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143 페이지 - Why, yes, you do," said his wife. " It is that white-headed old man who lives on the bottom, near the river." A good illustration of the proverb, that a prophet is not without honor save in his own country. I found the object of my search engaged in cooking his dinner. He was lying in his bunk, near the fire, and had a long strip of venison wound around his ramrod, and was busy turning it before a brisk blaze, and using salt and pepper to season his meat. I at once told him the object of my visit....
59 페이지 - THERE is a saying, emanating from the best of authorities, to the effect that a prophet is not without honor, save in his own country.
45 페이지 - ... the multitude. When order was restored, I said, 'Gentlemen of the convention, I have a very dirty job to do, so I have my tongs with me, as you see.
73 페이지 - We arrived early in the day and found the town alive with people, who had come from all parts of the country to see and hear me.
17 페이지 - Nature, aided by the warmth and comfort of the room, asserted her rights, and I fell asleep. How long I slept I do not know...
153 페이지 - Boston, by attempting to compel the admission of Kansas into the Union as a slave State against the will of the inhabitants, and by striking down Senator Sumner of Massachusetts in the Senatechamber.
240 페이지 - I am very sorry to say it, but it is true, that this liquor law opens up such an avenue for bribes that it tends greatly to corruption; the liquor sellers are given immunity by officers on their beats, and that has been a large source of corruption. It is a matter of history that our sheriffs and police force become corrupted.

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