Hudibras: Poëme, 2권

1757 - 365페이지

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222 페이지 - Bumbastus kept a devil's bird Shut in the pummel of his sword, That taught him all the cunning pranks Of past and future mountebanks. ' Hudibras,' part ii. cant. 3. This Azoth was simply
388 페이지 - And what would serve, if those were gone, To make it orthodox ? — Our own. What makes morality a crime, The most notorious of the time : Morality, which both the saints And wicked too cry out against...
110 페이지 - Why should not conscience have vacation As well as other courts o' th' nation ; Have equal power to adjourn, Appoint appearance and return...
24 페이지 - To th' earth still grow more reverend ; And cannons shoot the higher pitches, The lower we let down their breeches : I'll make this low dejected fate Advance me to a greater height.
184 페이지 - But as a dog that turns the spit Bestirs himself, and plies his feet To climb the wheel, but all in vain, His own weight brings him down again: And still he's in the self-same place Where at his setting out he was...
258 페이지 - Just in the place where honour 's lodg'd, As wise philosophers have judg'd. Because a kick in that part more Hurts honour than deep wounds before.
388 페이지 - What makes the breaking of all oaths A holy duty?" "Food and clothes." "What laws and freedom, persecution?" "Being out of power, and contribution." "What makes a church a den of thieves?" "A dean and chapter, and white sleeves.
28 페이지 - To bid me not to love, Is to forbid my pulse to move, My beard to grow, my ears to prick up, Or (when I'm in a fit) to hiccup.
118 페이지 - Though nice and dark the point appear, (Quoth Ralph) it may hold up and clear. That sinners may supply the place Of suffering saints is a plain case.
157 페이지 - T' entrench the city for defence in ? Rais'd rampiers with their own soft hands, To put the enemy to stands ; From ladies down to oyster-wenches Labour'd like pioneers in trenches, Fell to their pick-axes, and tools, And help'd the men to dig like moles? Have not the handmaids of the city...

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