Waverly Novels: The bride of Lammermoor

Ticknor and Fields, 1864

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246 페이지 - has already paid the last ransom which mortal man can owe." "Eh ! What?" exclaimed my companion hastily ; " what d'ye say ? I trust it was in the skirmish he was killed?" " He was slain in cold blood, after the fight was over, Mr. Campbell.
207 페이지 - I recognised, to my horror and astonishment, my old acquaintance Morris. He fell prostrate before the female Chief with an effort to clasp her knees, from which she drew back, as if his touch had been pollution, so that all he could do in token of the extremity of his humiliation, was to kiss the hem of her plaid.
263 페이지 - I speak of all this?" he said, sitting down again, and in a calmer tone. " Only ye may opine it frets my patience, Mr. Osbaldistone, to be hunted like an otter, or a sealgh, or a salmon upon the shallows, and that by...
207 페이지 - I supposed, their forces, with a view to the purposed attack on the Lowlanders ; and the dejection and despair, at first visible on each countenance, gave place to the hope of rescuing their leader, and to the thirst of vengeance. It was under the burning influence of the latter passion that the wife of MacGregor commanded that the hostage exchanged for his safety should be brought into her presence. I believe her sons had kept this unfortunate wretch out of her sight, for fear of the consequences...
263 페이지 - And they shall find," he said, in the same muttered, but deep tone of stifled passion, " that the name they have dared to proscribe — that the name of MacGregor — t* a spell to raise the wild devil withal. They shall hear of my vengeance, that would scorn to listen to the story of my wrongs — The miserable Highland drover, bankrupt, bare-footed, — stripped of all...
92 페이지 - And hears him rustling in the wood, and sees His course at distance by the bending trees ; And thinks, Here comes my mortal enemy, And either he must fall in fight, or I...
209 페이지 - I was so much moved by this horrid spectacle, that, although in momentary expectation of sharing his fate, I did attempt to speak in his behalf, but, as might have been expected, my interference was sternly disregarded. The victim was held fast by some, while others, binding a large heavy stone in a plaid, tied it round his neck, and others again eagerly stripped him of some part of his dress. Half-naked, and thus manacled, they hurled him into the lake, there about twelve feet deep, with a loud...
208 페이지 - ... went on around you ! This enjoyment you shall not live to partake of ; you shall die, base dog, and that before yon cloud has passed over the sun.
209 페이지 - But the knot had been securely bound — -the wretched man sunk without effort ; the waters, which his fall had disturbed, settled calmly over him, and the unit of that life for which he had pleaded so strongly, was for ever withdrawn from the sum of human existence.
109 페이지 - ... his father Solomon, and, as it was weel put by Mr Meiklejohn, in his lecture on the chapter, were doubtless partakers of his sapience. But I maun hear naething about honour— we ken naething here but about credit. Honour is a homicide and a bloodspiller, that gangs about making frays in the street ; but Credit is a decent honest man, that sits at hame and makes the pat " Assuredly, Mr Jarvie," said our friend Owen, " credit is the sum total ; and if we can but save that, at whatever discount...

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