Report, 4-7호

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1934

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318 페이지 - commerce" means commerce between any State, Territory, or possession of the United States, or the District of Columbia, and any place outside thereof; or between points within the same State, Territory, or possession, or the 1 District of Columbia, but through any place outside thereof; or within any Territory or possession or the District of Columbia. (k) The term "United States" means the several States, the District of Columbia, and the Territories and possessions of the United States.
369 페이지 - President is hereby authorized to establish such agencies, to accept and utilize such voluntary and uncompensated services, to appoint, without regard to the provisions of the civil service laws, such officers and employees, and to utilize such Federal officers and employees, and, with the consent of the State, such State and local officers and employees, as he may find necessary, to prescribe their authorities, duties, responsibilities, and tenure, and, without regard to the Classification Act of...
187 페이지 - Agriculture; and (3) reestablish farmers' purchasing power by making payments in connection with the normal production of any agricultural commodity for domestic consumption.
155 페이지 - An Act to amend the Agricultural Adjustment Act, and for other purposes", approved August 24, 1935 (7 USC, sec.
210 페이지 - ... cooperative association of producers, bona fide engaged in marketing the commodity or product thereof...
152 페이지 - An Act to provide for the protection of land resources against soil erosion, and for other purposes", approved April 27, 1935, is amended by inserting at the end thereof the following : "SEC.
351 페이지 - ... makes any statement knowing it to be false, or whoever willfully overvalues any security, for the purpose of obtaining for himself or for any applicant any loan or extension thereof by renewal, deferment of action, or otherwise, or the acceptance, release, or substitution, of security therefor, or for the purpose of influencing in any way the action of the...
360 페이지 - In order to effectuate the declared policy of this chapter, the Secretary of Agriculture shall have the power, after due notice and opportunity for hearing, to enter into marketing agreements with processors, producers, associations of producers, and others engaged in the handling of any agricultural commodity or product thereof, only with respect to such handling as is in the current of interstate or foreign commerce or which directly burdens, obstructs, or affects interstate or foreign com*[201]...
307 페이지 - State, and for the control and prevention of soil erosion, and thereby to preserve natural resources, control floods, prevent impairment of dams and reservoirs...
369 페이지 - SEC. 12. (a) There is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $100,000,000 to be available to the Secretary of Agriculture for administrative expenses under this title and for rental and benefit payments made with respect to reduction in acreage or reduction in production for market under part 2 of this title.

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