Some vols. previous to 1830 have appendices consisting of reports of various state offices.

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348 페이지 - Resolved, That his Excellency the Governor be requested to forward a copy of these Resolutions to the...
421 페이지 - The Judges of the Court of Appeals and justices of the Supreme Court shall severally receive at stated times for their services, a compensation to be established by law, which shall not be increased or diminished during their continuance in office.
552 페이지 - An act, to amend an act entitled "An act to establish a metropolitan police district, and to provide for the government thereof.
421 페이지 - ... referred to the Legislature to be chosen at the next general election of Senators...
255 페이지 - Everywhere they remained true to the resolution adopted on a celebrated occasion recognizing "the right of the people of all the Territories, including Kansas and Nebraska, acting through the legally and fairly expressed will of a majority of actual residents, and whenever the number of their inhabitants justifies it, to form a constitution with or without slavery and be admitted into the Union upon terms of perfect equality with the other States.
592 페이지 - An act for the better security of mechanics and others erecting buildings in the counties of Westchester, Oneida, Cortland, Broome, Putnam, Rockland, Orleans, Niagara, Livingston, Otsego, Lewis, Orange and Dutchess...
219 페이지 - An act to consolidate the cities of Brooklyn and Williamsburgh and the town of Bushwick into one municipal government, and to incorporate the same," passed April 17, 1854, and the several acts amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto, or affecting the same.
52 페이지 - Resolved, That our Senators in Congress be instructed, and our Representatives requested, to use their influence to procure an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, that an impartial tribunal may be established to determine disputes between the general and state governments...
244 페이지 - That our senators in congress be instructed, and our members of the house of representatives be requested to advocate and vote for a bill to provide for the final settlement and payment of the half pay for life, which was promised by the continental congress to the officers of the revolutionary army, who should serve to the end of the war, or until the time of their reduction; deducting the value of...
694 페이지 - Resolved, That our senators and representatives in congress be and they are hereby requested to use all honorable means to expedite and secure the passage of said bill ; and be it further Rcsolred, That the chief clerk...

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