The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources, 1745-1799, 36권

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1931

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324 페이지 - I have finally determined to accept the commission 'of Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of the United States ; with the reserve only that I shall not be called into the field until the Army is in a situation to require my presence, or it becomes indispensable by the urgency of circumstances.
257 페이지 - ... if not to make us afraid, yet to despoil us of our property, and are provoking us to acts of self-defence, which may lead to war. What will be the result of such measures, time, that faithful expositor of all things, must disclose. My wish is to spend the remainder of my days, which cannot be many, in rural amusements, free from the cares from which public responsibility is never exempt.
xxxvi 페이지 - I wish from my soul that the legislature of this State could see the policy of a gradual abolition of slavery. It might prevent much future mischief.
266 페이지 - Sir, dark as matters appear at present, and expedient as it is to be prepared for the worst that can happen ( and no man is more disposed to this measure than I am ) I cannot make up my mind yet, for the expectation of open war; or, in other words, for a formidable invasion by France. I...
325 페이지 - I have enumerated the most prominent characters, that have occurred to my mind, from whom to select field-officers for the Regiments of Infantry and that of Cavalry, which are proposed to be raised. And now, my dear Sir, with that candor, which you always have and I trust ever will experience from me, I shall express to you a difficulty, which has arisen in my mind relative to seniority between you and Genl Pinckney ; for, with respect to my friend, General Knox, whom I love and esteem, I have ranked...
307 페이지 - I can not bring it to believe, regardless as the French are of treaties, and of the laws of nations, and capable as I conceive them to be of any species of despotism and injustice, that they will attempt to invade this country after such a uniform and unequivocal expression of the determination of the people in all parts to oppose them with their lives and fortunes.
322 페이지 - I cannot express how greatly affected I am at this new proof of public confidence, and the highly flattering manner in which you have been pleased to make the communication ; at the same time I must not conceal from you my earnest wish, that the choice had fallen on a man less declined in years, and better qualified to encounter the usual vicissitudes of war.
35 페이지 - His conduct, since he first set his feet on American ground, has been exemplary in every point of view, such as has gained him the esteem, affection, and confidence of all who have had the pleasure of his acquaintance. His filial affection and duty, and his ardent desire to embrace his parents and sisters in the first moments of their release, would not allow him to wait the authentic account of this...
307 페이지 - From a view of the past, from the prospect of the present, and of that which seems to be expected, it is not easy for me to decide satisfactorily on the part it might best become me to act. In case of actual invasion by a formidable force, I certainly should not entrench myself under the cover of age and retirement, if my services should be required bv my country, to assist in repelling it.
265 페이지 - States ; and at the inimical conduct of its partisans among ourselves, who aid and abet their measures. You may believe further, from assurances equally sincere, that if there was any thing in my power which could be done with consistency to avert or lessen the danger of the crisis, it should be rendered with hand and heart.

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