Political Recollections Relative to Egypt ... with a Narrative of the Ever Memorable British Campaign in the Spring of 1801

W. Bulmer & Company, 1802 - 270페이지
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131 페이지 - To the first soldier who came up to him, he said — Soldier, if you know me, don't name me.
262 페이지 - which catiseth the disease called the Plague " is an acid,, and that it will quit the human " body to fly to the oil which it prefers.
243 페이지 - The following are fome proofs of the efficacy of oil:— In one year, in which the plague carried off a million of people in Upper and Lower Egypt, there was not a...
6 페이지 - We composed our bowl of the Ganges, the Thames, and the Nile, and from the top of the Pyramid drank prosperity to England!
265 페이지 - I have tried it on five rats stung one by one by a scorpion. The first swelled to a great size, and appeared to be near dead. I poured some pure oil upon him, and he recovered, and in a few minutes ran away. But he might have recovered without the oil, as people say of my seven persons recovered from the plague. I put a second to the scorpion, and the rat was stung; and I left him to himself, and he died very soon. .Then I presumed that the former had been cured by the oil. I tried another, and cured...
217 페이지 - France, in possession of Egypt, would possess the master-key to all the trading nations of the earth. Enlightened, as the times are, in the general arts of navigation and commerce, she might make it the emporium of the world; she might make it the awe of the...
112 페이지 - The French troops perceived it ; and fenfible of the check they were under by this event, were forced immediately to think of a retreat.
104 페이지 - Aboukir ; the centre, under a fand-hill near fixty yards high, in the front .and centre of the French pofition; and the left wing on the right of the French, leading from the principal fand-hill to a low point, terminating at the entrance of the Aboukir lake. The fpaces...
257 페이지 - All acids, mixed with another sort of bodies " called alkalies, will make a violent effervescence ; " this is the general criterion of effervescences ! " Then I conclude the cause of the disorder called " the plague must be an acid. " The effect of acids is inflammation. The " plague has this character. " Then, have acids, or the flame they produce, " any observable predilection for one body more " than for another ? The electric fluid will quit " one body to fly to another. Is it from a natural...
4 페이지 - If you bring the Indian ships to Suez, I will lay an aqueduct from the Nile to Suez, and you shall drink of the Nile water.

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