now dwell in the mountainous parts.
290 페이지 - A regard for felf-prefervation, therefore, induces men either to be filent ; or to exprefs themfelves in obfcure language; or compels them to conform to the temper of the times. But if princes had evinced a...
15 페이지 - Deo finilhed this building, thereby creeling for himfclf a lafting monument of fame. There are twenty-eight other temples belonging to this pagoda, fix before the northern gate, and twenty-two without the enclofure; and they are all reported to have performed miracles.
168 페이지 - are twelve thousand caves cut out of the rock, and ornamented with carving and plaster-work. These places are called Summij; and in ancient times were the winter retreat of the natives. Here are three astonishing idols; one representing a man, eighty ells high ; another a woman, fifty ; and the third, which is the figure of a child, measuring fifteen ells in height. In one of these Summijes is a tomb, where is a coffin containing a corpse, concerning which the oldest man can give no account ; but...

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