Words for Friends to Live By

Mary Engelbreit
Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2001. 6. 15. - 96페이지
Mary Engelbreit knows that life truly has no greater blessing than a good friend. In the third book in this new quote-book series, Mary looks at the subject of friendship, collecting pearls of wisdom from scripture, literature, and folklore. Along with these immortal words of others, you'll find Mary's most famous friendship illustrations. With such classic drawings such as "We Have Been Friends Together in Sunshine and in Shade," and Longfellow's "Ah! How Good It Feels, the Hand of an Old Friend," Mary Engelbreit captures the essence of friendship knowing, better than any other contemporary illustrator, that it is "our friends who make our world."Other Book in the Series:Words to Live By (Spring 1999)Words for Mothers to Live By (Spring 2000)

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저자 정보 (2001)

-Her aphorisms, witty sayings, and quotes appear on 14 million greeting cards annually. Her popularity continues to grow due to the success of her books; calendars; home decor products; her syndicated feature At Home with Mary Engelbreit; and her magazine, Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion.

oThe Mary Engelbreit Company holds licensing agreements with more than 50 companies and posted retail sales of over $100 million last year. Her retail stores are located throughout the United States in major cities such as Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, St. Louis, Dallas, Denver, and at the Mall of America in Minneapolis.

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