Defense Production Act Amendments of 1952: Hearings ... 82d Congress, 2d Session, on H.R. 6546, a Bill to Amend and Extend the Defense Production Act of 1950, as Amended, and the Housing and Rent Act of 1947, as Amended, 파트 1

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1952 - 1656페이지

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456 페이지 - The powers granted in this section shall not be used or made to operate to compel changes in the business practices, cost practices or methods, or means or aids to distribution, established in any industry...
449 페이지 - Whenever ceilings on prices have been established on materials and services comprising a substantial part of all sales at retail and materially affecting the cost of living, the President (i) shall impose ceilings on prices and services generally, and (ii) shall stabilize wages, salaries, and other compensation generally.
386 페이지 - General Federation of Women's Clubs, which was chartered by the US Government in 1901, defined its purpose as an organization dedicated — to unite the women's clubs and like organizations throughout the world for the purpose of mutual benefit, and for the promotion of their common Interest In education, philanthropy, public welfare, moral values, civics, and fine arts.
154 페이지 - National Joint Board for the Settlement of Jurisdictional Disputes in the Building and Construction Industry. Construction contractors and representatives of employees are encouraged to settle craft jurisdiction disputes in accordance with the Procedural Rules and Regulations of the National Joint Board.
585 페이지 - ... the buyer either fails to institute an action under this subsection within thirty days from the date of the occurrence of the violation or is not entitled for any reason to bring the action, the Administrator may institute such action on behalf of the United States within such one-year period.
592 페이지 - ... (c) Whenever the President invokes the powers given him in this Act to allocate any material in the civilian market, he shall do so in such a manner as to make available, so far as practicable, for business and various segments thereof in the normal channel of distribution...
585 페이지 - In such action, the seller shall be liable for reasonable attorney's fees and costs as determined by the court, plus whichever of the following sums is the greater: (1) Such amount not more than three times the amount of the overcharge, or the overcharges, upon which the action is based as the court in its discretion may determine...
149 페이지 - It is the intent of Congress, in order to provide for effective price and wage stabilization pursuant to title IV of this Act and to maintain uninterrupted production, that there be effective procedures for the settlement of labor disputes affecting national defense.
150 페이지 - ... and collective bargaining and the full use of mediation and conciliation facilities to effect a settlement in the national interest.
592 페이지 - President finds will result in a significant dislocation of the normal distribution in the civilian market, he shall do so in such a manner as to make available, so far as practicable, for business and various segments thereof in the normal channel of distribution of such material, a fair share of the available civilian supply based, so far as practicable, on the share...

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