Historical Tales: The Romance of Reality. English, 2권

J. B. Lippincott, 1893 - 336페이지

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283 페이지 - I have sought the Lord night and day, that He would rather slay me than put me upon the doing of this work.
324 페이지 - how goes the day with us?" "Very well," replied Hardy; "ten ships have struck, but five of the van have tacked, and show an intention to bear down upon the Victory. I have called two or three of our fresh ships round, and have no doubt of giving them a drubbing.
293 페이지 - The ration which each now received was three pounds of flour, two pounds of beef, and a pint of pease. It is easy to imagine with what tears grace was said over the suppers of that evening.
14 페이지 - as a sparrow's flight through the hall when you are sitting at meat in winter-tide, with the warm fire lighted on the hearth, but the icy rainstorm without. The sparrow flies in at one door, and tarries for a moment in the light and heat of the hearth-fire, and then flying forth from the other vanishes into the wintry darkness whence it came. So tarries for a moment the life of man in our sight, but what is before it, what after it, we know not. If this new teaching tells us aught certainly of these,...
78 페이지 - Fitz-Stephen, a sea-captain, and said : " My liege, my father served your father all his life upon the sea. He steered the ship with the golden boy upon the prow, in which your father sailed to conquer England. I beseech you to grant me the same office. I have a fair vessel in the harbour here, called The White Ship, manned by fifty sailors of renown.
291 페이지 - At length the little squadron came to the place of peril. Then the Mountjoy took the lead, and went right at the boom. The huge barricade cracked and gave way: but the shock was such that the Mountjoy rebounded, and stuck in the mud.
283 페이지 - You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!
320 페이지 - In case signals cannot be seen or clearly understood, no captain can do wrong if he places his ship alongside that of an enemy.
136 페이지 - He replied, with the same calm resolution, "that it was true he had killed very many Englishmen, but it was because they had come to subdue and oppress his native country of Scotland...
122 페이지 - Not a peny,' sayd the justyce, ' By god, that dyed on a tree.' ' Syr abbot, and ye men of lawe, Now have I holde my daye, Now shall I have my londe agayne, For ought that you can saye.

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